Understanding of the Religion #15
Islamic questions on a wide variety of topics which have been answered in detail with full explanation by the great Marja` Taqlid, ™yatull°h al-`U®m° al-Ø°jj ash-Shaykh Lußfull°h as-Æ°f¢ alGulp°yg°n¢ (may All°h protect him) Translated into English by Saleem Bhimji (www.al-mubin.org)
Question: Why have our teachings (of the Sh¢`a) been attributed to Im°m Ja`far as-Æ°diq (prayers be upon him)? With this
said, what is the role of the other A˜immah (prayers be upon all of them) (in the religion)? Also, why is it that only the 6th Im°m has been given the title of as-Æ°diq?


Answer: All of the noble A˜immah (prayers be upon all of them) are scholars in the teachings of the religion and all share
in the status of Im°mah and other noble traits, however why is it that the Madhab (teachings) of the Sh¢`a are referred to as The Ja`far¢ Madhab – this is because until the time of Im°m Ja`far as-Æ°diq (prayers be upon him), due to the upper hand that the “political leaders” and those who were around these oppressors had (on the people and specifically the A˜immah), the opportunity to spread the teachings and knowledge of Isl°m and to train students (in the field of Isl°m) that was possible during the time of this Im°m was not possible for the previous A˜immah. Therefore, Im°m Ja`far asÆ°diq (prayers be upon him) made the most use of the time and opportunity that was available to him and was active in the teaching of the knowledge of Isl°m and training and educating others and his greatest students who were trained and taught directly from him went on to be major scholars in Isl°m. It was from this time that the Sh¢`a and the followers of the 6th Im°m (prayers be upon him) were known and referred to as Ja`far¢ and thus, after this time, this title stayed with the Sh¢`a and we see that the proceeding A˜immah never prevented their followers from using this title since the aims and goals of all of the A˜immah was and is to spread the teachings of the D¢n and to guide the people; all of them were and are truthful and all of them were and are guiding the people to one path – there is after all, only one true path – and that is the path of true guidance.


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