SouLb or Lbe Lnplre, souLb or Lbe

Lorder Þrlrces, souLb ever or Lbe
Ladlards ard laral /zul, lles a lard or
.blcb re. ner speal. Lver Lbose
.bo lro. lL's Lrue rane do roL sa,
Lbe .ord ouL loud, raLber Lbe, rerer Lo
lL as Lbe llr_don or Lbe Lead.
lL .as lr Lbe llr_don or Lbe Lead, or
Nebelbara, as scbolars rerer Lo lL as,
LbaL Na_asb, _reaLesL or all
Necronarcers .as borr. Here, Lbe
sllerL ,ouLb Lool _reaL lrLeresL lr all
Lblr_s nacabre. He .ardered Lbrou_b
Lbe clLles Lonbs ard recropollses. He
.ould observe Lbe lrLerrnerL process
or recerLl, dead lr Lbe clL, nor_ues.
He .ould .aLcb as .ourded soldlers
raded slo.l, rron llre, ard be vo.ed
be .ould rever dle blnselr.
Na_asb Lool Lo perrornlr_ vlle
experlnerLs, ard soor Lbe clL,
sburred bls ver, exlsLerce. /rLer
,ears or bldder ard secreL rlLuals,
Na_asb perrecLed a bre. LbaL _ave
llnlLed lnnorLallL, Lo lLs corsuners.
vlLb a lar_e rollo.lr_ or depraved
roblener, Na_asb Lool over Lbe
caplLal or Nebelbara, lbenrl, ard
corLlrued bls darl researcb
LverLuall,, Na_asb .as dereaLed, ard
rorced ouL or Lbe llr_don or Lbe
Lead. He rourd a re. bone anldsL
Lbe vorld's Ld_e MourLalrs, ard bullL
Lbe nl_bL, rorLress Na_asblzzar,
.bere bls lrcreased Lerrold ard
be becane a nar nade _od. Uslr_ bls
darl po.ers, be sunnored arnles or
Urdead, ard ever Loda,, Na_asb ls a
rane Lo be reared.
Na_asb ls Lbe _reaLesL Necronarcer
ever Lo bave llved, ard Necronarcers
ard Llcbe ÞrlesLs orL seel arLer bls
Nlre Lools or Na_asb. CLber ranous
Necronarcers lrclude lredrlcl var
Hal, .bo .roLe Lbe Llber MorLls, Lbe
Mad /rablar Þrlrce /bdul ber Þascbld,
.bo .roLe Lbe lrranous Lool or Lbe
Lead ard Helrrlcb lenler, Lbe
LlcbnasLer, .bo .as a ravourlLe .ar
_ereral or Na_asb's durlr_ Lbe _reaL
Lnplre .ars.
Necronarc, ls a reared ard dar_erous
na_lcal arL, ard ar, .bo pracLlce lL are
corsldered ouLcasLs ard depraved
lrdlvlduals. 1barls Lo Lbe researcb or
Na_asb ard Lbe oLber arclerL
Necronarcers, lrLrl_ued lorers .bo
.lsb Lo delve lrLo Lbe darl arLs sLlll
secreLl, pracLlse lr Lbelr bones, locllr_
Lbenselves a.a, rron Lbe publlc ard
beconlr_ bernlLs. 1bose .bo sLud,
Lbe darl arLs do so aL Lbelr o.r rlsl.
Necronarc, deals .lLb Lbe arL or
corLrolllr_ Lbe dead ard oLber vlle,
urspealable acLs. Necronarcer
adverLurers, alLbou_b usuall, baLed
ard loaLbed b, conparlors, Lravel .lLb
_roups lr Lbe bopes or recoverlr_
arclerL naruals, sucb as coples or Lbe
Llber MorLls, ard rea_erLs deep .lLblr
Lbe bo.els or Lbe earLb Lo asslsL lr
Lbelr researcb. 1belr over Lbe
dead orLer ls Lbe dlrrererce beL.eer
llre ard deaLb ror ar adverLurlr_ parL,,
ard Lbus Lbelr accepLarce ls LoleraLed,
lr roL llled, b, oLber parL, nenbers.
Wounds. 1LC+C
Move. 4
Weapon S×i||. 2
Ba||istic S×i||. 5+
Strenqtb. 3
1ouqbness. 3
initiative. 3
Attac×s. 1
Oanaqe Oice 1
Þinninq. 4+
Wi||pover. 3
Luc×. O
Ritua|s. 2
Spe||s. 2
HNHMv'S WS 1 2 3 4 5 C 7 B O 1O
1C Hi1 HCH 3 4 4 4 5 5 C C C C
1be Necronarcer be_lrs Lbe _ane
.lLb 2 Spells, ard 2 ÞlLuals. llrsLl,, Lbe
Necronarcer cbooses .blcb caLe_orles
be .lsbes Lo _alr na_lc rron. He na,
cboose rron elLber /LLacl, Lererce or
Speclal ror bls L.o Spells, ard /LLacl,
Speclal or /dvocaLes ror bls L.o
ÞlLuals. 1be Necronarcer car cboose
separaLe caLe_orles ror eacb Spell ard
ÞlLual LbaL be be_lrs .lLb. 1ber, be
rolls 1LC ror eacb Spell ard ÞlLual lr
Lbe caLe_orles LbaL be bas cboser.
lr Lbe Necronarcer .lsbes, lrsLead or
rolllr_ rardonl, ror ore or bls Spells,
be na, Lale Lbe La:R Le:IaI spell or
Lbe Aec:cna:tIc IccDs spell. lr be so
.lsbes, be car Lale boLb or Lbese
spells lrsLead or rolllr_ rardonl,.
1be Necronarcer be_lrs Lbe _ane
.lLb erou_b rea_erLs Lo casL eacb or
bls rlLuals 1L3 Llnes.
1be Necronarcer sLarLs Lbe _ane .lLb
Lbe Cloal or Souls ard Lbe Crlnolre
Necrls, bls vlle NecronarLlc bool LbaL
be sLores all bls evll rlLuals ard spells
lr. He also be_lrs Lbe _ane .lLb a
1be Necronarcer car use ar, lLens
avallable Lo Lbe vlzard. Sbould Lbe
Necronarcer be lucl, erou_b Lo locaLe
ar, or Lbe Nlre Lools or Na_asb
durlr_ bls Lravels, be na, lnnedlaLel,
_alr 1 polrL or ÞernarerL Lucl. NoLe
Lbls Lucl ls orl, _alred lr Lbe
Necronarcer rlrds a bool, roL lr
aroLber varrlor rlrds ore ard _lves lL
Lo Lbe Necronarcer. /s .ell as _alrlr_
Lbe ablllL, Lo casL Lbe Spell .lLblr Lbe
bool, Lbe Necronarcer bas Lbe slllls
Lo dl_ deeper lrLo Lbe arclerL Lone,
ard car _alr ar addlLloral Spell rolled
as rornal rron Lbe Spell 1ables (NoLe
LbaL be does roL _eL Lo cboose .blcb
caLe_or, Lbe Spell ls .lLblr, lL ls
rardonl, rolled or a L3).
1be Necronarcer na, roL use ar,
bo.s or crossbo.s excepL ror Lbe
ÞlsLol Crossbo.. He na, use ar,
rlrearns be .lsbes Lo, bo.ever. lr
addlLlor, be na, use 1bro.lr_ SLars.
1be Necronarcer car roL nale use or
ar, close conbaL .eapors oLber Lbar
slr_le-barded s.ords, da__ers, lrlves
ard spears. Hls slr_le-nlrded
deLernlraLlor Lo rocus or bls sLudles
bas roL _lver bln erou_b paLlerce Lo
learr bo. Lo use nosL .eapors aL all.
1be Necronarcer carroL .ear ar,
arnour excepL ror lurs, or use ar,
sblelds. He .lll roL .ear ar, oLber
cloal aparL rron bls Cloal or Souls.
1be C|oa× or Sou|s
1bls na_lcal _arnerL alds Lbe
Necronarcer lr bls darl quesL ror Lbe
souls or bls vlcLlns b, Lrapplr_ Lben
.lLblr lLs rolds, allo.lr_ Lbe
Necronarcer Lo uLlllse Lben ror bls
o.r rerarlous purposes. vberever Lbe
Necronarcer (roL ar, sunnored
MorsLers, .lLb Lbe excepLlor or Lbe
IavcD:ec C:e) lllls a norsLer LbaL ls
roL Urdead or Laenorlc, be rolls a LC
ard corsulLs Lbe Lable belo., or a
successrul roll, be bas successrull,
sLoler Lbe eren,'s soul ard corLalred
lL .lLblr bls Cloal.
LeveI LIe :cII :epDI:ec
Larl lrlLlaLe 5+
Larl /col,Le 4+
Necronarcer 3+
Necronarcer Lord 2+
Souls car Lber be used as rollo.s, aL
ar, Llne ard lr ar, quarLlL,.
· 1be Necronarcer na, expur_e
souls Lo beal bls bod, or Lbose
arourd bln. lor eacb soul used, Lbe
Necronarcer or ar, varrlor or Lbe
sane board secLlor as Lbe
Necronarcer na, _alr 1LC
vourds. 1be Necronarcer _alrs 5
Cold ror eacb vourd bealed or
aroLber varrlor lr Lbls .a,.
· 1be Necronarcer na, use Lbe
souls corLalred .lLblr Lbe Cloal or
Souls Lo cause snall laceraLlors
upor bls eren,. vber released,
Lbe soul lasbes ouL aL a Lar_eLed
norsLer, causlr_ 1 Urnodlrled
1be Necronarcer sLarLs Lbe _ane .lLb
1LC souls lr bls Cloal or Souls.
‡4+)853'4)+8 ‡
lr addlLlor Lo uslr_ Lbe Cloal or Souls
Lo capLure souls, Lbe Cloal also allo.s
Lbe Necronarcer Lo blerd lrLo Lbe
darlesL sbado.s, appearlr_ alnosL
lrvlslble Lo Lbose rear bln. lr Lbe
Necronarcer .lsbes, be na, use Lbe
Cloal or Souls Lo blde rron MorsLers
as Lbe, are placed or Lbe board. Þoll
1LC ard cbecl Lbe Lable belo. Lo see
lr be succeeds. lr successrul, Lbe
Necronarcer ls roL courLed .ber
placlr_ MorsLers uslr_ Lbe Cre or Cre
rule. Ho.ever, lr MorsLers are sLlll
placed rexL Lo bln ard bave ro oLber
Lar_eLs, Lbe, .lll easll, spoL Lbe
Necronarcer ard aLLacl bln as
rornal. 1be Necronarcer car orl, use
Lbls ablllL, lr Lbere are ro MorsLers
alread, or Lbe board.
LeveI LIe IcII :epDI:ec
Larl lrlLlaLe 5+
Larl /col,Le 5+
Necronarcer 4+
Necronarcer Lord 4+
1be Crinoire Necris
1be darl arL or Lbe Necronarcer could
roL be pracLlced lr lL .as roL ror bls
darl spell bool. lL bas nar, ranes.
1be Crard Crlnolre, Lbe Lool or Lbe
Lead, ard Lbe Crlnolre Necrls are
anor_ Lbe nosL lll raned LlLles lL bas
recelved. 1be nosL ranous Lool or
Lbe Lead .as .rlLLer b, a nad
/rablar Þrlrce. Necronarcers bave
revered bls .rlLlr_s across Lbe Cld
vorld ard be,ord. lL Lbe bope or a
Larl lrlLlaLe Lo ore da, anass erou_b
recronarLlc lro.led_e Lo rlval LbaL or
Lbe Mad /rab's Leacblr_s blnselr. 1be
bool corLalrs Lbe Necronarcer's
spells ard rlLuals LbaL be car casL.
Sbould Lbe Necronarcer ever lose bls
Crlnolre, be .lll roL be able Lo casL
Spells or use ÞlLuals urLll be _alrs a
re. ore aL Lbe Hldder SarcLun ror
1OOO Cold. lorLuraLel,, be leeps bls
rou_b roLes lr a sare place so be car
.rlLe up aroLber cop,.
1be Crlnolre Necrls allo.s Lbe
Necronarcer Lo re-roll ar, ralled Spell
CasLlr_ aLLenpL orce per board
lr addlLlor, orce per adverLure, Lbe
Necronarcer car use Lbe Crlnolre Lo
sunnor up 1L3 SleleLors Lo rl_bL b,
bls slde. 1be SleleLors .lll
lnnedlaLel, Lale Lbelr Lurrs arLer Lbe
Necronarcer. /r, MorsLers lllled b,
Lbe SleleLors .lll _lve Lbe
Necronarcer Halr Cold.
Necronarcers loaLbe clvlllsaLlor ard
conparlorsblp. 1be, are lorers aL
bearL, ard Lbe busLle ard busLle or Lbe
bl_ clLles scare Lben. lor Lbls reasor,
.ber a Necronarcer erLers a
SeLLlenerL, be usuall, sperds nosL or
bls Llne lr bls roon, sllerLl,
.orsblpplr_ Na_asb ard readlr_ rron
bls bool. lor Lbls reasor, be orl, ever
bas Lo nale a roll or Lbe SeLLlenerL
Lable ever, secord da, be sLa,s,
sLarLlr_ .lLb bls rlrsL da,. 1bls rule ls
roL appllcable lr Lbe Necronarcer ls aL
a Sea ÞorL. He lsr'L allo.ed a nonerLs
peace lr Lbese drurl rllled seLLlenerLs.
/ Necronarcer car orl, vlslL Lbe
/lcbenlsL's Speclal LocaLlor, ard ar,
sbops be .lsbes Lo. He carroL vlslL Lbe
/lebouse, Canbllr_ House, vlzard's
Culld, or 1enple. Ho.ever, Lbere ls a
re. Speclal LocaLlor avallable ror Lbe
Necronarcer Lo vlslL. 1be Hldder
lL ls a lro.r racL LbaL Necronarcers
are baLed ard reared Lbrou_bouL Lbe
Cld vorld. 1o be dlscovered pracLlclr_
Necronarc, ls Lo be Lbe erd or ar
urrorLuraLe nar's llre. lor Lbls reasor,
Necronarcers bave locaLlors LbaL orl,
Lbe, lro. abouL. 1bese locaLlors are
locaLed a.a, rron Lbe busLle ard
busLle or Lbe lar_e seLLlenerLs. Le
Lbe, lar_e blacl lvor, Lo.ers,
rorbldder, abardored nlres, or nerel,
a snall cave bldder beblrd sone
busbes, a Necronarcer's Hldder
SarcLun ls .bere be _oes Lo learr
nore or Lbe darl arLs ard Lo purcbase
rea_erLs ror bls rerarlous rlLuals.
Crce Lbe Necronarcer bas rlrlsbed lr a
SeLLlenerL, be na, cboose Lo _o Lo bls
Hldder SarcLun. 1bls Lales 1LC da,s,
lr .blcb Llne Lbe oLber varrlors are
rree Lo do .baL Lbe, llle.
lL ls aL Lbe Hldder SarcLun .bere a
Necronarcer sperds bls Cold Lo Lralr.
/ Necronarcer Lralrs b, doraLlr_ Lbe
requlred anourL or Cold Lo Lbe corrers
or Lbe Necronarcer Lord .bo ls
preserL aL Lbe SarcLun, ard Lber
sperds 1 da, lr lsolaLlor a.a, rron
Lbe oLber Necronarcers, readlr_ rron
Lbe pa_es or sucb lll-raned darl Lones
as Lbe Llber MorLls ard Lbe Cursed
Lool. Crce rlrlsbed, Lbe Necronarcer
bas _ore up a level. He ro. car _alr
re. Spells ard ÞlLuals as sLaLed or bls
LaLLle-Level Lable lr Lbe sane .a, as
be dld aL Lbe be_lrrlr_ or bls career.
Ho.ever, lL ls Loo laLe ro. ror Lbe
Necronarcer Lo plcl La:R Le:IaI or
Aec:cna:tIc IccDs. lr be .lsbes Lbose
spells, be nusL roll rardonl, rron bls
cboser caLe_or, ard bope ror Lbe besL.
vlLblr eacb Hldder SarcLun, usuall,
or a level sucb as a dur_eor or
basenerL, Lbere lles a roon .bere
nosL norLals .ould rever .llllr_l,
erLer. Lbe roon or Lbe 1rapped
Laenor. Hl_bl, _uarded ard
proLecLed b, Lbe nosL po.errul or
na_lc, a CreaLer Laenor or lborre
paces abouL Lbls snall prlsor. 1bls
arclerL Laenor or lborre orce
.alled Lbe varbanner vorld urLll bls
_reaL could roL be corLalred
.lLblr bls norLal bod,, ard lborre
blnselr brou_bL Lbe Laenor Lo sLard
b, bls slde as a LleuLerarL lr bls urbol,
arnles or Hell. SoneLlne lr Lbe pasL, a
nl_bL, Necronarcer Lord bas Lrapped
ard bourd Lbls creaLure, ard
perrorned a rlLual LbaL conpelled lL Lo
ald Lbose .bo asl lL ror belp. Crce per
vlslL, a Necronarcer na, vlslL Lbe
1rapped Laenor ard asl a boor or lL.
/L Lbe sLarL or Lbe _ane, Lbe 1rapped
Laenor's na_lcal corLalrnerL spell ls
aL rull sLrer_Lb, boldlr_ Lbe Laenor
.lLb ro bope or escape. Ho.ever,
deperdlr_ or Lbe sLrer_Lb (or
.ealress) or Lbe Necronarcer .bo
connures .lLb lL, lL na, Lale nl_bL,
rlsls ard Lr, Lo breal rree rron lLs
bords. lL .ould llle roLblr_ nore Lbar
Lo Lear Lbe plLlrul norLal llnb rron llnb.
1be spell sLarLs orr aL a SLrer_Lb or 1O
(record Lbls value or ,our cbaracLer
sbeeL, as lL ls lllel, Lo cbar_e durlr_
Lbe course or Lbe Necronarcer's
career). Lacb Llne Lbe Necronarcer
nales a roll or Lbe 1rapped Laenor
Lable, be nusL Lber nale a roll or Lbe
CorLalrnerL Spell Lable Lo see lr Lbe
Laenor bas .ealered bls bords
erou_b Lo breal rree.
He nusL _lve up 1LCx1OO Cold Lo Lbe
Necronarcer Lord's corrers lr order Lo
_alr ar audlerce .lLb Lbe Laenor or
lborre. Þoll 2LC or Lbe Lable belo. ror
Lbe corsequerces or Lbls acL.
1be 1rapped Oaenon 1ab|e
2 'CrarL ne ,our ablllLles, ob
po.errul Laenor,¨ asls Lbe
Necronarcer, 'LbaL l nl_bL
varqulsb n, roes.¨ 'Lore¨
Lbe Laenor, _rlrrlr_. '/lLbou_b, l
bope ,our orl, roes are SroLllr_s,
or ,ou na, bave dlrrlculL,. 1be
na_lc rleld .blcb bolds ne bere
saps n, ablllLles corsLarLl,, ard so
sball lL ,ours!¨ 1be Necronarcer
ro. bas (roll 1LC).
1 -1 SLrer_Lb
2 -1 veapor Sllll
3 -1 1ou_bress
4 -1 Þlrrlr_
5 -1 Move
C -1 lrlLlaLlve
1bls cbar_e ls pernarerL.
3 1be Laenor slo.l, Lurrs Lo lool aL
bls vlslLor. 'Curse ,ou, norLal, ror
dlsLurblr_ n, Lbou_bLs!¨ lL,
'l an so close Lo .orllr_ n, .a,
ouL or Lbls accursed roon. Crl, L.o
nore decades ard l sball bave Lbe
perrecL plar.¨ 1be Laenor
nunbles quleLl,, scraLcblr_ or Lbe
dusL, rloor ard .lplr_ lL clear, over
ard over. Lue Lo Lbe curse, Lbe
Necronarcer bas (roll 1LC).
1 -1 SLrer_Lb
2 -1 veapor Sllll
3 -1 1ou_bress
4 -1 Þlrrlr_
5 -1 Move
C -1 lrlLlaLlve
1bls cbar_e lasLs ror Lbe rexL
adverLure orl,.
4 1be Necronarcer sees LbaL Lbe
Laenor ls lr a rrerz,, s.lr_lr_ bls
Lall ard beaLlr_ bls nl_bL, .lr_s
as be lrcessarLl, aLLacls Lbe .alls
or bls corrlrenerL cbanber .lLb
bls .lcledl, sbarp axe. /lLbou_b
Lbe beblrd Lbe blo.s ls
Lrenerdous, Lbe axe nales ro
narls .bere lL lards. LesplLe Lbls,
Lbe Laenor sbo.s ro sl_r or
leLLlr_ up, ard Lurrs bls aLLerLlor
Lo Lbe Necronarcer lr Lbe
door.a,. vlLb ar ear-spllLLlr_ roar,
be s.lr_s bls axe .lLb rull rorce
a_alrsL Lbe lrvlslble barrler across
Lbe Lbresbold. lr splLe or blnselr,
Lbe Necronarcer rllrcbes ard
sLeps bacl rron Lbe lnperdlr_
blo., orl, Lo Lrlp over bls lor_ robe
ard rall bacl.ards Lo Lbe rloor. 1be
aLLacl or Lbe Laenor ls Lb.arLed
b, Lbe po.errul CorLalrnerL Spell,
so Lbe Necronarcer's prlde ls Lbe
orl, Lblr_ .blcb seens Lo bave
beer burL b, Lbls dlspla, or
vlolerce. Þlcllr_ blnselr up ard
brusblr_ orr Lbe dusL or bls robe,
be ls dlsna,ed Lo rlrd LbaL sone or
bls rea_erLs dld roL survlve Lbe
aLLacl as .ell as be dld. 1be
Necronarcer bas broler 1LC
rardon rea_erLs .blcb nusL be
sLrlcler rron bls cbaracLer sbeeL.
5 ¨Cone closer, norLal, l reed Lo
speal .lLb ,ou.¨ 1be Laenor balr-
.blspers, .ber be
sees Lbe Necronarcer. SLepplr_
up Lo Lbe door.a,, corrlderL LbaL
Lbe CorLalrnerL Spell .lll leep
bln rron barn, Lbe Necronarcer
lears lr Lo llsLer. /s be does so,
Lbe correr or bls Cloal or Souls
brusbes Lbe na_lcal barrler or Lbe
door.a,, ard a darl sbado.
spreads ouL rron Lbe polrL or
corLacL ard dlsperses. 'Carerul,
roL so close!¨ lau_bs Lbe Laenor
ard Lurrs a.a,, l_rorlr_ Lbe
Necronarcer. 1be Necronarcer
bas losL 1LC Souls rron bls Cloal
or Souls as Lbe, bave beer soaled
up b, Lbe na_lcal barrler.
C 1be Laenor Lales ro roLlce or Lbe
peLL, babble or Lbe llLLle nar lr Lbe
door.a,, ard corLlrues Lo searcb
ror .ealresses lr Lbe na_lc rleld
.blcb bas rrusLraLed bln ror
7 1be Laenor's e,es _lo. .lLb ar
lrrer rlre or sucb nalevolerce LbaL
Lbe Necronarcer recolls a sLep,
brlr_lr_ bls s.ord up proLecLlvel,
desplLe lro.lr_ Lbe Laenor car
roL escape bls bords. '1bere .as a
Llne .ber ,our lll .as nere rodder
lr Lbe _reaL baLLles or lborre Lbe
Llood Cod, norLal .lzard. ~ou blde
beblrd ,our Cloal or Souls ard
sLruL abouL llle .baL ,ou do nales
a dlrrererce.¨ 1be Laenor or
lborre urrurls bls nl_bL, leaLber,
.lr_s ard bello.s bearLll,. JusL as
sudderl,, bls aLLlLude cbar_es, ard
Lbe Laenor srarls onlrousl,.
'Lab, .baL does lL naLLer ro.
ar,.a,. Here, Lale Lbese
dlspossessed souls a.a, rron n,
Lle_e's realn. 1be, do roL deserve
a place lr bls llr_don, plLlrul
rabble.¨ vlLb LbaL, Lbe Laenor
urleasbes a LorrerL or _bosLl,
rorns rron .lLblr Lbe rolds or bls
.lr_s, .blcb rl, dlrecLl, Lo.ards
Lbe Necronarcer's Cloal or Souls
ard dlsappear .lLblr Lbe lrl,
depLbs. 'l care roL ror ,our
preserce ar,nore, norLal. Leave
ne Lo n, LornerL lr peace.¨ 1be
Laenor Lurrs bls bacl or Lbe
Necronarcer ard car roL be
dlsLurbed. 1be varrlor bas _alred
1LC Souls ror bls Cloal or Souls.
B 1be Laenor splrs arourd, s.lr_lr_
bls bu_e /xe or lborre lr a rull arc
over bls bead, alnlr_ Lo spllL Lbe
slull or Lbe lnpuderL norLal asllr_
ror bls belp. 1be Necronarcer leaps
Lo Lbe slde ard bls o.r s.ord
.blps Lo neeL Lbe oLber .eapor,
rull, expecLlr_ lL Lo be snasbed b,
Lbe sbeer beblrd Lbe
Laenor's aLLacl. 1be blades rever
neeL, bo.ever, as Lbe, boLb slan
lrLo Lbe na_lc barrler across Lbe
door.a,. / or na_lc sparls
covers boLb Lbe conbaLarLs as
Lbe, pause Lo recover. '~ou rl_bL
.ell,¨ renarls Lbe Lrapped
creaLure, 'buL ,ou could be beLLer.¨
1be Necronarcer _alrs (roll 1LC).
1 +1 lrlLlaLlve
2 +1 Move
3 +1 Þlrrlr_
4 +1 1ou_bress
5 +1 veapor Sllll
C +1 SLrer_Lb
1bls cbar_e lasLs ror Lbe rexL
adverLure orl,.
O '~ou.¨ 1be Laenor as be
sees Lbe Necronarcer nale bls
.a, Lo.ards bln, a snu_ lool or
bls race. 'l requlre, Laenor.
Ma_lcal be,ord LbaL or ever
Lbe Hl_b Llves. l .lll roL bacl do.r
rron ,ou Lbls Llne. 1oda,, l .lll
bave n, .lsb!¨ 1be Laenor
lau_bs, a deep, evll sourd LbaL
serds sblvers do.r Lbe
Necronarcer's splre. 'loollsb,
plLlrul bunar! Lo ,ou roL lro.
.baL sLards berore ,ou¯! l an ore
or lborre's Cboser, a sla,er or
arnles ard corqueror or llr_dons.
l bave ro use ror na_lc! l an or
lborre, ,ou slnpleLor, l possess
ro na_lc LbaL ,ou could
urdersLard!¨ 1be Laenor sudderl,
sLops bls lau_blr_ ard rusbes
beadlor_ lrLo Lbe barrler, bls
nasslve cla.ed bards causlr_
sparls as be slans bls bod, a_alrsL
Lbe rleld. 'NeverLbeless, l sball
_rarL .baL ,ou .lsb or ne, Lo Lbe
besL or n, ablllL,.¨ 1be
Necronarcer sLeps bacl as be
reels a nasslve sur_e or
ervelop bls belr_. 'lL ls dore. No.
_o. Lo roL boLber ne a_alr.¨ 1be
Necronarcer na, use 1L3 ÞlLuals
rexL adverLure aL Lbe cosL or ro
lr_redlerLs ard .lLb ro preparaLlor
Llne (l.e., Lbe ÞlLuals car be used
auLonaLlcall, ard Lbe Necronarcer
car sLlll /LLacl, Move, eLc, Lbls
1O SLardlr_ aL Lbe door.a,, Lbe lar_e
red Laenor seens Lo be loollr_ aL
soneLblr_ rl_bL lr rrorL or bls race.
He reacbes up ard, .lLb a cla. Llp,
scrapes slo.l, do.r ar lrvlslble
barrler across Lbe door.a,, causlr_
blue sparls Lo qulver arourd bls
rlr_er. 'Sucb beauLlrul na_lc, dor'L
,ou Lblrl¯¨ be asls. 'Lor'L ,ou
.lsb ycD could nale soneLblr_ as
perrecL as Lbls prlsor .blcb bas
beld ne ror courLless ,ears¯
Þerbaps l sbould belp ,ou or ,our
.a, Lo LbaL _oal, .ould ,ou llle
LbaL¯¨ 1be Necronarcer ro. bas
(roll 1LC).
1 +1 lrlLlaLlve
2 +1 Move
3 +1 Þlrrlr_
4 +1 1ou_bress
5 +1 veapor Sllll
C +1 SLrer_Lb
1bls cbar_e ls pernarerL.
11 1be Laenor ls sLarLled aL Lbe
sourd or Lbe Necronarcer's volce
ard leaps Lo.ards bln vlolerLl,,
e,es blazlr_ ard LeeLb bared. /s be
reacbes Lbe door.a,, be blLs Lbe
na_lc barrler .lLb a dearerlr_
crasb ard a craclle or erer_, ard
slldes Lo Lbe rloor, exbausLed.
Urable Lo reslsL Lbe conpulslor or
Lbe old rlLual, be Lells Lbe
Necronarcer LbaL be ls lucl, LbaL
Lbe na_lc beld bln bacl ard LbaL
lucl sball sLa, .lLb bln. 1be
Necronarcer _alrs 1 polrL or
ÞernarerL Lucl.
12 1be Laenor seens urraLurall,
anlable Loda,, ard lrvlLes Lbe
Necronarcer Lo slL do.r ard Lell
bln or Lbe ouLslde .orld, as be
does roL _eL a cbarce Lo bear
currerL everLs orLer. 1be
Necronarcer learrs Lbe Laenor ls
qulLe beblrd Lbe Llnes ard sperds
a re. bours descrlblr_ all narrer
or re. lrverLlors, pollLlcal cbar_es
ard na_lcal advarces. 1be
Laenor, lr reLurr, Lells or old na_lc
.blcb be suspecLs Lo be llLLle used
ro.ada,s ard .arLs Lo leep sucb
lro.led_e rron belr_ losL. 1be
Necronarcer na, cboose Lo _alr
ar, ore Spell or ÞlLual .blcb be
does roL alread, lro..
Containnent Spe|| 1ab|e
1 1be Laenor serses _reaL
.ealress lr Lbe Necronarcer's
aLLerLlor. vlLb _reaL sLrer_Lb or
.lll, Lbe Laenor slans a bursL or
ps,cblc erer_, aL Lbe .all
corLalrlr_ bln. SubLracL 1L3 rron
Lbe SLrer_Lb or Lbe CorLalrnerL
2 /s be ls abouL Lo leave Lbe roon,
Lbe Laenor ,ells lr absoluLe rur,,
sLarllr_ Lbe Necronarcer, .bo
burrledl, leaves Lbe roon.
SubLracL 1 rron Lbe SLrer_Lb or
Lbe CorLalrnerL Spell.
3 1r, as be nl_bL, Lbe Laenor
nales ro bead.a, .lLb breallr_
bls bords.
4 1be Necronarcer car alnosL reel
Lbe baLred enaraLlr_ rron Lbe
Laenor. lorLuraLel,, LbaL ls all
LbaL be reels.
5 1be Necronarcer sperds a re.
nlruLes cbecllr_ Lbe perLa_ran
ard Lbe cardles upor Lbe _rourd,
sLrer_Lberlr_ Lbe bourdlr_ clrcle
LbaL Lbe Laenor resldes lr. /dd 1
Lo Lbe SLrer_Lb or Lbe
CorLalrnerL Spell.
C Lecldlr_ lL besL Lo Lale naLLers
lrLo bls o.r bards, Lbe
Necronarcer sperds nar, lor_
bours cbarLlr_ ard dra.lr_
arclerL rures or evll upor Lbe
_rourd, addlr_ nar, la,ers or
na_lcal proLecLlor Lo Lbe
CorLalrnerL Spell. /dd 1L3 Lo
Lbe SLrer_Lb or Lbe CorLalrnerL
lr ever Lbe SLrer_Lb or Lbe
CorLalrnerL Spell sbould reacb O or
less, Lbe Laenor bas bursL rree rron
bls prlsor ard berore Lbe Necronarcer
bas Llne Lo dererd blnselr, be ls Lorr
asurder palrrull, ard lrreverslbl,. 1be
Necronarcer ls ouL or Lbe _ane.
1be Necronarcer na, also vlslL Lbe
/poLbecar,'s .blle be ls lr Lbe
SarcLun. lL ls lr Lbls sLore LbaL be
purcbases rea_erLs ror perrornlr_
rlLuals, ard lL ls orl, oper Lo
Necronarcer paLrors. Þoll 2LC ror
Reaqents Stoc× Cost
Laenor's Lore (1LC) 7 1OO eacb
\olcarlc /sb (2LC) 4 25 eacb
\lal or Llood (1LC) 5 1OO eacb
LrlnsLore (1L3) 7 25O eacb
Cball 4 75
Cardles (2LC) 4 25 eacb
Lra_or's Scale B 4OO
H,dra's 1eeLb (1L3) C 175 eacb
ÞlLual La__er 7 5OO
MorLar G ÞesLle 5 25O
locus SLore 5 15O
Crlnolre Necrls 5 1OOO
Oaenon's Bones
Crarled ard L.lsLed, Lbese _ruesone
bores .ere collecLed rron varlous
rora,s lrLo daenorlc lalrs b, brave
Vo|canic Asb
1be arclerL volcaroes or Na__aroLb
spe. rorLb Lbls asb orl, orce ever,
re. decades. lL ls sold lr slnple leaLber
Via| or B|ood
1bls corled vlal corLalrs Lbe blood or
laLe Necronarcers, dereaLed lr baLLle.
1be blood sLlll corLalrs renrarLs or Lbe .lelded b, Lbese rorerurrers.
/ rurdanerLal rea_erL ror nar,
rlLuals, Lbls blood-red rocl ls sold lr
snall cburls.
/r esserLlal ror ar, perLa_ran-, Lbls cball ls speclall, prepared
ror Lbe vlle rlLuals LbaL a Necronarcer
perrorns. Cre plece dra.s ore
perLa_ran berore lL ls used up.
LlLber blacl or red, Lbese cardles are a
vlLal recesslL, .ber deallr_ .lLb
daenors, ror Lbe Necronarcer's o.r
Oraqon's Sca|e
1be scales or a Lra_or are used ror
rlLuals LbaL orrer proLecLlor ror Lbe
Necronarcer. Lxperslve ard bard Lo
cone b,, Lbe, are, bo.ever, ar
recesslL, ror ar, Necronarcer .orLb
bls salL.
Hydra's 1eetb
SLral_bL rron Lbe veronous ja.s or ar
arclerL H,dra, Lbe LeeLb are
parLlcularl, _ood lr sunnorlr_ ard
corLrolllr_ sleleLors, buL are also
userul lr rlLuals lrvolvlr_ all narrer or
Urdead ard Laenorlc rorns. vber a
varrlor purcbases H,dra's LeeLb, be
purcbases a poucb rull or Lben, erou_b
Lo use lr ore rlLual.
Ritua| Oaqqer
lLs srale-llle curves _llrLlr_ lr Lbe
larLerr-ll_bL, Lbe rlLual da__er ls
beauLlrul ,eL deadl,. 1be dellcaLel,
carved ebor, bardle preverLs Lbe
.lelder rron uslr_ lL corsLarLl,, so lL
nusL be lepL ror solenr, carerul
rlLuals. Urllle nosL rea_erLs, Lbe rlLual
da__er ls roL desLro,ed or used up
.ber a rlLual ls perrorned, so lL car be
reused over ard over.
Mortar S Þest|e
/ ravoured uLersll anor_ .lzards,
recronarcers ard alcbenlsLs, Lbls
bard, seL nales nlxlr_ ard _rlrdlr_ a
breeze. Made or blacl narble, lL car be
used ror ar, runber or ÞlLual
preparaLlors, ard ls roL desLro,ed
arLer belr_ used.
Hocus Stone
1bls rou_b, _reerlsb sLore car be used
Lo sLore a pre-prepared ÞlLual .lLblr lL.
1be Aec:cna:tIc IccDs Spell nusL be
casL or lL ror lL Lo .orl.
Crinoire Necris
/s .ell as Lbe above rea_erLs, a
Necronarcer car purcbase rron Lbe
/poLbecar, a replacenerL Crlnolre
Necrls, lr case bls orl_lral ls ever losL.
He na, orl, ever bave 1 Crlnolre
Necrls aL a Llne.
1be Necronarcer aLLracLs all sorLs or
ur.arLed aLLerLlor rron Lbe
Lo.rsroll. Lecause or Lbls, ro da, ls
ever ureverLrul. lr Lbe Necronarcer
rolls ar UreverLrul La,, be nusL roll
1LC or Lbe rollo.lr_ Lable Lo see .baL
bappers Lo bln.
1 Soneore nusL bave reco_rlsed Lbe
varrlor as a Necronarcer! / bu_e
arned reLlrue or borsener lead b,
a ÞrlesL or Sl_nar ard a vlLcb
HurLer clrcle Lbe Necronarcer ard
corrrorL bln. Þoll 1LC.
1 1be Necronarcer ls burrL aL
Lbe sLale as a bereLlc. 1be
varrlor ls ouL or Lbe _ane.
2 /s Lbe Necronarcer ls abouL
Lo be bebeaded b, Lbe
LxecuLlorer's axe, Lbe leerlr_
cro.d parLs ard Lbe
Necronarcer's rello. varrlors
cone rldlr_ rorLb or
na_rlrlcerL sLeeds ard
perrorn a berolc rescue jusL lr
Lbe rlcl or Llne! 1be
Necronarcer, _raLerul ror bls
rreedon, rlees Lbe seLLlenerL
lnnedlaLel,. lr Lbere .ere ro
oLber varrlors lr Lbe
seLLlenerL aL Lbe Llne Lbls
everL .as rolled, Lber
urrorLuraLel, Lbe Necronarcer
ls bebeaded. He ls ouL or Lbe
3 1be Necronarcer ls serLerced
Lo be Lo deaLb!
lorLuraLel,, Lbe Necronarcer
nara_es Lo bar_alr bls
rreedon b, bardlr_ over bls
Crlnolre Necrls Lo orrlclals so
Lbe, car sLud, lL ard use lL Lo
caLcb bl__er rlsb. 1be
Necronarcer ls seL rree buL
bas losL bls Lool. /roLber
nusL be purcbased rron Lbe
Hldder SarcLun's /poLbecar,.
4 1be Necronarcer nara_es Lo
corvlrce Lbe auLborlLles LbaL
Lbe, are nlsLaler, ard LbaL bls
ba_ or NecronarLlc Þea_erLs
ls ror oLber purposes besldes
evll. UrrorLuraLel,, Lbe, are
roL qulLe so sure, buL .lLb ro
proor, Lbe, are saLlsrled .lLb
corrlscaLlr_ 1LC rardon
Þea_erLs Lbe Necronarcer
5 1be auLborlLles surrourd Lbe
Necronarcer ard nale Lo
arresL bln. Ho.ever, Lbe
Necronarcer pulls bls Cloal or
Souls up over bls bead ard
nales a rur ror lL lrLo a darl
alle, .a,. lor .baL seens llle
bours, Lbe Necronarcer
nara_es Lo avold Lbe nlllLla.
Ho.ever, lr dolr_ so, Lbe
Necronarcer bas losL 1LCx5O
C '~ou Lbere! Necronarcer¯!¨
1be ÞrlesL or Sl_nar addresses
Lbe parlc sLrlcler varrlor as
be reallses be bas beer
dlscovered. 'Have ,ou seer a
Necronarcer _o b, Lbls .a,
recerLl,¯¨ SllerLl, Lbarllr_
Na_asb ror bls _ood rorLure,
Lbe varrlor sLanners
soneLblr_ alor_ Lbe llres or
Lbe re_aLlve, ard corLlrues or
bls .a,, bls Cloal or Souls
pulled up Ll_bLl, abouL bls
2 /rLer a da,'s sbopplr_, Lbe
Necronarcer reLlres Lo bls roon Lo
sLud, bls Crlnolre Necrls. Upor
operlr_ up bls door, be ls sbocled
Lo see Lbe lrr's clearer sLardlr_
over bls desl, peruslr_ Lbe darl
.rlLlr_s .lLblr. Sbe Lurrs .lLb a
borrlrled lool Lo.ards Lbe
Necronarcer ard arLer nuLLerlr_
ar apolo_,, rlees rron Lbe
Necronarcer's _lo.erlr_ _aze
berore be bas a cbarce Lo reacL.
1be Necronarcer nusL bope Lbe
servarL does roL Lell Lbe
auLborlLles or .baL sbe bas seer,
or be nusL leave Lbe SeLLlenerL
lnnedlaLel,. lr be decldes Lo sLa,,
be nusL roll 1LC aL Lbe be_lrrlr_
or ever, da,. lr Lbe resulL ls a 1, lL
seens Lbe servarL .onar bas
beer Lalllr_ .lLb Lbe clL, nlllLla,
ard Lbe Necronarcer ls
corrrorLed! See resulL 1 above.
3 1be Necronarcer _oes abouL bls
buslress ard bas qulLe a
producLlve da,.
4 /parL rron urusuall, lar_e cro.ds,
Lbe da, _oes b, ureverLrull,. 1be
Necronarcer everLuall, rlrds ouL
LbaL a raLber ranous bard or
varrlors are lr Lo.r ard are
aLLracLlr_ a cro.d or rars
.berever Lbe, _o. Sballr_ bls
bead ard _olr_ bacl Lo bls roon,
Lbe Necronarcer decldes Lo bave a
quleL rl_bL lr.
5 1oda, ls Lbe arrual vlzard's
CorverLlor, ard Lbe Lo.r ls rull or
all sorLs or na_lcal pracLlLlorers.
1be Necronarcer bas ro Lrouble
blerdlr_ lr .lLb Lbe cro.ds, ard
ever nara_es Lo _o Lo a re.
publlc lecLures ard learr a re.
Lblr_s. 1be Necronarcer car vlslL
ore parLlcular vlzard .bo seens
Lo be boldlr_ a prlvaLe corrererce
lr ar ouL-or-Lbe-.a, alle,, ard lr be
pa,s 1LC x 5OO Cold, be erds up
.lLb a re. Spell rron a caLe_or,
or bls cbooslr_.
C 1be Necronarcer ls abouL Lo bead
bacl Lo Lbe lrr, .ber be spoLs a
darl sbado., rorn beclorlr_ Lo
bln rron Lbe sbado.s. Lra.lr_ bls
s.ord, Lbe Necronarcer sLeps
over Lo see .baL Lbls sLrar_e soul
.arLs. lL .ould seen LbaL Lbls nar
ls a rello. Necronarcer ard bas
beer .aLcblr_ Lbe varrlor ror sone
Llne ro.. /rLer a re. bours or
lrLeresLlr_ dlscusslor, Lbe L.o
Necronarcers parL conpar,, buL
roL berore Lbe varrlor bas learrL
sone ver, userul lrrornaLlor abouL
corLrolllr_ Laenors. 1be rexL Llne
Lbe varrlor rolls or Lbe 1rapped
Laenor Lable, be na, add +1 Lo
Lbe resulL lr be .lsbes. He na,
declde Lbls arLer rolllr_ Lbe dlce. lr
addlLlor, Lbe Laenor CorLalrnerL
Spell ls sLrer_Lbered b, 1L3 rexL
Llne Lbe Necronarcer vlslLs Lbe
1rapped Laenor.
1o casL a Spell, Lbe Necronarcer relles
or Lbe vlrds or Ma_lc lr a slnllar .a,
Lo Lbe bunar vlzard. lr Lbe Þ
Þbase, .ber Lbe dlce ls rolled Lo
deLernlre na_lcal, Lbls dlce roll
also lrdlcaLes bo. eas, Lbe
Necronarcer rlrds lL Lo casL Spells.
Þ Þoll LC Score Lo casL
1 C
2 5
3 4
4 3
5 2
C 2
/ Necronarcer car aLLenpL Lo casL a
cerLalr runber or Spells eacb Lurr
deperdlr_ or bls LaLLle-Level.
Level No. or aLLenpLs per Lurr
Larl lrlLlaLe 1
Larl /col,Le 2
Necronarcer 3
Necronarcer Lord 4
/s .ell as Lbe ablllL, Lo casL Spells, a
Necronarcer car perrorn ÞlLuals. /
ÞlLual ls a nore conplex sorL or na_lc,
buL .ber perrorned correcLl,, car
bave devasLaLlr_ errecLs. Urllle Spells,
.blcb car be casL or Lbe rl,, a ÞlLual
Lales Llne Lo seL up ard prepare. lor
exanple, a Necronarcer nl_bL .arL Lo
sunnor a board or zonbles. 1bls
requlres Llne Lo dra. a sunnorlr_
perLa_ran .lLb blood upor Lbe
_rourd, seL up red ard blacl cardles aL
eacb polrL or Lbe perLa_ran ard Lo
cbarL Lbe correcL pbrases. 1ber, ard
orl, Lber, car Lbe Necronarcer bope
Lo be able Lo nalrLalr corcerLraLlor as
be ralses Lbe deslred creaLures rron
Lbe earLb Lo do bls blddlr_.
NexL Lo eacb rlLual Lbere are L.o
Lblr_s. / runber .blcb represerLs
bo. nar, Lurrs Lbe ÞlLual Lales Lo
perrorn, ard a llsL or Lbe rea_erLs
reeded Lo be able Lo do Lbe ÞlLual.
vber a Necronarcer .lsbes Lo
perrorn a ÞlLual, be na, do roLblr_
else ror Lbose Lurrs. /L Lbe sLarL or bls
Lurr, be nusL declare LbaL be ls
perrornlr_ a ÞlLual, ard cross orr ar,
rea_erLs LbaL be nusL use. lr a ÞlLual
Lales 3 Lurrs Lo perrorn, aL Lbe sLarL
or Lbe 4
varrlors' Þbase Lbe errecLs
or Lbe ÞlLual cone lrLo pla,, ard Lbe
Necronarcer na, Lale bls Lurr as
rornal, casLlr_ Spells, aLLacllr_, uslr_
lLens, sLarLlr_ a re. ÞlLual, eLc.
lr Lbe Necronarcer Lales dana_e
durlr_ Lbls Llne or ÞlLual, be nusL
nale a 1esL or 7 Lo see lr be
loses bls corcerLraLlor. lr be ralls, Lbe
ÞlLual ls dlsLurbed ard carroL be
rlrlsbed. 1be rea_erLs are .asLed, ard
Lbe Necronarcer nusL sLarL Lbe ÞlLual
rron scraLcb lr be sLlll .arLs Lo
perrorn lL. He nusL Lale Lbls LesL eacb
Llne be recelves dana_e or ar, sorL.
vber Lralrlr_, a Necronarcer ls
erLlLled Lo nale rolls or Lbe Spells ard
ÞlLuals Lables, arLer _alrlr_ Lbe anourL
or experlerce reeded Lo level up.
/rLer decldlr_ .baL sorL or Spell or
ÞlLual Lbe varrlor sbould _eL, roll 1LC
or ore or Lbe rollo.lr_ caLe_orles
.ber a re. ÞlLual or Spell ls _alred. lr
Lbe Necronarcer _alrs a Spell or ÞlLual
be alread, bas, roll a_alr.
! Cblll 1oucb
2 Cbalrs
3 LxbalaLlor or S.arns
4 Colunr or Llood
S LaceraLlors
G Laenorlc ÞurlsbnerL
! ÞeLrlr,
2 1be Lllrd MuLe
3 vlLbered Lords
4 Larl Lerlal
S Urbol, Cborus
G Sorro.
! llesb vall
2 Lore \lce
3 \lslor or 1zeerLcb
4 /burdarce
S NecronarLlc locus
G \arbel's ÞorLal
! lador's MalevolerL SplrlLs
2 lrrerral Hard
3 Corrla_raLlor
4 vlLber
S SpecLral vraLb
G Larl Llood or Na_asb
! Sunnor Laenors
2 lavoured Cre
3 Larlsb Urdead
4 Þalse Urdead
S CorLrol Urdead
G 1zeerLcb's LvlsceraLlor
! Lllxlr or Llood
2 Masl or LeaLb
3 Sbado. /rnour
4 1be Llacl Coacb
S Soul HarvesL
G Qua_nlre
‡ 96+229'4*8/:;'29‡
‡ 6+8,583/4-8/:;'29‡
! Cbi|| 1oucb
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: sIcDts a syIIacIe ct
a:ca:e nI_It, a:c exte:cs IIs Ia:c
cDtva:cs, )aIn tacI:_ D). 1ItII:
secc:cs, IIs Ia:c Is ccve:ec I: te::IcIe
cIDe tIanes, IIcRI:_ accDt IIs tIesI as It
I: scne sc:t ct Ic::ItIc ca:ce.
/s .ell as bls rornal /LLacls, Lbe
Necronarcer _alrs a Cblll /LLacl
a_alrsL bls opporerLs. 1bls aLLacl blLs
.lLb a -1 1o HlL peralL,. 1be
Necronarcer carroL casL Lbls Spell or
blnselr lr be ls alread, urder lLs
Larl lrlLlaLe 1L3 1 Lurr
Larl /col,Le 1LC 1L3 Lurrs
Necronarcer 2LC 1LC Lurrs
Necronarcer Lord 2LC ÞesL or conbaL
2 Cbains
1ItI a IcvI ct cattIe IDst, tIe
Aec:cna:ce: tea:s c)e: IIs :cce vItI
a vIcIe:t Ieave, ex)csI:_ IIs ca:e
cIest a:c stcnacI. =s It scne IIvI:_
c:eatD:e Is vItIe:I:_ ce:eatI tIe
sD:tace ct IIs tIesI, IIs sRI: cDcRIes
a:c Ieaves vItI a sIcRe:I:_ scD:c ct
c:eaRI:_ cc:e. 1ItI a tI:aI tcss ct IIs
sveat ceacec Ieac, tIe Aec:cna:ce:
c:Ies I: a_c:y as scIIc netaI cIaI:s
ccn)Iete vItI cIccc staI:ec IccRs
cD:st tc:tI t:cn IIs cccy, s)Iatte:I:_
tIe _:cD:c vItI cIccc. 7Ie cIaI:s
sIcct ac:css tIe :ccn vItI a nI:c ct
tIeI: cv: as It tIey ve:e scne sc:t ct
nacac:e s:aRe a:c encec
tIenseIves I:tc tIe e:eny´s cccy.
II:nIy tccDsec c: tIe _:In tasR cetc:e
IIn, tIe Aec:cna:ce: ncves IIs
Ia:cs I: sIa:), vIcIe:t nctIc:s,
se:cI:_ tIe cIaI:s ca:cI:_ nacac:eIy
a:cD:c tIe :ccn, c:a__I:_ tIe
a_c:Isec nc:ste:s vItI tIen.
1bls Spell allo.s Lbe Necronarcer Lo
sbooL cbalrs rron bls bod,. He car
sbooL a cerLalr runber or cbalrs based
or Lbe Lable belo..
Ac. ct CIaI:s
Larl lrlLlaLe 1
Larl /col,Le 2
Necronarcer 3
Necronarcer Lord 5
1be Necronarcer car cboose Lar_eLs
LbaL are ar,.bere lr bls Llre or Sl_bL.
1be cbalrs sbooL ouL ard bool
Lbenselves orLo Lbe MorsLer, causlr_
1L3 Urnodlrled vourds auLonaLlcall,
lr Lbe Lar_eL bas ro /rnour. lr a Lar_eL
bas /rnour, roll 1LC. lr Lbe resulL ls a 1
or a 2, Lbe cbalr bas ralled Lo pereLraLe
ard dlsslpaLes Lo neLalllc nlsL. lr Lbe
roll ls ar,Lblr_ else, Lbe cbalr bas
pereLraLed ard caused Lbe 1L3
Urnodlrled vourds as rornal.
lor eacb norsLer successrull, cbalred,
Lbe Necronarcer car dra_ ard rllr_
bln arourd Lbe roon, slannlr_ bln
lrLo .alls ard oLber norsLers. Þoll 1L3
ror eacb MorsLer cbalred. 1bls ls Lbe
runber or squares LbaL Lbe
Necronarcer car nove bln. Slannlr_
a MorsLer lrLo a .all or aroLber
MorsLer courLs as 1 space. lr
slannlr_ a MorsLer lrLo a .all, lL
causes 1 Urnodlrled vourd Lbe rlrsL
Llne, 2 Urnodlrled vourds Lbe secord
Llne, ard 3 Urnodlrled vourds Lbe
Lblrd Llne. lr slannlr_ a MorsLer lrLo
aroLber MorsLer, boLb MorsLers Lale 1
Urnodlrled vourd Lbe rlrsL Llne, 2
Urnodlrled vourds Lbe secord Llne,
ard 3 Urnodlrled vourds Lbe Lblrd
Llne. lr slannlr_ L.o MorsLers lrLo
eacb oLber uslr_ L.o cbalrs, eacb
MorsLer Lales 2 Urnodlrled vourds
Lbe rlrsL Llne, 3 Urnodlrled vourds
Lbe secord Llne, ard 5 Urnodlrled
vourds Lbe Lblrd Llne. Crce be bas
noved all Lbe MorsLers be car .lLb
Lbls Spell, Lbe cbalrs dlssolve lrLo
neLalllc nlsL ard Lbe _aplr_ .ourds lr
Lbe Necronarcer's cbesL beal over.
/rLer be casLs Lbls Spell, be nusL nlss
a conpleLe Lurr .blle be recovers bls
sLrer_Lb. MorsLers are aL +1 1o HlL
Lbe Necronarcer rexL Lurr.
3 Hxba|ation or Svarns
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: c)e:s IIs ncDtI
I:c:ecIcIy vIce, a:c a tc::e:t ct cItI:_,
stI:_I:_ I:sects sva:n tc:tI tc e:_DIt
tIe :ccn.
/ll MorsLers or Lbe board secLlor are
aL -1 1o HlL ror all or Lbelr /LLacls rexL
Lurr. lr addlLlor, roll 1LC ror eacb
MorsLer. Cr a roll or C, LbaL MorsLer
surrers 1L3 Urnodlrled dana_e due Lo
Lbe blLes caused.
4 Co|unn or B|ood
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: pDIetIy cDt cIea:Iy
nDtte:s "LIccc tc: tIe LIccc Ccc." Ie
scIen:Iy )cI:ts tcva:cs a seenI:_Iy
en)ty s)ace I: tIe :ccn, vIe:e a
snaII )atcI ct :ec sDcce:Iy a))ea:s c:
tIe _:cD:c. It svI:Is a:c _:cvs D:tII It
taRes tIe tc:n ct a IIpDIc tvIste:,
:ea:Iy as taII as tIe 1a::Ic:s a:e. It
cc:tI:Des tc _:cv taIIe:, D:tII It
tcDcIes tIe ceIII:_ ct tIe cD:_ec:
:ccn, ccIDn:-sIa)ec :cv cDt aIvays
s)I::I:_. =II tIe 1a::Ic:s ca: sneII Is
cIccc, as tIe ccIDn: ncves sIcvIy
tcva:cs tIen.
1bls Spell car be casL aL ar, Llne as
usual, buL Lbe colunr or blood .lll orl,
be_lr Lo nove aL Lbe be_lrrlr_ or Lbe
varrlor's Þbase. 1be casLer na,
cboose ar enpL, space or Lbe board
secLlor be ls lr ror Lbe lrlLlal placenerL
or Lbe colunr. /rLer LbaL, Lbe colunr
.lll nove lr a rardon dlrecLlor ror 1LC
squares, corLlrulr_ lr LbaL dlrecLlor
urLll elLber dlsslpaLlr_ or blLLlr_ a .all.
lr Lbe colunr blLs a .all berore lL bas
used all or lLs novenerL, lL .lll bource
orr or lL aL a OO-de_ree ar_le, urless lL
blLs lL perperdlcularl, (sLral_bL or) lr
.blcb case lL .lll rebourd lr Lbe
opposlLe dlrecLlor lL .as Lravelllr_ lr.
1be colunr or blood does dana_e Lo
all Models lL passes Lbrou_b. lor eacb
Model lL blLs, lL does 1LC +1/LaLLle-
Level or casLer vourds, nodlrled as
usual. 1be colunr .lll use lLs
novenerL, dana_e Models lL passes
Lbrou_b, ard Lber dlsslpaLe all lr ore
S Lacerations
7Ie Aec:cna:ce:´s teIIcv 1a::Ic:s a:e
sta:tIec cy yeI)s ct )aI: t:cn a :ea:cy
Ic:ste:. 7Iey IccR cve: tc see It
:DccI:_ Its a:ns, JDst as a:ctIe: a:c
a:ctIe: Ic:ste: aIsc sta:t yeI)I:_.
7Iey sc:atcI a:c vII:e a:c tea: at tIe
:a_s D)c: tIeI: cccIes, as snaII :ec
veIts a))ea: aII cve: tIeI: sRI:. 7Ie
1a::Ic:s, as c:e, aII tD:: tc IccR at tIe
Aec:cna:ce:, vIc :aIses IIs eyec:cvs
a:c tIe: cc:tI:Des tIe tI_It vItIcDt
sayI:_ a vc:c.
Male ore roll or a LC. 1bls nar,
Lar_eLs or Lbe sane board secLlor as
Lbe Necronarcer Lale Lbls nar,
vourds eacb, urnodlrled ror
1ou_bress ard /rnour.
G Oaenonic Þunisbnent
=t a ccn)Iex Ia:c _estD:e t:cn tIe
Aec:cna:ce:, tI:y tI_D:es sva:n t:cn
tIe sIaccvs cetvee: tIe tIa_stc:es.
Ic::ec a:c Icctec, tIe Laenc: In)s
ct IIc::e vIeIc vIcRecIy sIa:) svc:cs
:c cI__e: tIa: a tI:_e:´s Ie:_tI. 7Iey
Ieac D:e::I:_Iy tcva:cs a )a:tIcDIa:
Ic:ste:, vIcse snIIe Is pDIcRIy
:e)Iacec cy a _:Inace ct )aI: as tIe
Laenc:s sIasI a:c cIte at IIs a:RIes
a:c Icve: Ie_s.
1be Lar_eLed MorsLer nusL be or Lbe
sane board secLlor as Lbe
Necronarcer. lL Lales dana_e
accordlr_ Lo Lbe Lable belo., roL
nodlrled ror /rnour. 1be MorsLer .lll
ursuccessrull, Lr, Lo rl_bL bacl b,
Lreadlr_ or Lbe Laenors, buL Lbe, are
Loo qulcl ard darL bacl lrLo Lbelr
bldlr_ places. 1bls .lll erra_e Lbe
Lar_eLed MorsLer ard lL .lll Lale ouL
lLs rrusLraLlor or Lbe rearesL varrlor,
_alrlr_ a +2 SLrer_Lb borus ror lLs
rexL aLLacl.
Larl lrlLlaLe 2LC
Larl /col,Le 3LC
Necronarcer 4LC
Necronarcer Lord 5LC
! Þetriry
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: cIa:ts D:ce: IIs
c:eatI, IIs c:cv tD::cvec vItI
cc:ce:t:atIc:. SD::cD:cI:_ e:enIes
sDcce:Iy teeI a: I:ccn):eIe:sIcIe tea:
sI:RI:_ I:tc tIeI: cc:es tIat caDses
tIeI: stcnacIs tc R:ct. 7Ie
Aec:cna:ce: Ias ta))ec I:tc tIe
):InItIve a:InaI enctIc:s ct IIs tces,
tc:cI:_ tIen tc cc:scIcDsIy cve:ccne
tIeI: I:stI:cts c: sDccDnc tc nI:c-
:DncI:_ tea:.
/ll MorsLers lr base corLacL .lLb Lbe
Necronarcer nusL Lale ar lrdlvldual
rear/Lerror LesL accordlr_ Lo Lbe
rollo.lr_ Lable.
Larl lrlLlaLe lear 4
Larl /col,Le lear C
Necronarcer 1error B
Necronarcer Lord 1error 1O
1bls Spell car orl, be used a_alrsL
MorsLers .bo are roL alread, arrald or
Lerrlrled, ard bas ro errecL or Urdead
or Laenorlc creaLures.
2 1be B|ind Mute
7Ie Aec:cna:ce:´s eyecaIIs :cII D)
I:tc IIs Ieac as Ie ce_I:s tc nDtte:
a:c vIcIe:tIy sIaRe t:cn sIce tc sIce.
=tte: a tev secc:cs ct tIIs, tIe
Aec:cna:ce: :e_aI:s cc:t:cI ct IIs
cccy, a:c )cI:tI:_ tc a cIcse: ta:_et,
sIcDts a nystIcaI vc:c ct a:cIe:t
)cve:. I:sta:tIy, c:Dce stItcII:_ tc:ns
ac:css tIe ta:_et´s ncDtI a:c eyes,
):eve:tI:_ IIn t:cn taIRI:_ a:c
seeI:_, as Ie stDncIes accDt I: sIee:
1be Lar_eL nusL be lr Llre or Sl_bL or
Lbe Necronarcer. 1be Lllrd MuLe car
roL be casL or MorsLers alread,
arrecLed b, Lbe Spell lr a prevlous
casLlr_. 1bls Spell lasLs ror 1 Lurr. /r,
MorsLer urder Lbe errecLs or Lbe Lllrd
MuLe car roL casL Spells, surrer -1 1o
HlL ard car roL use rar_ed .eaporr,
or ar, sorL. MorsLers .lLb Lbe ll,
ablllL, lose Lbls ablllL, urLll Lbe, are ro
lor_er urder Lbe errecLs or Lbe Spell.
1bls Spell does roL arrecL Urdead.
3 Witbered Bonds
7Ie:e Is a Icv :DncIe, tIe: sIa:cs ct
:ccR ex)Icce t:cn tIe _:cD:c as
)et:ItIec a:c tIc::y c:a:cIes cD:st
tI:cD_I D:ce: tIe Ic:ste:´s teet,
ncvI:_ as tIcD_I tIey Iac a nI:c ct
tIeI: cv:. CIav-IIRe, tIe tIIcR te:c:IIs
v:a) tIenseIves a:cD:c tIe Ie_s ct
tIe Ic:ste:s, IcIcI:_ tIen tast. 1ItI
ceIIcvs ct :a_e, tIey st:D__Ie tc _et
t:ee, tc :c avaII.
/ll MorsLers or Lbe board secLlor are
urable Lo Move Lbls Lurr. 1be, car sLlll
aLLacl, use na_lc ard plr adjacerL
varrlors as rornal, buL car roL nove
rron Lbe square Lbe, are sLardlr_ or
.ber Lbls Spell ls casL.
4 Oar× Oenia|
=s tIe IDnce:I:_ C_:e ncves tcva:cs
tIe Aec:cna:ce:, tIe ca:R cIcaRec
tI_D:e sta:cs ):cDc, seenI:_Iy
D:attectec cy tIe sIee: nI_It ct tIe
c:eatD:e cetc:e IIn. 7Ie C_:e :aIses
IIs )cve:tDI axe cve: IIs Ieac a:c
):e)a:es tc snasI tIe )D:y IIttIe na:.
"I tII:R :ct." tIe Aec:cna:ce: states
sIn)Iy, a:c sIa:)Iy exte:cs IIs )aIn
cDtva:cs I: tIe cI:ectIc: ct tIe C_:e.
1ItI :I))Ies ct La:R Ia_Ic, tIe C_:e Is
se:t tIyI:_ cacRva:cs, tc snasI I:tc
tIe ta: vaII a:c IIe cazec a:c cc:tDsec.
1be Necronarcer plcls up Lo 2
adjacerL MorsLers. 1bese MorsLers
are Lbro.r bacl lrLo ar, or Lbe 3
squares dlrecLl, beblrd Lbe MorsLer's
currerL square. lr Lbere ls a .all
dlrecLl, beblrd Lbe MorsLer berore lL ls
pusbed, lL Lales Lbe 1L3 Urnodlrled
vourds. varrlors car l_rore Lbe
MorsLer's Þlrrlr_ ror Lbls Lurr lr LbaL
MorsLer ls pusbed lrLo a .all.
S Unbo|y Cborus
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: :aIses IIs )aIns tc
tIe ceIII:_ a:c sDcce:Iy a te::IcIe
cacc)Ic:y ct sc:eanI:_ a:c nca:I:_
vcIces tIIIs tIe aI:. It seens tc ce
ccnI:_ t:cn JDst ceII:c eve:y vaII as
veII as tIe ceIII:_ a:c tIcc:.
vblle Lbe Urbol, Cborus slr_s, Lbere ls
a cbarce LbaL all MorsLers or Lbe sane
board secLlor as Lbe Necronarcer .lll
lose 1 /LLacl ror ever, 3 LaLLle-Levels
or Lbe casLer (l.e., LaLLle-Levels 1 Lo 3,
Lbe MorsLers lose 1 /LLacl, LaLLle-
Levels 4 Lo C, Lbe, lose 2 /LLacls, eLc).
Use Lbe Lable belo. Lo see Lbe
errecLlveress or Lbe Cborus. Þoll ror
eacb MorsLer separaLel,. 1bls Spell
lasLs ror 1 Lurr.
Lcse a: =ttacR
Larl lrlLlaLe C+
Larl /col,Le 5+
Necronarcer 4+
Necronarcer Lord 3+
G Sorrov
vlLb a collecLlve sl_b or lanerL, a
_roup or MorsLers bar_ Lbelr beads.
1be, drop Lbelr arns Lo Lbelr sldes ard
appear roL Lo roLlce Lbelr .eapors
sllpplr_ rron Lbelr rlr_ers, as Lbe
.el_bL or Lbe .orld seLLles or Lbelr
1bls Spell bas Lbe errecLs LbaL are
descrlbed belo. (roll a LC). lL car be
casL or ore _roup or MorsLers (le ore
conpleLe roll or Lbe MorsLers 1able),
buL a successrul casLlr_ orl, arrecLs
Lbose MorsLers .lLblr LbaL _roup
.blcb bave Cold values less Lbar or
equal Lo (LaLLle Level x 5O).
1-2 1be MorsLers all reel Lerrlbl, sad,
buL Lber Ll_bLer Lbelr _rlp or Lbelr
.eapors ard sLrlve or.ard Lo
neeL Lbelr roes. NoLblr_ else
urusual seens Lo bapper.
3-4 1be do.rbearLed MorsLers'
.eapors rall urroLlced Lo Lbe
rloor aL Lbelr reeL. 1be, are ro.
corsldered dlsarned, ard nusL
lose Lbelr rexL /LLacl plcllr_ up
Lbelr .eapors. /r, Speclal
/blllLles Lbe .eapors correr .lll
roL rurcLlor urLll Lbe MorsLers
bave Lbe .eapors bacl lr Lbelr
5-C /ll or Lbe rl_bL bas _ore ouL or
Lbe MorsLer's e,es, ard Lbe, lool
arourd ror ercoura_enerL rron
Lbelr rello.s. Sone ranlllar races
are nlsslr_, ard oLbers seen Lo
lool dlsbearLered. 1be MorsLers
nusL nale a Lreal 1esL, ard .lll
Lranple orr lrLo Lbe darlress lr
Lbe, rall.
! H|esb Wa||
1:a))I:_ IIs a:cIe:t cIcaR accDt IIs
cccy, tIe Aec:cna:ce: t:aces )atte::s
I: tIe aI: cetc:e IIs eyes, IeavI:_ taI:t
:aces ct La:R Ia_Ic vIe:e Ie )cI:ts.
IIs CIcaR ct ScDIs _Icvs vItI a
naIevcIe:t I:Ry II_It, a:c vItI a
nI_Ity yeII ct a:_DIsI, tIe tIcc: e:D)ts
I: a sIcve: ct tIesI, cc:e a:c ea:tI as
a scIIc, spDI:nI:_ nass ct cecayI:_
cccIes :Ises t:cn tIe _:cD:c tc tc:n a
Ic::ItyI:_ vaII ct nacac:e a:t.
L, nears or Lbls Spell, Lbe
Necronarcer car creaLe a vall or llesb
Lo blrder bls erenles' novenerLs. 1be
llesb vall Lales up 1 space ror ever, 2
LaLLle-Levels or Lbe Necronarcer.
1bus, a LaLLle-Level 5 Necronarcer
car creaLe a llesb vall LbaL Lales up
Lo 3 squares, ard lL car be ar, sbape
or bls cbooslr_, as lor_ as Lbe, are all
correcLed lr sone .a, (lrcludlr_
dla_orall,). 1be Necronarcer car
cboose bo. nar, se_nerLs Lbe vall
bas, as lor_ as lL ls roL nore Lbar Lbe
naxlnun allo.ed. 1be vall or llesb ls
lnpasslble, ard lasLs ror as lor_ as Lbe
Necronarcer .lsbes lL Lo. Ho.ever, be
car orl, ever bave 1 vall or llesb up aL
a Llne. /L Lbe erd or conbaL, Lbe vall
.lll auLonaLlcall, dlspel lLselr.
1be Necronarcer car also add Souls Lo
Lbe vall or llesb. lor eacb Soul rron
bls Cloal or Souls LbaL Lbe
Necronarcer .lsbes Lo puL lrLo Lbe
Spell, ore or Lbe vall Se_nerLs car
nale aLLacls ard plr adjacerL
MorsLers .lLb rlesb, llnbs LbaL reacb
rorLb lr ar aLLenpL Lo dra_ nore
vlcLlns lrLo Lbe .all. 1be se_nerL or
.all LbaL ls _lver llre (or urdeaLb) ls
cboser b, Lbe Necronarcer. / vall
Se_nerL car orl, ever bave 1 Soul.
/rLer Lbe Necronarcer bas aLLacled,
eacb se_nerL or vall LbaL corLalrs a
Soul car nale 1L3 /LLacls a_alrsL
rardon adjacerL Models, roL lrcludlr_
Lbe Necronarcer. CLber varrlors car
be Lar_eLed, bo.ever. lor Lbe
purposes or ar /LLacl, a vall bas 3
vS, 4 SLrer_Lb, ard Lana_e Llce
equal Lo balr Lbe LaLLle-Level or Lbe
Necronarcer, rourded do.r (nlrlnun
1). MorsLers car aLLacl Lbe vall
Se_nerLs, buL .lll orl, do so lr a vall
Se_nerL aLLacls Lben, ard Lbe, bave
ro oLber varrlors Lo rl_bL. / vall
Se_nerL bas 1ou_bress 3 ard 3
vourds ror ever, LaLLle-Level or Lbe
Necronarcer. Crce a vall Se_nerL
bas beer reduced Lo O vourds, lL ls
desLro,ed, leavlr_ a bole lr Lbe vall or
llesb. /r, MorsLers lllled b, Lbe valls
_lve Lbe Necronarcer balr _old.
2 Bone Vice
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: sIcvIy exte:cs IIs
c)e: :I_It Ia:c I: t:c:t ct IIn, tIe:
ac:D)tIy cIcses IIs Ia:c a:c spDeezes
It tI_ItIy. = sReIetaI :Ic ca_e a))ea:s
a:cD:c a :ea:cy Ic:ste: a:c s:a)s
cIcsec IIRe a t:a) a:cD:c tIe Ic:ste:´s
cccy, c:DsII:_ tIe c:eatI cDt ct tIe
D:tc:tD:ate vIctIn ct tIe S)eII.
1be Lar_eL or Lbls Spell nusL be lr Llre
or Sl_bL or Lbe Necronarcer. Þoll 1LC.
lr Lbe resulL ls a 4 Lo C, Lbe Lar_eL
carroL aLLacl, nove, plr or use na_lc
ror Lbe duraLlor or Lbe Lurr. lr errecL,
Lbe MorsLer loses bls Lurr ard na, as
.ell be a sLaLue lr Lbe roon. varrlors
_alr +1 1o HlL Lbe MorsLer .blle lL ls
urder Lbe errecL or Lbls Spell. lr Lbe
resulL ls a 1 Lo 3, Lbe Spell ralls Lo
cause Lbe MorsLer ar, dlsLress.
3 Vision or 1reentcb
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: cIcses IIs eyes
caInIy, a:c sIcvIy IItts IIs cIcsec Ia:c
I: t:c:t ct IIn. IcI:tI:_ It cDt tIe
ccc:vay, Ie c)e:s IIs )aIn. =
cenc:Ic eye c)e:s vItII: IIs Ia:c,
a:c a))ea:s tc sta:e I:tc tIe
cIacR:ess ct tIe :ext :ccn.
1bls Spell na, be used Lo reveal Lbe
adjolrlr_ roon or Lbe dur_eor,
.lLbouL bavlr_ Lo Lxplore. 1be
Lur_eor card ror Lbe ronlraLed roon
car be Lurred over ard seer b, all
pla,ers, buL everLs ard oLber Lblr_s
.lLblr Lbe rexL roon .lll roL be
revealed. 1bls Spell car be casL aL ar,
Llne, ever .ber Lbere are MorsLers
or Lbe board.
4 Abundance
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: sIts ccv: c: tIe
cDsty tIa_stc:es a:c a))ea:s tc
cc:ce:t:ate. 1ItII: secc:cs,
scnetII:_ nate:IaIIses cetc:e IIn. Ie
c)e:s IIs eyes, exanI:es tIe ccJect,
a:c pDIcRIy cc:ceaIs It vItII: a )ccRet
ct IIs :cces, :cccI:_ cc:te:tecIy.
1bls Spell .lll allo. Lbe Necronarcer Lo
re-sLocl bls supplles or rea_erLs, as
_lver b, Lbe Lable belo.. Cboose a
rardon objecL (up Lo Lbree Llnes, roL
lrcludlr_ Lbe Crlnolre Necrls) rron Lbe
/poLbecar,'s lrverLor, ror Lbe
rea_erLs LbaL sudderl, appear or a
successrul roll. Crl, ore rea_erL aL a
Llne .lll be sunnored b, Lbls Spell,
ever lr rornall, sold lr pacleLs or
nore Lbar ore. 1bls Spell na, be
aLLenpLed orl, orce per roon or Lbe
Iea_e:ts SDccess
Larl lrlLlaLe 1 5+
Larl /col,Le 1 4+
Necronarcer 2 4+
Necronarcer Lord 3 3+
S Necronantic Hocus
1be Necronarcer produces a snall
blacl velveL poucb ard _lr_erl,
enpLles lLs corLerLs lrLo bls rl_bL
bard. He bolds lL up Lo Lbe ll_bL, ard lL
car be seer Lo be a lar_e _reer rocl,
opaque ard dull. He rolls lL beL.eer bls
bards, slo.l, ard snooLbl,, ard bolds
lL up a_alr. lL ls ro. ver, dlrrererL, as
lL ls a cuL cr,sLal sblres ard sparlles
ard ls ro. renarlabl, clear. 1be
Necronarcer puLs lL bacl lrLo lLs
poucb ard lrLo a pocleL lr bls robe.
1o be able Lo perrorn Lbls Spell, Lbe
casLer nusL bave lr bls possesslor a
locus SLore, avallable rron all _ood
/poLbecar,'s sLores lr Hldder
SarcLuns. 1be Spell allo.s Lbe SLore
Lo be lrrused .lLb a ÞlLual, .blcb na,
be released aL ar, Llne. llrsL, Lbls Spell
nusL be casL or Lbe SLore, Lber Lbe
deslred ÞlLual nusL be perrorned as
usual, .lLb a sLaLenerL Lo Lbe errecL
LbaL Lbe ÞlLual .lll roL be casL aL Lbe
erd buL lrsLead sLored lr Lbe locus
SLore. 1bls car be dore aL ar,
corverlerL Llne (orl, lr Lbe Lur_eor)
Lallr_ as nar, Lurrs as Lbe ÞlLual
usuall, .ould. 1be locus SLore, orce
lrrused, ls corsldered a na_lc lLen ard
car Lber be used aL ar, Llne Lo
release Lbe ÞlLual sLored .lLblr. 1be
orl, excepLlor Lo Lbls ls .lLb ÞlLuals
LbaL sLaLe Lbe, nusL orl, be
perrorned durlr_ conbaL - a locus
SLore .lLb Lbls sorL or ÞlLual lr lL bas
Lbe sane llnlLaLlor. / locus SLore
allo.s Lbese L,pes or ÞlLuals Lo be
perrorned ouL or conbaL, buL Lbe, car
orl, be acLuall, released durlr_
conbaL. Crce used, Lbe locus SLore
crunbles Lo dusL ard aroLber nusL be
purcbased or _alred lr sone .a,
berore aroLber ÞlLual car be pre-
prepared ard sLored.
G Vanbe|'s Þorta|
1ItI a )Dtt ct sDI)ID:cDs sncRe, a:
eIII)scIc sIa)e scIIcItIes I: tIe aI: :ext
tc tIe caste:. It Ias tIe a))ea:a:ce ct
a tDII-Ie:_tI nI::c:, cDt ceyc:c tIe
:etIectIc: c:e ca: aIncst see tvIstec
sIa)es ncvI:_ I: tIe cc::e:s a:c ca:R
nIsts svI:II:_ I: tIe cacR_:cD:c vIe:e
:c:e sIcDIc ce. 7Ie ncvene:ts ct
sIaccvy tc:ns ca: ce see: I: tIe
nI::c: c:Iy at tIe IInIts ct vIsIc:, a:c
ca:eIy aDcIcIe nca:s a:c vaIIs ca: ce
Iea:c ccnI:_ t:cn tIe nI::c:. It Is saIc
tIat tIIs Is a na_IcaI :e)IIca ct !a:IeI´s
actDaI nI::c:, vIIcI :etIectec IIs
I:tancDs Ina_e tc: na:y cecaces a:c
vas Iate: Dsec I: D:sDccesstDI IItDaIs
tc c)e: a )c:taI tc tIe La:c ct tIe
1bls Spell opers a porLal rexL Lo Lbe
casLer LbaL na, LrarsporL Lben up Lo
1LC squares a.a, rron Lbelr sLarLlr_
poslLlor or Lbe sane board secLlor. 1o
do Lbls successrull,, a runber or Lblr_s
nusL _o rl_bL.
a) 1be casLer nusL Lale ore sLep
lrLo Lbe nlrror. 1o do Lbls, be
nusL successrull, escape rron
plrrlr_ as rornal lr recessar,.
1bls nusL be dore arLer casLlr_
Lbe Spell.
b) 1be casLer nusL nale a lear 7
LesL Lo be able Lo sbru_ orr Lbe
reellr_ or dread LbaL enaraLes
rron Lbe nlrror.
lr Lbe casLer ralls Lo escape rron
plrrlr_ rron Lbe MorsLer rear bln, Lbe
nlrror dlsslpaLes ard Lbe Spell ls
.asLed. lr be succeeds, or does roL
reed Lo escape rron plrrlr_, be nusL
Lber Lale Lbe lear LesL. lr be succeeds,
be ls LrarsporLed Lo Lbe lrLerded
square 1LC squares or less a.a,. lr be
ralls Lbe lear LesL, be ls LrarsporLed Lo
a rardon square .lLblr Lbe sane
board secLlor. lr Lbe Necronarcer
appears lr a space LbaL corLalrs a plL
or a cbasn square, roll or Lbe
approprlaLe Lable Lo see lr be car baul
blnselr Lo sareL, (urless Lbere ls ro
Lable Lo roll or, sucb as .lLb Lbe Cbasn
or Lespalr board secLlor). Crl, Lbe
Necronarcer na, sLep Lbrou_b Lbe
porLal, ard lL .lll dlsslpaLe as soor as lL
ls used. 1bls Spell replaces rornal
novenerL ror Lbls Lurr. Ho.ever, Lbe
Necronarcer car casL Lbls Spell aL ar,
Llne ard Lber Lale bls aLLacls durlr_
bls o.r Lurr.
! Radon's Ma|evo|ent Spirits (2)
\olcarlc /sb x 1
Laenor's Lore x 1
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: c)e:s a snaII )cDcI
a:c )cD:s Its cc:te:ts c:tc tIe
_:cD:c, ca:etDIIy naRI:_ a cI:cIe ct asI
a:c tIe: tIIII:_ It I:, DsI:_ eve:y Iast cIt
ct tIe asI vItII:. Ie sncctIs tIe
cI:cIe vItI IIs Ia:c tIe: taRes cDt a:
cIc, sIa:)e:ec cc:e a:c c:avs a:cIe:t
synccIs I: tIe asI. = sDcce: c:att
svee)s avay aII t:ace ct tIe asI as
scc: as tIe Iast synccI Is ccn)Ietec,
a:c tIe 1a::Ic:s Iea: a ta:-ctt vaII
tIat seens tc ce ccnI:_ cIcse:.
Icve:I:_ tI_D:es sIcvIy nate:IaIIse cDt
ct tII: aI:, vaIII:_ ces)aI:I:_Iy. 7Iey
sta:t tc tIy I: :a:ccn cI:ectIc:s II_I D)
:ea: tIe ceIII:_ a:c cI) ccv:va:cs
eve:y :cv a:c tIe: tc naRe vIcIcDs
attacRs c: tIe Ic:ste:s I: tIe :ccn.
Scc:, tIe s)I:Its sta:t tc tI:e a:c tace
t:cn vIev, a:c tIe vI:c cIes vItI
1bls ÞlLual sunnors 1L3 splrlLs. Þlus,
ror ever, Soul rron Lbe Necronarcer's
Cloal or Souls be uses, lL sunnors
ore exLra splrlL. 1be sprlLs .lll bover
rear Lbe celllr_ ror nosL or Lbe
conbaL, ouL or reacb or Lbe MorsLer's
aLLacls ard so are roL courLed .ber
deLernlrlr_ a MorsLer's or a Spell's
Lar_eL. /L Lbe sLarL or Lbe MorsLer's
Þbase, roll 1LC ror eacb splrlL. Cr a roll
or 1, Lbe splrlL rades a.a, Lo
roLblr_ress lrsLarLl,. Cr a roll or 2,
Lbe splrlL ls Loo Llred Lo aLLacl Lbls
rourd. Cr a roll or 3 Lo C, Lbe splrlL
cones do.r ard aLLacls a rardon
MorsLer or Lbe sane board secLlor as
Lbe Necronarcer. 1be splrlL blLs
auLonaLlcall,, causlr_ 2LC vourds
per LaLLle-Level (naxlnun or 1OLC
per splrlL). /L Lbe erd or Lbe conbaL,
all renalrlr_ splrlLs .lll dlsappear.
2 inrerna| Hand (!)
Cball x 1
Cardle x 5
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: pDIcRIy c:avs a
snaII )e:ta_:an c: tIe _:cD:c cetc:e
IIn, a:c )Iaces a ca:cIe at eacI ct tIe
tIve )cI:ts. Ie tIe: :eacs scIen:Iy
t:cn IIs C:IncI:e Aec:Is a:c )Iaces IIs
Ia:c sDcce:Iy a:c tI:nIy I: tIe ce:t:e
ct tIe cIa_:an c: tIe _:cD:c. SvItt
II:es ct tI:e sIcct cDt t:cn tIe
ac:D)tIy IIt ca:cIes tc cD:: t:acRs
aIc:_ tIe _:cD:c D:tII tIey IIt tIeI:
I:te:cec vIctIns. ID_e na_IcaI tIanes
InnecIateIy e:_DIt tIcse IIt cy tIe
Up Lo rlve llres or rlane car be alned
aL up Lo 5 MorsLers .lLblr llre or sl_bL
or Lbe Necronarcer, deperdlr_ or
LaLLle-Level (see Lable belo.). Lacb
llre does 2LC vourds (orl, nodlrled
ror 1ou_bress) lrlLlall, plus seLs Lbe
Lar_eL or rlre ror 1L3 Lurrs, dolr_ 1L3
Urnodlrled vourds aL Lbe erd or eacb
Lurr LbaL Lbe MorsLer ls or rlre (berore
ar, Þe_ereraLlor errecLs). lr Lbe
Necronarcer decldes Lo corcerLraLe
nore Lbar ore llre or a parLlcular
MorsLer, Lbe lrlLlal dana_e ls added
Lo_eLber berore 1ou_bress ls Laler
a.a,. Ho.ever, rlre dana_e .lll orl,
ever be 1L3 Urnodlrled vourds per
Lurr ro naLLer bo. nar, llres or rlre
are dlrecLed aL Lbe Lar_eL.
ADnce: ct II:es
Larl lrlLlaLe 2
Larl /col,Le 3
Necronarcer 4
Necronarcer Lord 5
3 Conr|aqration (2)
\olcarlc /sb x 3
LrlnsLore x 5
\lal or Llood x 1
7IIs IItDaI vas c:eatec cy a nac
IIsIevIte Aec:cna:ce:, vIc, cD:I:_ IIs
t:aveIs tc tIe La:c ct tIe Leac, Iea::t
sec:ets tIat c:cve IIn I:sa:e. LsI:_
IIs Aec:cna:tIc R:cvIec_e, Ie
I:ve:tec tIe Cc:tIa_:atIc: IItDaI a:c
:ecc:cec Its ):ccecD:e I: tIe CD:sec
LccR )a: III-tanec tcne cc:taI:I:_
na:y ca:R :ec:cna:tIc nyste:Ies).
7IIs IItDaI IIte:aIIy tD::s tIe aI: I:tc tI:e
a:cD:c tIe caste:. 7Ie Aec:cna:ce:
IcIcs IIs a:ns D) accve IIs Ieac,
tI:cvs IIs Ieac cacRva:cs a:c
scatte:s tIe :ea_e:ts accDt IIn.
ID:IcDs cIa:tI:_ caDses tIe ve:y aI:
a:cD:c IIn tc tD:: I:tc a tIe:y I:te::c.
1Ie: tIe tIanes eve:tDaIIy cIe ccv:,
:ctII:_ :enaI:s ct IIs e:enIes cDt
)IIes ct cIa::ec asI, vIIIe tIe
Aec:cna:ce: IInseIt Is D:tcDcIec cy
tIe tIanes.
vber casL, Lbls ÞlLual causes BLC
Urnodlrled vourds Lo ever, nodel
.lLblr (1 square per 3 LaLLle-Levels) or
Lbe casLer (nlrlnun 1).
4 Witber (2)
\olcarlc /sb x 3
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: )DIIs cDt a snaII
IeatIe: )cDcI t:cn IIs :cces a:c,
c:cDcII:_, )cD:s t:cn It a )IIe ct _:ey
asIes c:tc tIe _:cD:c I: t:c:t ct IIn.
Ie sIcvIy IccRs D) vItI a sncDIce:I:_
sta:e a:c scatte:s tIe )IIe vItI IIs
ccct. Ic:ste:s eve:yvIe:e sta:t
nca:I:_ I: a_c:y as tIeI: tIesI sta:ts
tc vItIe: avay tc Ie )cI:t ct
enacIatIc:. 1Iat c:ce ve:e tea:scne
c:eatD:es a:e :cv cIec IDsRs,
sc:eanI:_ vItI )aI: at eve:y
1bls ÞlLual causes 1L3 Urnodlrled
vourds per LaLLle-Level Lo all
MorsLers or Lbe sane board secLlor
as Lbe Necronarcer or a 4+. Þoll ror
eacb MorsLer separaLel,.
S Spectra| Wratb (!)
Cardle x 1
\olcarlc /sb x 1
LrlnsLore x 1
Sta:cI:_ a ca:cIe D):I_It c: tIe
_:cD:c I: t:c:t ct IIn, tIe
Aec:cna:ce: nDncIe pDIcR, sIa:)
syIIacIes a:c naRes cI:cDIa: _estD:es
vItI IIs Ia:c cve: tIe vIcR. 7Ie
ca:cIevIcR cD:sts I:tc tIane a:c tIe
Aec:cna:ce: :eacIes I:tc a )cDcI a:c
s):I:RIes asI cve: tIe tI:y tIane. =
)Iece ct c:Instc:e Is IeIc JDst accve It
D:tII tIe stc:e Is va:n, vIe:eD)c: It Is
)Iacec ca:etDIIy c: tIe _:cD:c. 7Ie
Aec:cna:ce: ste)s cacR va:IIy, :eve:
ceasI:_ tc cIa:t D:ce: IIs c:eatI.
I:cn tIe stc:e vatts a cIcDc ct
stean, vIIcI scc: na:Itests I:tc tIe
as)ect ct a Icccec a:c :ccec sReIetaI
tI_D:e, _Icst-IIRe I: Its t:a:s)a:e:cy. It
_atIe:s Its st:e:_tI, a:c ):cceecs tc
c:Itt cete:nI:ecIy tcva:cs a )a:tIcDIa:
Ic:ste:. C:ce :ea:, It exte:cs a cc:y
Ia:c a:c )asses It tI:cD_I tIe cIest
ct tIe Ic:ste:, seeRI:_ cDt Its Iea:t.
7Ie s)ect:e seens tc cc:ce:t:ate a:c
Its vIctIn ce_I:s tc vaII as Its Iea:t Is
ne:cIIessIy spDeezec. 1Ie: tIe
s)ect:e´s v:atI Is satec, It taces avay.
1be Necronarcer car Lar_eL ar,
MorsLer or Lbe sane board secLlor as
blnselr. lrlLlall,, Lbe Lar_eLed MorsLer
Lales 2LC Urnodlrled vourds rron
Lbe crusblr_ bard or Lbe specLre. lr Lbe
Necronarcer .lsbes Lo do exLra
dana_e lr rurLber Lurrs, be nusL
nalrLalr corLrol or Lbe specLre b,
rorrelLlr_ all oLber acLlors ard Lale a LesL (7+) ror eacb Lurr be
.arLs Lo leep corLrol. 1be MorsLer
.lll Lale ar exLra (accunulaLlr_) 1LC
Urnodlrled vourds ror eacb Lurr Lbe
specLre ls corLrolled. Crce corLrol ls
losL or _lver up, Lbe specLre .lll rade
a.a, arLer dolr_ dana_e.
lor exanple, lr Lbe Necronarcer
successrull, nalrLalrs Lbe ÞlLual ror 3
Lurrs arLer Lbe lrlLlal dana_e, be .lll do
3LC dana_e durlr_ Lbe rlrsL exLra Lurr,
Lber 4LC durlr_ Lbe secord ard rlrall,
5LC or Lbe Lblrd Lurr, .bereupor Lbe
specLre .lll varlsb berore Lbe rexL
varrlor's Lurr.
G Oar× B|ood or Naqasb (3)
ÞlLual La__er
MorLar G ÞesLle
\olcarlc /sb x 2
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: tI:cvs cacR IIs
:cces a:c t:cn a snaII IIcce: )ccRet
c:avs tc:tI a sII:I:_, ecc:y ca__e:,
vIIcI _II:ts vItI a vIcRec _Iean I: tIe
Icv II_It. 1ItI IastIIy s)cRe: vc:cs ct
a:ca:e )cve:, tIe Aec:cna:ce: c:avs
tIe cIace aIc:_ IIs cv: ca:e a:n,
caDsI:_ veI:c ca:R :ec cIccc tc s)III
I:tc a snaII ccvI Ie )Dts ce:eatI tIe
c)e: vcD:c. = Ia:_e )cDcI ct vcIca:Ic
asI Is accec tc tIe ccvI, vIIcI Ie
tIe: nIxes tIc:cD_IIy vItI a )ItcI-
cIacR Dte:sII ct a:cIe:t cesI_:. 1IIIe Ie
vc:Rs, IIs vcD:c sIcvIy IeaIs D:tII
tIe:e Is :c sI_: ct tIe _asI tIat vas
tIe:e cetc:e.
1be Necronarcer Lales 1L3
Urnodlrled vourds rron Lbe
preparaLlors lrvolved lr Lbls ÞlLual. 1be
nlxLure creaLed .lLb Lbls ÞlLual car be
applled Lo 1L3 ed_ed .eapors
(s.ords, axes, spears, arro.s eLc.).
1be arolrLed .eapors ro. do ar exLra
1 vourd per LaLLle-Level or Lbe
Necronarcer .bo perrorned Lbe
ÞlLual. lr addlLlor, lr Lbe .eapor .as
roL na_lcal, lL ls ro. corsldered Lo be
so. 1be errecLs or Lbe Larl Llood or
Na_asb lasL ror Lbe resL or Lbe
adverLure, ard car orl, be applled
orce per .eapor per adverLure.
! Sunnon Oaenons (2)
Cball x 1
Laenor's Lore x 1
Cardle x 5
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: netIccIcaIIy c:avs a
)e:tect )e:ta_:an D)c: tIe cDsty
_:cD:c vItI a )Iece ct :ec cIaIR a:c
)Iaces c:e ca:cIe at eacI ct tIe tIve
)cI:ts. Ie tIe: ca:etDIIy a::a:_es
tI:ee caenc:´s cc:es I:tc a t:Ia:_DIa:
)y:anIc I: tIe nIccIe ct tIe cIs)Iay. Ie
nDtte:s a:c vaves at tIe ca:cIes a:c
tIey ccne aII_It. IIs c:cv tD::cvs I:
cc:ce:t:atIc: as Ie s)eaRs tIe te::IcIe
vc:cs ct tIe IItDaI, a:c vatcIes tIe
cc:es :Ise D) a:c s)I: taste: a:c
taste:. 1ItI a )Dtt ct cI:ty sncRe tIat
sneIIs ct sDI)ID:, a caenc:Ic c:eatD:e
ct CIacs a))ea:s I: tIeI: )Iace.
1bls ÞlLual sunnors a cerLalr runber
ard L,pe or daenorlc creaLure based
or Lbe Lable belo.. Þoll 1LC or Lbe
approprlaLe LaLLle-Level Lable. /r,
daenors LbaL are sunnored Lale
Lbelr Lurr dlrecLl, arLer Lbe
Necronarcer. 1be, lasL urLll
desLro,ed or Lbe erd or Lbe conbaL.
MorsLers lllled b, Lbe sunnored
creaLures _lve Lbe Necronarcer balr
IcII Laenc:s SDnnc:ec
Larl lrlLlaLe
1 1 LaenoreLLe
2 1L2 LloodleLLers
3 1L2 Þla_uebearers
4 1L2 llaners or 1zeerLcb
5 1LC Nur_llr_s
C 1L2 llerds or Slaaresb
Larl /col,Le
1 1L2 llesb Hourds
2 1L3 llaners or 1zeerLcb
3 1L3+1 Þlrl Horrors
4 2LC Nur_llr_s
5 1L3+1 llerds or Slaaresb
C 1L3+1 LloodleLLers +
1 LloodleLLer Cbanplor
1 1L3+1 Þla_uebearers nourLed
or LeasLs or Nur_le
2 1L3+1 LaenoreLLes nourLed
or SLeeds or Slaaresb
3 1LC llaners or 1zeerLcb
4 1L3+1 LloodleLLers nourLed
or Ju__errauLs
5 1LC Þlrl Horrors +
1 Þlrl Horror Cbanplor
C 1LC Þla_uebearer Cbanplors
Necronarcer Lord
1 1L3+1 LaenoreLLe Cbanplors
nourLed or SLeeds or Slaaresb +
1L3 LaenoreLLes
2 1LC llaners or 1zeerLcb +
2LC Þlrl Horrors
3 1LC LloodleLLer Cbanplors
nourLed or Ju__errauLs +
1LC LloodleLLers
4 1LC+3 Þla_uebearer Cbanplors
nourLed or LeasLs or Nur_le
5 IcII (Lo
1-3. 1 Laenor Þrlrce or
4-C. 1 Laenor Þrlrce or
C IcII (Lo
1-3. 1 Laenor Þrlrce or Nur_le
4-C. 1 Laenor Þrlrce or lborre
2 Havoured Cne (3)
\lal or Llood x 1
Laenor's Lore x 2
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: ):ccDces a: cIc,
sIa:)e:ec cc:e a:c a cc:Rec ccttIe ct
cIccc. Ie ca:etDIIy D:cc:Rs tIe ccttIe
a:c cI)s tIe e:c ct tIe cc:e I:tc tIe
:IcI :ec cc:te:ts. Ie ):cceecs tc v:Ite
a:ca:e synccIs D)c: tIe tIcc: vItI tIIs
nacac:e styIDs, synccIs vIIcI _Icv
vItI a: cnI:cDs, D:ea:tIIy II_It. 7Iey
tace sIcvIy I:tc tIe _:cD:c, _IvI:_ ctt a
sDI)ID:cDs nIst t:cn vIIcI a))ea:s a
1bls ÞlLual ralses a cerLalr L,pe or
creaLure based or Lbe Lable belo..
Þerer Lo Lbe approprlaLe LaLLle-Level
Lable ror Lbe MorsLer's sLaLlsLlcs. /r,
lavoured Cre LbaL ls sunnored Lales
lLs Lurr dlrecLl, arLer Lbe Necronarcer.
1be lavoured Cre .lll dlssolve lrLo Lbe
_rourd aL Lbe conpleLlor or Lbe
Lur_eor ard so does roL acconpar,
Lbe varrlors bacl Lo a SeLLlenerL.
1be, .lll oLber.lse lasL urLll
desLro,ed. MorsLers lllled b, a
lavoured Cre _lve Lbe Necronarcer
rull Cold ard a Soul or a successrul roll
(see Cloal or Souls secLlor).
IavcD:ec C:e
Larl lrlLlaLe 1onb Cuardlar
Larl /col,Le vl_bL
Necronarcer Munn,
Necronarcer Lord \anplre CourL
1bere car orl, ever be ore lavoured
Cre preserL aL ar, ore Llne. lr Lbe
Necronarcer .lsbes Lo sunnor
aroLber, be nusL .alL urLll Lbe rlrsL
ore dles. / lavoured ore ls
represerLed .lLb a CourLer, so LbaL lL
car be Lbe Lar_eL or UrexpecLed
LverLs, Spells, eLc, ,eL does roL courL
as a varrlor .ber adjusLlr_ MorsLers
ror Lbe runber or varrlors. MorsLers
are placed accordlr_ Lo Lbe ore-or-ore
rule LreaLlr_ Lbe lavoured Cre as a
varrlor. 1be Necronarcer na, cboose
Lo equlp bls lavoured Cre .lLb
.eaporr,, na_lc lLens, barda_es ard
provlslors, .blcb Lbe creaLure .lll Lale
.lLb bln Lo bls _rave lr roL Laler bacl
lr Llne (le aL Lbe erd or ar adverLure
or berore belr_ lllled). 1be lavoured
Cre car be bealed orl, b, Lbe use or a
Soul (see Cloal or Souls secLlor). 1be
vl_bL .lll roL use ar, oLber .eaporr,
oLber Lbar lLs vl_bL Llade. /r,
\anplre /blllLles LbaL Lbe creaLure
possesses are dealL .lLb aL Lbe sLarL
or lLs Lurr, arLer Lbe Necronarcer's
Lurr. / \anplre carroL .ear ar,
/rnour or rlre ar, nlsslle .eapors. /
Munn, carroL rlre nlsslle .eapors.
LsserLlall,, a lavoured Cre ls a varrlor
lr all aspecLs excepL ror MorsLer
runber adjusLnerLs, buL nusL be re-
sunnored aL Lbe be_lrrlr_ or ar
adverLure lr requlred a_alr.
3 Banisb Undead (!)
\lal or Llood x 3
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: c:avs tc:tI a snaII
vIaI ct c:I_It :ec cIccc t:cn IIs :cces.
L:stc))I:_ It, Ie sIcDts c:e a:cIe:t
a:c Ic:_ tc:_ctte: vc:c ct )cve:
cetc:e tI:cvI:_ It vIcIe:tIy tc tIe
_:cD:c. 7Ie L:ceac Ica:c tIat vas
cesce:cI:_ D)c: IIn sDcce:Iy stc)s I:
Its t:acRs a:c, atte: a tev secc:cs
tIat seen tc st:etcI I:tc ete::Ity,
ccIIa)se c:tc tIe _:cD:c, ceac.
Þoll 1LC ror eacb Urdead nodel or Lbe
board. Cr a successrul roll, deLernlred
b, Lbe rollo.lr_ Lable, renove Lbe
nodel rron Lbe board buL orl, _eL balr
Cold ror Lbe llll.
Larl lrlLlaLe C+
Larl /col,Le 5+
Necronarcer 5+
Necronarcer Lord 4+
4 Raise Undead (2)
H,dra's 1eeLb x 1
\lal or Llood x 1
LI))I:_ tIe cc:te:ts ct a ca_ ct
ta:tastIcaIIy sIa:) Iyc:a´s teetI c:e
cy c:e I:tc a vIaI ct cIccc, tIe
Aec:cna:ce: nDncIes I:ca:tatIc:s.
1Ie: aII Iave cee: ccatec, tIe
Aec:cna:ce: tI:cvs tIen I:tc tIe aI:,
scatte:I:_ tIen. 1Ie: tIey Ia:c, tIe
teetI sI:R I:tc tIe _:cD:c, a:c
ncne:ts Iate: tIe tIcc: e:D)ts I: a
s):ay ct :ccR a:c scII, cIs_c:_I:_ a
Ic:ce ct L:ceac tIe:cs.
1bls ÞlLual ralses a runber ard L,pe or
Urdead creaLure based or Lbe Lable
belo.. Þoll 1LC or Lbe approprlaLe
LaLLle-Level. /r, Urdead LbaL are
sunnored Lale Lbelr Lurr dlrecLl, arLer
Lbe Necronarcer. 1be, lasL urLll
desLro,ed or urLll Lbe erd or conbaL.
MorsLers lllled b, Lbe sunnored
Urdead _lve Lbe Necronarcer balr
IcII L:ceac SDnnc:ec
Larl lrlLlaLe
1 1LC+2 \anplre LaLs
2 1L3+1 Zonbles
3 1L3+1 SleleLors
4 1 vl_bL
5 1 1onb Cuardlar
C 1 CbosL + 1L3 Zonbles
Larl /col,Le
1 1L3+1 Cbouls
2 1L3+1 CbosLs
3 1L3+1 vl_bLs
4 1L3+1 1onb Cuardlars
5 2LC SleleLors +
1 1onb Cuardlar
C 1LC+1 vl_bLs +
1L3 SleleLors
1 1LC+3 Carrlor
2 1L3+1 Munnles
3 1L3+1 vralLbs
4 2LC SleleLors + 2LC Cbouls
5 1 Larsbee + 1LC CbosLs
C 1 \anplre nourLed or SleleLal
SLeed + 1LC \anplre LaLs
Necronarcer Lord
1 1 \anplre nourLed or
SleleLal SLeed + 1LC vl_bLs
2 1L3+1 vralLbs +
1 Larsbee (1be varrlors are
lnnure Lo 1aII)
3 1 \anplre Lord
4 1 1onb llr_ +
1LC Munnles
5 1 Llcbe rldlr_ lr Urdead CbarloL
C 1 Zonble Lra_or
S Contro| Undead (!)
H,dra's 1eeLb x 2
=II L:ceac c:eatD:es a:e cc:t:cIIec cy
a Aec:cna:ce:, DsDaIIy D:see: cDt
:eve:tIeIess )cve:tDI. CtIe:
Aec:cna:ce:s nay t:y tc v:est cc:t:cI
ct s)ecItIc c:eatD:es t:cn c:e a:ctIe:,
_aI:I:_ t:cc)s cy :ec:DItI:_ t:cn tIe
ctIe:´s a:ny. It :epDI:es a _:eat ceaI ct
cc:ce:t:atIc: tc Ree) tIese tc:cec
cese:te:s t:cn tD::I:_ c: tIeI: :ev
aIIIes, cDe tc tIe cc:tI:Dec ettc:ts ct
tIe c:I_I:aI Aec:cna:ce: tc :e_aI:
tIeI: cc:t:cI.
I:cn vItII: a snaII ca_, tIe
Aec:cna:ce: ):ccDces a Ia:ctDI ct
Iyc:a´s teetI a:c ):cceecs tc ID:I
tIen I:cIvIcDaIIy at tIe :an)a_I:_
L:ceac e:enIes, :a:tI:_ cIa:ts. =II ct
tIcse vIc a:e IIt cy tIe snaII ccJects
IccR a:cD:c I: a caze tc: a ncne:t,
tIe: tD:: c: tIeI: teIIcv Ic:ste:s.
1be Necronarcer cbooses 1 Urdead
nodel or Lbe sane board secLlor ror
ever, LaLLle-Level be bas ard nales a LesL or 7. lr successrul, be
bas .resLed corLrol or Lbe Urdead
creaLure. lL ro. bas lLs Lurr arLer Lbe
Necronarcer bas bad bls o.r Lurr.
/r, MorsLers lllled b, Lbe corLrolled
Urdead _lve Lbe Necronarcer balr
_old. 1be Necronarcer carroL corLrol
Llcbes, oLber Necronarcers, or
\anplres urless be ls LaLLle-Level 5 or
above (Necronarcers courL as 3
Urdead, \anplres as 4 ard Llcbes as
C). /L Lbe erd or Lbe conbaL, Lbe
Urdead .lll dlssolve lrLo Lbe _rourd
ard _lve ro Cold.
G 1reentcb's Hvisceration (2)
H,dra's 1eeLb x 2
\lal or Llood x 3
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: a::a:_es a Ia:_e )IIe
ct Iyc:a´s teetI I:tc a cI:cIe a:c )cD:s
cc)IcDs ancD:ts ct cIccc I:tc tIe
ce:t:e, sc tIat It s):eacs cDt I: aII
cI:ectIc:s a:c tcDcIes eacI ct tIe
teetI. Cc:ce:t:atI:_ Ia:c, Ie cIa:ts
vI_c:cDsIy as tIe cIcccIec teetI :Ise
sIcvIy I:tc tIe aI: accve IIs Ieac. 1ItI
a tI:Dst ct IIs a:ns, tIe teetI sD:_e
ac:css tIe :ccn a:c Incec
tIenseIves I:tc tIe IIce ct tIeI:
vIctIn. 7Ie ta:_etec Ic:ste: c:eaRs
cDt I:tc a sveat a:c Its veI:s sta:c
cDt as It tI:asIes accDt, sI:IeRI:_ a:c
7Ie Ic:ste: sDcce:Iy stc)s, ccDcIes
cve:, tIe: taIIs cacRva:cs tc tIe
_:cD:c. Its sc:eans ct a_c:y cease
vIe: tIe Ic:ste:´s cc:es )DII t:ee ct
tIe sD::cD:cI:_ tIesI a:c a:Inate as a
ccn)Iete sReIetc:. 7Ie :evIy tc:nec
sReIetc: :Ises tc Its tDII IeI_It a:c
avaIts Its c:ce:s. Its cc:es a:e
_IeanI:_ vIIte, I: sta:R cc:t:ast tc
tIe ccIcD:tDI )IIe ct tIesI, sI:ev a:c
c:_a:s It Ias Iett ceII:c.
1be Necronarcer cbooses 1 bunarold
MorsLer LbaL bas a base or orl, ore
square. 1be ÞlLual lllls Lbls MorsLer
lrsLarLl,, ard ralses a SleleLor lr lLs
place. 1bls SleleLor .lll rl_bL ror Lbe
varrlors as lr sunnored b, Lbe IaIse
L:ceac ÞlLual. 1be MorsLer lllled b,
Lbls ÞlLual nusL roL alread, be Urdead,
ard .lll orl, _lve balr Cold lr lllled lr
Lbls .a,.
! H|ixir or B|ood (2)
MorLar G ÞesLle
\olcarlc /sb x 1
ÞlLual La__er
L)c: :ctI:_ tIe cccIes IItte:I:_ tIe
_:cD:c atte: tIe :ece:t cattIe, tIe
Aec:cna:ce: c:avs tc:tI a :a:e
JeveIIec ca__e: a:c a)):cacIes tIen.
1ItI na:y a sava_e nctIc:, tIe
Aec:cna:ce: cDts cee)Iy I:tc tIe ceac
cccIes cetc:e IIn a:c ccIIects tIe
vIsccDs tIcv ct cIccc I: a snaII ccvI.
=ccI:_ a )cDcI ct Aa__a:ctI vcIca:Ic
asI, tIe Aec:cna:ce: nIxes tIe
cc:ccctIc: vItI a: c::ateIy ca:vec
)estIe. Letc:e Ic:_, tIe Aec:cna:ce:
JDc_es It tIt tc c:I:R, a:c cces sc. It tIIIs
IIn vItI a: D:ea:tIIy vItaIIty a:c
1bls ÞlLual car orl, be perrorned
lnnedlaLel, arLer a conbaL bas beer
conpleLed (le sLarLed or Lbe rlrsL Lurr
Lbere are ro MorsLers or Lbe board).
lor eacb ror-Urdead ard ror-Lenorlc
creaLure lllled lr Lbe conbaL, Lbe
Necronarcer na, _alr 1L3 vourds. lr
addlLlor, Lbe Necronarcer nusL roll
1LC ard .lll _alr a polrL or SLrer_Lb or
a C. Up Lo 2 polrLs or SLrer_Lb car be
_alred lr Lbls .a, lr ar, ore
adverLure. 1bese borus polrLs or
SLrer_Lb lasL urLll Lbe erd or Lbe
2 Mas× or Oeatb (!)
Lra_or's Scale x 1
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: )Iaces a Ia:_e scaIe
ct a c:a_c: c: tIe _:cD:c I: t:c:t ct
IIn. IaRI:_ ca:R nDtte:I:_s tc ce Ie:c
a:c D:ce:stccc cy :c:e ctIe: tIa: tIe
SD):ene Lc:c ct tIe L:ceac IInseIt,
tIe Aec:cna:ce: cIcses IIs eyes a:c
taIIs tc tIe tIcc:, seenI:_Iy ceac. 7Ie
scaIe sIatte:s ce:eatI tIe
Aec:cna:ce:´s cccy.
1bls ÞlLual allo.s Lbe Necronarcer Lo
rel_r deaLb so .ell LbaL ever bls
conrades .lll roL be able Lo rouse bln
lr be does roL .arL Lo be dlsLurbed.
Þenove bls nodel rron Lbe board.
MorsLers carroL aLLacl bln or use bln
as a Lar_eL or Lbelr Spells. 1bus, Lale
bls varrlor courLer rron Lbe cup. 1bls
ralse deaLb lasLs lrderlrlLel,, urLll Lbe
Necronarcer cbooses Lo .ale or bls
o.r accord. vber Lbls bappers, place
Lbe Necronarcer as close as posslble
Lo Lbe orl_lral square LbaL be .as or
.ber be casL Lbls ÞlLual. lr bls
conrades bave noved or, be na, be
LosL lr Lbe Larl - appl, rornal rules. lr
addlLlor, because or Lbe proLecLlve ard
resLoraLlve raLure or Lbls ÞlLual, Lbe
Necronarcer ls reLurred Lo rull vourds
.ber be reLurrs Lo Lbe board.
3 Sbadov Arnour (!)
Lra_or's Scale x 1
7aRI:_ a snaII Ln)e:c: L:a_c:´s scaIe
t:cn tIe vcIDnI:cDs tcIcs ct IIs :cces,
tIe Aec:cna:ce: ):cceecs tc cIa:t
IcDcIy vIIIe c:DsII:_ It I: IIs tIst.
L:c)Iets ct cIccc esca)e t:cn IIs
cIcsec tIst a:c, as Ie cIa:ts, cIsscIve
I:tc a cIacR, nD:Ry va)cD: tIat scc:
e:_DIts tIe Aec:cna:ce:, a:c acts as
a na_IcaI ):ctectIc:.
vber perrorned, Lbe Necronarcer
rolls (LaLLle-Level x 2) LC (naxlnun
12LC). 1bls ls Lbe runber or vourds
LbaL car be absorbed berore Lbe
Sbado. /rnour ls desLro,ed.
1ou_bress ard /rnour are Laler lrLo
accourL .ber subLracLlr_ rron Lbe
absorbed LoLal. lor exanple, a
Necronarcer or LaLLle-Level 5 rolls
1OLC ror Lbe runber or vourds LbaL
car be absorbed b, Lbe Sbado.
/rnour berore bls o.r vourds are
4 1be B|ac× Coacb (3)
Laenor's Lore x 4
7Ie ca:_e:s a:c acve:tD:es ct tIe
pDest ceII:c tIen, aII ct tIe 1a::Ic:s
teeI exIaDstIc: svee)I:_ cve: tIen.
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: _Ives tIe ctIe:s a:
evII, snD_ IccR a:c c)e:s IIs )acR.
I:cn tIe ve:y ccttcn, Ie )DIIs cDt a
)IIe ct cIc, tvIstec cc:es a:c )Iaces
tIen seenI:_Iy Ia)Iaza:cIy c: tIe
_:cD:c at IIs teet. 1ItI sIcv,
ceIIce:ate nctIc:s ct IIs Ia:cs, Ie
IaIt-s)eaRs, IaIt-sI:_s a: I:ca:tatIc:
vIIcI scD:cs ve:y nDcI IIRe a tD:e:aI
cI:_e. 7Ie cc:es c:DncIe tc cDst. Act
IccRI:_ at IIs cevIIce:ec a:c
cIsa))cI:tec ten, Ie st:aI:s tc Iea: a
taI:t scD:c. LcDce: :cv, tIe ctIe:
1a::Ic:s Iea: It, a :IytInIc )cD:cI:_
IIRe Ic:se´s Iccves. 7D::I:_ tc tace tIe
scD:c, tIey see tI:cD_I a tII: tc_ a
_:IsIy Ina_e s)eecI:_ tcva:c tIen.
7Ie ncDIce:I:_ :enaI:s ct a )aI: ct
epDI:e tc:ns a:e cecc:atec I: tIe
tI:e:y ct a tc:_ctte: a_e, a:c a:e
)DIII:_ a nacac:e ccacI. LIacR a:c
IaIt-:cttec, tIe ccacI Is a: cIc tD:e:aI
Iea:se, ccn)Iete vItI tacec a:c
c:DncII:_ tIcve:s a:c tatte:ec cIacR
sIIR. It ccnes tc a IaIt I: t:c:t ct tIe
acve:tD:e:s. 7Ie Aec:cna:ce:, vItI
vIat IccRs IIRe tIe cIcsest tc a snIIe
tIe ctIe:s Iave eve: see: D)c: IIs
tace, ste)s D) a:c I:tc tIe ca::Ia_e,
cecRc:I:_ tIen tc tcIIcv. Ic:ce:I:_
se:IcDsIy vIetIe: tc e:te: c: e:cD:e
tIe na:y Ia:csII)s ct tIe Ic:_ vaIR tc
cIvIIIsatIc:, tIe ctIe:s :eIDcta:tIy JcI:
tIe Aec:cna:ce: I:sIce, a:c tIe ccacI
sets ctt I:tc tIe nIst.
vbllsL rldlr_ lr Lbe Llacl Coacb, Lbe
varrlors do roL bave Lo roll or Lbe
Hazards 1able due Lo Lbe
superraLurall, rasL jourre,. Ho.ever,
Lbe coacb orl, cones .lLblr a .eel's
Lravel rron ar, SeLLlenerL as Lbe
auLborlLles could easll, dlscerr Lbe evll
raLure or Lbe LrarsporL. 1bererore, ore
Hazard roll ls sLlll requlred Lo reacb Lbe
SeLLlenerL. 1bls ÞlLual car orl, be
perrorned lr Lbe CbjecLlve Þoon, or or
ar, board secLlor LbaL bas ar exlL Lo
Lbe ouLslde .orld ard/or arLer a quesL
ls conpleLed.
S Sou| Harvest (!)
LrlnsLore x 2
7Ie Aec:cna:ce: c:I:_s tc:tI tvc
Ia:_e cID:Rs ct a tIe:y-:ec :ccR a:c
):cceecs tc cIa:t a nystIcaI na:t:a
ct _:eat )cve:. 7vc Ia:_e _cDts ct
nystIcaI tIane s)ev tc:tI D)va:c
t:cn tIe c:Instc:e. StIII cIa:tI:_, tIe
Aec:cna:ce: )Iaces tIe tIane-
s)evI:_ :ccRs D)c: tIe _:cD:c vIe:e
tIey sIcvIy ne:_e tc_etIe: I: a Ia:_e
tIe:y s)Ie:e. I:cn vItII:, scnetII:_
ce_I:s tc stI:. = cIacR-cIcaRec tI_D:e
ceccnes Ia:_e: a:c Ia:_e: as It ccnes
tc tIe sD:tace ct tIe s)Ie:e a:c tIe
IItDaI :ea:s ccn)IetIc:. 7Ie :ccR
sIatte:s a:c Icve:I:_ cetc:e tIe
Aec:cna:ce: Is tIe tc:n ct a ca:R
:ea)e: ct scDIs. Ie Is sReIetaI vItI a
Ia:_e cIacR Iccc a:c cIcaR ccve:I:_ IIs
teatD:es. Ie Icve:s sII_ItIy accve tIe
_:cD:c a:c I: c:e Ia:c Ie vIeIcs a
nI_Ity scytIe. 1ItIcDt a vc:c, a:c
vItI sD)e::atD:aI s)eec, tIe :ea)e:
cIa:_es a:cD:c tIe :ccn, DsI:_ IIs
ca:R scytIe vItI ceacIy ettIcIe:cy c:
tIe sIaI: cccIes a:cD:c tIe :ccn.
Letc:e Ic:_, tIe :ea)e: Ias Ia:vestec
tIe scDIs ct ceac, a:c tIe
Aec:cna:ce: IcIcs c)e: IIs CIcaR ct
ScDIs tc :eceIve tIe ccD:ty. 1ItII:
secc:cs ct ce)csItI:_ IIs ccIIectIc:,
tIe :ea)e: va:IsIes, a:c tIe
Aec:cna:ce:´s cIcaR tD::s a cee)
veIvety cIacR.
1bls ÞlLual car be used Lo collecL souls
ror Lbe Necronarcer's Cloal or Souls.
lL car orl, be perrorned lnnedlaLel,
arLer a conbaL bas beer conpleLed (le
sLarLed or Lbe rlrsL Lurr Lbere are ro
MorsLers or Lbe board). 1be Þeaper
.lll ener_e rron Lbe red spbere ard
barvesL Lbe souls arLer Lbe ÞlLual ls
conpleLe. 1be Necronarcer na, Lr,
Lo _alr 1 Soul ror eacb MorsLer lllled
b, Lbe parL,. Þoll a LC ror eacb Soul.
Cr a 1-2, Lbe Soul escapes berore Lbe
cloal car corLalr lL ard lL rllLs a.a,.
Cr a 3-C, Lbe Soul ls corLalred lr Lbe
cloal ard na, be used as rornal. 1be
Þeaper .lll roL barvesL Souls rron
Urdead or Lenorlc creaLures (Lbe, do
roL o.r ar,). 1bls ÞlLual car orl, be
perrorned orce per conbaL.
G Quaqnire (2)
Lra_or's Scale x 1
\olcarlc /sb x2
1be Necronarcer reacbes do.r ard,
.lLb a dellberaLe noLlor, Loucbes Lbe
_rourd .lLb bls rlr_erLlps. 1bere ls a
deep runble, ard Lber nud bubbles up
beL.eer Lbe sLores, qulcll, coverlr_
Lbe rloor ard beconlr_ deeper. vlLb
Lbe nud cones a sLercb or roLLlr_
neaL ard polsorous _ases. Urder Lbe
varrlors' reeL, bo.ever, are plles or
bores LbaL leep Lbelr booLs rree or Lbe
sudderl, ever-preserL nud. \lolerL
exploslors or boL nud ard _as
conpleLe Lbe scere.
1bls ÞlLual Lurrs ar erLlre board
secLlor lrLo a bo_. 1be sLercb ard _as
lr Lbe alr .lll _lve all MorsLers -1 1o
HlL. vberever Lbe varrlors sLep, a plle
or bores .lll rlse Lo leep Lben rree or
nud, ard slrl bacl do.r orce Lbe,
sLep orr. 1be MorsLers are roL so
lucl,. vberever Lbe, nove, Lbe, nusL
roll a LC ror eacb square. Cr a 1-3,
Lbe, bave Lrlpped lrLo Lbe bo_ ard
raller orLo Lbelr lrees lrLo Lbe acldlc
ooze. 1be, .lll surrer 1LC Urnodlrled
vourds, buL na, corLlrue Lbelr nove.
NoLblr_ bappers or a 4-C or lr Lbe
MorsLer bas Lbe ll, ablllL,.
/lso, orce per Lurr aL Lbe sLarL or Lbe
MorsLers Þbase, Lbere .lll be ar
exploslor or bolllr_ nud rron a rardon
square (lL .lll roL appear or a square a
varrlor ls sLardlr_ or). lL .lll do 1LC
Urnodlrled vourds Lo ar, MorsLer
urlucl, erou_b Lo be sLardlr_ or lL.
1be arrecLed MorsLer loses bls Lurr
ard na, be blL .lLb a +2 borus Lo all
1o HlL rolls. lr addlLlor, splasbes or boL
ooze .lll blL all Models lr adjacerL
squares, dolr_ 1L3 Urnodlrled
vourds, lrcludlr_ varrlors.
1be Qua_nlre .lll renalr pernarerLl,
lr Lbe roon lL .as casL lr.
ClLadel nlrlaLures produce sone rlce
loollr_ nlrlaLures LbaL car be used as
Necronarcers. CurLber Lararscbeld
rron Lbe varbanner QuesL exparslor
CaLaconbs or 1error .ould be ldeal. l
.ould _o ror Lbe older ClLadel
nlrlaLures as Lbe, lool approprlaLel,
eplc ard rorblddlr_ - Lbe re.esL
Necronarcer ror Lbe laLesL verslor or
varbanner larLas, LaLLles lools llle
ar old nar! l'n sure Lbere are nar,
oLber Necronarcer nlrlaLures rron
oLber conparles also avallable, buL l
dor'L lro. or ar, orr-bard.
1be Necronarcer ls a darl, evll,
broodlr_ cbaracLer. Llle Lbe vlzard, be
excels aL all problens or Lbe nlrd, ard
Lales _reaL pleasure lr rl_urlr_ ouL
conplex problens LbaL oLbers car roL
ever be_lr Lo conpreberd. He ls less
rord or pb,slcal Lasls sucb as junplr_,
cllnblr_ ard llrLlr_, prererrlr_ Lo leave
LbaL Lo bls plLlrul, dullard conparlors
llle Lbe ÞlL ll_bLer or Larbarlar.
lr seLLlenerLs, Lbe Necronarcer ls a
sollLar, rl_ure ard does roL llle Lo
soclallse ar, nore Lbar recessar,.
MosL or Lbe Llne, be .lll .alL ouLslde
urLll bls conparlors reLurr Lo Lell bln
or Lbelr re. quesL. vb, lrLerrere .lLb
sucb nurdare Lasls as Lalllr_ Lo
people bereaLb bls sLaLure .ber
oLbers car jusL as easll, connurlcaLe
Lbe lrrornaLlor bacl Lo bln.
/ll lr all, Lbe Necronarcer ls evll, ard ls
Lo be pla,ed as sucb. He .lll roL .asLe
bls Llne savlr_ nalders rron evll
norsLers urless Lbere ls Lreasure or
lro.led_e Lo be _alred. Helplr_ old
ladles cross Lbe road ls rl_bL ouL. 1baL
ls roL Lo sa, be erjo,s Lbe nlrdless
slau_bLer or lrrocerLs. lar rron lL.
Urless LbaL slau_bLer or lrrocerLs
acLuall, _eLs Lbe Necronarcer
sone.bere, be .lll bave ro .lsb Lo
parLale or Lbe cbore, Lblrllr_ Lbe
.bole acL _rlsl, ard bereaLb bln.
Lar_e /slde -2
Llurr Lrenles +3
Cllnb or Sboulders -1
Cllnb vall -1
CorsLrucLlor +1
Cra.l O
LlrrlculL SboL O
Llsarn Lren, -1
Llsarn 1rap -2
LlsLracL Lren, O
Lucl +1
ll_bL Lererslvel, -
Hlde +2
Hold Loor -2
lderLlr, +4
lnprovlse veapor -
lrLerro_aLe +3
Junp -2
llcl Cver O
Leap -2
LlrL 1rapdoor -1
LlsLer aL Loor +1
Looser/1le Lords +1
Male Larda_es +1
Male Þope O
Move Heav, CbjecLs -3
Þlcl Locl -3
Þla, Lead +2
Þead +4
Searcb CbjecL +1
Searcb Þoons +1
SLarL llres O
SLur Lrenles O
S.lr_ or Þope -3
1ale Cover -
UrdersLard Speecb +2
valL/lrLerrupL -
ved_e Loor O
*ROG 7LWOH 0RYH :6 %6 6WU 'DP
7 :QGV , $ /XFN :3 3 6SHOOV
1 O Larl lrlLlaLe 4 2 5+ 3 1 3 1LC+C 3 1 O 3 4+ 2/2
2 2,OOO Larl /col,Le 4 2 5+ 3 1 3 2LC+C 3 1 O 4 4+ 3/3
3 4,OOO Larl /col,Le 4 3 5+ 3 1 3 2LC+C 4 1 1 4 3+ 4/3
4 B,OOO Larl /col,Le 4 3 5+ 3 1 3 3LC+C 4 2 1 4 3+ 5/4
5 12,OOO Necronarcer 4 3 4+ 3 2 3 3LC+C 5 2 1 5 3+ C/5
C 1B,OOO Necronarcer 4 4 4+ 3 2 4 4LC+C 5 2 2 5 3+ 7/5
7 24,OOO Necronarcer 4 4 4+ 4 2 4 4LC+C 5 3 2 5 3+ B/5
B 32,OOO Necronarcer 4 4 3+ 4 2 4 5LC+C 5 3 2 C 2+ O/C
O 45,OOO Necronarcer
4 4 3+ 4 3 4 5LC+C C 3 2 C 2+ 1O/7
1O 5O,OOO Necronarcer
4 4 3+ 4 3 4 CLC+C C 3 3 C 2+ 1O/B
Necromancer © Wendy Brown and Michael Brockhouse

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