Bonnie and Clyde Point Blank Bullitt The Brotherhood Bloody Mama Get Carter Shaft The French

Connection The Godfather Dillinger Mean Streets Thieves Like Us The Godfather Part II Bugsy Malone Atlantic City The Long Good Friday Scarface Once Upon a Time in America Prizzi’s Honor A Better Tomorrow The Untouchables The Krays Goodfellas King of New York Miller’s Crossing The Grifters

New Jack City Boyz n the Hood Bugsy American Me Hard-Boiled Reservoir Dogs Menace II Society Sonatine A Bronx Tale Carlito’s Way Pulp Fiction The Usual Suspects Get Shorty Casino Heat Donnie Brasco LA Confidential Short Sharp Shock (Kurz und Schmerzlos) Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Brother Sexy Beast Road to Perdition Infernal Affairs Gangs of New York The Departed Eastern Promises

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