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Fitrah the New Universal Religion

Fitrah the New Universal Religion

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Published by: Dhanish Truman on Apr 21, 2013
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Fitrah The New Universal Religion


Fitrah The New Universal Religion

Because God is One and the Universe is One living, conscious, aware individual Being there has to be an essential unity among all things. All separations are arbitrary and ultimately the product of man’s imagination. There is no real separation between astrology/astronomy, biology/chemistry, matter/energy, space/time, economics/politics, sexuality/spirituality, God/Universe or Science/Religion. Human beings imagine dividing lines between, for example, the North Atlantic and South Atlantic. The Ocean, itself, however is one and remains, to this day, quite unaware of the imaginary division. Such divisions are a human construction that helps people work with things our minds consider too vast. The danger arises when we take such constructs too seriously and fall into believing such arbitrary divisions are real. That belief in the realness of imagined separations is maya (illusion). The Universe is one statement (uni=one; verse = statement) or one word. That one statement is Nature and the most accurate holy book in the physical realm. The cosmos was a single unit and then split into many celestial bodies and forces. The earth’s lands were once united (Pangaia) and then, through continental drift, split into separate continents. The human family was once one people but

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In other words Osiris (Age of Taurus) died (passed away) by the action of the Precession of the Equinoxes. living. Specifically. but the essential nature of the deities and beliefs were so similar that they obviously sprang from the same source. That Religion (Way of Living) that directly reflects the pattern.Fitrah The New Universal Religion http://amirfatir. Fitrah is the nature of God with which God has innatured man. What is Religion? Religion is a way of being. Religion was once the same. But when Taurus ended. Whatever sign contains the Vernal Equinox indicates how Religion (life) is expressed during that Age. The new God-symbol became a ram or lamb because Aries had replaced Taurus and Aries’ symbol is the ram. During Taurus the symbol of God was a cow or bull. conceiving. architecture. music. technology. Europe and the Americas were essentially the same. process. art. Asia. agriculture. 2 of 6 3/23/2013 7:00 PM . Even up until relatively recent times the religions of Africa. Due to linguistic differences names were different. the wise sages who write scriptures wrote of God Osiris (Ausar) being murdered by his brother Set and 72 Sebau confederates.tripod. law enforcement and diplomacy. Precession of the Equinoxes The equinoxes precede (go backwards) in the zodiacal circle 1/72 of a degree each year. The 72 Sebau symbolize the 1/72 degree equinoctial precession. defense. little is known about human living before the Age of Taurus. Because of cataclysms and the changing mode of recording knowledge. medicine. communications transportation. economics. The Religion of Fitrah includes nature-based and nature-guided politics. While it can accurately be said that Fitrah is the newest religion.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/fitrahnewreligion. plan and will of God as established in Nature is called Fitrah. education.htm then split up into various tribes and nations. judicial systems. growing and learning that systematically advances an individual or nation to ever higher states and which serves to connect one and all to Nature and Divinity. it is actually the oldest religion in the universe for Fitrah is the Way and Nature of the Original Being Itself as well as the Way and Nature of the Universe.

The Israelite teachings emerged in Aries. Each branch path was intended to facilitate attaining a state of unshakeable inner peace that the ancient Egyptians named Hotep. Islam. Unfortunately. 3 of 6 3/23/2013 7:00 PM . There are many types of martial arts. The word Hindu is derived from the Indus Valley River. Juda was just one of the 12 Israelite tribes. Moses never heard of a religion called Judaism. not by kicking someone to death.tripod.Fitrah The New Universal Religion http://amirfatir. each eventually leads to a transcendent state where the true martial artist wins by avoiding confrontation. Taoism.100 years the new God-symbol became the Fish. Jainism. The people of ancient Rama (India) was not Hinduism. et al are – in their original forms – branches of Fitrah. Ausarian Egyptian religion dominated Taurus. Branches of Fitrah Human beings have different temperaments. Yet. The wise sages developed many approaches or paths to assist different types of people achieve enlightenment and God realization. Judaism. The known religions such as Christianity. Hinduism. Shamanism. Fitrah is ever-renewing itself. each trying to impose its supremacy over the others. The seemingly different religions that emerge in an Age are really expressions of the many phases of Fitrah. it was (in Sanskrit) Peace. The religion of the ancient Egyptians was Hotep (Peace). Buddhism.” The Religion of the Jewish people and that of the other Israelite tribes was Shalom (Peace). It would be like calling the religion of the peoples of America “Pennsylvaniaism. after the original teacher was gone the paths to Hotep were distorted and contorted into separate religions. ultimately. Imagine all the biologists declaring that all the chemists were heathen pagans and the chemists retaliating by calling all biologists moronic infidels – and each fighting the other to the death.htm When Aries yielded to Pisces after 2. As such. Sikhism.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/fitrahnewreligion. Each is designed for particular types of people. Christianity ruled during most of Pisces.

studies.Fitrah The New Universal Religion http://amirfatir. reverence and love for the great masters Jesus. Yoga. Affirmations and prayers are used and honored to alter one’s beliefs and thereby one’s experiences. simple religions can suffice for a while in addressing minor issues in life. Tree of Life. I Ching. something a lot more complex is needed. but simple arithmeticians cannot recognize the validity of higher math although higher mathematicians recognize the truth of simple arithmetic. utilizes and respects Astrology. magic (spiritual technology) and all esoteric technologies such as Palmistry. psychic healing. simple arithmetic will suffice. the Qaballah. The organized religions of the West malign the gods and prophets of higher systems like Egyptian Ausarianism.tripod. Similarly. but I could not see the validity of his algebra. Kundalini and Feng Shui. but the arithmetician sees E=MC² as heresy. Buddhism and Taoism. Why on earth was he trying to add and subtract letters? My older brother. psychic abilities. Peace (the goal of Fitrah) is the true name of every religion which is evidence that religion is actually one. could see the validity of my arithmetic.htm The religion of the Arabs is also Peace (Islam. Michael. algebra would do best. But when called upon to cure cancer or manage nuclear proliferation. When I was in the first or second grade I saw my brother doing equations and I honestly thought he’d gone mad. blasphemy and insanity. Each system of mathematics is true. natural medicine. The physicist can see the truth of 1+1=2. Fitrah uses sacred oracles such as the Tarot. geometry would be beneficial. Ifa and Metu Neter. To build a house. Moses and Muhammad. To calculate changing relations. meditation. Tenets of Fitrah Fitrah embraces. Salaam). but adherents of those systems have nothing but honor. To perform tasks like balancing one’s checkbook. Religion is Like Math Mathematics goes from simple arithmetic to quantum physics. Religions are the same. 4 of 6 3/23/2013 7:00 PM .com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/fitrahnewreligion. To work with subatomic particles one needs quantum physics.

Islam and Judaism ended with “amen” as a sign that the God Amen (Nu) would replace El. Due to bad translations and the occultation of true sages. Upanishads. But none of these is pure. Yah. replace Neptune and Jupiter (Pisces rulers) at the apex of the Godhead. Unbiased evidence suggests that intelligent beings once colonized earth from another planet.Fitrah The New Universal Religion http://amirfatir. The holy books of Fitrah include the Egyptian Pert em Hru (Book of the Dead). Tao Te Ching. But even if those gods did exist. As we enter the Age of Aquarius. Goddesses are revered equally as Gods. most technical spiritual terms are poorly understood. Women have equal access to God attainment. Seker and Kali are some of the names which correspond to Saturn. 5 of 6 3/23/2013 7:00 PM . Men and women are equal halves of a whole. Elders and the Mirs (saints and prophets) in the community. Fitrah does not acknowledge an “end of the world” per se. Bible. The purpose of Fitrah is to establish systems of life that facilitate the realization of man’s destiny – transformation into a true and living god. ancestors.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/fitrahnewreligion. Quran. Zeus and Neptune when the Equinoxes preceded to Aquarius. Sekert.htm Fitrah economics is based upon the universe’s and planets wealth (resource) distribution systems. heavenly bodies. The pure book is the Akashic Record. Fitrah provides the correct understanding of technical words used in the world’s religions. Uranus and Saturn. Texts which seem to prophesy the end of time are only pointing out the indicators which mark the conclusion of an Astrological age. The god names Nu. they are gross versions of non-physical deities who were and are encountered on the inner planes. The gods of antiquity might have been colonizers from outer space. Aquarius’ two rulers. Anu and Amen correspond to Uranus.tripod. In the outgoing Age of Pisces all prayers in Christianity. Fitrah politics is guided by the gods.

if found appropriate. unearthing of ancient texts and the insight of Mirs (prophets and saints) will serve to enhance. Receive Your Free Written Prophecy! 6 of 6 3/23/2013 7:00 PM .com Get God's Plan For You in 2013. Incorporate Fitrah’s natural principles into the system of your choice. Fitrah and You Since all paths are expressions of Fitrah. Taoist Fitrah.htm Priests. Islamic Fitrah. Christian Fitrah. ministers. All roads lead to … Hotep Amir Fatir Free Prophecy For You FreeWrittenProphecy. utilized by Fitrans. Any technology that can safely improve or accelerate spiritual ascension will be tested and.Fitrah The New Universal Religion http://amirfatir.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/fitrahnewreligion. teachers. Fitrah is a Work-In-Progress New scientific discoveries. adjust and correct the current understanding of Fitrah. broaden. Egyptian Fitrah and Sumerian Fitrah are presently being developed. therapists and leaders go through Fitrah Initiation (systematic. progressive development). you don’t have to renounce your present religion to join Fitrah.tripod.

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