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Anarchism Kritik Shell BHS Debate 2002-2003

Anarchism Kritik Shell

The affirmative is passing a plan. This plan must go through Congress, as

Congress is the law-making body of our nation. By passing this plan through
Congress, they perpetuate our government. This violates anarchy.

A. Liberty Factor –

Liberty is intrinsically linked to anarchy – Lester 2000

Anarchy means ‘no rule’ in the sense of no imposed control by the

state. In a sense, there are ‘anarchic holes’ wherever the state does not
interfere with voluntary activity, but only full anarchy is anarchy – though
minarchy, or minimal statism (which is the opposite of anarchy) might come
quite close. In a society where people interact without imposing costs on
each other (that is, where liberty exists), no one can be ruled. Anarchy is thus
linked to interpersonal liberty. To the extent that we have liberty, we
approach anarchy; to the extent that we lack liberty, we approach

Philosopher Hanna Arendt shows that totalitarianism destroys human dignity

in her text THE ORIGINS OF TOTALITARIANISM…her statement is as
It is necessary for totalitarianism to destroy every trace of what we
commonly call human dignity. For respect of human dignity implies the
recognition of my fellow men or our fellow nations as subjects. What
totalitarian ideologies therefore aim at is not the transformation of the
outside world or the revolutionizing transmutation of society, but the
transformation of human nature itself.

As has been shown, anarchy provides for greater liberty. This prevents
such nightmarish situations as an Orwellian Nightmare and Solzenitzsyn’s
depiction of the Stalinist Gulag.

Anarchism Kritik Shell BHS Debate 2002-2003

B. Economics Factor –

Nobel Laureate Economist Milton Friedman conclusively expresses the

negative position in FREE TO CHOOSE, as follows…
The System blames all problems on external influences beyond its
control and takes credit for any and all favorable occurrences. It thereby
continues to promote the myth that the private economy is unstable, while its
behavior continues to document the reality that government is today the
major source of economic instability.

In his landmark philosophical work, ANARCHISM, George Woodcock

answers the question of whether or not anarchism can provide a better
economy than statism. His statement is as follows…
The injustices and economic crises of capitalism proceed, not from
overproduction, but from underconsumption, and from the diversion of labor
into unproductive tasks. If all the energy misdirected into bureaucratic and
military activities were diverted to socially useful tasks, then there would be
no problem in providing plenty for all.

C. Mass Murder Factor –

Objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand distinctly drives home the negative’s

argument by showing that all statist systems are qualitatively the same –
they all lead to mass murder. Here is Rand –
“A statist system is based on the government’s unlimited power,
which means on the rule of brute force. The differences among statist
systems are only a matter of time and degree; the principle is the same.
Under statism, the government is not a policeman, but a legalized criminal
that holds the power to use physical force in any manner and for any purpose
it pleases against legally disarmed, defenseless victims. Nothing can ever
justify so monstrously evil a theory. Nothing can justify the horror, the
brutality, the plunder, the destruction, the starvation, the slave-labor camps,
the torture chambers, the wholesale slaughter of statist dictatorships.”
This may sound extreme, and you may be saying to yourself “this
kid’s insane! We’ll never get that bad! Let me explain…without reform now,
300 years or so down the road, our government will be a dictatorship, as the
president and the federal government gain more and more power. The only
way to stop these things is to stop our current state of government NOW!
And thus, we offer the following…

Anarchism Kritik Shell BHS Debate 2002-2003

D. Resolutional Alternative –

It is the conviction of the negative team that instead of perpetuating our

statist government, we should reform and proceed with an anarchist society.
This has been shown to be a more acceptable society, as it provides for
greater liberty and a more stable economy, while eliminating the possibility
of a mass murder of the populace that has been shown to be a direct result of
a statist government.

E. Voting Issue –

By passing the affirmative plan, our statist system of government is

continued. This is arbitrary for two reasons, as shown above. The first is
Liberty. If you value liberty and dignity, you must reject the affirmative plan.
Even if the liberty statement falls, you must reject the affirmative plan
because anarchy provides for a greater economy than a statist system. This is
especially pivotal as we are in a recession. Our despicable statist government
caused our recession. A negative ballot is necessitated for these reasons.