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DSS Generators SIMOn s Model by muntaquir

DSS Generators SIMOn s Model by muntaquir

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DSS simonn model
DSS simonn model

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Published by: منتقر حسنئن on Apr 21, 2013
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Simon’s model , DSS Generators & Specific DSS

which alternative is best? .The Decision-making Process  Simon divides any decision-making process into the phases of decision-making  intelligence .is there a problem or an opportunity for change?  design .what are the decision alternatives?  choice .

Simon’s Model .

Planning Stages         Problems Goals Objectives Alternatives Evaluations Choice Implementation Monitoring .

Planning Methods          SWOT Bargaining Brainstorming DELPHI Scenario writing Consensus building Public meeting support Consultants Stakeholder involvement .

Components of SDSS    Data Base Management System contains the functions to manage the geographic data base Model Base Management System contains the functions to manage the model base. . Dialog Generation and Management System manages the interface between the user and the rest of the system.

MapInfo MapBasic). GISApplet. graphics and color subroutines (e.DSS Tools        Procedural programming languages and code libraries (e. Simulation languages and software (e. Application programming interfaces (API) (e. etc. OpenGL.g.g. open database connectivity (ODBC)).g. TransCAD . graphical user interfaces – GUI. Inter-application communication software (e. SIMULINK.g. object linking (OLE). the IBM's geoManager API. Visual interfaces.g.) . Avenue. SVG. AML. Java Advanced Imaging API. STELLA. Visual progamming language (e. TransCAD's API). dynamic data exchange (DDE).g. Cantata and Khoros).Caliper Script macro language.. Applets (e. SIMULA).g. VB. Microsoft Visual J++).

g. LINDO. EXPERT CHOICE. ARC/INFO.g. Spatial Analyst. Access.g. Paradox). dBase. Decision analysis and optimization software (e. LOGICAL DECISION). MapObjects LT.g. S-PLUS. Spatial Modeling Environment) . TransCAD) Database packages (e. SPSS. GRASS. MapInfo. Simulation (e.g. ARCNetwork. Statistical and geostatistical software (e. ArcView. SAS).DSS Generator       Package of related hardware and software which provides a set of capabilities to quickly and easily build a specific SDSS GISystems (e. IDRISI.

Specific DSS         Systems devoted to the analysis of a particular set of decision problems Support decision makers in tackling semi-structured problems Active Response Geographic Information System IDRISI Decision Support GeoMed Spatial Group Choice winR+GIS Spatial Decision Support CommunityVis .

and specific SDSS The DSS tools facilite the development of specific SDSS or they can be configured into a DSS generator which in turn can be used to build a variety of specific SDSS. . model) paradigm. There are three sets of technologies for building an SDSS: the DSS development tools. data.Summary     SDSS has been defined as an interactive. the DSS generators. a well-design SDSS should have balance among the three capabilities. computer-based system designed to support a user or group of users in achieving a higher effectiveness of decision making while solving a semistructured spatial decision problem The SDSS concept is based on the DDM (dialog.

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