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Sujahabad Group of Industries

Sujahabad Group of Industries

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Managment Report
Managment Report

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Family Business established 1980, second Generation Managing Business. The company incorporated in 2005 with authorized capital Rs. 1000 million. Top Management is highly qualified. We own 124 Zax Professional 9100 Looms equipped with latest technology & accessories. Group Employees 2000 Plus People. Well Experience in Textile Business. Committed to investment in textile with objective of "Quality with care" Modern Human Resource Management Techniques in view of Human Capital index method. Employees provided with medical benefits and encouraged to live in Mill's residences built & maintain by the group. Equal opportunity employer in compliance with modern visions. Care the social welfare and believe in social compliance. Conducive environment for employees with motto of result oriented management style.



The Shujabad weaving mills ltd. was incorporated and set up in Multan as a public limited company. It is one of the first few textile mills to be established in the country with modern air jet looms. The Shujabad weaving mills ltd. is situated in Qadirpur Rawan By-Pass, at an area spread on 115 acres (if land, and from the very inception, it had been designed as an integrated unit. It commenced its business operations in 20052006 with 96 looms and finishing capacity of nearly 52,000 meters per day. In the mid 50's sponsor of the company decided to divert its production exclusively toward exports and became the pioneer company to have commenced export of grey cloth from Pakistan in 2007 with the passage of time, the company grew in stature and its sponsors became to be known as Shujabad family. This is the growth period of the Shujabad family business, as the company diversified their investments to more feed mills, oil mills, and cotton ginning units, chicks & rice mills. And so the Shujabad family came to be known as the Shujabad group of industries. As year's road on, the Shujabad weaving mills ltd continued to expand its exports and earned the reputation of being the leading exporter of fabric and various products IN THE HOME TEXTILE SECTOR. The company's prosperity is broad about a better quality of life for those who worked for it. The company provides accommodation for its employees, staff and executives as well as plays grounds, parks shops, community centers, and industrial homes for their welfare. It insures that its work force is happy and their families are well cared of. In its desired to forge ahead in the competitive field of the home textile sector, the company has made investments for updating and modernizing its machinery and equipment and insures training of its employees by hiring and contracting its experts in textile for its workers for its staff. As well as sending executives to recognized institutes in the country and abroad for specialized training in management, accounting, IT and technical training. It was the first textile company to introduce quality circles even at the worker's level. The main architect of the sales in the marketing of the Shujabad 2

SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES Weaving Mills Ltd has been its chairman, Mr. Abdul Wahid, who has led the company for the front. For the year ending in September 2007, the company had generated export sales revenue of $ 60.94 million, of which cloth accounted for nearly US $ 33.95 million; made ups in the textile sector accounted for US $ 14.16 million; fabrics sales accounted for US $ 10.31 million. The Shujabad Weaving Mills Ltd has been introduced as a public limited company under the company's ordinance on 16 May, 2006.

As a leading national textile company Shujabad Weaving Mills Ltd make a real difference to quality product. Shujabad Weaving Mills Ltd believes this is both an ethical imperative and key to business success. Companies that respond sensitively and with commitment by changing their business practices to address such challenges will be the leaders of the future. Shujabad Weaving Mills Ltd operates mainly in two industry segments: Fabric (Grey Fabric) and Ginning Industries (Cotton Ginning). Shujabad Weaving Mills Ltd. Encompasses the industry in value, volume and prescription market shares. We are proud of our consistency and stability in sales, profit and growth. Some of our key brands include Grey Fabric In addition, they are also deeply involved with our communities and undertake various Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives including working with the Nishat Group for whom they were one of the largest corporate donors. We consider it our responsibility to nurture the environment we operate in and persevere to extend their support to our community in every possible way. Shujabad Weaving Mills Ltd in year round charitable activities which supporting welfare organizations and donating to/sponsoring various developmental concerns and hospitals. Furthermore, Shujabad Weaving Mills Ltd. Maintains strong partnerships with nongovernment organizations such as Concern for Children, which is also extremely involved in the design, implementation and replication of models for the sustainable development of children with specific emphasis on primary healthcare and education. 3

SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES Textile Division : • Shujabad Weaving Mills Limited Edible Oil Division : • • Shujabad Oil Mills (Pvt) Limited. (Solvent Extraction & Eva Cooking Oil) Poultry Feed Division : • Shabbir Edible Oil & Feed Mills (Pvt) Limited Cotton Ginning Division : • • Shabbir Cotton Industries (Pvt) Limited Shalimar Cotton Industries (Pvt) Limited 4 . (Solvant Extraction) Shujabad Agro Industries (Pvt) Limited.

2. Competition. cost effective and create brand loyalties. To meet the desires of our valued customers we identify their needs. quality of products.SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES What we focus? 1. To win the competition in the market we stress on continuous improvement. How We Differ? We are different from others due to followings • • • • • • • • Our object "Quality with Care" Our Philosophy "Think & Act" Continuous Follow up to facilitate the customers High Skilled Technical Team Yarn quality assurance before use With in time deliveries In time feed back Continuous improvements 5 . To meet the objectives we make efforts to be cost effective. 3. Customer. Corporation.

Recognizing the complexity of emotion in modern 6 . Emotion can no longer be assumed to be outside managerial responsibilities as it is inherent to any human and therefore organizational process. Are customers a part of the organization? What about individuals employed through a temporary employment agency or through outsourcing suppliers? We can no longer easily distinguish organizational members from non-members. But this assumption is increasingly challenged. Professional Marketing Approach.SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES • • • • Can produce any kind of fabric Latest equipments and machinery Emphasize on high quality inputs. and those who do not feel this link are unlikely to promote organizational goal. Managers and scholars assume that there exists something that can be called an organization and that this entity has human members who can be distinguished from non-members. Some provisional criteria regarding this distinction maintained in the organizational studies literature are insufficient. The bottom line is that what connects people in and to organizations are emotions. Those who feel a link to an organization are critical organizational constituents. as it is increasingly unclear how to identify the human boundaries of organizations and the constituency defining their members.

2. Strong planning skills to meet the desires of our valued customers and to achieve our objective Our management based on cross-functional approach.SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES organizations. What we focus? 1. To meet the objectives we make efforts to be cost effective. Style of our management is participative with achievement-oriented approach. To meet the desires of our valued customers we identify their 7 . • • • • • • • We believe in sharing values. Is essential to successful management. We have unique systems to meet the objectives. Corporation. Skilled technical staff with value-driven approach. our objective "Quality with Care" states that how we value the desires of our Valued Customers. Managing by objectives is the philosophy of our staff. Customer.

8 . Japan Digital air conditioning plant (LUWA). Multan. 2006. Back Process consists of latest warping & sizing (Benninger Zell). Competition. To win the competition in the market we stress on continuous improvement. Germany & Switzerland. WEAVING UNIT : • • • • • • • • • • • • • Total Project Cost rupees. cost effective and create brand loyalties. 124 Tsudakoma ZAX 9100 Professional Air Jet Looms.SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES needs. Switzerland Chiller plant from carrier USA Centrifugal compressors of Atlas Copco Belguim Captive power plant of Jenbacher of Austria with capacity of 2MW on natural Gas. quality of products. Located 19-KM from city at Khanewal road. 3. Stand by power facility of WAPDA in capacity of MW Switchgears of Alstom with breakers of GE USA Modern inspection and folding department with latest equipments. 1000 Million. Installed Production capacity will be 2. Commercial production from 15 April.5 million (Mtrs)/month.



PROCESS :  Firstly cones extracted from bags. Raw material is in the form of "cones of yarn". 11 .SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES As one of the management skill required is to be familiar with production environment so you can better handle if problem exist so we explain the process of production of weaving mill. UNITS IN MILL : • • • • • • Warping Unit Sizing Unit Store Unit Drawing Unit Wafting Unit Folding Unit WARPING UNIT : This unit attain yarn from spinning.

SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES  Then cones fitted to the warping machine. 12 .  And then after measurement round on beam.

SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES  Measurement of length in vertical ends.  Ends still remained on cones and treated as baby cones.  The machine used for transforming yarn from baby cones to big beams is named as "MASH CORNER MURATA REWINDING MACHINE". 13 .  Baby cines are then accumulated to resize in big ones.

SIZING UNIT : Beams from warping unit is then transferred to the 2nd unit which is sizing unit. Ends are in vertical manner beams are fixed on sizing machine here the yarn are made stronger by dipping it in to chemicals.SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES  Finished products of warping unit is ends rolled on beams. so that while working on looms it will move easily without breaking. PROCESS :  Beams are fitted on sizing machine. Each beam consists of 8060 ends.  There is a size box bolt in machine in lower part.  In upper part contains chemical cook where chemical cooks. 14 .

 Its final product is beam containing cooked ends.  Ends moves from size box dipped with chemical after made strong goes to squeezing box.SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES  Chemical named ( starch .  After getting dried in squeezing box it reached to other end of machine and again rolled on beam located at other end. 15 . pcr .  Now it goes to beam stock room. flousize ) . Then chemical drop down to size box.

SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES STORE UNIT : When beams reached to store units are tested by supervisors and seniors with instrument known as gaje. DRAWING UNIT : If some specific alteration is required to be made wiver beam goes to drawing unit if net then transferred to wafting unit. WAFTING UNIT : Wafting unit contains 124 Zax professional 9100 looms equipped with latest technology and accessories.Wafting unit contain a large no of looms. It measures the quantity and quality of ends on each wiver beam. 16 .

FOLDING UNIT :  Now the finish clothes in form of rolls moves to folding unit. 17 .SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES PROCESS :  Wiver beam from drawing units shifts to wafting unit.  Here wiver beams are placed at the back side of the loom.  Then clothes are getting checked on machine that either it may not be faulted or damaged.  Previnder is place at one side of the loom it through simple ends without having dipped in to the chemical where it meat to the weaver beam end coming upward horizontally from weaver beam when both ends from beam and vertically it transforms in to rough finish clothes.  The strong end after gettingprocess of sizing moves from wiver beam to the upward side of the loom.

SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES  Complete satisfaction has been made on machine. We have facility of fully equipped Laboratory at site to assure quality 18 .  Now clothes are packed in rolls and rolls quality and quantity are written after weighting the rolls clothes moves towards GODOWN.

Pattern Editior.M Tester with round sample cutter Tension Meter Colour Matching System Size Constriction Reflector Meter Crimp Tester Automatic Pick Counter Sample Cutter For Fabric 19 . The detail of Lab equipments is given below: • G 567 .(Opto-Check Statistics Modules. Stone Wash Module. Knitting Module. hanks and Fabrics Moisture tester Yarn Abrasion Tester Crease Recovery Tester G.OASYS® .ZT 5 . Hairiness Module. Weaving Module.MuIti-tester.SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES inputs before & after process. Yarn Board Module. Fancy Yarn module) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Fast count system Yarn Reeler Twist Tester Yarn Inspection Winder Strength tester for both yarn.S.

Special features include Double Pick. • • Accounting period starts from July 1st and ends to June 30th. Dia of Cloth Roll. • 20 . 04 Looms of 230 CM attached with Dobby arrangements. Eight Pick Insertions. Six Pick. Arrangements for Multi-Count & Multi-Slub. Japan. 190 CM* 230 CM with Batcher ZAX 9100 ZAX9100 (Air Jet) 12 (Air Jet) 12 340 CM ZAX 9100 (Air Jet) 24 12 Looms of 190 CM attached with Batcher including all arrangements also with 1 Mtr. Looms attached with Tuck-in Selvage Devices. Looms equipped with Lycra attachments. Four Pick. Multi-Pick Density attachments. • The firm which audit the organization is ( YOUSAF ADIL ) .SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES Looms Loom Size Make Total Looms Speed • • • • • • • 190 CM ZAX9100 (Air Jet) 76 Tsudakoma. Accounting software ( EDUSOFT ) .

Stick to the Knitting. Productivity through People. Liberation & Speed. 8. 4. Simultaneous Loose-tight Properties. Capabilities concerning Ideas. 5. Close to Customers. Lean Staff. A Bias for Action. Value-driven. 21 . 6. Autonomy and Entrepreneurship. 7. 3.SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES • Future Plan: 50 looms with one set of warping & sizing The Excellence of our management depends upon the followings: 1. Hands-on. 2. Simple Form. 9.

Management also do downward communication and take opinion from workers which also prove to be a best motivational instrument . There is a strong political power base exists. HOW TO MOTIVATE WORKERS ON WORK PLACE ? • • • • • Management provides food. Every unit have its own supervisors. 22 .SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES HOW TO HANDLE CONFLICTS ON WORKPLACE ? • • • • • Management of plant site is well educated. Management takes work from employees and involved in working process. Its plants on the top having big filters and chimneys to protect environment prom gases and pollutions. Environment protection : Weaving mill is fully responsible of environment safety . Cleanliness is one of the focusing point of the plant site management. Bonuses and allowances are given on workers and employees performance. Which also proves to be a motivational factor. If any conflict exists supervisor concerns with management and management hear the grievance of employees and tries its best to resolve conflicts. allowances and simply by well done. Workers are insured . It threw its wasted material to defined place. Management sometime organize events for workers in which they are avoided in form of bonuses. BENEFITS PROVIDE TO WORKERS : • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Fringe Benefits Allowances Bonuses Prizes And Gifts Insurance Benefits Retirement Allowances Medical Facilities House Allowances Traveling Facility HEALTH AND CARE STAFF : A medical team fully equipped with first aid instruments are their 24 HOURS which works for workers health and safety. Emergency situation refer to KHUWAJA FREED HOSPITAL. tea and comfortable residence to workers.

Dia of Cloth Roll. Looms attached with Tuck-in Selvage Devices. Multi-Pick Density attachments. 04 Looms of 230 CM attached with Dobby arrangements. 23 . Looms equipped with Lycra attachments. Special features include Double Pick. 12 Looms of 190 CM attached with Batcher including all arrangements also with 1 Mtr. Six Pick.SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY : • • • • • • • • Wafting unit contains 124 Zax professional 9100 looms equipped with latest technology and accessories. Eight Pick Insertions. Four Pick. Arrangements for Multi-Count & Multi-Slub.

by identifying and correcting potential fire hazards. and any other suppression methods used to extinguish fires. As fires are a perpetual risk all of SG facilities therefore recognize the importance of working towards prevention. PEST analysis is used to determine that what factors inside or outside the 24 . emergency response plans.SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES Fire safety : Fire Safety Management by definition encompasses all activities undertaken to prevent fires. fire-fighting systems.

PEST analysis is an indicator of political. Shujabad group. INTREST RATES : Company is usually financed by debt so interest rate changes it will change the profitability position of the company and the prices of the raw material as well. a successful leading group. • DISPOSABLE INCOME : High disposable income results in high consumption and high sale. sale of cloth also effects during the inflation.SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES organization directly or indirectly effects the organization. TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS: Technology is anything which makes your work easier in this ever changing 25 . ECONOMICAL FACTORS : A number of economical factors effects the performance of the organization. POLITICAL FACTORS : Labor unions works for protecting the rights of laborers. • DEVALUATION OF CURRENCY : Day by day devaluation of currency have direct impact on investment of shareholders . social and technological influences on the performance of the origination. Low disposable income results low consumption and low sale. SOCIAL FACTORS: Social issues are seems to be more important factors for all organizations around the world. • INFLATION : During inflation prices of the products reached to maximum level and also the consumer income. a growing group tries its best continuously growing up and providing employment for more and more people in order to sustain employment and profitability too . economical. • Deflation : • During deflation low purchasing power of the people effects the sale of the products. These factors have direct impact upon the setting up wages and salaries and other benefits provided to workers .

• STRENGTH IS EMPLOYEES : Employees of Shujabad Group are very diligent and hardworking. weaknesses. Technology factor are so important for the reduction of cost and time only those organizations will survive who directly cope with ever changing technology and ALHAMDULILAH Shujabad Weaving Mill is equipped with fully advance technology.SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES economy. STRENGTH : Strength of SHUJABAD GROUP is defined in following ways : • STRENGTH IS MANAGEMENT : One of the important strength of Shujabad Group is its top class management. It is very important for an organization to determine its strengths. 26 . opportunities and threats . advance looms. power generation plants and checking quality machines.

• STRENGTH IS QUALITY : As Shujabad Group is quality conscious it is also a strength of organization. OPPORTUNITIES : • INCREASED DEMAND : Over all cloth demand in Pakistan as well as abroad is increasing increasing rate this is a substantial opportunity to grow. • STRENGTH IS WORKERS : 2000 workers of shujabad group are also a very important strengthen factor of organization. WEAKNESS : Shuja Bad Group weakness is its commitment to customers when it done commitment with customer to provide high quality products at same rate even its price in market or manufacturing price goes high but the organization provide the same high quality products to same customers at same rates it doesn't matter if organization bear loss. • EXPORT MARKET : 27 .SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES • STRENGTH IS TECHNOLOGY : Updated machine technology is an important strength and provide long term benefits to organization.

COM  98% OF OUR REPORT PURELY BASED UPON PRACTICAL WORK. ITALY .SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES Pakistan quality cloth is liked almost in every country so the product export market is very much strong. GERMANY .SHUJABADGROUP. SRILANKA ). THREATS : • COMPETITION : Entrance of new mils as well as old existing mills are great threat to the Shujabad Group. • COMPETITORS : • • • Ahmed Fine .  WWW. Mahmood Textile Colony Textile Mills Ltd . 28 . Like as ( CHINA .



SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES ( MANAGER MARKETING ) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • History of organization ? Hierarchy of the organization ? Number of total employees ? Number of departments ? our management depends upon ? How we organize ? Mission and vision ? How we differ ? Competitors of shujabad group ? Accounting software used by an organization ? Audit of the organization is taken by ? Organization corporate in ? Shujabad group consist of ? How to handle conflicts ? 31 .

SHUJABAD GROUP OF INDUSTRIES • • • • • • • • • • • • Organization main focus on ? Compensation program ? Benefits given to employees ? PEST and SWOT analysis ? Objectives of the organization ? Health and care ? Type of technology used ? Main export markets ? Selection process of employees ? Production process ? Philosophy of the organization ? Project cost ? Group Photo 32 .

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