1. CHD 2. Ectopic counselling 3. Clavicle # 4. MVA pregnancy 5. Male UTI adult 6. Migraine 7.

Post op Knee replacement 5 days after operation SOB/collapse 8. Delirium in burn pt 9. Stroke left sided PH AF/TIA 10. IVP (ectopic kidney) 11. Chronic cough 6 months 12. PMP with IDA 13. Neonatal Jaundice with conjugated HBR 14. Tonsillitis 15. Rubella in pregnancy 16. osteoporosis A mother of 6 weeks old baby girl come for a check up. She is really concerned about a condition call congenital dislocation of hip as one of her friend’s child got this condition. Ask relevant history and manage Give candidate family history of DDH 1. Am I child high risk? 2. How do you detect that? 3. Is there treatment available? A 20 year old pregnant mother come for advice as her son having some skin rash recently. Ask history and manage

Migraine UTI in adult Ectopic kidney (IVP given) Tonsillitis in kids Conjugated hyperbilirubinemia in kids (/newborn?) DDH of the hip MVAccident in pregnant lady Ectopic pregnancy counselling Rubella in pregancy counselling osteoporosis (Xray and DEXA results given)- dx & Mx Delirium in burn pt Stroke left sided PH AF Anemia in post menopaussal lady Clavicle # D5 post op hip replacemt - acute SOB ? CCF PSY pt 6/12 h/o of cough ? depression