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type of possibility as applied to the al world is entirely inde- pendent of Heisenberg’s own principle of indetermin ition or not. Tf there were no such possibility in what the physicist describes af me, could I neither choose to stend nor not to stand. When I in fact did stand it would not have been possible Lavan mufozocraun ser muzosoPmrauE O an waToRn oF rosstamary 257 - ia simul contradictionis. ‘There is no roam. for such potency ms in determinism j indeed, determinism might well be desorbed, : , 28 an implicit negation of the simultaneous possibility’ of | for me not to stand, or again when I in faot did not stand it would , . ‘pen to my activity Saduestion refers, we ssid, to a simultaneous Such a possibilty I know by an exp tain a2 the one ents. Thus, save itis possible for me to that informs me that there axe stones — though T should beg you not to press me too hard on what stones ave, ‘ere need of recognising suck an expetienee apparently ‘1 uncomfortable situation in the world of mathematics! Jn mathematics, of ‘cowe, simultaneous possibility of equally opposed to the * impos Possible" as opposed to the possible? : IFT understand Hien he ‘possible’ to which FE, opposed to the ‘necessary,’ tiamely the said — 1.Va.Ansstoms, Motmplgia, ZS, 10508 9, inust be subject to experimental ‘can he achieved under certain limited conditions, granted innumerable