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Paper Nation

Paper Nation

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Published by Benjamin F. Kaye
An essay on the Boston Marathon Bombing
An essay on the Boston Marathon Bombing

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Published by: Benjamin F. Kaye on Apr 21, 2013
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Paper Nation

I just read a news article in the New York Times about how Mr. Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev might be prosecuted. From what I understand, he might not be read his Miranda Rights. Some US Senators are even proposing the idea of prosecuting Mr. Tsarnaev outside the US criminal justice system. This is yet another crucial point in our nation’s history. What Mr. Tsarnaev is accused of is horrible and deeply distressing to all of us. The question is: will this American citizen face American justice? Now is the time to prove to the world – and ourselves – that America is not just a paper nation, made up of laws on the books and lines on a map. America is a set of philosophies and concepts that act as a compass, pointing us in the right direction - even in our darkest moments. This turn of events also illuminates other disturbing questions. Do the authorities genuinely believe that the guarantees in the Constitution are rights or merely privileges? If those in power deem them merely privileges, who decides which citizen gets the privilege of being protected under our nation’s laws? What happened at the Boston Marathon is horrible and cannot be undone; let’s not compound that by putting the suspect outside the sphere of rights and liberties we profess to hold so dear. One final question comes to mind: if we don’t solve this in an American way, what kind of solution will we end up with? Every stitch in the American Flag represents a tear shed over justice denied and liberties trampled upon. If we turn our backs on the principles that our country was founded upon, we’ll lose America and have nothing more than a tangled pile of red, white, and blue thread.

Benjamin F. Kaye

© 2013 Benjamin F. Kaye

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