Name: Mohd. Norizam Bin Md. Salleh Matriculation No.

: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103






Name: Mohd. Norizam Bin Md. Salleh Matriculation No.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103


PURPOSE The purpose of this assignment is to provide students the opportunity to evaluate and select project quality management methods by using the skills and knowledge they have acquired from this course. INSTRUCTIONS You will complete this assignment individually. The assignment requires you to complete the tasks given in a written report. TASK Project Quality Plan can be defined as a set of activities planned at the beginning of the project that helps achieve Quality in the Project being executed. The Purpose of the Project Quality Plan is to define these activities / tasks that intends to deliver products while focusing on achieving customer's quality expectations. These activities / tasks are defined on the basis of the quality standards set by the organization delivering the product. Develop a Project Quality Plan for one of your project that you have recently undertaken. REPORT FORMAT Use the Rubrics as a guide to prepare your assignment. Introduction/project brief, literature survey, proposed project quality plan, evaluating your project quality plan, summary and references. The assignment length should be around 2500-4000 words. REFERENCES You can refer to any references (books, module, internet, journal and others). Remember to cite the source of references in your report.


Quality manual. Project quality management. The Purpose of the Project Quality Plan is to define these activities / tasks that intends to deliver products while focussing on achieving customer's quality expectations. Salleh Matriculation No. the client has the obligation of stipulating the project requirements unequivocally in the contract documents. It also includes identification of necessary resources. It should be carried out before construction work is due to commence. Its contents are drawn from the company’s quality system. The outcome shall be summarised in a quality plan. When duly signed off. the contract and other related documents. Introduction Project Brief. and for each inspection or testing it also spell out the person who has the authority of approval. it provides documentary evidence that the quality of work has been verified and accepted. An inspection and test plan enables a systematic approach to carry out in-process verification of work. Project Quality Plan (PQP) is one of the six quality management concepts that spell out in Project Management book wrote by Harold Kerzner. explains your quality policies and procedures in general. Project Quality Plan can be defined as a set of activities planned at the beginning of the project that helps to achieve Quality in the Project being executed. inspection and testing needs. through implementation of the quality plan. including requirements pertaining to quality assurance.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 1. Quality can be defined as meeting the customer's expectations or exceeding the customer expectations. It lays down in sequence the inspection and testing involved in a construction or installation process. In the spirit of cooperation. and quality procedures applicable to the project.Name: Mohd. The reason is because the test plan and the inspection are strictly follows the Malaysian/International standards/codes or customer’s specification and requirements in which this can easily be copied and adopted but method statement of 3 . achieved by way of deliverables and/or activities performed to produce those deliverables. but project quality plan explain the same for each specific project. training requirements. Project Quality Plan identifies which Quality Standards are relevant to the project and determines how they can be satisfied. is reviewed at regular intervals. These activities / tasks are defined on the basis of the quality standards set by the organization delivering the product. Norizam Bin Md. PQP normally is prepared by the main contractor and approved by the consultant. A project quality plan is a written plan that details how we will manage quality on a specific project or construction project but in the same time to complete them within estimated budged and time.

but off course should be reviewed by the consultant. Six quality management concepts that should exist in a project quality management are as follows. not how. these six concepts should be embedded in the company culture. Project Quality Management shall help the project manager manage. 2009) Ideally. The quality policy must come from top management to bottom else the lower level employer might thought it is not important and more towards cosmetic rather one of the management objectives. 1. sustainability and safety.Name: Mohd.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 the works breakdown structure should be prepared by the contractor as they know them better. • • Be a statement of principles stating what. within budget in a good quality. Norizam Bin Md. track and complete the project at the acceptable performance. and aims regarding quality of its products/construction works and their processes. 4 . the level of quality acceptable to the organisation. Promote consistency throughout the organisation and across projects. A good quality policy should cover the followings. • Quality Policy • Quality Objectives • Quality Assurances • Quality Control • Quality Audit • Quality Program Plan (Harold Kerzner. This policy is a document created by quality experts that stated the quality objectives.1 Quality Policy It is top management's expression of its intentions. safety and sustainability. Contractor’s Project manager ultimate responsibilities are to deliver the project under their supervision timely. The top management support on the policy is also stated here as it is important because the quality policy always became an instrument to measure the organisation’s reputation and their quality image. and the responsibility of organisation’s member for executing the policy to ensuring quality. Salleh Matriculation No. Therefore project quality management it is equally important to a project success. direction. inside the company policy and lead by the top management because without the support from the top management a project manager has a limited capacity.

" One of the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard is that the organizations should establish and monitor quality objectives. or what those objectives might be. Kaizen and others quality standard into their company quality policy.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 • Provide an explanation to outsiders of how the organisation views quality • Provide specific guidelines for important quality matters. The quality objectives shall be measurable and consistent with the quality policy. ISO 9001:2008. in the other hand having twenty is probably too many.g. • Provide provisions for changing/updating the policy.1]. understandable and state specific deadlines. Integrated Management System (IMS). 2009) That is why now days most company had adopted quality standard e. define specific goal. According to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard [Clause 5. In normal practice it is good to have somewhere between 3 to 8 quality objectives. Norizam Bin Md. The quality objectives must be selected carefully selecting the objectives that are not naturally possible can cause frustration and disillusionment. Having only one or two quality objective is probably too less.Name: Mohd. (Harold Kerzner. including those needed to meet requirements for product or services. 5 .2 Quality Objectives It is a part of organisation’s quality policy and consists of specific objectives and the time frame for completing them.4. • Be obtainable • Define specific goals • Be understandable • State specific deadlines (Harold Kerzner. Good Quality Objectives should. Salleh Matriculation No. "Top management shall ensure that quality objectives. are established at relevant levels within the organization. 1. ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 Total Quality Management (TQM). 2009) A good quality objective should be obtainable. There is no specific requirement about how many quality objectives that the organization must have. this is left up to the organization to decide.

3 Quality Assurances It is a process of evaluating the formal activities. Salleh Matriculation No. organizational approach to standards-based product testing. This comes down from the project management guidelines for effective quality assurance. results of quality control measurements and operational definitions. Quality audits in the other hand helps to identify lessons learned that can improve performance on current or future projects. i) Project Quality plan must be sufficient to achieve the required quality standards expected by the organization. The Input includes: Quality Management Plan. Benchmarking can be used to generate ideas for quality improvements. It is the quality assurance function that tries to manage for the project scope. cost and time are fully integrated. and builds on a broad-based. The Project Management Institute Guide to the Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) refers to quality assurance as the management section of quality management. 2009) Therefore the project manager needs to establish the management process and procedures and necessary to observe this process closely to guide the project to achieve customer requirements. In this regard the plan must not only be specific and detailed listing all quality requirements and standards. ii) Quality assurance (i. Methods used: quality planning tools and techniques and quality audits. Norizam Bin Md. Quality assurance includes all the activities related to satisfying the relevant quality standards for a project. (Harold Kerzner. The process and the result of Quality Assurance shall summarise as follows. This is the area where the project manager can have the greatest impact on the quality of his project. Output includes: quality improvement. final product testing) should be independent of the project itself (as well as the project manager). Quality assurance can be effective. but also need to include all the steps to be taken to ensure that those requirements and standards are met. managerial process and overall project performance on a regular basis to ensure that the project will satisfy the required quality standards.e.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 1. 6 . Another goal of quality assurance is continuous quality improvement.Name: Mohd. if these two things are assured.

flowcharting. and compare to diagrams. processes. quality control charts.4 Quality Control The process of monitoring specific project results to determine if they are comply with relevant quality standards and identifying ways to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory performance. and other elements of a quality system to determine their conformity with the requirements of a quality standard such as ISO 9001 : 2008. Methods used include: inspection. Output includes: quality improvements. and documented examination and verification of activities. identifying and eliminating problem cause. operational definitions. and checklists. Such activities include continually monitoring process. 7 . vi) Monitor and calibrate measuring devices vii) Include detailed documentation for all process Overall the Quality Control shall be summarised as follows. rework. 1. Quality Management Plan. independent. i) Select what to control ii) Set standards that provide the basis for decisions regarding possible corrective action iii) Establish the measurement method used iv) Compare the actual results to the quality standards v) Act to bring nonconforming process and material back to the standard based on the information collected. statistical sampling.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 1. records. Buy conducting the Quality Control it is demonstrate that the organisation’s quality objectives are being met. Input includes: work results. A good quality control system shall. Salleh Matriculation No. established quality procedures and policies. Pareto analysis and trend analysis.5 Quality Audit Periodic.Name: Mohd. acceptance decisions. Six Sigma. use of statistically process control to reduce the variability and to increase the efficiency of the process. Norizam Bin Md. completed checklists. and process adjustments.

The project manager than ensures that these actions are documented and implemented in the sequence that will meet the customer’s needs and expectations. 8 . Organisation to be responsive to changing customer need. or conformance to a standard such as ISO 9000 within a specified timeframe. Improvement opportunities are identified. i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) The planned quality for the project will be met. Norizam Bin Md. All pertinent laws and regulations are followed. To identify the suppliers/sub-contractor earlier.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 Any failure in their proper implementation may be published publicly and may lead to a revocation of quality certification. Detailed document that sets forth practices and sequence of activities aimed at translating an organization's quality policy into operational results. Data collection and distribution system are accurate and adequate. Later the project team shall ensure that these project activities are documented and implemented in the sequence that will meet customer’s requirements and expectations A good PQP enables the project team to assure their customer that the project shall achieve the project objectives. Schedule baseline. The processes are working and quality goals are met.Name: Mohd. Initiate the design process to produces the desired features by the customer. The products are safe and fit for use. A good quality audit shall ensure that the followings are followed.6 Quality Program Plan The quality plan shall be created by the project manager and project team members by breaking down the project objectives into a work breakdown structure. This shall give the customer a comfort that the project manager at the right track. The followings should be covers by a good quality plan. Proper corrective action is taken when required. Scope baseline. 1. The project activities are broken down into lower-level activities until specific quality action can be identified using a treelike diagramming technique. • • • • • • • • Identify all the project/organisation’s external and internal customers. Project cost baseline. Quality Audit is also called as conformity assessment or quality system audit. Salleh Matriculation No.

contract requirements and statutory regulations in order to achieve its objective.Name: Mohd. 1999) 9 . Salleh Matriculation No. Norizam Bin Md. H. illustrate what is project quality plan in the eyes of Chung. Figure 1 below.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 In my understanding a project quality plan should includes the entire six (6) management concept spell out by Kerzner. W. W.. Figure 1: Content of Quality Plan (Chung. H.

: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 Figure 2: Plan Quality Data Flow Diagram.Name: Mohd. PMBOK had shows the integration of all its relevant topics with the Plan Quality. Salleh Matriculation No. Norizam Bin Md. In our case to how produce a Project Quality Plan. 10 . (PMBOK Guide 2008) In Figure 2.

project quality plan is describes as a part of three qualities management concepts which are plan quality. acceptance These help the reader to understand more about the specific detail about each items that belong to these three management concept. III. quality objectives. 1999. II.action ?docID=10070664 11 . implementing six sigma. John Wiley & Son. Literature Review I.newdc. Both modern quality management and project management recognised customer satisfaction.Name: Mohd. Chapter 8. Chapter 20. quality control. quality momentum. Chung. project quality plan is part of six qualities management concepts which are quality policy. Salleh Matriculation No. what are the tools and technique to control their quality and what are the results that anticipated.. GBR: Routledge. In my understanding the project quality plan should cover all six management concept. p xi. In this chapter of PMBOK. Norizam Bin quality audit and last but not least the quality program plan. prevention over inspection. This chapter talks about quality but since our task is concentrating on Project Quality Plan. Despite describing the definition of quality. Extracted on 08/04/2011 from OUM elibrary. London. continues improvement and management responsibility. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) – Fourth Edition (2008). total quality management and many more. W. These management concepts shall interact with each other to achieve the project quality objective.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 2. ISO 9000 and many more. Harold Kerzner (2009). Project Management Institute. New Jersy. the Taguchi Approach. Project Management (Tenth Edition). quality assurances and quality control. process capability. Understanding Quality Assurance in Construction : A Practical Guide to ISO 9000 for Contractors. I feel it is better for us to zooming more on it. quality assurances. According to Harold Kerzner. tools and technique and output. the seven quality control. H. comparison of quality pioneers. it also describing about the cost of quality.oum. http://site.ebrary. All these three management concept were defined their inputs.

The apparently daunting task is made easy with a step-by-step approach. V. The sequence of actions involved is simply explained and illustrated with examples.proquest. together with a set of quality procedures. and the Schedule Performance Index (SPI)) are widely accepted and used. The ISO 9000 family of standards has been adopted worldwide as a framework for relationship between the supplier (or service provider) and the customer. no warranty is expressed or implied as to the opinions and documentation contained in the book. Extracted on 08/04/2011 from OUM elibrary.visitask. An Integrated Framework for Measuring Project Quality. While qualitative measures of project cost and schedule performance (namely the Cost Performance Index (CPI). no similar measure currently exists for measuring project quality. The Purpose of a Project Quality Plan. for a hypothetical (but typical) building construction company.0. Norizam Bin Md. IV.Name: Mohd.asp This website described the definition of quality and the project quality plan. Howe.234. It also provides guidelines what are the quality elements that should be included in a project quality plan and how to evaluate a project quality plan. Included in the book is a quality manual. This book.9:8080/EPSessionID=fd462ad4364583a9d22cf342990e081/E edsrch&accountid=48462 The success (or failure) of any project is measured in terms of its ability (or inability) to provide the project deliverables at acceptable quality levels within the cost and schedule constraints of the project. 12 . The quality system described is geared to the conventional practice and organization structure of a medium-sized company. http://140. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy and completeness of information. This research developed an easy-to-use methodology enabling practitioners to develop and use a Quality Performance Index (QPI) that is suited to the unique circumstances of their project. Salleh Matriculation No.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 This book stressed more on quality assurance in construction sector has evolved from a manufacture-centred discipline to one with broad management implications across all industries and professions. http://www. Extracted on 07/04/2011 from website. the documentation may be used as a template for writing up the quality system of your own. They may have the desire to go for ISO 9000 but do not know how to get there. Thomas Glen offers assistance to those contractors and subcontractors who are at the crossroads. Although it is not intended to be taken off the shelf and applied right away. University of Calgary (Canada) 2010.

the descriptions of the tools and techniques to be used for accomplishing those PMI says that the plan shalll includes. Extracted on 07/04/2011 from website. Salleh Matriculation No. identify trends.Name: Mohd. This article tell us that the project plan. It can be tracked and compared to the more traditional CPI. Norizam Bin Md. methods for attaining those goals. Jorge Dominguez. http://www. Western Ecology Division (WED) National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory (NHEERL) United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Corvallis. each defining one or several areas of the project management process. The development of the project plan is an iterative process in itself. Extracted on 07/04/2011 from website. the level of implementation of each selected process. http://www. It defines Quality Assurance Program goals. It is composed of a master document with a series of subsidiary documents. The project plan content varies based on the project scope and complexity of the project. we'll call it project plan in this article). or project management plan as defined by PMI (for simplicity. A change in the project plan can affect the project schedule.pdf This Quality Management Plan (QMP) provides guidance to all persons associated with or funded by WED. executed. how changes will be monitored and controlled.projectsmart. The project plan describes how the project works to be performed and it is the primary source of information for how the project shall be planned. how configuration management will be performed. The "Real" Project Plan. VII. 10 Mar 2009. the selected project life cycle and. monitored. including the dependencies and interactions among those processes. controlled and closed. is completely different from a project schedule and is the result of the planning processes.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 The QPI enables practitioners to measure and monitor project quality throughout the project life cycle. Quality Management Plan for WED. and SPI to compare performance against expectations. and explains basic and general responsibilities. key management 13 .html. and determine when and where corrective action is needed. and the essential inputs and outputs. the need and techniques for communicating among the project management processes selected by the project management team. how work will be executed to accomplish the project objectives.epa. the associated project phases. how integrity of the performance measurement baselines will be determined and VI. for multi-phase projects. how the selected processes will be used to manage the specific project.

R. project quality plan purpose. project quality control procedures.projectsmart. a good project plan will ultimately save your time money. 7 Jan 2010. so it is a good idea to start off by defining the nature of the project and its scope. 14 . quality management method. A project plan shall be open for revision from time to time. stakeholders. tasks /duties/ responsibilities /timeframe and quality. schedule management plan. in a subsequent iteration. quality assurance procedures. This article gave their set of project quality plan which consist of major concept i. Norizam Bin Md. a schedule baseline. quality plan audit log and quality plan approvals. project scope management plan. Project plan also consist of subsidiary plan which may include but is not limited to. Salleh Matriculation No.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 reviews for content. but is not limited to. quality management plan. project quality quality roles and responsibilities. a quality baseline and a risk register. project deliverables. Martin. a milestone list. cost management plan. Project Quality Plan (structure). quality plan process. The minor concept that included under the major concept are. communication management plan.e. project audit and quality review. quality manager’s responsibilities.Name: Mohd. The project plan shall be started by understand the scope of the followings. project quality control. http://www. Extracted on 07/04/2011 from website. project in-process quality monitoring. VIII. budget/resources. quality standards. project This article also mentioned that no matter what your project plan contains it needs to be regularly updated and the deliverables delivered! IX. project monitoring process. a resource calendar. The contains of project plan shall be strongly influenced by the nature and scope of the project. once they are known.html. http://www. Extracted on 07/04/2011 from website. risks. It is absolutely vital to have a project plan and although it will take a little time to create. The plan may also include these other components. process improvement plan. The Key Elements of a Good Project Plan. a cost baseline. staffing management plan. management escalation plan.scribd. project deliverables test and acceptance process and project deliverable acceptance criteria. risk management plan and procurement management plan. and timing to facilitate addressing open issues and pending decisions. extent. quality tools.

identify who they are. throughout the project at individual. http://www. team and whole project levels.scribd. The overall project plan should include a plan for how the project manager and team will maintain quality standards throughout the project's cycle. Along with good measurement go good review mechanisms. Extracted on 07/04/2011 from website. innovation. To engage stakeholders. Simple issues should be addressed immediately. More complex issues should be added for action into the project plan and resources allocated to address them.Name: Mohd. analyse their concerns and what they need to know and then prepare a strategy to provide the appropriate amount of information and opportunities for involvement. good measurement. Implement processes that measure progress. 6 Success Factors for Managing Project Quality. Stakeholders include everyone who has an interest in. Successful project managers diligently and regularly review progress against the schedule. Salleh Matriculation No. manage stakeholders. Project managers require to have excellent communication skills and a comprehensive scheme that encourages formal and informal discussion of expectations. they have identified 6 key factors that improve project quality are a good plan. 15 . Measurement and review are important.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 X. Do. The agreed parameters are that it delivers the desired outcomes on time and within budget. appropriate communication. both qualitatively and quantitatively. progress and results. Despite good project planning and scheduling. Through past experiences. poor or absent communication with team members and stakeholders can bring a project undone. It talks about differing views on what constitutes a quality project. Regular review allows problems to be identified early so that corrective action can be taken to keep the project on Early in the process it is important to identify the key outcomes and outputs of the project and how you will measure whether they have been delivered. Review also helps team members to learn and improve their skills. Michael L Young. constant review and act early The Plan. but they are only effective if the project manager takes action on issues identified. Act cycle is fundamental to achieving project quality. Norizam Bin Md. Check. can influence or is affected by the project's implementation or outcomes. budget and quality elements of the project. This ensures that problems can be identified early and successful tactics can be promulgated throughout the project.

Project quality objectives. Document Control. SignOff.Name: Mohd. Documented Quality Management System. Describes the quality responsibilities of all stakeholders. This refers to the existing Quality Procedures that have been standardized and used within the organization. bring in suppliers early in the process. This defines the process to control Project Documents at each Project Phase. This specifies the procedures for Design Review. showing the verification requirement of each and defines Quality Control and Quality Requirements for sub-contracting any part / whole part of the project. Management Responsibility. Site map showing the location of the project site. Design Control. Information about the project. cause the organization to be responsive to changing customers need and prove that the process is working and that quality goals are being met. with named personnel if known. 16 • • • • • • • • . Project Quality Plan should be written with the objective to provide project management with easy access to quality requirements and should have ready availability of the procedures and standards thus mentioned. The following list provides you the various Quality Elements that should be included but not limited in a Project Quality Plan. Norizam Bin Md. Objectives of the project quality plan. Purchasing. Responsibilities and authorities of project staff. Design Changes and Design Waivers of requirements. Site layout plan. cause the design of a process that produce the features desired by the customers.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 3. Site organization chart. list(s) of materials and appliances used for the project. Salleh Matriculation No. • • Brief description of the project. Proposed Project Quality Plan A good quality plan shall identify all of the organization external and internal customers. Staff job delineation.

Norizam Bin Md. or target dates for their provision List of quality records to be kept. This defines the procedures to handle any type of nonconformance work. Quality Audits. Inspection Testing. Salleh Matriculation No. Frequency (or provisional dates if possible) of internal quality audits. Schedules of subcontractor nomination. including pertinent quality records from subcontractors Method Statement. This describes the procedures for maintaining the Quality Records (metrics. Quality Records. defining conditions and availability of required documentation in such cases. List of sub-contractors.Name: Mohd. Defines step by step how to carry out each specified works. This details the plans for Acceptance Testing and Integration Testing. Corrective Actions. variance reports. List of quality procedures and work instructions applicable to project— by making reference to the company’s Quality Manual and Procedures List of project-specific procedures. work instructions and inspection checklists. An internal audit should be planned and implemented during each phase of the project. Inspection and Test Plan. • • • • • • • • • • • • 17 . This describes the procedures for taking Corrective Actions for the problems encountered during project execution. Breakdown the main task and the sub-task. executed checklists etc) during project execution as well as after the project completion. Procedures for Test Plan shall indicate the procedure and the codes/standards used. Non-conformance. The procedures include defining responsibilities.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 • Project work schedule of the construction programme and subprogrammes.

final inspection/testing. a sample of PQP is attached in Attachment 1. should give a better picture. Handover project. project managers can prepare plans and actions to counter any weaknesses or deficiencies in the project execution. Norizam Bin Md. The key objective is to create a cohesive dialog and subsequently develop awareness of potential quality issues assurance. documentation etc. This should specify any training requirements for the project team.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 • Training.Name: Mohd. Based on this awareness. Salleh Matriculation No. thus ensuring that all quality standards are met effectively. If this PQP structure is not enough for us to understand or built up PQP on our own. All requirements to close up project e. 18 . • The development of a Project Quality Plan is a team process that depends as much on communicating information as it does on planning.g.

comply with requirements. Quality Policy . Some people carry out the evaluation using a checklist or requirements matrix but I am going to evaluate the PQP that were taken from a “real” project (Attachment 1 The Propose Construction of Academic Building. Salleh Matriculation No. 19 .Name: Mohd. The finding of all the items stipulated in the PQP can be summarised as follows.1 a) Quality Assurance during the Engineering and Procurement Phases. Quality Assurances Quality Assurance was represent by topic 8. Appendix F(iii) – Method Statement for Maintained Load Test.Brief of Quality policy can be found in APPENDIX A of the PQP in the Attachment 1. Hostel and Infrastructure Works for The Faculty of Dentist UITM Sungai Buloh. Quality Objectives . is communicated and understood within the organization and must be reviewed continuously. provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives. Evaluating the Project Quality Plan (PQP) Evaluation process for the Project Quality Plan to assists designated reviewers in determining whether specifications meet criteria for producing a good PQP. Appendix G – List of Form Inspection Check list.) and comparing the PQP with Harold Kerzner’s six quality management concepts that had been discussed in question 1) earlier whether it comply with their requirements. Appendix F(ii) –Method Statement for Piling Work. In this regard the plan must not only be specific and detailed listing all quality requirements and standards. Appendix F(i) . Selangor Darul Ehsan. Appendix F(iv) – Method Statement for Crib Wall. Norizam Bin Md. The objective of the evaluation is to determine whether the document complies with PMBOK and Harold Kerzner’s requirements. but it also should include all the steps require to ensure those requirements and standards are met. pg 3.Method Statement for Earthwork. This is spell out in the method statement. Index 10. b) Quality Assurance during the Construction Phases.are stipulated in Index 2. Project Quality plan must be able to achieve the required quality standards expected by the organization. Dental Hospital. commitment to continual improvement of the effectiveness of the company Quality Management System. In order to ensure that the quality policy and quality objectives are being effective it must appropriate to the purpose of the organization.0 Method Statements.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 4.

8.3 Contract Management. It shall involve the coordination of critical project personnel.3.4.3 Site Contractual Record. 8. 8. Normally quality control procedures were established to follow ISO 9000:2008 standard These procedures ensure that all works.5 Document Master List.11 Equipment Calibration. before construction even started. 8. Project team must works closely with authorised testing agencies to ensure specification compliance.2 Meetings.1 d) Assessment of Consultant and Contractor Performance.2 Construction Stages. 8. Appendix 1 – Inspection Test Plan.4. discipline coordination and code compliance and cost and constructability effectiveness during pre-planning stage.3. 8. Index 12. equipment. Index 8. requirements. 8. Index 8.0 Inspection & Test Plan. materials. 8. Appendix E – Inspection & Test Plan. specification. 12. f) Control of Correspondence and Drawing.4. Index 11. 8. 8. plants and etc.2 Drawing Management and Interface. 8.5 Control of Non-Conformance.8.2.4. This comes down from the project management guidelines for effective quality assurance.3. and builds on a broad-based.8. drawings and others relevant documents.8. 8.1 Drawing and Technical Documentation Control. 8. the inspection must be conducted in daily basis while the daily and weekly report for non-conforming workmanship is documented and promptly scheduled and costs are properly monitored.2 Defect List.4. 8. Salleh Matriculation No.0 Forms and Inspection Checklist. Prior to use. final product testing) should be independent of the project itself (as well as the project manager).: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 In addition.4 Progress Management. organizational approach to standards-based product testing.1 Contact Directories. 8.8 Drawing and Document Control. 8.8. materials and works should be visually inspected to confirm whether they are following specification and requirements and proper documentation. 8.2 Communication Management. completeness.0 Handover of Project. 8. clarity and completeness.e. quality assurance (i. Index 8.Name: Mohd. 8. 8. including management and sub-contractors. Norizam Bin Md.6 Identification of Superseded Drawing and Document.9 Preparation of Inspection Test Plan (ITP).1 Construction Activity Programmed. Besides that. e) Document and Data Control. 20 . Appendix 2 – Inspection Checklist. Index 9.2. 8.7 Quality Record.1 Final Inspection and Testing and 12. new condition and conformance can be properly recorded. Quality control effectiveness should start since the planning phase.3 Work Programme. 8.6 Corrective and Preventive Action.3 Drawing or Document Master-List.4 Receipt of Drawing.10 Joint Inspection. Quality Control This are represent by Index 8.5 Progress Reporting.1 Procurement Schedule.3 Payment to Contractors. 8. The design team shall review the design for functional relationships and technical issues.4 Resources. are in compliance with contract documents such as method statement.8.8.

Communication Management. From my observation this PQP are meeting the requirements that we had discussed earlier.4 Implementation. The key objective is to create a cohesive dialog and subsequently develop awareness of potential quality issues assurance. Quality Program Plan Represent by Index 1. a follow up audit should be carried out to ensure that the non-conformance is fixed.0 Responsibility and Authority. Recording of evidence should be done thoroughly. Index 7. project managers can prepare plans and actions to counter any weaknesses or deficiencies in the project execution.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 Quality Audit Represent by Index 8. timely. 1. A good opportunity is that we can measure how effective the changes have become.1 c) Quality Audit. Appendix D – Master Work Programme and S-Curve.0 External Contact. Contract Information. Based on this awareness. In the other hand more often audit shall be carried out for the high risk activities/works. 1. Progress Management and Quality Management are met) Index 3. Index 5.0 Sub-contractors.Name: Mohd.0 Work Programme. 1. Appendix C – List of Suppliers. to ensure conformance. To ensure the quality audits are being effective. Contract Management. the audits should be planned on a regular basis therefore each activity shall be audited at least once in an audit cycle. 21 . within budget. Appendix B List of Sub-contractors.e. Salleh Matriculation No. During an audit exercises.2 Scope of Works.0 Project Organisation Chart. Audits are also used to check any previously identified non-conformances or business changes. evidence of the processes are being done in accordance to the procedures and policies must be recorded and should be recorded against each section of being audited. An audit can also be carried out if a particular problem has arisen in order to establish the source of the problem and document any corrective actions taken. safely and sustainability and all of them were already included in this PQP. A date specific should be established for the correction. Index 4. PQP requires a lot of input from all other management concepts.1 Project Brief.0 Introduction. Norizam Bin Md. Audit findings need to be documented and any non-conformances found should be recorded and reported for further action.5 Purpose (PQP to ensure the areas of site management i. Project Quality Plan development is a team effort and its process very much depends on communicating information during planning stage. Index 6. contract requirements and statutory regulation to meet it objective which is to complete the project in a good quality. 1. As highlighted in Figure 1 and 2. thus ensuring that all quality standards are met effectively.

time constraints. allows businesses to remain within the scope of the objective and complete tasks in an efficient manner. Norizam Bin Md. and a clearly detailed plan should be implemented and updated regularly. materials procurement and ongoing operating costs. It is also make the client and the stake holder more comfortable if they see that quality is being addressed during the project execution. which estimates the costs necessary to complete the project tasks due to labour. as well. Salleh Matriculation No. verification. The plan is subject to change during the course of the project. documentation and quality. finances. The budget is an essential factor of the project plan. safely and in a better manner. Budgeting helps maintain a constant estimate of how much the project will cost. as it defines the project's main objectives regarding collaboration. there should be a project quality plan to measure the delivery and process quality. Disregarding the planning stage will ultimately conclude with a failed project. often determined by a date.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 5.Name: Mohd. A comprehensive project quality plan ensures that testing. It can even be a good PR exercise to invite them to a quality review. It removes any confusion that leads to insufficient performances and conflict. Avoiding ambiguity is essential to maintaining a high level of productivity. project managers must design the project quality plan easily accessible to all the team members. A defined commencement and excursion. we can be sure that we have the mechanism to manage and to achieve the project objectives properly. Conclusion To produce a project quality plan is not so complex it starts with identifying of all the deliverables before beginning of a project and deciding how the best to validate their quality. 22 . A project quality plan allows those of authority to delegate tasks and assign roles and responsibilities related to the project's goals. A project quality plan is a crucial element of project management. travelling. having uncovered the quality issues. and validation activities occur to produce quality project results and to ensure quality tasks to get completed. Previously people had noticed that the project that implement PQP had better chances to achieve its deliverables and since then it is become one of the mandatory documents for any type of project as long as the project has defined objectives and deliverables. Finally. Successful project plans consider time management as a major factor in the completion of specific objectives and goals. A clearly defined plan eliminates the dilemma of task duplication through job description clarification.

com.projectsmart.ebrary. W.newdc. 1999. 23 .com/EPPath/docview/849718394/abstract?source=fed srch&accountid=48462 Quality Management Plan for WED. Extracted on 07/04/2011 from website. http://140. PhD.. Western Ecology Division (WED) National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory (NHEERL) United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Corvallis. John Wiley & Son. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) – Fourth Edition (2008).com/articles/the-key-elements-of-a-good-projectplan.proquest.pdf Jorge Dominguez. The "Real" Project Plan. Stephen London. The Key Elements of a Good Project Plan. GBR: Routledge. 2. 5.scribd. Project Quality Plan (structure). Project Management (Tenth Edition). Extracted on 07/04/2011 from website. 7 Jan 2010.action?do cID=10070664 The Purpose of a Project Quality Plan. Extracted on 07/04/2011 from website. Salleh Matriculation No. http://www.Name: Extracted on 08/04/2011 from OUM elibrary. Extracted on 07/04/2011 from website.visitask. 8. Norizam Bin Md.oum. Harold Kerzner (2009). http://www. 6. Understanding Quality Assurance in Construction : A Practical Guide to ISO 9000 for Contractors.html. An Integrated Framework for Measuring Project Quality. http://www. Chung. 3. University of Calgary (Canada) 2010. 9.0.234.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 Reference 1. Martin. Extracted on 07/04/2011 from website. Project Management Howe. New Jersy. p xi.9:8080/EPSessionID=fd462ad4364583a9d22cf342990e081/E PHost=search. Extracted on 08/04/2011 from OUM elibrary. http://site. 7. 10 Mar 2009. Thomas Glen Graydon. Guidelines for the Quality Assurance Plan Checklist.Name: Mohd. Salleh Matriculation No. http://www.doc 24 . Extracted on 07/04/2011 from website. Michael L Young. Norizam Bin Md. Extracted on 07/04/2011 from website.scribd. 6 Success Factors for Managing Project Quality.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 Reference (continued) 10.

Norizam Bin Md.: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 Attachment 1 The Project Quality Plan.Name: Mohd. The Propose Construction of Academic Building. Selangor Darul Ehsan. 25 . Salleh Matriculation No. Hostel and Infrastructure Works for The Faculty of Dentist UITM Sungai Buloh. Dental Hospital.

...................................... 11 Proposed Project Quality Plan .............. 19 Conclusion .......................................: CGS 00534317 ASSIGNMENT – EMQM5103 Table of Contents Assignment Question ........................................... 24 Attachment 1 (Real-Project Quality Plan) ....... Norizam Bin Md.............................................. 23 Reference (continued) ............................................................................................ 3................. 22 Reference ................. Introduction Project Brief.......................Name: Mohd................................................................................................................................................................................... 4................... 25 26 ....... 3 2............... 16 Evaluating the Project Quality Plan (PQP) .......... Salleh Matriculation No... 5.......... Literature Review ........................................................................................................................................................................................... ............. 2 1...........................

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