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SEDC Toolkit v5

SEDC Toolkit v5

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Social Enterprise Development
Social Enterprise Development

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Published by: alfredyap on Apr 21, 2013
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The people working within the company, who individually and collectively contribute to

the achievement of the business objectives, are indeed the company’s most valued

assets. It is therefore important to manage your human resource capital well in all
facets from employing the right people, developing their capabilities, utilising,
maintaining and compensating their services in line with the job and organisational
requirements. Investment in developing your human resource capital will certainly give
your company the edge over your competitors.

Please refer to the Business Owners Toolkit [http://www.toolkit.com/small_business_guide/
on the following topics.
Recruiting and hiring
Paying your employees
Benefits for your employees
Rules for your workers
Motivating and rewarding your workers
Disciplining your workers
Terminating workers’ employment contracts

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