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• A therapists is someone who help individuals with mental, physical, develop or emotional feelings that need to get out to develop, and recover or maintain that daily life we live in daily living and work skills.

• For full time art therapist a professional earns $49,200 per year ,and for part time you earn $32,200.

• When you are a art therapist you have to get the client to express there feelings. You have to maintain and get a good relationship with the client because you have to find out what they like and what they do so you now what to do, and how to do it. You have to get good idea’s so you wont be doing the same thing over and over again. Art therapist try to get the client to express how they are feeling, and they try to get the client back on track so the client wont try to do something that will hurt themselves or other people.

• If you go to the school “Point grey campus” in Vancouver, you could get a degree in arts and you have to take this course about 4 years and it will cost $4813 a year( not including books.) • The other university is “Emily Carr University” in Langley and you can get a Bacherlor’s degree and it will cost $3830 and you have to take this course for appox 4 years.

• Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting new organization or revitalizing mature organization, particularly new businesses generally in response to identified opportunities •  Lower Mainland     63%   •  Vancouver Island   18%   • Northern B.C.     5%   • Okanagan/Kootenay  14% • There is a 37% of people who are selfemployed because too many people are working for company’s already.

• For the job Art therapist it is growing every year 1.8% until 2011 because of the population and economic growth. In the future there will be 950 openings between the year of 2001- 2011 because of how many people are retiring.

• People who are art therapist works at schools and homes and in little buisness's of who make buisness’s themselves. Some people like to make their own business because, when they know people who are emotional, they get their friends and family (who they already have a good relationship with), and then sometimes it is easier if they are just starting to be a art therapist.

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