Jn0-idp-541 Talk a little bit about yourself and what kind of jobs have you worked

in so far? Router’s questions: 1-.How do you configure a Cisco switch or router? What are the steps needed? 2- what are the routing protocols and the routed protocols 3- what are the differences between layer 2 switches and layer 3 switches Firewall and vpn What’s a firewall? Mention the technologies used in firewalling. How does a packet pass through Cisco ASA firewall? What is the difference between routed mode and transparent mode. Does cisco ASA support routing protocols or not? Describe some ways to transfer data securely over shared media!! How do you configure a vpn between ASA and IOS? Windows 1- what is active directory? 2- How do you access a folder on Windows machine if you know remote host ip address?

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