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Assignments - Ma

Assignments - Ma

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Published by: Aejaz Hussain on Apr 21, 2013
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PRINCIPLES OF CRIMINOLOGY Assignment – I 1. What is meant by multi factor approach of crime? Explain. – 5 Marks 2.

Explain various types of psychological disorders and their role in criminal behaviour.10 Marks 3. Explain the role of Freda Adler, Kathleen Daly, Chesney, Lind and Messerschmidt in understanding gender and power. – 10 Marks Criminal Laws and Special Laws: Assignment - I 1. Explain social contract theory and its contribution in the development of criminal law. – 5 marks

2. Explain the general exceptions as given in Indian Penal Code – 10 Marks 3. Explain the salient features of Prevention of Corruption Act. – 10 Marks Police Administration Assignment – I 1. Describe the historical development of Indian Police. – 10 marks

2. Explain the various Central Police Organizations in India.- 10 marks 3. Explain the role of police upholding the rights of women in India. – 10 marks

Criminal Procedure and Evidence
Assignment 1:
1. Explain the judicial setup according to the Constitution of India (5 Marks) 2. Describe the hierarchy of criminal courts in India with their Jurisdictions (10 Marks) 3. Define Terrorism. Explain the importance of Prevention of Terrorism Act (10 Marks)

Penology and Correctional Administration
Assignment 1:
1. Define Punishment. Describe the various methods of punishment given in the ancient times (5 Marks) 2. Explain the various recommendations given by different prison committees. (10 Marks) 3. Describe the minimum standard rules prescribed by the UN for the treatment of prisoners. (10 Marks)

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