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Social networking website SRS

Social networking website SRS

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This is the SRS for Social networking website
This is the SRS for Social networking website

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Published by: Prawal Sharma on Apr 21, 2013
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SCENARIO:-Social Networking Site for Social Responsibility
Software Requirement Specification Version-1.0

TEAM GUIDE: Dr. Ranjani Parthasartahi TEAM MEMBERS:- Md Shaukat Ali Deepak Kumar Sushant Kumar Azmath Basha

COLLEGE:- College of Engineering Guindy Anna University

social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME- JANHIT

VERSION 1.0 Date-10-02-12


Table of Contents
1. Introduction 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 2. Purpose Scope Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations References Overview

Overall Description 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 2.10 2.11 Product Perspective Software Interface Hardware Interface Communication Interface Product Functions User Characteristics Constraints Architecture Design Use case Model Description Class diagrams Database Design 2.13.1 ER Diagram 2.13.2 Schema 2.12 Assumption and Dependencies


Specific Requirements 3.1 Use case Reports 3.2 Sequence Diagrams 3.3 Activity Diagrams 3.4 Supplementary Requirements

JANHIT-for citizens….

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The most important distinguishing factor between the various sites is the range of profile information that they store and can perform operations on. through several media. 1. etc. gives to most of the users a 24/7 online presence and JANHIT-for citizens…. social networking often involves grouping specific individuals or organizations together.A large amount of these sites offer features that will permit anyone to discover individuals or topics by members.0 Date-10-02-12 3 1. Twitter. beliefs. The increasing popularity of online Social Networks (OSNs) is witnessed by the huge number of users acquired in a short amount of time: some social networking services now have gathered hundred of millions of users. The article also states that social networking has become more popular than email as a means of communicating. Depending on the website in question. As mentioned. By using this valuable feature anyone should certainly be in a position to connect with other people within their networks that are like-minded. the Internet and especially the Web has enabled a communication revolution: the ability to send and retrieve information everywhere has changed the way we work and live. or politics.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME. as stored in their user profiles. websites are commonly used. Barnes in the 1950s. My Space. religion. who defined the size of a social network as a group of about 100 to 150people. Although social networking is possible in person. According to a report on Nielsen Wire. These websites are known as social sites. The websites without a main focus are often referred to as "traditional" social networking websites and usually have open memberships. Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups. A social networking site (SNS) connects and presents people based on information gathered about them. you will be able to have access to the latest people in their circle as well. Face book. The term SOCIAL NETWORKING (SN) was first coined by Professor J. especially in the workplace. e.When it comes to online social networking. This means that anyone can become a member. and high schools. this may turned out to be a challenging as well as somewhat cumbersome undertaking as you attempt to keep every individual web site up-todate with content and articles as well as engaging across quite a lot of different tools. The growing accessibility of the Internet. Every time you add anew individual or group. Social networking can easily go as far as making your page on different social networking websites. These user profiles determine the way in which users are able to present themselves to others. many of these online community members share common interests in hobbies. there are others that do not. While there are a number of social networking websites that focus on particular interests. universities. or views are. no matter what their hobbies. if you will. A. like small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision. Introduction In recent years.1 Purpose Social networking is a strategy to connect and discuss all sorts of ideas through individuals and communities that may express a primary interest or the comparable pursuits throughout the planet . at the same time. Social networking websites function like an online community of internet users.g. it is most popular online. This accounts for close to 10 percent of all time spent on the Internet. Page 3 of 23 .JANHIT VERSION 1. Internet based access to information and internet Communication means have become ubiquitous. Social networking portals are a recent trend. about two thirds of the world's population participates in some sort of social network. which means that everyone are able to peruse and come in contact with new individuals or maybe be a part of new groups by sending a request message.

0 Date-10-02-12 4 encourages them to build a solid online interconnection of relationships. leading authority on social networking at U. 1.Berkeley. Acronyms and Abbreviation     Social networking is a phenomena defined by linking people to each other in some way. The tremendous popularity of using the social networking could never have been realized before. Future of social networking brings exciting promises as expected from the experience of limited users from a few companies in the top bracket. As OSNs become the tools of choice for connecting people.   1. Social networking is defined as the bringing individuals together into to specific groups. semi-persistent public commentary on the profile. Social networking is the practice of expanding the number of one's business and/or social contacts by making connections through individuals. Page 4 of 23 . The scope of social networking is widening. According to Danah Boyd. wherever on the earth.JANHIT VERSION 1. The bright future prospect of social networking is also proven with the fact that the technology is integrated in the mobile phones as well.2 Scope    Social Networking is forever. Social networking has tremendous prospects in future. reach the common platform of the people for everybody’s benefit. and a traversable publicly articulated social network displayed in relation to the profile  Admin– Administrator is the controller of all the users. often like a small community or a neighborhood. User ID:A user identification number to enter the system. the true definition of a "social network site" is that it contains profiles. Password:A word that enables one to gain admission into the system    JANHIT-for citizens…. and today it offers a strong support to the companies in providing the much desired touch of concern.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME. manager and maintaining all profiles in this site. In fact.3 Definitions.C. sociologists expect that their structure will increasingly mirror real-life society and relationships. User– registered person in this site and posts their views. social networking has become an important tool of marketing in true sense of customer orientation. The concept is one.

D. Philippe. user-centered design and collaboration on the World Wide Web. Kleinberg. TIVOLI (ADMIN):IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM or ITSM) is a centralized           1. Cupertino. CA: Addison Wesley. 1999. D. CA: Addison Wesley Craig Larman. WSAD (Web Sphere Studio Application Developer): It is a designer toolkit which is designed to develop more complex projects by providing a complete dynamic web service. & Lan.JANHIT VERSION 1. XML (Extensible Markup Language): It is a markup language that was designed to transport and store data.0: It is commonly associated with web applications which facilitate interactive information sharing.. WASCE (Web Sphere Application Server Community Edition): It is an application server that runs and supports the J2EE and the web service applications. and Don Widrig. CA: Addison Wesley.. Managing Software Requirements. belonging to the Java platform. Rational Unified Process®. Huttenlocher. 1998. Rational Software Corporation Backstrom. J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition): It is a programming platform. X. Menlo Park. Menlo Park. Copyright © 1987 – 2001. The Rational Unified Process. (2006). Leffingwell. DB2 (IBM Database 2): It is a database management system that provides a flexible and efficient database platform to raise a strong "on demand" business applications. Version 2002. Ajax (Asynchronous Java Script and XML): It is a technique used in JavaScript to create dynamic web pages. which is used for developing and running distributed java applications. L. Web 2. Second Edition. Traceability Strategies for Managing Requirements with Use Cases.00. growth.. and evolution. Spence. 2000. CA: Rational Software Corporation. JANHIT-for citizens…. HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol): It is a transaction oriented client/ server protocol between a web browser and a web server.4 References Kruchten. and L. JSP (Java Server Pages): It is used to create dynamic web content. interoperability.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME. I. J. Groupformation in large social networks: Membership. Page 5 of 23 . Applying UML and Pattern. Probasco.05.0 Date-10-02-12 5  HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language): It is used to create static web pages.

SOA :-Service Oriented Architecture  UML :-unified modeling language  DB2:-IBM Database. 1. better XML parser libraries (XML4J and XLXP) and contains the latest patches from unreleased upstream versions. (RSA) made by IBM's Rational Software division.  IBM Web sphere Community Edition . like small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision.  TSM(admin) (Tivoli Storage Manager ):-Back up purpose. and model-driven development (MDD) with the UML for creating resilient applications and web services. It is IBM's supported distribution of Apache Geronimo that uses Tomcat for servlet container and Axis 2 for web services. Social networking is a strategy to connect and discuss all sorts of ideas through individuals and communities that may express a primary interest or the comparable pursuits throughout the planet.  Social networking often involves grouping specific individuals or organizations or likeminded people together. Page 6 of 23 . Other difference from Apache Geronimo is that WASCE comes with DB2 and Informix database drivers.  IBM Rational Software Architect .JANHIT http://www.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME. By using this valuable feature anyone should certainly be in a position to connect with other people within their networks that are like-mi    2.5 Technologies used  XML :-Extensive Mark Up Language  J2EE: -Application architecture  AJAX :-Asynchronous Java script And XML  Web Services.facebook.WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (from now on WASCE) is a free. certified Java EE 5 application server for building and managing Java applications. Microsoft and Google performs to strengthen their networking platforms via social networks like Twitter and Face book. is a comprehensive modeling and development environment that uses the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for designing architecture for C++ and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)applications and web services. if you will.IBM Rational Software Architect.php?ref=pf VERSION 1. C++. Overall Description JANHIT-for citizens….6 OVERVIEW  Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups.0 Date-10-02-12 6 1. Companies like IBM. Rational Software Architect is built on the Eclipse open-source software framework and includes capabilities focused on architectural code analysis.com/policy.

JANHIT VERSION 1.2 Software Interface  Front End Client: RAD/ WASCE Web Server: WAS /WPS Data Base Server: DB2 Back End: DB2 Express – ‘C’ or DB2.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME. entertainment and education. aversion to bribery etc. And this site is going to help a nation. traffic rules. bodies C. corruption. who don’t have their account in this site. The site is having the features like auto analyze topics. THE USERS OF THIS WEBSITE INCLUDES: A. We used front end tool as RAD (Rational Application Development) and for backupDB2 is used. public hygiene. Users. Ratings should be given according to their posts. This site needs more proofs and details of user to post their views. injustice. traffic rules. we will tag his/her user ID in our website. Page 7 of 23 . injustice. After the valid user logs in his/her account. Present sites focused on some social responsibilities like mainly on business. They can’t provide social responsibilities like traffic rules. group discussions. Employees of Govt. We have the ability to tag social discipline violators using their UID. For example if a police cop demanded for bribe. auto recommend threads based on searches etc. inhumanity. If anyone violates the social disciplines. group discussions. 2.0 Date-10-02-12 7 The user must have a valid User ID and password to login to the system. We call for an online debate or discussion on certain topics. Social networking is widening. PROPOSED SYSTEM: In our proposed system we used new technologies to implement more features. public hygiene and corruption. Citizen of India. corruption happening in their vicinity. can create a new account for signup. Volunteers from NGOs. The prospect of social networking is also proven with the fact that the technology is integrated.TSM(ADMIN)    JANHIT-for citizens…. Through this site the citizen of India can improve the social awareness. Definitely one should not be allowed to have more than one profile. B. inhumanity. This site is helpful to the nation by creating awareness for social responsibilities 2. he may not be dismissed in system. In this website you can Voice out Constitutional violations.1Product Perspective EXISTING SYSTEM: In order to show our voice we need to conduct debates. public hygiene etc. and today it offers a strong support to the companies in providing the much desired touch of concern. meetings and so on. In our system we provide a common platform where people of India can Voice out violations. cruelty to animals happening in their vicinity. the user can edit his/her profile and can post his/her views basing on the activities he/she desires. Bearcats of India. but this website could show his corruption level as utterly bad.

0 Date-10-02-12 8 Ram 512 MB Free Disk space 750 GB Server DB2 Express version 9.5 Giga Hz speed 512 MB 300 GB 512 MB 300 GB 2.JANHIT 2.4 Communication Interface  Client on internet will be using HTTP/HTTPS protocol  Firewall Security is required for securing the server  TCP/IP is the basic need for client 2.3 Hardware Interface Client Software Processor Web browser(any) Intel core 2 duo processor at 2.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME. inhumanity. c. details etc. injustice.5 Product Functions Functional Requirements i. Should provide a common platform where people of India can a. Endorse someone else’s concern and augment with more proofs.5 Giga Hz speed Intel core 2 duo processor at 2. Call for an online debate or discussion on certain topics of broad applicability JANHIT-for citizens….5 Giga Hz speed VERSION 1. Voice out violations. Page 8 of 23 . corruption happening in their vicinity b.7 C WebSphere Application server(community edition) Intel core 2 duo processor at 2.

Should be highly extensible to the extent technically possible. Mozilla. it should again be based on social forum like multiple opinions. if you find your classmate did a good job at the college function arrangements. A traffic police giving ticket is no more just monetary.0 Date-10-02-12 9 Should be highly dynamic. Page 9 of 23 . he may not be dismissed in system. D. If a police cop demanded for bribe. If you find your neighbor smoking in public in front of children. NN. Authenticity for adding users are utmost important for such a website. v. He can (as a user of this website) affect you driving sense score. Being dependent highly on dynamic content collaborated by users. The site can provide various measures for fellow citizens to rate. vii. Use of Graphical tool like JASPER to show strategic data to admin ii. JANHIT-for citizens…. group discussions. Browser testing and support for IE. you can increase his serviceorientation score by +1. and Firefox.JANHIT VERSION 1. For example. Users should be able to add content. add small pieces of new functionality and change their portion of the site (not just colors & look & feel). 2. Professional look and feel B. but this website could show his corruption level as utterly bad. you can decrement his responsibility score by 1. auto recommend threads based on searches etc. control and monitor the social responsibility of a given individual.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME. iv. When everyone assess & reward a person for his social actions this way. 2. Definitely one should not be allowed to have more than one profile. There should be a placeholder for dealing with disputing situations for the site as it is quite possible for recipients of negative reward to resist. one can see a true scale of where he stands vis-à-vis where he thinks he really is.6 User Characteristics A.7 Constraints  Lack of Anonymity: As the user is putting out his personal information. Should have the ability to tag social discipline violators using their UID vi. group actions etc. the site should have the features to auto analyze topics. someone can find ways to do in. Use of AJAX at least with all registration forms C. The dispute resolution mechanism should not be like traditional court. with minimal static content as framework and maximum content created by site participants iii.

online scamsand identity theft.8 Architecture Design JANHIT-for citizens…. One should be affordable for viewing these sites through internet. One should be interested in expressing his views on social responsibilities. Site should be popular to attract many users.         2. These sites will never provide information to the end user directly.JANHIT  VERSION 1. One should have computer knowledge to view these sites. Page 10 of 23 . still may never known.0 Date-10-02-12 1 0 Even though certain measures taken to stop the cyber stalking. there is no revenue from these sites and it will be a burden for the administrator. Many of them are more interested in entertainment and informative sites than these sites. As there are no advertisements on these sites. It is a time wasting process for those who are busy and not interested in these sites. at least not any more.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME.

Associations. Actors are drawn as stick figures.JANHIT VERSION 1. An association exists whenever an actor is involved with an interaction described by a use case. Actors. An actor is a person. Page 11 of 23 . organization. with an optional arrowhead on one end of the line. Associations are modeled as lines connecting use cases and actors to one another.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME. JANHIT-for citizens…. or external system that plays a role in one or more interactions with your system.0 Date-10-02-12 1 1 2. Associations between actors and use cases are indicated in use case diagrams by solid lines.9 Use case model Description Use cases. A use case describes a sequence of actions that provide something of measurable value to an actor and is drawn as a horizontal ellipse.

Citizens of India B. The users of this website include: A.JANHIT VERSION 1.G. buddies or any bearcats of India C. Volunteers from N.O Citizens: any citizen of India JANHIT-for citizens….0 Date-10-02-12 1 2 login success access acount update profile search topics actions User gain rating acorrding to thier action admin manges user data provide and manage details logout Use case model survey Users: user is the primary actor of the system or the main person who shares their views on the discussions topics in the form of post and comments. Page 12 of 23 .social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME. Employee of govt.

manager and maintaining all profiles in this site. JANHIT-for citizens…. Employee: govt. Page 13 of 23 .JANHIT VERSION 1. buddies or any bearcats N.O National Government Officers Admin– Administrator is the controller of all the users.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME.0 Date-10-02-12 1 3 Govt.G.

JANHIT VERSION 1.10 Class Diagram JANHIT-for citizens….0 Date-10-02-12 1 4 2. Page 14 of 23 .social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME.

11 Database Design 2.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME.0 Date-10-02-12 1 5 Mname Fname Lname UI D Phno Address Lname Fname dob Name Gender Name Password DOB UI D Phno age Score age Password ADMIN Gender USER NGO Score address INDIVIDUAL Manag e GOVT. Subject VIDEO Page 15 of 23 . EMPLOYEE Description ID DISCUSSION IMAGE Do Title TEXTUAL On Like VIDE O POST IMAGE Unlike ID Description Posted Byy CreatedB y Typ e Description Subject COMMEN T TOPIC TEXTUAL ID JANHIT-for citizens….JANHIT 2.1 ER Diagram Mname VERSION 1.13.

 User must have basic knowledge of English too. password. Page 16 of 23 . JANHIT-for citizens….0 Date-10-02-12 1 6 2. and their posts details should be manually entered by the administrator before using this system.12 Assumption and Dependencies  The details of user such as username.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME.  Every user should be comfortable of working with computer and net browsing.JANHIT VERSION 1.

Specific Requirements 3.1 Use case reports: Use Case diagram for user request for update enter new values submit profile updated logout update profile search topics gain rating acorrding to thier action edit post post views access acount success User actions delete post failure login participite inonline debates warning message govt.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME.JANHIT VERSION 1. Page 17 of 23 .0 Date-10-02-12 1 7 3. employee volinteer from ngo JANHIT-for citizens….

Page 18 of 23 .JANHIT USE CASE login access account Warning message logout Update profile Request for update Enter new values submit Profile updated Search topics actions Post views Edit post Participates in online debates Gain rating according to their actions VERSION 1. User get warning message after wrong password/invalid account id. User can enter their new values t make updation in the profile User can submit their update information to admin. The updated information is approved by admin and stored in profile After login the user can search their topic of interest on which he/she wants to do some activity/actions This is actions or activity which user can perform User can post their views on different topics User can edit their post according to their desire or motive User can participates in the online debates User can get rating according to their actions performed by the other user or admin JANHIT-for citizens…. User can access his account after login.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME. He is prompted to signup if have no account or trying again.0 Date-10-02-12 DESCCRIPTION 1 8 The user must have login before starting any activity.e. Users safely logout after finishing their activity User can update his profile content i. can make modification as their wish. User makes request to admin for approving their updating profile.

admin is responsible for overall maintenance of user data Admin only can create account of users after the full verification and validation of user information provided by user at the time of signup. Admin can manage data of users i. Page 19 of 23 . Admin is responsible for providing information to user an their demand and managing overall data of users Admin can provide users details Admin can provide site details.e.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME.JANHIT VERSION 1. Admin can tag any user to any post any event.0 Date-10-02-12 1 9 login create account manges user data tag account admin user datails provide and manage details site details logout USE CASE login Manages user data Create account Tag account Provide and manage details Users details Site details logout DESCCRIPTION admin must have login before starting any activity. Admin can logout after performing their activity JANHIT-for citizens….

2 Sequence Diagrams JANHIT-for citizens….JANHIT VERSION 1. Page 20 of 23 .0 Date-10-02-12 2 0 3.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME.

1:recieve information 8:choose activity 9:participates in discussion 10:posts views 10.login admin: database 1.1:store view in database 11:provide score or rating to user views 12:logout request 12.1: gives information 7. Page 21 of 23 .1:verify user deatails 2:invalid user 2.1:logout succesfuly JANHIT-for citizens….1.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME.1:give acces to account 4:edit profile 5:stores updates 6:search information 7:search information in datbase 7.0 Date-10-02-12 2 1 user: 1.JANHIT VERSION 1.1:ask for signup 3:verified 3.

4 Supplementary Requirements JANHIT-for citizens….0 Date-10-02-12 2 2 login/signup access acount general user activity discussions post comments like/unlike end user activity 3.social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME.JANHIT 3. Page 22 of 23 .3 ActivityDiagram VERSION 1.

Thus a user can have access to specific terminals and specific options only. Encryption: Scrambles transferred data. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protects data in three key ways: Authentication: ensures that you are communicating with the correct server. 3). The system detects if data was added or deleted after user post the message.0 Date-10-02-12 2 3 1) Performance requirements A user with valid id can share his views on the activities he desires. the connection is dropped. 2) Safety requirements By incorporating robust and proven DB2 in to the system the reliable performance and integrity of data is insured.    JANHIT-for citizens…. This site uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol for securing the data.JANHIT VERSION 1.Facilty of unique user number and password s that unauthorized user cannot login the system. Since the product is of 24X7 availability. There must be a power backup for the server system. there should be a power backup for the server which provides the information. This prevents another computer from impersonating the site. If any tampering has occurred. Operational rights for each user or terminal can be defined .social network website(SRS) TEAM NAME.Security requirements Sensitive data is protected from unwanted access by user’s appropriate technology and implementing strict user access criteria. Page 23 of 23 . Data integrity: verifies that the information post by the user wasn’t altered during the posting.

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