March 27, 2013

Dana Hansen

I am pleased to write this recommendation for Dana Hansen. I have served as her student teaching supervisor for Drake University during this Spring 2013 semester. Dana has had two mentor teachers during her placement at Southeast Polk High School. In Science, she is working with Susan Whinery, and in Mathematics she is working with Dennis Muller. Dana has a lot of energy and has put it to good use in her student teaching experience. She is consistently well prepared to teach her classes. She does a very good job of reflecting on previous lessons she has taught, making any changes that will help her effectiveness, when they are needed. She works very well with both of her mentor teachers. Ms. Hansen has two quite different types of students to work with in her teaching. The students in her Science classes are more serious about their work and are generally easily motivated to do well in class. The students in her Mathematics classes are more challenging. Some of then are not the strongest students and require more teacher attention during class time. Ms. Hansen has made the appropriate adjustments and is doing very well in both areas. She is learning a variety of ways to get and keep the attention of students who are less motivated. It is interesting to watch her as she develops appropriate relationships with the students. They are learning that she is serious about the subject she teaches and are responding to her teaching methods and strategies in a positive manner. I believe that Dana will be an excellent teacher. She cares a lot about her subject areas and is very willing to work with the variety of students that come to her classes. I highly recommend Dana Hansen for any teaching position for which she is certified. She will be a strong faculty member in the school in which she teaches. If further information is required, I can be reached by phone at 515-265-9059, or by email at Sincerely, William J. Orcutt Student Teaching Supervisor Drake University

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