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Assignment #4

Assignment #4

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Published by Jeff Farley
This is in the Theater Television arts category
This is in the Theater Television arts category

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Published by: Jeff Farley on Apr 22, 2013
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Assignment #4 Drama/ Television 1.

Out of the eight of the FCC’s inappropriate material I would like to talk about torture. A program that I believe does a pretty good job at adhering to this rule is ‘Person of Interest’. There are many scenes where the producer would be able to make the show more suspenseful with a torture scene but that has been achieved in other ways. I particularly enjoy this because personally I don’t believe anyone enjoys watching torture in any form. I believe that it takes away from the original production and in some cases makes you turn off the program all together. A program that I don’t believe follows the FCC’s regulation of inappropriate material is, ‘Law and Order: SVU’. This program always seems to show one or more instances of defamation in each show. Even though there is a disclosure at the beginning of the program that each show is not based off a true events, it somehow copies certain situations that have happened in the media. I am torn between how I feel about their view on what is going on in the world today. Their segments seem so real as to the crime that is witnessed all over the country that it is almost disturbing. 2. Something positive that is censored in movies are the intimate scenes. I find myself enjoying a movie more overall if there hasn’t been excessive intimacy. To me that doesn’t build up the storyline or help me to become more attached to the characters anymore than if they didn’t have those sex scenes. I find myself more of a supporter and recommend a particular movie to a friend if the movie could tell a great story without having to have a sex scene or excessive intimacy. Another film that I thoroughly enjoyed was, ‘ The Town’. This movie would not have been the same had they censored the obscenities. I am usually not a fan of excessive swearing in a movie to portray the importance of a scene but I feel that if they had not had the swearing in the ‘The Town’ as they did, it wouldn’t have been as good. I believe that you have to watch that movie as if it were art. The movie was filmed in Boston amongst a tough going crowd who robbed banks. Not only do I believe that people from Boston use excessive cursing in their day to day conversations but I believe it is a way of life for them. To close, I’m glad that the swearing was not censored. It would definitely have been a big negative in the overall production of the film.

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