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Samui Bride & Honeymoon - Issue 5

Samui Bride & Honeymoon - Issue 5

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Koh Samui's ONLY Dedicated Romance-Related Magazine since 2011! Help find and plan your destination wedding, honeymoon or romantic getaway on Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand.
Koh Samui's ONLY Dedicated Romance-Related Magazine since 2011! Help find and plan your destination wedding, honeymoon or romantic getaway on Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand.

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Published by: 42Zero on Apr 22, 2013
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1st Year Anniversary Issue

The Wedding Planning Goddess
An Interview with Rio Rose

Real Samui Brides
Coming March 2013 “Samui, I Do!”
The 1st Annual Koh Samui Wedding Fair

4th Quarter 2012

“Samui’s ONLY Dedicated Romance Magazine!”

Having your wedding on Koh Samui? Would you like to appear in this magazine? For more information contact: sales@samuibride.com

Wedding at Samui’s Secret “Hidden Beach”

Exclusive, elegant and exotic best summarizes your wedding experience at Silavadee Pool Spa Resort. We have exclusive access to Samui’s ‘hidden beach’, the most private, romantic beach setting on all of Samui. Say ‘I do’ at the water’s edge, with gently swaying palm trees lining the fringe of this private cove. All wedding options are available and our dedicated wedding coordinator will ensure that your dream wedding unfolds exactly as you had dreamt it would be. Western style ceremonies, Buddhist Blessings and Vow Renewals are all possible at reasonable prices. We provide free transportation if you would like to come inspect our resort.
Tel: +66(0)77 960 555 / Fax: +66(0)77 960 055 Website: www.silavadeeresort.com wedding@silavadeeresort.com

com Visit Our Office on the Bo Phut Main Road Between Bon Cafe & Cafe 69 Find Us On: ‘ ‘ .com Beach Weddings Buddhist Ceremonies Vow Renewals Commitment Ceremonies Unique ENGAGEMENT Services “We’re On-Site For Every Wedding!” skype: SamuiBeachWeddings Free Consultation: 081 956 0905 / 089 590 8823 info@samuibeachweddings.samuibeachweddings.Professional Wedding Planning & Legal Marriage Services Since 2007 www.

com info@samuibride. Ltd. 157/14 Moo 1.. Carter Rhei Triunfo Khun Bundit Khun Chu Khun Danai Khun Polsin Khun Rung Khun Tan Couple: Sam & Mark Photographer: Khun Danai Sales & Marketing Distribution Petra Nahlikova Koh Samui Samui Bride & Honeymoon magazine is published quarterly by: Leaning Palm Publishing Co.samuibride. Koh Samui. Bophut.com/SamuiBride twitter/SamuiBride Please recycle this magazine! Give it to your friends! .M. P. www.com facebook. Leaning Palm Publishing is not responsible for any unsolicited material submitted to us. Ltd. Carter P.M. Suratthani 84320 Thailand Tel: +66 (0)89 590 8823 / Fax : +66 (0)77 245 719 Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without written consent of the publisher. Carter P..4th Quarter 2012 .M.Issue 5 Publisher Editor Photo Editor Contributing Writers Graphic Designer Contributing Photographers Leaning Palm Publishing Co.

Make your room reservations early! Enjoy your stay on Koh Samui! P. Well here we are. Where does the time go? Is it me or did 2012 go by faster than usual? Maybe it's because I have children. This event is the FIRST of its kind on Koh Samui. Mr. a review you want to submit or a story to share? Email me! Photo by: Khun Tan Photo by: Khun Danai . I DO!" Wedding Fair on the 2nd-3rd of March 2013 at the Centara Grand Beach Resort on Chaweng Beach. honeymoon or romantic getaway for 2013! In this issue. She is so friendly you will like her instantly. And speaking of history.com Follow us on @SamuiBride Do you have a comment you want to make. we certainly do! SAVE THE DATE! Announcing the "SAMUI. it may be a little too late now . Take the time to visit our tropical island at this time . did you book your 12-12-12 wedding to ensure others cannot have the same wedding day for another century? If not. maybe I'm just getting older . Wyndham brings over 1. we introduce you to Mr.M. Stewart Wyndham.either way. Carter editor@samuibride. wedding planners and everything else wedding related on Koh Samui. An idea to help couples from all over the world realize their wedding dreams no matter where on Koh Samui they get married.and discover all the possibilities. Mako.from the editor Happy FIRST Birthday to us! It seemed like only a short time ago that this magazine was just a concept. 2012 is about to become part of history.but it is the perfect time to secure your wedding. This will be the perfect place to meet Samui-based resorts. the nal months of 2012. a wedding Celebrant originally based out of Japan. We also interview The Wedding Planning Goddess.000 ceremonies of experience to Koh Samui and has relocated pemanently here with his lovely wife. Rio Rose Parr from Melati Resort & Spa. Her expertise has been responsible for amazing weddings on Koh Samui for many couples from around the world.

I Do!” The 1st Annual Koh Samui Wedding Fair Koh Samui Holidays & Events 2013 12 REASONS Why Koh Samui Should Be Your Destination Wedding Location 11 16 22 32 35 41 43 47 50 52 56 The Koh Samui Wedding Time-Line Schedule & Checklist Dreams Do Come True Real Samui Brides Language is No Barrier Meet the Celebrant Stewart Wyndham 22 Reflections in Black & White Spotlight: “The Wedding Planning Goddess” An Interview with Rio Rose Decadent Dining on Koh Samui Indulge in Culinary Delights Thai Flowers What’s Available On Our Island 32 Stag Do’s & Hen Parties Where To Go And What To Do Spaaaaaaa.. Pamper Yourself In Luxury Directory 41 ..08 10 ANNOUNCEMENT: Coming March 2013 “Samui.

com/weddingfair Follow us on SAVE THE DATE Saturday & Sunday 2nd .For More Information Visit: www.samuibride.3rd March 2013 .

Video Services Sponsored by: . I DO!” Wedding Cake Contest Runway Show Prizes & Drawings Open to the Public 11am to 6pm OVER 40 Exhibitors Accessories. Mens Formalwear Photography. Bridalwear. Entertainment Honeymoons.“SAMUI. Private Villas. Co-ordinators. Tour Operators. Resorts. Florists Hens & Stags. Cakes Catering.

National Holiday Christmas Day New Years Eve National Holiday May 2013 1 May Labor Day National Holiday Coronation Day Celebrates the day in 1949 when the current king was crowned. enlightenment and entry into nirvana of the Buddha. The action takes place on Bangkok's Sanam Luang in front of the Palace. generally celebrated as a water festival. National Holiday Chinese New Year The beginning of the Chinese lunar year Valentines Day 10 Feb. 7 May Visakha Bucha The holiest Buddhist holiday celebrates the birth. National Holiday December 2012 5 Dec. . 23 Oct. Chakri Day Chakri Day commeorates the founding of the current dynasty. Rama I. National Holiday 14 Feb. Makha Bucha Makha Bucha celebrates the Buddha's rst sermon in to his disciples. Loy Kratong Thais pay respect to the goddess of the waters by oating candlelit o erings all waterways around the kingdom 13 . National Holiday February 2013 7 Feb. King's Birthday His Majesty the King's birthday is celebrated throughout the country and also serves as the nation's Fathers Day.3 Mar “Samui. Buddhist Lent This day marks the beginning of the Buddhist 'lent' period. a time when monks are supposed to retreat to their temples while new life springs forth. Queen's Birthday Her Majesty the Queen's birthday is a national holiday. National Holiday Constitution Day December 10th celebrates the date in 1932 when the country was granted its rst constitution. August 2013 12 Aug. also serving as the country's Mothers Day as well. I Do!” Wedding Fair @ Centara Grand Beach Resort Chaweng Beach October 2013 12 Oct. National Holiday 5 May 10 Dec. Songkran Songkran is the traditional Thai new year. 31 Dec.holidays & events on Koh Samui 2012 .15 Apr. March 2013 SAVE THE DATE 2 .2013 November 2012 10 Nov. this ceremony revives an ancient blessing of the plants and ceremonial start to the new growing season. 19 May January 2013 1 Jan. National Holiday End of Buddhist Lent Day (Wan Awk Phansa) Chulalongkorn Day Celebrates the life of one of Thailand's most revered kings on the anniversary of his death. National Holiday April 2013 6 Apr. New Year's Day National Holiday July 2013 3 Jul. National Holiday Royal Plouging Ceremony A government holiday only. 25 Dec.

discovering exotic new wonders – and creating unforgettable memories with each other. Sound like an enchanting dream? As you will discover on Koh Samui.Why Koh Samui Should Be Your Destination Wedding Location 12 REASONS Have you ever dreamed about having your wedding on a tropical island beach? The sensation of the warm afternoon sand between your toes. Shoes are entirely optional. The friendly character of the locals is absolutely contagious – you will soon find yourself smiling at the mention of the word “Samui” . you may ask? In case you need a little extra encouragement. on a tranquil Samui beach. What could make a more magnificent backdrop to your wedding memories than the Samui Archipelago? Go for a sail around the island. with an obvious infusion of a relaxed island lifestyle. shaded by the abundant coconut palm trees. with the one you love. dinner. there are enchanting underwater wedding ceremonies available.. you will immediately feel the warmth and hospitality ‘Amazing Thailand’ is famous for. Inviting Blue Waters Of The Gulf Of Thailand. reception and dancing knowing when you get back to your room that night – you've already begun your honeymoon in Amazing Thailand! And with Thailand being such a culture-rich country. here are a few things to consider. the natural harmony of the sea as it gently caresses the shoreline. committing to one another completely. The Warm. You won't need to travel far to start your honeymoon. there are many places to travel though this Kingdom. Welcome To “The Land of Smiles” . and for the adventurous couples who want to start their marriage with a little “depth”. The Alluring Soft Sandy Beaches. Enjoy the entire day.. dreams can come true. photos. standing hand-in-hand. But why opt for this island paradise as your dream wedding destination. ceremony. Photo by: Khun Danai Samui Bride & Honeymoon 11 . Feel the warmth and splendor of the sand beneath your feet while you live out your wedding dreams under the blue afternoon sky. As you enter Koh Samui’s tropical and most unquestionably unique open-walled airport. Instant Honeymoon. snorkel in the shallow waters.

REAL Thai Food Is Absolutely Some Of The Best Food In The World! Think you’ve had good Thai food before? Koh Samui boasts some of Thailand’s finest Chef’s available anywhere in the world. Commitment Ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular and are ideal for many modern couples. Red Snapper Restaurant & Bar offers Mediterranean Fusion cuisine by French Chef Sebastien Meunier. you may be missing out on the greatest Thai cooking in the world.com www. watching the sunset while resting in each others arms. In today’s global society. 0 7742 2389-90 info@redsnappersamui. You are never too old to renew your love for each other – especially in a truly romantic location like Koh Samui. Let your love guide you into your future together as you speak from your heart and join your spirits. If you want to express your love for your partner in a truly romantic setting. Let the naturally calm ambiance of Koh Samui heighten your wedding joy and allow everyone present to relax and remember why they are all here – to be together in celebration. commitment to each other and the joining of two families together. I know you’ve heard the horror stories before. Open daily from 5pm to 1am. In addition to our unrivaled entertainment. personal service which takes an evening at Red Snapper beyond just dining. Your wedding day should be about you and your partner’s happiness. We promise – You’ll Love It! Not Just For Weddings. Thailand is often neutral ground for many families who reside on different continents. Commitment Ceremonies – Because Love Knows No Boundaries. where you can indulge in delicious international delights and truly authentic Thai cuisine. Trying to please everyone but yourselves can lead to disaster. And if you find you can’t get enough before you go. But don’t pass over those small restaurants you will notice with only a few tables. Next to Chaweng Regent Tel: 0 7742 2008. And speaking of relaxing – go ahead and indulge by having a Thai massage every day. our experienced staff provide great. More RELAXING And STRESS-FREE Than Having Your Wedding At Home. champagne in hand. Samui has many Thai cooking classes to try your own hand at preparing an amazing Thai meal back home.redsnappersamui. Do you have an anniversary approaching? Surprise your partner and say “I do” all over again with an afternoon vow renewal. "Samui's premier dining and entertainment venue. with live music nightly.com ." Chaweng Beach Road.

Women will feel the timeless romance of the classic fairytale. we may never get the same chances again. And it doesn’t matter whether you want a large wedding. Discover The Lifestyle That Only Koh Samui Can Offer. your wedding dreams begin with you… . young and old alike. Even getting to Thailand’s third largest island has never been easier and simply arriving makes any long-distance expedition worth all the effort. surrounded by your family and close friends. Make the choice to make it special. a reminder that if we don’t take the time to enjoy the opportunities before us. Would you like to own a home on Samui? If We Don’t Take The Time To Make Something Special – Nothing Ever Is.Change You Life – Move To Island Paradise. mountaintop retreats and gorgeous garden homes for couples from all over the world. More and more couples are finding Koh Samui to be the place they want to start their lives together – no matter what their ages are. men have the benefit of the casual atmosphere. There are many more reasons that you will discover to make Koh Samui home to your wedding dreams. Koh Samui is the perfect getaway destination for the whole family. Don’t just let your wedding day “happen” . The uniqueness of saying your nuptials on the beach will make your wedding day that much more unforgettable. or if you are seeking a small intimate ceremony. even if they are dressed formally. Everyone will thank you for years to come. Koh Samui hosts a bounty of beautiful beachfront villas. It is the perfect choice for your special day – charm and romance naturally included. Give Your Family And Friends A Reason To Take A Holiday! Sometimes we all need a little enticement to escape our daily lives. Getting married is supposed to be one of the most special days of your life. standing across from the one you desire most.

Average flight time is 1 hour 45 minutes. There are now over 150 flights per week into Koh Samui.has 2 flights per day. On Tuesday only the morning flight is available. First flight departs 06:00 (6:00am) and last flight is 21:00 (9:00pm). From Siem Reap. Average flight time is 2 hours. but Thai Airways (www.thaiairways. Hong Kong. every day. Flight PG 806 departs at 16:55 (4:55pm) and arrives at 19:00 (7:00pm). which will make getting your guests here a lot easier. Thai Airways From Bangkok to Koh Samui . Firefly Airlines From Subang. Cambodia and Malaysia. 14 Samui Bride & Honeymoon . Saturday – Monday and Wednesday. Average flight time is 3 hours 30 minutes. From the moment your guests land they will know they have arrived on a beautiful tropical island. Average flight time is only around 1 hour. By Air – Koh Samui has had an airport for over 10 years.com. Bangkok Air (www.has 1 flight per day.my) is the only carrier from Malaysia. Flight FY 3608 departs at 13:35 (1:35pm) and arrives at 14:35 (2:35pm). every day.com) also has flights from Bangkok and Firefly (www.Photos by: Khun Danai Get Your Guests To Koh Samui They Will Thank You Forever Are you expecting a few guests at your wedding? Here is a quick list of ways they can join you for your big day.fireflyz.has on average 20 flights per day. Flight PG 962 departs at 20:10 (8:10pm) and arrives at 20:55 (8:55pm). Malaysia to Koh Samui . Average flight time is 3 hours 50 minutes. including international flights from Singapore. From Singapore to Koh Samui – has 1 flight per day. Flight PG 906 departs at 13:15 (1:15pm) and arrives at 17:05 (5:05pm).bangkokair. Average flight time is around 1 hour. From Hong Kong to Koh Samui – has 1 flight per day. On Thursday and Friday only the afternoon flight is available. First flight departs 07:45 (7:45am) and 2nd flight departs 16:00 (4:00pm).com) is the largest carrier to Koh Samui. Cambodia to Koh Samui – has 1 flight per day. Flight Information for 2012 Bangkok Air From Bangkok to Koh Samui .

Once on the ferry boat. their bunks will most likely be ready for them when they board. every day. it will take about 1 ½ hour to reach Koh Samui. they can take the overnight train to Suratthani (approx. they may want to bring a reading light – it can get dark when everyone else is alseep. The ferry crossing takes about 1 hour 30 minutes. A train official will let them know when they need to get off. Koh Phangan and finally to Koh Samui. Bring a good book. These cars sleep around 32 people. 16 on each side of the train with a center aisle for moving about and a community toilet at one end of the car. Also.By Train – If your guests would like to have more of an adventure on their way to Koh Samui and save a little money compared to flying. so unless you purchase both the upper and lower bunks – there may be a chance a guest will have to share the cabin with someone of the same sex that they dont know. Breakfast can also be preordered the night before this way. 12 hours from Bangkok) and then a bus (for 1 hour) to the ferry pier. Ideal for couples who want more privacy. If they catch an early evening train. Most people will get off in Suratthani and then catch a bus (about 1 hour) to the Don Sak pier where they will take a car-ferry across to Koh Samui – a journey that takes about 1 ½ hours. There are several classes in the sleeper cars available. Local Thai's walk the train all night selling cold drinks. the cabin steward will come around and make up their bed after dinner-time. By Bus – Have guests traveling this way? Here are a few tips to pass on to them: Take the overnight bus so they arrive at the ferry pier in the morning and just get right on a ferry boat to Samui. 3rd class is not an option so don't let your guests even consider it. each cabin has 2 fold-down bunks that can be converted at any time upon request and a private sink. A less common option is to get off the train in Chumporn and then take the bus to the ferry pier there – then take the ferry to Koh Tao. If they catch the late-night train. iPod/iPad/mp3 player and a small pillow and blanket (or sarong) for comfort. The ferry boat usually runs every 2 hours from dawn to dusk. snacks and Thai food or guests can pre-order their meal from a waitress that walks through the car. This is a great option if anyone plans to stop on one of these islands before coming to Koh Samui. The other option on the train is the 1st Class Air-Con Sleeper Cabin for 2. Make sure they lock their bags securely – there have always been a few dodgy bus attendants that give the good bus attendants a bad reputation. 2nd Class with air-con is a good choice as it can be VERY warm with just a fan. which is then prepared in the trains kitchen and delivered to their seat or cabin. But a heads-up for those traveling alone – a 1st class sleeper cabin is sold as individual bunks. The bus will arrive directly at the ferry pier. Photo by: Khun Danai . each with their own fold-down bunk (top and bottom).

Share this important information with your wedding planner Consider your wedding theme. Western. Do you want to be at a resort. Talk to your wedding planner if you have any ideas you would like to share. Luckily with most weddings. There are services available to assist you with the legal process in Thailand Select your bridal party and attendants then ask them to be a part of your special day. Buddhist . The most weddings occur on Koh Samui in February. Be creative. followed closely by April. not everyone you invite will attend .so make sure your chosen venue can handle up to the amount of guests you invite.or will you have a non-legal ceremony for memories? If one of you has been previously married – certified proof is required – so bring an original or certified copy of all necessary paperwork to show you are legally free to marry. Don't wait too long to reserve your wedding date – it may already be taken Decide on what style of wedding to have. Send lots of pictures Prepare your 1st draft of a guest list. you will need to apply for and purchase a 'Tourist Visa' that is good for 60 days Prepare your budget and review it together. remote beach location or a luxury private villa . and they will make the effort to be there on your wedding day . recognized by other nations . Be aware that sometimes every person you invite will want to attend your wedding.but be prepared in case they do 16 Samui Bride & Honeymoon . The quietest wedding months are from October to the beginning of December. If you plan on being in Thailand longer than 30 days.or perhaps underwater? Choose your type of wedding venue. Give them plenty of advanced notice so they can arrange to join you overseas Organize a passport (if you do not have one already) or make sure it will still be valid when it comes time to travel to Koh Samui. if needed. Get a new passport or apply for additional pages. Will it be at the same location as your wedding ceremony? Pay deposits for wedding planner and venues Will you have a legal marriage.or maybe a beautiful sailboat or yacht? Choose your reception venue.the koh samui wedding time-line schedule and checklist 12-14 months before Choose your wedding date.

Decide what type of parties and gatherings you will have leading up to your departure to Koh Samui. Will you have an engagement party or just send out announcements? Decide on whether to have a 2nd (or 3rd) party/reception at home for those people who you did not invite to Samui or who were unable to attend Consider getting a temporary “Wedding Website” that you can make updates and provide info to all your guests. Send each guest a password to access your site and update it regularly

Have your wedding planner book your caterer Book your entertainment Consider color and overall design Email cake photo ideas to your wedding planner Buy wedding dress. Keep in mind - Koh Samui is a tropical island Select Bridesmaids' and flower girl's dresses and accessories

10-11 months before
Finalize your guest list Send out your invitations. Because this is a destination wedding in a foreign country, give all of your guests as much advance notice about your wedding so they can have ample time to prepare their trip Decide what kind of ceremony you will have. Will it be religious or secular? On Koh Samui, it is most likely that your wedding planner will select the best person to perform your wedding ceremony based on your needs and preferences unless u make a specific request Buy wedding insurance in the unlikely event you have to cancel or postpone your wedding on Koh Samui for any reason Discuss what kind of catering you want; BBQ buffet, Sit-down meal or casual family-style? What kind of entertainment will you have at your reception? Do you want a DJ, fire-dancers, traditional Thai dance performance, fireworks or cabaret show? or maybe some live music? Book your photographer – Talk to your wedding planner about what type of photographer you are looking for. Chances are, they know the perfect one for your wedding Book your videographer - Again ask your wedding planner who they recommend on the island

6-7 months before
Join a gift registry, if desired Get dresses fitted Suggest to the Mothers that they get their dresses, if they haven't already Make sure all current payments have been made to your wedding planner to secure all your necessary vendors and equipment Provide your guests a list of hotels/resorts near your wedding venue once they RSVP - Easy if you have a wedding website to share

5 months before
Finalize flower choices and color theme Draft a seating plan Discuss ceremony music; both processional (entry) and recessional (exit) If using an iPod – create several play-lists; PRECEREMONY: starting 1-hour before your ceremony, POST-CEREMONY: for around 3-hours after the service, DINNER: to carry you through your meal and then PARTY: with all your favorite songs. It is worth noting that an iPod requires someone to change the song if it doesn't fit the mood. Hiring a DJ for your wedding night party is more likely to provide you with the atmosphere you desire. A DJ can read the people and play what is necessary to keep your party going and take request Liaise with your DJ or musicians to make sure they know what you are wanting to hear

8-9 months before
Book your plane tickets Book your accommodations for your entire journey, not just to Koh Samui, if not included in your wedding package

4 months before
Review your budget with your wedding planner to see if still on track

Select your wedding rings, if you haven’t already Decide if the men will tailor their suits on Koh Samui or before they arrive in Thailand Finalize your menu Choose an MC or ask your wedding planner if they can provide someone on Koh Samui Discuss pre-wedding dinners and farewell dinners on Koh Samui. What atmosphere do you want to keep for these special occasions? What kind of food? Ask your wedding planner for their suggestions

professional wedding photographers on Koh Samui have photos they are going to suggest taking – but a supplemental list of photos you don't want to live without will make the day more successful by getting exactly what shots you want Think about speeches; who is going to give them and what you will say to each other and your guests. Many couples write out every word they want to say – while others only jot down a list of topics they will speak about. Whatever your method, keeping them under 10 minutes will be appreciated by your audience, especially if they are waiting for dinner to be served

3 months before
Send photos to your wedding planner of the hair and make-up styles you want Consider what cocktails and other drinks you will have, both on your wedding day and reception. Special cocktails can really make your guests feel the tropical splendor of Koh Samui Decide if you would like to ask any of your guests to do a reading during your ceremony, then ask them. We do not recommend surprising them the day before your ceremony with a request to participate Discuss adding any family or religious traditions or any alternative ceremonies you would like to perform, such as Hand-fasting or a sand ceremony Create an itinerary of activities and important dates for all your guests from the time they arrive to the time they leave. Some guests will want to do things on their own – but many guests will appreciate you have thought about their enjoyment and join you Order anything printed if you are planning on bringing your own table name cards, seating charts, tent cards, programmes or menus with you. Ask your wedding planner if they can provide this service for you if needed

1 month before
Make arrangements for any of your animals at home to be taken care of when you come to Koh Samui Take out travel insurance for any of those unforeseen events Pick up wedding rings and make sure they are sized properly. Here on Koh Samui, be prepared for your rings to be a little more ‘snug’ in the afternoon than back home Send “Must Have” photo list to your wedding planner Pay final balance with wedding planner so all your services can be confirmed Confirm with your DJ, if you choose to use one, about music for your first dance, cutting of the cake or anything that may require special music Follow-up with any guests you have invited which have not yet sent in their RSVP

3 weeks before
Confirm with your wedding planner that everything is on schedule Get final fittings for any dresses or men's clothing you are bringing with you to Thailand

2 months before
Finalize your wedding service and send to your wedding planner. Arrange a time to meet with your celebrant or minister once you’ve settled on Koh Samui Coordinate with your wedding planner when the ceremony rehearsal will be held Prepare a “Must Have” photo list to ensure you get all the photos you want, while spending less time getting them done. All the

2 weeks before
Give flight details to wedding planner about arrival on Koh Samui so transportation can be waiting for you Finalize final guest list and pass this information to your wedding planner Finalize dinner seating plan and send to your wedding planner

Exercise often – it helps your body and mind stay relaxed and focused Pack all necessary items for your trip; passports, itineraries, other important documents, any printed material, suits, dresses and all your accessories

Have your Stag-Do and Hens Night. It is not recommended having them the night before your wedding

1 day before
Sleep off the previous night’s fun Eat a good breakfast (and/or lunch – depending on when you wake up). You'll both need a lot of energy the next couple days Have another massage Enjoy a pre-wedding dinner Go to sleep early

1 week before
If you are planning on legally marrying in Thailand, you will need to arrive in Bangkok between 5 and 7 business days before your wedding date. If you choose to use a legal liaison service to assist you, you will likely only need 1 morning in Bangkok and the hired service will do the rest on your behalf. But it will still take several business days (weekends and holidays not included) to complete your documents in Bangkok and have them sent down to Koh Samui in time for your wedding day Now that you are in Thailand, you both should go get Traditional Thai massages. Try Wat Po on the Chao Phraya River, a well-respected massage training school located at the same temple as the “Reclining Buddha”

wedding day
Wake up refreshed Eat a good breakfast to get you going Get a massage to relax you for the big event The women get ready with the hair and make-up artists Wedding planner visits the bride in her room When the photographers/videographers arrive, they will take a lot of photos of you getting ready The men get ready and arrive around 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony The guests arrive 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony and mingle with the groom and his groomsmen Your wedding planner will inform the guests to be seated before ceremony starts Celebrant or minister is ready to conduct the service The service begins...

3-5 days before
Meet with your wedding planner and confirm all decisions made over the planing process. Give planner any items you will be using on your wedding day such as programmes, tent cards, seating plans, etc. Meet with celebrant or minister to discuss your final ceremony selection Perform a rehearsal with the wedding party participants. If someone has not arrived yet, use a substitute to keep continuity Get another massage. At least once per day is our recommendation while on Koh Samui Meet with guests, enjoy you time on Koh Samui. When you have the right person planning your wedding – there is no need for you to do anything else but relax Enjoy a tasting of your wedding dinner, canapes and specialty drinks you have selected

Sign your wedding certificate. If you have opted for a legal service, the local “Amphur” (Registrar) will be present to sign your final documents and marriage certificate after the service. If you are not having a legal service, you can choose to sign a keepsake certificate to commemorate your wedding day Open Champagne and share with all your guests

2 days before
Have a trial with your hair and make-up artist Have a massage. Try oil or aromatherapy this time

before you are supposed to sit down for dinner. at this time followed by the best man and then the groom – but here on Koh Samui.Get a group photo while everyone is present. your guests will be invited to find where they are sitting at dinner and go to their tables You will then be introduced by the MC of the evening as you go to your table. it is a good idea to spread them out throughout dinner Serve the cake after dinner Enjoy your 1st dance as a married couple. open the bar so guests can eat delicious canapes and mingle Take special photos of only the two of you walking along the beach Cut your wedding cake. or untill you are allowed to at your venue Offer your flower decorations to any guests who want to take some back to their room Say good night and go to Congratulations on your big day! bed – wedding night (reception) After festivities are finished on the beach. After a great wedding and reception – you will both need it Enjoy each other as Husband and Wife! Photo by: Khun Danai . Photographs on the beach of you cutting your cake will be nicer than cutting it later at night and not being able to see the ocean in the background Toss your bouquet at sunset to all the unmarried woman Light fire-balloons just after sunset. but serve it after dinner. you can do it any way you'd like day after wedding Ensure you have everything you wanted to keep from the wedding Your legal marriage certificate is sent back to Bangkok for final Thai Foreign Affairs certification Get a massage. the Father-of-the-Bride is the 1st to give a speech. for safety purposes. unless prohibited from letting them off until after 10pm Depending on how many speeches you are planning. It is a good place to have a few speeches then open the dinner so everyone can eat. Often. just after the ceremony concludes While photos are being taken. many places do not allow you to set them off until after 10pm when the last planes arrive and depart Koh Samui Party until you can't any more. Let the other guests join you about 30 seconds into the song If you are planning for any fireworks.

They had help at every stage as they planned their weddings from afar.. speaking words of love as you join together in marriage? These real Samui Newlyweds are everyday couples from around the world who made the decision to go from wedding dreams to wedding reality for their big day. hand-in-hand with the one you desire most.. Each couple had a truly unforgettable day. Photo by: Khun Danai Will you be the next Samui Bride? Alexis & Bruce 17th May 2012 Photo by: Khun Polsin Photo by: Khun Chu Photo by: Khun Danai Photo by: Khun Danai .Photo by: Khun Chu dreams do come true. Real Weddings With Real Samui Brides Can you imagine yourself standing on the beach.

Sam & Mark 14th February Photo by: Khun Danai .


Photo by: Khun Chu Caroline & Martynas 21st May .

Photo by: Khun Polsin Jacqui & Wilf 24th May Samui Bride & Honeymoon 25 .

. as well as being accepted as a legal marriage in your home country. but not all of them are legitimate. There are many to choose from. First. If you do not have that much time or do not feel comfortable doing all the running around yourself. Once your documents have cleared the Foreign A airs Dept. you must begin at your embassy in Bangkok – in person. so be aware. www. Contact Samui Legal Marriage Services to ensure your legal marriage registration is easy and relaxed. at any point you can get married legally at the “Amphur's” (Registrar's) o ce in Bangkok . Most countries have documents to ll out before you arrive to make the process quicker. This process requires you to be in Bangkok between ve (5) and seven (7) business days to complete the whole process.com Tel: 081 956 0905 . After you have gone to your embassy and have your completed documents in hand. you can hire a professional legal liaison company to assist you with your legal registration. there are a few very important steps that must be taken. the documents are then submitted to the Thai Foreign A airs Department for three (3) days before they are ready to collect.com info@samuilegalmarriage.samuilegalmarriage.Legal Marriage in the Kingdom of Thailand Where You Will Need To Start If you want to have a legal marriage in the Kingdom of Thailand. they need to be translated into Thai by a certi ed translator in Bangkok.or on Koh Samui at your chosen venue. After translating into Thai. Many allow same-day service while some countries require one (1) or more days to process. as well as a processing fee paid directly to the embassy.

Contact us for details. . Short notice bookings available.com Now Through December 2012 SPECIAL ROOM RATE for Samui Bride & Honeymoon Readers Price cannot be printed. Call Now. Thailand Local Tel: 089 590 8823 Reservations: sales@samuibride.Grand Sukhumvit HOTEL BANGKOK Manage by ACCOR 99 Sukhumvit Road Soi 6 Klongtoey Bangkok.

I spent my childhood and high school years in Edinburgh. What was that like? When I was still living in Germany I had told myself. well. how would it be if I could manage to do the same thing with an Asian country? . Stewart shared his thoughts about Samui. I started travelling while still being based in Germany and went on my rst overland trips to India and other countries in Europe. I understand. As a young child I lived in my grandmother’s apartment which was next to a horse stable. Stewart. Please share with our readers a little about yourself and what started you o traveling. the Scottish actor. The late sixties and the seventies was an exciting and amazing time to be young in Berlin even when the wall was still there. delivered milk as a teenager using horses from the same stable. Stewart Wyndham. You nally wound up living in Japan for more than twenty years. I managed to adjust pretty well to living in a European society. where English was not the spoken language. Well. performing weddings and why couples would love to be married on our tropical paradise.Language Is No Barrier Meet the Celebrant Stewart Windham Samui Bride & Honeymoon met with new resident and long time Celebrant. Sean Connery. Scotland. Thank you meeting with me. Then I spent about fteen years in Germany where I studied German and became very busy teaching English to Germans.

000 ceremonies over a six year period there. counselor and breathwork trainer in the United States and Australia. is that right? Oh yes. English. On average there were 2 to 4 weddings on Saturdays or Sundays and occasionally as many as 8. Did you actually stay in Japan non-stop for more than 20 years? No. my wife and I moved to Thailand just after the big earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Germany. everything according to the manual. Please tell me about being a wedding celebrant in Japan and how it compares with being one here on Koh Samui. The style was very formal. That’s quite interesting. on the other hand. expert hospitality . the companies that hire foreigners like myself to do weddings in Japan expect the celebrants to conduct Christian weddings. So that is where I stayed for more than 20 years.but I do not consider myself uent. The “feelings” of the wedding can linger with the couples and the guests. So it sounds like you prefer doing weddings here on Koh Samui than in Japan. German and Japanese. we were expected to learn the full ceremony text by heart. I again took up conducting wedding ceremonies about one year ago here on the island. Japan seemed the best option at the time.I would highly recommend it. I did more than 1. a certi ed wedding celebrant. most couples as well as the guests are not only in a wedding mood but also in a holiday spirit. In 2011. On Koh Samui. Firstly. the happiness and satisfaction of wedding guests together with its gentle. there is no abrupt ending to the party like there might be back home where “the big event” is usually squeezed into one day and everyone goes home immediately. meeting my lovely wife there and really embracing life in Japan the best I could. OK. wherever that may be. His ceremonies are available in English. It was since that time that I became established as a high school teacher. Thank you. Italian and Spanish as well . which was not as bad as it sounds because there was no big variation in the vows. How many languages do you speak? Fluently. But I can speak French. It's di cult for me to covey quite the right words. What would you recommend to any couple who is considering Koh Samui as their destination wedding location? I would say that if any couple would like to make their destination wedding an unforgettable event in their lives . These weddings are actually a cross between Protestant and Catholic ceremonies which would no doubt irk some conservative Christians. but it is a truly once in a lifetime experience. this time with no Berlin Wall and returned to Japan after 4 years in 1993.com if you would like to have a professional Celebrant conduct your ceremony. Also. trained to become a holistic psychotherapist. We had actually been regular visitors to Koh Samui over a period of about 15 years so we had some idea of what to expect. it’s been really great talking to you. lived again in Berlin. I can speak.Koh Samui is more than well-equipped to guarantee a truly romantic setting with beautiful post-wedding sunsets. it’s a lot more fun! Back in Japan it was a real business. German and Japanese.Since I was already experienced as an English teacher in Germany and I was interested in Buddhism. It's nothing like that here on Koh Samui where we only do one per day to ensure the best service possible. I left for about 4 years. The whole potential heaviness of traditional weddings back home. is lifted and there is more room for enjoyment which typically lasts for a few days. holistic counselor and. . since 2005. Stewart Wyndham can be reached by email at: stewart@samuicelebrant. very standard but I always enjoyed nding my own way to connect with the couples on a heart to heart level. Stewart.

Our Celebrants are great at keeping couples relaxed on their big day and are very exible so you can have the ceremony you have always wanted. With nearly 2.CELEBRANT Professional Wedding Celebrant Services in the Kingdom of Thailand Having the right person perform your wedding ceremony is often the most overlooked part of wedding planning.000 combined weddings.samuicelebrant.there are more important things to occupy your time than to wonder if your wedding ceremony will be what you desire.com SAMUI .Book Your Samui Celebrant Today. Samui Celebrant Services Include: Pre-Wedding Meeting (on Koh Samui) Choice of 5 Ceremonies (Mix-and-Match) Experienced & Professional Native English Speaking Keepsake Ceremony Certi cate Beautiful Thai Silk Certi cate Folder Ceremony Anywhere on Koh Samui Willing to Travel Ceremonies Available in: ENGLISH GERMAN JAPANESE Avoid Any Unnecessary Challenges . Put your mind at ease and hire Samui Celebrant to perform your wedding service.com www. Many companies include the "Celebrant" in their package . After all .but who are you really going to get when you arrive at your destination? What if they can't pronounce your name? What if you can't understand them? What if they don't make you feel con dent in their ability or comfortable helping you start your new life together? Samui Celebrant is here to make sure you always get a professional ceremony no matter where you are getting married on Koh Samui. there is no other Celebrant team that has more experience on Koh Samui. Tel: +66 (0)89 590 8823 Email: info@samuicelebrant.

If you would like to talk with Rio Rose about having your wedding with her... who has been organizing weddings on Koh Samui for many years. 2. Her attention to the couple and every detail inbetween makes her a very popular organizer.not only because my family are here but I love the people. it feels like home to me . I would tell them: 1. Think .it's always a holiday for me! SBW: Thank you.com Chaweng Regent Beach Resort Chaweng Beach . it's nothing like that. generous and hospitable. SBW: How long have you been planning weddings on Koh Samui? Rio: I have been planning weddings since 2003. even their honeymoon and other small things/details that I could help with. Koh Samui T. Rio Rose is ready to make your dreams come true. con rming the wedding. Rio. A wedding planner and great team with experience will be the one to deliver a perfect wedding celebration.The “WEDDING PLANNING GODDESS” Samui Bride & Honeymoon Magazine got a chance to sit down with long-time resident and native Filipino. It was a pleasure to talk to you. Rio Rose Parr. SBW: What's it like being referred to as the "Wedding Planning Goddess" by couples who get married with you? Rio: Wow! Wedding Planning Goddess. I feel over the moon when I hear these words from my wedding couples. Research . 422-008-10..no tra c. Most people say that my kind of work is a very stressful one! But for me. Ful ll . Suratthani. Based out of Melati Resort & Spa. so that’s about 9 years now. Tambon Bo Phut. They are the most important people that will be part of your once-in-a-lifetime event. 230-391-40 F.melatiresort. 3. stag & hen’s do. SBW: Why do you like to live on Koh Samui? Rio: Living here for almost half of my entire life. no pollution and most of all working on a paradise like this -.Think of what you would really like for your dream wedding. email her at: eventmgr@melatiresort. well of course complications may arise but there is nothing that can’t be solved in a very relaxed manner. with a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere . 84320 Thailand Tel: 0 7791 3400-20. It does not just complete me as a wedding planner but completes me as a person seeing happy faces and the glow in their eyes not only touches my heart but the feelings deep in my heart-the happiness and love! SBW: Is there anything you think couples should know about when getting married on Samui? Rio: I completely understand that planning a destination wedding is di cult to all couples who live a thousand miles away.Ful ll your dream wedding! I must say Koh Samui is not only a perfect place for a wedding venue but a great place for a romantic getaway and adventure with friends. actual wedding day. Koh Samui.. they are very kind.com ... I love this island. (66-77)422-222. SBW: What do you like best about helping couples realize their wedding dreams? Rio: I like every part of it! From the moment they send me an inquiry.Research the venue and the wedding planning team.com Melati Beach Resort and Spa Thongson Bay. through the wedding planning. (66-77)422-389-90. 231-013 eventmgr@chawengregent. 0 7791 3444 www.

Photo by: Khun Danai Photo by: Khun Danai Photo by: Khun Rung Photo by: Khun Bundit Congratulations Photo by: Khun Rung Photo by: Khun Chu Photo by: Khun Tonn to our previous Real Samui Couples! Photo by: Khun Danai Photo by: Khun Tonn Photo by: Khun Rung .

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and best swimming beach on the island and has wonderful views of Angthong Marine Park and stunning sunsets. this villa is a truly exceptional villa.samuitropicalvillas. this villa strikes an idyllic balance between contemporary grandeur and Thai-Balinese timelessness. The walk-through the entrance area with its solid wood carved door and water features gives away the atmosphere from the first step into the villa.Translated as "The Sunshine House". The stone wall and heavy wooden gates give a hint of the style and quality that awaits you inside this tropical oasis. Luxury Villa 001 .Top Honeymoon Villas 3 Recommended Luxury Honeymoon Villas on Koh Samui Luxury Villa 002 . well designed layout would be very hard to find. Reservations & Inquiries: info@samuitropicalvillas.com www. Luxury Villa 061 .com Samui Bride & Honeymoon 43 . Everything about this property exudes luxury and excellence. Lipa Noi is regarded as the most unspoilt. and a more spacious.Set in one of the most desirable and beautiful residential areas on the island.Nestled in the heart of tranquillity in the hills of Bophut. sits on a former coconut plantation on Lipa Noi ("Little Palm") beach on the peaceful south-west coast of Koh Samui.

dry sauna.800 .com .400 Tel: +66 (0) 81 968 1050 Reservations & Inquiries: info@samuitropicalvillas. then head down to the private. this villa’s multifunctional living spaces and luxurious facilities o er guests a range of appealing options for undisturbed relaxation and personalised recreation.samuitropicalvillas. The Perfect Wedding Location! Luxury Villa 021 Location: Bang Por (North-west) Wheelchair Accessible: Yes Beds: 8 Baths: 10 Wi : Yes View: Ocean View with Private Beach Access Pool: Private Daily Rates from: USD $1.$4. 12-seater cinema for movie marathon complete with popcorn and ice cream. steam and huge jacuzzi. Indulgent additions at this villa include a custom built Clubhouse with its own private tness and massage room.com www.Samui Luxury Wedding Villas An exceptional choice for families or groups of friends seeking the ultimate exclusive retreat. Active guests can play a few sets on the villa's oodlit tennis court or swim laps in the 32 metre private pool. Those who prefer less strenuous vacation fun can also enjoy a game of pool or mahjong in the Clubhouse.

Discover what The Lotus Terraces has to o er for a perfect beach holiday on the island of Koh Samui. Maenam.Koh Samui The villas at the Lotus Terraces o er the best of island living. Koh Samui. This intimate development of luxury villas and terraced homes o ers the nest of beachfront living on Koh Samui. Each of its ve luxury villas provide the comforts of a vacation home away from home in a peaceful surrounding.Welcome to The Lotus Terraces . Surat Thani. Mention you saw us in “Samui Bride & Honeymoon Magazine” for free bottle of bubbly for EACH Villa you rent.lotusterraces.com www. We invite you to explore our various options available in ful lling your dream.com Call to arrange your inspection today. . 84330 Thailand International Tel: +66 (0) 7 7447 381 / Local Tel: 077 447 381 Email: sales@lotusterraces. The dream of investing in a beachfront property on Koh Samui can now be a reality with The Lotus Terraces. The Lotus Terraces 12/18 Moo 5.

So. Mexican. Italian.decadent dining on koh samui Indulge in Culinary Delights When you think of some of the world's best food – Thai is at the top of many people's list. German and Indian to name a few. Bon Appetit! Would you like to share your Koh Samui dining experience with us? Email: editor@samuibride.facebook. honeymoon or romantic getaway. Mediterranean. infused with a variety of other cultures such as. we have some of the best Thai food available anywhere in Thailand.com with your stories or reviews. Here on Koh Samui. Make a reservation tonight with the one that you love the most. what happens when you cross the best Thai ingredients with the best international chefs who bring their own personal methods of culinary genius to the plate? You get one more reason why Koh Samui is the perfect island destination for your wedding. Spanish. How can it not be? The delectable avor combinations and fresh ingredients are absolutely magni cent. Because life without love is like food without taste. Japanese.com/SamuiBride . Scandinavian. or visit us on facebook: www. Who doesn't like to be introduced delicious cuisine? What restaurant will be your favorite? Experience is second to none. French. Chinese. Russian. honeymoon or romantic getaway! Share your discoveries with your family and friends when you come back to Samui for your wedding.

thescenthotel. private dining right on the beach and a poolside bar.. Koh Samui 84320 Suratthani Thailand TEL: 077 962 198 or 960 123 / FAX: 077 962 199 Email: info@thescenthotel. Suratthani 84320 Thailand info@peaceresort.com tel: +66 77 425 357 / fax: +66 77 425 343 “…. to daily promotions and theme nights.com . 178 Moo 1.A Secret World….com www. we have it all. Bophut Beach. Koh Samui. From exquisite dining with sea views.” THE SCENT HOTEL 58/1 Moo 4 Bangrak Beach.Experience one of the most celebrated restaurants on Samui at Peace Resort.

which is ra . TripAdvisor. n: sin ai es M dr t tic Roman t and walnu d wasabi hokes. Chef Wally ha For over 11 year siting vi s le llets of coup ne. tomato passat for reservations: 086 276 9101 48 Samui Bride & Honeymoon Mention Samui Bride & Honeymoon for a special complimentary cocktail . pine nu nean herbs an rra ite marinated artic ed M ith w sil and na Tartar lls with Italian ba Exquisite Red Tu g Aubergine Ro in az Am k. ac crack-cr a. coconu ari with yle Baby Calam and a scallop. sid hbeac lights of the culinary de your senses with Chef Wally.com your ion tonight for Make a reservat d romance an le-lit table nd ca e. His tempting the pa isi cu le ab his delect ith w ui m Sa h Ko ated in top chef culmin reputation as a aurant with ORGASMIC rest the opening of ted #1 on 2010. Chef Wally Reco mmends: lmetto ai salad with pa prawns O – refreshing Th ith m w Su ed m rv Yu se r: g te Lite Star d lime dressin an gs in av sh t shallots.food has never been so sexy! s been s. licious Sicilian-St De g.

Lamai Beach.The Heights Watch a spectacular moon rise over a tranquil sea. Koh Samui Tel: +66(0)77 960 555 www.silavadeeresort.com ...

not all owers are readily obtainable.com Birds of Paradise Heliconia Heliconia Rostrata Purple Orchids Green Orchids White Orchids 50 Samui Bride & Honeymoon . Check with your wedding planner about what di erent owers are available for your big day.owers on koh samui Thailand is known for it's beautiful orchids. Because of Thailand's warm tropical climate. Do you have a favorite ower that grows in Thailand? Email us your photos: editor@samuibride. but there are many other gorgeous Thai perennials you may want to add to your decorations. Here is a short list of some of the most common owers available on Koh Samui.

White & Red Roses .White/Purple Phalaenopsis Fuchsia Phalaenopsis Yellow Phalaenopsis Purple Phalaenopsis White Lotus Pink Lotus White/Yellow Frangipani Orange/Red Frangipani White Plumeria White Calla Lily White Lily Pink Lily Pink .

which can then be directed out of the body with touch. A relaxing spa day is also a great way to spend time together with some of your wedding guests. Flutter away from daily routines and discover a new journey at Silavadee Wellness Spa 52 Lamai Beach. When it comes to your wedding day. being more aware of what is happening around you. keeping the stress levels to a minimum and making your overall mood upbeat and happy.Who doesn't like to be pampered? Even most men would agree that being massaged into deep relaxation and groomed to perfection feels wonderful. They stimulate the senses and awaken our spirits.com Samui Bride & Honeymoon . Koh Samui's spas deliver a complete balance of service and relaxation for any occasion. Being relaxed on your wedding day has it's obvious advantages....silavadeeresort. a hens party or having a romantic honeymoon retreat. Spa treatments have taken o around the world and there are a variety available on Koh Samui – from simple Thai massage to all-inclusive award-winning wellness retreats. A great treatment will loosen your body so all tensions from the real world can be released and melt away. Spa experience. family or to enjoy during a traditional Hen Party – or even a stag-do! Complete spa days can be arranged to cater to and delight every sense you posses. Take the time to visit one of Koh Samui's spas – you will be thankful you did – and so will everyone that goes with you. And I have never met a woman who doesn't want a day at the spa.. Why not encourage everyone to take advantage of this amazing service while visiting the Kingdom of Thailand? Compared to most other countries a typical day at the spa can be very expensive. Their aromatic pleasures can penetrate deep into the body to caress your soul into exultation. being able to enjoy the day even more. And let's face it – it's your wedding day so you are supposed to make the most of it! Spa treatments have also been know to be very therapeutic. Koh Samui Tel: +66(0)77 960 555 www. They relax muscles and free toxins that get trapped within our organs. a day at the spa on Koh Samui is reasonably priced and service is second-to-none. Even with our global economy in disarray.


more often than not. Sailing. There are a lot things you just wouldn't do at home – so don't do them here. Golfing. Zip Lines. There is so much to do here that it can be exhausting. Rock Climbing & Repelling. On Koh Samui. Quad Biking. Elephant Trekking and Bungee-Jumping. Massages. To get your party started contact Thailand Bucks.Where To Go And What To Do stags & hens When someone mentions a “Stag-Do” or “Hen's Party” . Cooking Classes. Shopping and Island Tours. Elephant Treks. Koh Samui is full of great things to do with your family and friends – and especially with each other. Spa Treatments. For the men – fun with the boys is often. Snorkeling Trips. Fishing. Private Speed Boat Trips. be responsible for yourself and don't check your brain at the gate upon arrival. these traditional rites-of-passage are held during the day rather than night.com facebook.com/ThailandBucksStagsAndHens Say you saw them in “Samui Bride & Honeymoon Magazine!” . Though there are a lot more times now when the ladies want to be more adventurous than the boys and the boys want to be thoroughly pampered. Koh Samui has plenty to do after the sun goes down so the only thing we'll say about the night-life on Koh Samui is. Scuba Diving. Manicures & Pedicures. Football Golf. There is plenty of fun to be had while remaining respectful to the locals and other foreigners. Go-Karting. No matter what your personal style is. Stags & Hens buckshens@samuibride.thailandbucksandhens.com www. often images of drunken excess and come to mind – thanks to movies like The Hangover 2. For the ladies – their parties are often.

He is a Food & Beverage manager who has convinced unknowing resorts he is a true Celebrant and charges a little less than the real professionals based on Koh Samui.as it is so important to not cut corners to save a little money. Then call them any time you know you need a taxi.sometimes considerably. The best wedding planners and wedding resorts on Koh Samui are already aware of this fake Celebrant and will only use real professionals for your wedding . Best thing to do is rent a small car for your stay. FAKE CELEBRANT There is currently a fake wedding Celebrant by the name of Alfredo Alonzo who is trying to pass himself o as a wedding professional on Koh Samui. but nowadays. But don't bother trying to get the number of a bad taxi driver to report them.and you'll want to return many times over. talk to your resort or villa manager about the most reputable operators nearby. So we suggest NOT renting a motorbike when coming to Koh Samui .and contrary to what many visitors believe . As of this writing. but they can quickly turn into nightmares in Thailand when rented from the wrong operator. You will need to negotiate a rate before you travel.if they say it's Alfredo . MOTORBIKE RENTALS Koh Samui used to be a motorbike haven. There are stories about people spending much more than necessary. Ask your wedding planner or resort who your Celebrant will be . Not to mention the condition of many of the roads. The roads are quite small at times when visiting certain parts of the island and a small car is ideal. A professional wedding Celebrant is one of the most important parts of your wedding day . wedding or honeymoon. In the end. Rent a small car instead. There are excellent professional Celebrants available on Koh Samui. and to avoid this we suggest getting the drivers number if you really like their service and attitude. Koh Samui is not the place to learn how to ride a motorbike .don't leave it up to just anyone. If you REALLY want to rent jet ski's on Samui. we want to make sure no one gets fooled by this man. There are a few things we feel are important to know before visiting Koh Samui so your trip is relaxed and unforgettable . JET SKI RENTALS Jet ski's are fun and exciting. as you will be putting your trust in a Samui-based wedding planner you may have never met.ATTENTION! some important things to know Koh Samui is such a wonderful place to be have a romantic getaway. because you don't know what else they will do to save money on your big day. then you will have a trusted driver.UNLESS you have previous riding experience and are not a drunken fool (sorry to be blunt). Demand only the best for your wedding. You may have seen the reports on Youtube and international news media about people renting from unreputable operators and then are involved in physical altercations over bogus claims of damage and demands for extortinate amounts of money. pot-holes.get another wedding planner. open sewer drains and sand on many corners.they are not kid's toys. After dark the rates go up . METERED TAXIS There are no such things here on Koh Samui . ALL Samui resorts now know of his status and any resort or wedding company who knowningly uses him is trying to cheat each couple out of an honestly professional service. among many other things. no matter what you do while on Koh Samui .no mater what the sign on the top of their car says. there is no one to report them to on Koh Samui.don't check-out your brain when you check-in your luggage at the airport. cars rule the roads here. Enjoy your stay and we'll see you again on your next trip to Koh Samui! .

com Q Signature Samui Beach Resort 24/73 Moo 5 Thambon BhoPhut.thefiveislands. Thailand. 84330 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 7 7447 381 sales@lotusterraces. bophut. 84320 Tel: +66 (0) 85 789 9150 / Fax: +44 (0) 208 507 0269 info@dreamsvillaresort.com Le Jaroen Restaurant @ The Scent Hotel 58/1 Moo 4. Tambon Taling Ngam .dreamsvillaresort. Suratthani.com www. Suratthani 84320 Thailand Tel.com Orgasmic Restaurant Located at the far eastern end of Bo Phut Beach For Reservations Call: +66 (0) 86 276 9101 walter. Maret.andreini@hotmail.silavadeeresort.com The Heights The Heights Restaurant @ Silavadee Pool Spa Resort 208/66 Moo 4. Surat Thani. 84140 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 7741 5359. Maenam. +66 (0) 77 428 100 Fax +66 (0) 77 428 133 wedding@myqhotels.com www. Koh Samui. +66 (0) 814 775 371 samui@thefiveislands.com 56 Samui Bride & Honeymoon . Bangrak Beach.com The Lotus Terraces 12/18 Moo 5. Koh Samui.com www.directory Dreams Villa Resort 2/56 Moo 1. Koh Samui . Suratthani. Koh Samui. Suratthani. +66 (0) 77 962198 / +66 (0) 77 960123 info@thescenthotel.com The Five Islands Restaurant 348 Moo 3. Koh Samui.thescenthotel. Thailand Tel: +66 (0)77 960 555 / Fax: +66 (0)77 960 055 www. Koh Samui Suratthani Thailand 84320 Tel.

samuitropicalvillas. Maret.com www. Koh Samui.com Sui Kin Restaurant @ Akyra Chura Samui Resort 99/9 Moo 2.theakyra. Suratthani. Thailand Tel:+66 (0) 77 915 100 / Fax: +66 (0) 77 915 111 info@theakyra.com www. Bophut. 84320 Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 85 080 3872 Fax: +66 (0) 77 245 719 info@samuibeachweddings.samuibeachweddings.com Samui Tropical Villas & Resorts Tel: +66 (0) 81 968 1050 info@samuitropicalvillas.com Samui Beach Weddings 157/15 Moo 1. Suratthani.com www.silavadeeresort. Chaweng Beach Road. +66 (0) 7742 2389-90 info@redsnappersamui.samuicelebrant.com www.com CELEBRANT SAMUI Samui Celebrant Tel: +66 (0) 89 590 8823 Email: info@samuicelebrant. Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 77 960 555 / Fax: +66 (0) 77 960 055 wedding@silavadeeresort. Suratthani 84320 Thailand Tel.com Samui Bride & Honeymoon 57 . +66 (0) 77 425357 info@peaceresort.com Silavadee Pool Spa Resort 208/66 Moo 4. Koh Samui . Next to Chaweng Regent Tel: +66 (0) 7742 2008.com Sea Wrap Restaurant 178 Moo 1. Koh Samui.com Marriage Services SAMUI LEGAL Samui Legal Marriage Services Tel: +66 (0) 81 956 0905 info@samuilegalmarriage.peaceresort. Bo Phut.com www.samuilegalmarriage.redsnappersamui.com www. Koh Samui.Red Snapper Restaurant & Bar Chaweng Beach Road.com www.com www.


com/SamuiBeachWeddings skype: SamuiBeachWeddings Local Tel: 081 956 0905 / 089 590 8823 .Samui Beach Weddings .Professional Destination Wedding Specialists www.com facebook.samuibeachweddings.

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