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Benefits of Safe Sex

Benefits of Safe Sex

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Published by: goodmanbakhtiar on Mar 28, 2009
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Dear Friends

People hardly have sex these days, perhaps they find it, is not important for health but only for joy. Unfortunately safe sex is very important for human life. If you recall all those oldies who are living beyond 80 years, sex must be their secret of health. Often in my medical practice, I find aged people enjoy more sex than the younger generation. Too much of stress, alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise, lack of rest, poor nutrition and diseases like diabetes and depression are the major causes for lack of sex. In India, we do not talk about sex and still feel taboo to talk about this. Men last longer; women are going down because of obesity, early menopause, poor fitness, leading to depletion of sex hormones and losing interest in sex. I have gone through the literature and I thought this is very important for all of you to understand once again to rejuvenate and enjoy regular sex. Safe sex is a must for a longer life. Enjoy this New Year 2009 with a new beginning once again. Learn about sex which means “supreme experience” of life.

Sex is an integral part of human life
Sex is a form of physical exercise. During sex, heart rate increases up to 135-150 beats per minute depending up on the age. Having a sex three times a week burns lots of calories, and if maintained throughout the year, is equivalent to jogging 75 miles. Physical exercise, in whatever form, increases the level of the male hormone, testosterone, within the body. Experts say that this hormone strengthens the muscles and bones of the human body and helps in controlling the body fat. Sex by increasing circulation to all parts of the body, increases the supply of oxygen to the cells and stimulates the activity of various organs and systems within the body. That means the DNA damage slows down and the aging. Sex balances out the good cholesterol (HDL / LDL) to bad cholesterol ratio, and at the same time reduces the overall cholesterol levels in the body. It also stimulates the fat-burning by increasing B-oxidation of fatty acids in the body.

Sex balances certain hormones such as endorphins, encephalin, melanins which are responsible to regulate sleep and relaxation. Studies indicate that sex may reduce headaches and joint pains (pain-gate theory explains the reasons for pain relief). Prostate gland-related disorders are known to occur or get aggravated by lack of sex or very irregular participation in sex; this is because of the disturbance in the production of the secretions from the gland (males only). Regular sexual activity eliminates these harmful secretions. However, a sudden change in the frequency of sex can also cause prostate-related disorders. Similarly in women, to certain extent, the ovarian function also depends up on the sexual habits of a person. The satisfaction and the relaxation after sex are beneficial for the mind and the circulatory system. Many people use this as a sleeping pill. Sex is the content of so called marital bliss. It was noted that sex related problems in early days of marriage lead to conflicts, personality clashes, depression and sadly divorces. Love and affection can increase the level of oxytocin, a hormone that induces sexual desire. A higher level of oxytocin will increase the frequency of sexual encounters between the couple. Sex has an advantage, especially for women. Regular sex increases the level of female hormone, which reduces the risk of heart disease and softens the vaginal tract. During sex, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is secreted throughout the body. DHEA, the most abundant steroid in the human body, has been dubbed the ‘mother of all hormones’; it has many roles within the body and plays an important role in the manufacture of the hormones testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and corticosterone. DHEA declines of with age; so by age 65, our bodies make only 10 to 20% of what they did at age 20. High levels of DHEA have been associated with longevity, enhanced libido, building muscle-mass, and warding off depression.

Human physiology says have sex, but safe-sex; people with medical
problems can certainly have sex with few modifications; It’s better to understand the needs and the tastes of your partner and deal with sensitivity and sensibility. Do consult your doctor and mind it, it is the mind which makes love not the body. Any help please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Wish You and your Family a Very healthy New Year 2009

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