The oil palm Fact Sheet


Did you know?
1. Oil palm gives the highest yield of oil per hectare of land [higher than any other crop]. 2. Has a fibrous root system which is only a few centimeters below the land surface

3. The bunch of oil palm i.e. the remains after the fruits have been

extracted is a very rich source of phosphorus.
4. Palm kernel oil is obtained from the nuts of the oil palm fruits.

5. Indonesia is the world’s leading producer of oil palm.
6. Palm oil is used for vegetable oil, soap, margarine, as a lubricant, soup

palm wine, and many others.
7. Palm oil has a high amount of carotenes which is the precursor for

vitamin And is therefore good for the eyes.
8. The palm fruits are used in the preparation of soup in West Africa.

9. The main limiting factor in oil palm production is water / irrigation / rainfall.
10. When the oil palm tree becomes old and unproductive they are

chopped down and an incision is made at the junction of the crown and the trunk / stem and a sweet solution comes out which can be drank as a refreshing drink. After two days, it ferments to become what is called palm wine 11.The pisifera variety rarely fruits because the male inflorescence is sterile. 12.The tenera variety is the most economically viable variety used in oil palm production. 13.An oil palm seed can take up to 15 years to germinate. 14.The greatest pest of oil palm in West Africa is the leaf miners. 15.Grass cutters love young oil palms. 16.Coconut and oil palm are relatives. 17.The leaves of oil palm are palmate 18.The leaves of oil palm are used for broom making in West Africa
19. The main difference between the fronds of oil palm and that of coconut

is that there are thorns at the proximal ends of the oil palm fronds which is absent in that of coconut.