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And I Heard A Voice From Heaven By Michael Bolerjack And I heard a voice from heaven, it might have been

Mary, who told me to look up, and so I went outside to the night sky, but I saw no sign, but later came to realize that I must no longer look down and within, but outward, above, to God, so that my soul will magnify the Lord, and not myself, for I had lain too long in the toils of psyche, and in the embrace of a death not for telling, which did so ensnare with me deceitful guile, when all she would do would be to like sirens send me to a doom, when all she would do like a lamia was wed me to horror, so just before she had even in brazen whispers of a Lady Macbeth promised me greatness through evil, so I turned and ran to Christ, having gained the knowledge of what lies hidden beneath the surface of my mind, so better armed, to fight and not to cease this mental war, to conquer the world within for God and Christ and Mary.