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Tony Robbins - 10 Day Challenge

Tony Robbins - 10 Day Challenge

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Tony Robbins challenge you to improve
Tony Robbins challenge you to improve

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Published by: aberto75 on Apr 22, 2013
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the THE ten-day TEN-DAY challenge CHALLENGE E Q



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ow all of the tools necessary to create a more healthy, more vibrant, more vital life are at your fingertips. How are you going to use them? What principles are you going to incorporate into your daily routine to create the quality of life you’ve only dreamed of? What have you learned this weekend that you want to bring home with you? Remember, your physical health is the most important thing you possess, and while not everything you heard or saw today may resonate with you completely, give it a try. Apply these principles, give yourself these 10 gifts for 10 days, judge their validity first-hand, and experience the power, vitality, energy, and joy of your body being totally alive with health. Vital breathing. 1-4-2 in three sets of 10 each day. Living waters and live food. Drink plenty of water and eat 70% water-content food—a salad every meal. Aerobic power and maximum strength. Exercise six times in the next 10 days. Warm up properly. Exercise at your proper heart rate for at least 15 minutes. Cool down properly. Maximum nourishment. 1. Break your fast (breakfast) with green vegetables, green juices, non-acid producing, low-sugar fruits and fruit juices, or light, alkalizing foods only. 2. Properly combine your meals. 3. Don’t eat starch and proteins together. 4. Eat in a relaxed state. 5. Eat comfortable amounts. 6. Drink water before your meals, not during or after. 7. Eat organic as much as possible. 8. Eat well before the time you retire. A directed mind. 1. Create joy where before you had stress. 2. Ask problem-solving questions. 3. Direct your appetite. Structural Support. Get some rest, get some sun, and/or get a massage. Keep your body in alignment with stretches, exercises, and/or professional care. Eliminate or dramatically reduce processed fats. Eat enough natural or unprocessed fats but watch your processed fat consumption. Eliminate animal flesh for 10 days and judge by the results. Eliminate milk, cheese, and all other dairy products (with the rare exception of a condiment). drugs.




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10 Eliminate acid addictions. For 10 days cut out sugar, salt, vinegar, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, and


beyond this challenge. while it is ideal to maintain these same standards of living health consistently throughout your daily routine. what’s talked about is a dream. but what’s scheduled is REAL. and fulfilled you. but that you also learn to incorporate the principle of “zigging and zagging.” Know that for some people. more vibrant. massive action can you take so you don’t lose momentum? Are you going to join a gym? Hire a personal trainer? Sign up for Life Mastery? Completely empty out your cabinets and refrigerator and go on a health food shopping spree? Set up support group of Living Health graduates? Finally.” ANTHONY ROBBINS What can you do after leaving here today? What immediate. We sincerely hope that first and foremost. what’s planned is possible. the reality is that it is not practical for everyone to live by these principles 100% of the time. for every meal (zigging) may be obtainable. if you feel like indulging (zagging) by all means allow yourself that set aside one meal or one day every week or two when you eat whatever it is that you want so you can consistently maintain and continue to build the health. maintaining the highest standards of living health every single day. but depending on what works for you. might not be sustainable. l “Remember. what’s envisioned is exciting. healthier.Now it is time to make a commitment to a new. UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN 127 . your commitment to your health stands strong? Take a moment and write down these commitments. Our goal has been to present you with as much knowledge and as many tools as possible so you can make your own informed decision about what is right for you. you take advantage of the 10-day challenge to experience all that a lifestyle of “Living Health” has to offer. vitality and energy that you desire and deserve. So. What promises can you make to yourself that will transform your body and your life? What ways can you find to weave this information into the fabric of your life so that no matter where you are or who you’re with.

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