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100 Home Biz Malaysia

100 Home Biz Malaysia


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Published by Mohd Afif Sukri

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Published by: Mohd Afif Sukri on Mar 28, 2009
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Start-up cost: RM3,000-RM6,000
Potential earnings: RM30,000 and up fees: RM35 per hour
Advertising: Business publications, membership in business and trade groups, referrals, networking
Qualifications: Degree in organizational psychology or related field, experience in corporate security or
industrial hygiene, proven track record, ability to market and sell your own services needed: Office
furniture, computer, modem, fax, laser printer, suite software, business cards, letterhead, envelopes,
marketing materials
Staff required: No
Handicapped opportunity: No
Hidden costs: Travel, errors and omissions insurance, attendance at seminars or conferences for
ongoing education, membership dues


This is a growing field as the Malaysian workplace changes. Tensions can arise that blow up into major
crises; we read about the worst of these in the news media. But simmering hostility and negative attitudes
occur in many organizations. Your business is founded on your ability to recognize these and other
potentially serious problems, such as dangerous doorways. You help companies recognize the triggers,
be they physical structural problems or management issues, and then mediate crises. This is a high-
profile, high-stress form of consulting. It requires outstanding presentation skills, the ability to
communicate effectively with all types of people, and the self-confidence to be an effective change agent.
You are different from employee harmony consultants (who specialize in making sure everyone gets
along) and labor relations professionals (who primarily translate corporate policies).


You’ll need to keep in communication with your clients as you travel, and you’ll need the basic office to
support your work (about RM3,000). Most projects are carried out at the client’s site, and to earn
RM30,000 annually should not be difficult.

Bottom-Line Advice:


You’ll need to feel comfortable dealing with crises as a regular part of your work. Of course organizations
ought to bring you in to prevent hostility from arising, but realistically, that’s not what happens. On the
other hand, there will be no doubt about the importance and value of the services you provide. The other
big requirement is the ability to market yourself. Getting established is likely to be very difficult.

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