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Secret of Success for Students

Secret of Success for Students

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Published by Swami Vedatitananda
Tips for success in studies.
Tips for success in studies.

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Published by: Swami Vedatitananda on Apr 22, 2013
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Secret of success for students Which student does not dream of passing out with high marks or grades

? But not every student knows the techniques of study that will ensure such marks that dreams are made of! Did I say study is an art? True, it is indeed an art. Purposeful and focused study, a type of study that will ensure success for students, is indeed a most valuable art. Since it is an art, one has to apply lot of brains in order to learn the nuances of that art. There are some parents who constantly reward their children so that they may study well. There are many teachers, sincere and dedicated, who patiently teach their students the secrets of studying effectively, for they wish that their students must do well in exams and later on in life. But, if the fire of the need for studying does not burn in the student’s heart, nobody else’s efforts will be of any avail. Reading & writing, writing & reading, this is the 1st technique of effective study. Reading – and then understanding what has been read – this is the 2nd technique of effective study. Reading – and then thinking deeply on what has been studied – this is the 3rd technique of effective study. Reading – and then expressing what has been read and understood in your words and then comparing what you have expressed with the original – this is the 4th technique of effective study. In this way, after reading a whole lesson, you will have to prepare a brief synopsis consisting of only the main points – this is the 5th technique of effective study. This synopsis should be prepared in such a way that if you just read it, the whole lesson must flash before your mind’s eye. If you study in this way, is there any topic that you cannot master? Then, there are some essays, articles and books on topics that you should read that will supplement what you read in your lessons. This sort of supplementary reading is very beneficial. Many times, some story you read somewhere or some article you happened to glance in some book, help you understand some knotty topic of your lessons. Regular reading of some selected magazines, newspapers, journals and fortnightlies go a long way in strengthening the reading habit is you. Moreover, such habits help you develop the ability to read quickly and also build your vocabulary. ********************** [Translation of a stand-alone article written by Rev Swami Purushottamanandaji Maharaj]

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