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5:19 PMPritchard, Tomhi Harini! sure 5:19 PMVenkatachalam, HariniWhat do i need a DARF for?

for stopping and restarting the stored procedure? 5:20 PMPritchard, Tomthe DARF is for file name rights e.g. GIPP.Z.D.DNC5:21 PMVenkatachalam, Hariniok.. so i need to create a DARF for the new mailbox file i will get for third party vendor? 5:21 PMPritchard, Tomcorrect you need to give access to ADNC and CCF groups sorry, user domains, as in the binder 5:22 PMVenkatachalam, Harinifor new files that I send out to warehouse and diall ers.. do i need to create DARF too? 5:23 PMPritchard, Tomyou will need to reach out to the recipients of the dialler files, get their ids, and fill out a DARF on their behalf 5:24 PMVenkatachalam, Harinican i reach out to them and ask them to create it th emselves 5:24 PMPritchard, Tomeach dialler usually has a primary and a backup 5:24 PMVenkatachalam, Hariniok 5:24 PMPritchard, Tomyes, they can create it themselves it depends how familiar they are with those DARF forms, really 5:26 PMVenkatachalam, HariniTom.. no one is familiar with them.. including me 5:26 PMPritchard, Tomlol-that's why it's easier sometimes to fill it out for the m 5:26 PMVenkatachalam, Hariniyou are my ray of light with DORFs and DARFs and all things to do with implementation 5:27 PMPritchard, Tomat least you've got some technical backup....somewhere

5:27 PMVenkatachalam, HariniThanks Tom.. let me get in touch with those guys and

light a fire under them