The work of Shaykh Dr Abdalqadir as-Sufi

Just under half a century ago a young, successful Scottish writer Ian Dallas entered Islam in 1967 at the Qarawyn Mosque of Fez witnessed by the Imam Khatib of the Qarawyn Shaykh Abdalkrim Daudi and Alal Al-Fasi the renowned nationalist leader. Shortly afterwards while he was seeking a Sufic guide, Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib turned back on his tracks and thus he found the seeker. After a series of visits to the Shaykh‟s Zawiyya in Meknes, the Shaykh invested his Murid with the title of As-Sufi.

Ian Dallas now Abdalqadir As-Sufi had begun a lifetime of Da‟wa and intellectual study to revive the Deen which was being crushed both by the Arabs‟ headlong plunge into Socialism on the one hand and by the disastrous attempt of the Muslim modernists to westernise the deen on the other.

Right at the beginning of his intense active life as a Da‟ee Abdalqadir As-Sufi realised that bringing solitary individuals into Islam would reduce the Deen to a personal or inward religion that could not create an Islamic Jama‟at. He began with a small group of Scots and English, among them the Wali of Allah, Hajj Abdalaziz Redpath, may Allah be pleased with him, and the now highly respected „Ulema and translators, Hajj Abdalhhaqq Bewley and his wife Hajia Aisha At-Tarjumana Bewley.

Turning their backs on an easeful life in society the group moved into a ruined house in central London – a squat. In the shortest time new Muslims had taken over of most of the empty houses in the street, decorated them and opened up a tailor‟s, a bakery, a health shop, a book shop and a clinic. The transformed street had become a Muslim community. It was visited by Dr. Kawthar Niazi, Pakistan‟s Minister of Islamic Affairs, and by Shaykh Abdalhalim Mahmud, Shaykh al Azhar who led the Dhu‟hr prayer of the community.

From the beginning our Shaykh had wanted to create a Muslim village in England. To this end, he visited King Khalid in Riyadh. The King had expressed enthusiasm for the project and promised to undertake the task. However, the Wahhabis at the court forbade the king from keeping his promise.

Nevertheless it was one of the leaders in Saudiarabia, Shaykh Abdallah Ali al-Mahmud, who befriended Hajj Abdalqadir and defended him against his modernist and Wahhabi detractors. He announced: “Hajj Abdalqadir, you are going to be the leader of all the Muslims in Europe.

” As a result of this meeting Hajj Abdalqadir embarked on a research which resulted in an important production of key works of Islamic Fiqh. As a result in the shortest time his Murids began to produce superb translations of key works that had never appeared before in English. now accepted as official version by Muslims) Hajj Abdalghani Melara „Meanings of Qur‟an‟ (English.Qayrawani with nine classical commentaries translated by Shaykh Ali al-Iraqi (in Spanish) „Meanings of Qur‟an‟ (Spanish.) „The Meaning of Man‟ Sidi Ali al-Jamal of Fez. Then you will have success. As a result the following works have appeared in English: „The Muwatta‟ of Imam Malik (with an „Ijaza from the London Central Mosque) translated by Hajja Aisha Bewley. the now renowned version of the Bewleys. prior to this only one copy. may Allah be pleased with him – the very teaching that ibn Taymiyya set over all the Schools. Following the sober guidance of Shaykh Abdallah. Shaykh Abdal Qadir as Sufi decided to hold to the primal model of Islamic teaching. „Risala: Abi Zayd al.All that matters is that your „Aqida must be correct. was in his Fez Zawiyya. the original. „Defence Against Disaster‟ by Qadi Abu Bakr ibn Arabi of Granada. Translated by Hajjia Aisha Bewley. Qadi „Ayad: Fundamentals of Islam (Translated by Hajjia Aisha Bewley). whose greatest explicator was Imam Malik.the truly Salafi school of the „Amal of the people of Madinah. on the correct position on the Fitnat al-Kubra with extensive commentary. . (Translated by Hajjia Aisha Bewley).

This was confirmed by Sidi Muhammad ibn Ali the Wali of Bahlil.” Some time after this he declared his authority as Shaykh of the Habibiyya-AllawiyyaDarqawi hand is over your hand. continued with growing success. Shaykh al-Fayturi announced: “He is Arif-Bi‟llah. Sidi Muhammad Bel-Kurshi of Turuq. Communities have been established in: England Scotland Ireland Germany Spain Italy Mexico South Africa And only this year in Russia. The Da‟wa over these years. also Editor of the nationally renowned “Islamischa Zeitung. In obedience. Shaykh al-Fayturi declared. His communities work . Thousands have entered Islam as a result of this activity – uncounted hundreds. The leader of the communities is a distinguished German Lawyer. Leave him be.“you are already cooked. this will not take long. After three nights the Shaykh released him – the same time as Shaykh al-Fayturi had spent under the guidance of Shaykh al-Alawi. Libya. he left for Libya where Shaykh al Fayturi put him in Khalwa. He said.” When his Fuqara later criticised Hajj Abdalqadir as-Sufi for reverting to the Wird of the Habibiyya. Insha‟Allah”". “I say to you what Shaykh al-Alawi told me on putting me into seclusion. “Now. and the Wali of Allah.” Rais Abu Bakr Rieger. without any support from governments.During this period Hajj Abdalqadir was ordered by the Alawiyya Shaykh Muhammad alFayturi to visit him in Benghazi. Moulay Hassan al-Majdhoub. the now over 100 year old Sufic companion of Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Habib.

in turn. gifted by Hajj Sayyid Mukhtar al-Banna al-Bukhari of Malaysia. Spain. The Jumu‟a Mosque of Cape Town. The Great Mosque of Granada.gifted by Shaykh Azzam of Madinah. the definitive text that puts behind us all the outdated „Modernism‟ that has shipwrecked on the rocks of terrorism.towards the restoration of the fallen pillar of Zakat and have brought back the necessary Sunna of the gold Dinar and silver Dirham essential to a TAKEN Zakat. purified of the deviations that led to „terrorism‟ and suicide-bombing. was hosted by the Sultan al-‟Ulama of Madinan Fiqh. . He is the Author of “The Esoteric Deviation in Islam”. The Shaykh has held 10 Conferences on Islamic Fiqh. Another. Umar „Ibrahim Vadillo is known to the communities as „Umar Pasha‟ because of his leadership in demonstrating and structuring the way to submit modern finance to the Halal and successful methods of Madinan practice. gifted by H. South Africa. Shaykh Dr. In 2001 the Science University of Penang. and Tasawwuf on pure Madinan lines.H. Shaykh Sultan al-Qasimi. Abdalqadir as-Sufi founded: The Ihsan Mosque of Norwich. One Conference was hosted by Shaykh Zayd of Abu Dhabi. they have minted Islamic currency in Spain. Shaykh Shadhili an-Nayfar. and Malaysia. Further. Malaysia awarded Shaykh Abdal Qadir as-Sufi an Honorary Doctorate of Literature for his life‟s work. South Africa. The evil Bourguiba banned it from being held at the Qarawiyyin of Tunis and in defiance Shaykh an-Nayfar held it in a hired cinema! As the initiator of new programmes for a renewed Islam. our Shaykh points to a restoration of a Fiqh. may Allah be pleased with him. „Aqida.

The college provides separate lectures on three aspects of politics. and in Edinburgh. There are three languages taught: Arabic. formerly Professor at Bilboa University in Spain. to equip them for leadership in the modern world and ready to build on the ruins of present day anarchy – this has been activated in the innovative curriculum of Dallas College which he founded in Cape Town. The Shaykh‟s educational system represents a renewal of intellectual life for Muslim youths in the modern world that marks an end to the outmoded madrasah system of the last century. . of course. Information Technology is also taught. Its Vice-Chancellor is Hajj Abdalbasir Ojembarena. Students are both from the townships and abroad. Scotland. Turkish. Rhetoric using Shakespeare‟s political and historical plays and. Insha‟Allah.To this end he has created a post-madrasah concept of education for Muslims. A Secondary School for Muslim pupils is now in the planning stage. It is intended to re-create the module in the Soweto Mosque. Urdu.

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