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FFSC May 2013

FFSC May 2013

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FFSC May 2013
FFSC May 2013

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Published by: Ffsc Fort Worth on Apr 22, 2013
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May 2013

Business Name

Fleet and Family Support Center
Supporting the needs of all our military members and families Fleet and Family Support Center 3175 Vandenberg Ave. NAS Fort Worth JRB , Tel. 817-782-5287

Important Bulletin
Family Employment Readiness Program
The Navy recognizes that moving every few years creates career challenges for military spouses, especially when stationed overseas or in remote areas. Our Family Employment Readiness Program (FERP) offers family members a variety of resources to tackle those challenges. Workshops have been created to help you plan a career, launch a job search, write the resume, learn interview techniques, find information on federal employment, conduct self-assessments, set goals and even take vocational tests. FERP also offers computer tutorial programs to help you build technical skills. The goal of FERP is to help you learn how to get a job and maintain a career you enjoy, as a military family member. Let FERP help you today. If you don't live near a Fleet and Family Support Center, many services, such as coaching and resume reviews, can be done via the phone or email.

Hours of Operation M-Thu 0730-1630 Fri 0730-1600 Sat 0700-1630 Centralized Scheduling To make an appointment for Clinical, Marriage, or Family Counseling. Please call 866-293-2776

The FFSC has a virtual Job Board where jobs are listed daily. You can visit our board online at: http://tinyurl.com/73Yv5p4 Please check daily for updates.

Be Prepared!
The month of May begins with Tornado Preparedness. Develop a Family Disaster Plan Create a Supply Kit Have a place to go Have a family pet plan Ensure TWMS/NFAAS information is current

Beware of Credit Score
Many people do not know about the credit scoring system much less their credit score until they attempt to buy a home, take out a loan out or make a major purchase. It’s imperative that all of our service members and their spouses be aware of their score and where they stand. To get started and know where you stand, you can request your credit report and score by calling FFSC at 817-782-5287.

For more information, please call us at: 817-782-5287, to speak to any one of our  employment specialists

   

Transition Goals Plans Success, known simply as Transition GPS, replaces the 20-year-old Transition Assistance Program, or TAP. In a sweeping overhaul of the 20-year-old TAP, as part of the VOW to Hire Heroes Act passed in 2011, Transition GPS takes military members through a week-long class, compared to the original TAP’s mandatory two to four hours of separation counseling. The Transition Assistance Program has been redesigned into a comprehensive, mandatory program that includes pre-separation counseling, a military to civilian skills review, a VA benefits briefing and application signup, financial planning support, job search skills building, and individual transition plan preparation Those who are separating from the military must prepare a year in advance, for retirees preparations for Transition GPS must begin two years in advance. In order to attend the service member’s Command Career Counselor must be contacted.

Safe Help 24/7
Sexual Assault Support Click here for more information or Call 877-995-5247 Local SARC 817-204-3081 Local SARC VA 817-825-6347 SARC Corpus Christi 361-523-3580

Military Spouse Appreciation
To Military Spouses - Thank You For All You Do May is Military Spouse Appreciation Month. This month acknowledges the significant contributions, support, and sacrifices of the spouses of our Military men and women. Since 1984, we've take time to celebrate the men and women that have supported their military spouses through deployments, drill weekends, cross-country and across-the-world moves, recruiting events, training exercises, and more, all while you kept the home fires burning. Your active duty spouse volunteers to put their uniform on every morning to serve our country. In a very real way, you volunteer to accept all that goes along with that.

May 2013 FFSC Events
All workshops and classes are held at the FFSC Building 3175, unless noted differently. For more information call 817-782-5287



Tue 30

Wed 1

Thu 2

Fri 3

Sat 4 Military Marriage Retreat Base Chapel 0900-1630

Alliance for Children 10 Steps to a Federal SAPR POC Training FFSC Classroom 0800-1200 Job 1000-1130 1000-1200

Texas Workforce Rep 0830-1530

Tarrant County VA Rep 1000-1500

Air Force SPP Briefing 1400-1500


6 Life Skills Class “Stress 101” 1000-1100



9 “In her shoes” 1300-1500

10 SAPR Victim Advocate Training 0900-1100


Air Force SPP Briefing 1300-1500 NPS-Parenting Styles 1300-1430

Texas Workforce Rep 0830-1530 Tarrant County VA Rep 1000-1500


13 Life Skills Class “Communication” 1000-1100






Million Dollar Sailor 0800-1600

Texas Workforce Life Skills Class “Conflict Management 1330-1430 Rep 0830-1530 Tarrant County VA Rep 1000-1500








TAP/GPS 0800-1600 FFSC Conference Room

Texas Workforce Rep 0830-1530

Tarrant County VA Rep 1000-1500


27 Memorial Day FFSC Closed

28 NPS-Blended Families 0900-1100






Air Force SPP Briefing 1400-1500

Tarrant County Texas Workforce Rep 0830-1530 VA Rep 1000-1500



Air Force SPP Briefing 1300-1500

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