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Heres an Earth Day activity to try.

It will help you to understand the scale of the Earth from the perspectives of many of the planets organisms and natural features. The circumference of Earth at the Equator is 24,901 miles. Imagine that you were going to try to circle the equator with each different thing listed below. How many of each would it take to circle the globe?

Carpenter Ant (0.25 in.) House Centipede (2 in.) Gopher Tortoise (1 ft) Salmon (30 in.) Whale Shark (60 ft) Sequoia (300 ft) Andes Mountain Range (4,300 miles)

Ant: 6,310,909,440; Centipede: 788,863,680; Tortoise: 131,477,280; Salmon: 52,590,912; Whale Shark: 2,191,288; Sequoia 438,257.6; Andes: 5.8