Linda Jones Hidalgo
Linda Jones Hidalgo is remarried and currently lives in the countryside of Texas. She is the mother of three children--Adrianne, Justin and Scott. Their father, Bill Jones, is also remarried and lives in Mansfield, TX. Scott Jones served in the military and was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Both Justin and Scott are now married and have families of their own.

A d ri an n e Jo n e s
Adrianne Jones, the eldest of the three children, was murdered on December 4, 1995 at the age of 16. She was a beautiful, cheerful, funny and talented young woman; however, seventeen years ago, this vivacious 16-year-old girl was murdered and taken from her family due to jealousy. Like most teenagers, she was a sassy and sweet high school sophomore who liked looking at clothes and worked part time jobs after school; but when she was murdered, the loss of her life changed her entire family. The criminals were sentenced to life in prison, with a parole opportunity in 40 years.

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