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2012 Sustainability Report

2012 Sustainability Report

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Sustainability Report 2012
Sustainability Report 2012

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Report on Sustainability

Strategy & Governance
In 2012, our Company made a significant contribution to the communities in which we operate, supporting the growth and development of our team members and environmental stewardship. Last year, we raised and donated more than $300,000 for charities and various foundations that serve our society, including the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (Ontario), Big Brothers and Sisters (Halifax), KidSport (Victoria), Mustard Seed Foundation (Edmonton), SickKids Foundation (Toronto), Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation (Toronto), President’s Choice Foundation (Montreal) and numerous others. I thank the teams of big hearted individuals that have made this fundraising and support possible, and look forward to 2013 to be a year where we can engage even more of our team members across the company in these activities. We continued to build our team at Brookfield Johnson Controls in 2012, with a concerted effort placed on team member development. In this regard, we introduced our on-line Performance Management solution, supporting our ability to manage performance and effectively provide guidance to encourage team member development. We continued our Team Leader Development program, launched our inaugural Career Fair, and continued to invest in a number of certification training programs including ICOR, RPA (BOMA), CFM (IFMA) and PMP (PMI). We now have over 75% of our Facility Managers certified with either an RPA or CFM designation, striving towards our goal of 100%. This focus on training and development has been very successful, resulting in our ability to promote over 65 team members in 2012. Finally, at Brookfield Johnson Controls, we are very proud of our diversity and our ability to attract team members that reflect the richness of cultures that exist within our communities. To celebrate this diversity, we held our first annual “Meals from Around the World” luncheon with over 100 dishes prepared and served by our team members from their respective countries, wearing their traditional dress. This event attracted close to 250 team members and was a tremendous celebration of the diversity that exists in our Company. Vision: I am proud of the progress we have made over the last year at Brookfield Johnson Controls in reducing our environmental footprint and enhancing awareness and introducing sustainable operating practices in our industry. This year, we have decided to formalize our sustainability strategy and move towards the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting framework. We strongly believe that this will allow us to effectively balance environmental, social and economic priorities to maintain and enhance our competitive position in the industry. Looking to the future, we will maintain the following areas of focus: • Continue to be a role model in our industry for sustainable operating practices • Reinforce leadership through encouraging team members to obtain environmental credentials

Net-Positive Impact
Measurement + Identifications Education + Training

Solution Implementation

Continuous Improvement

Waste Management

Water Conservation

Emissions + Energy E ciency

Sustainability Action Plan
Shareholders Community Environment NGOs


Performance Summary
• Support clients’ environmental sustainability initiatives in an effort to reduce the impact of their operations. We will continue to set goals and commitments that focus around greenhouse gases, waste and water reductions to our company’s environmental footprint. To support our goals and commitments, we will continue to implement our Brookfield Johnson Controls Procurement Sustainability Policy to ensure we have a procurement strategy that promotes eco-efficient products for our customers. We will also enhance our stakeholder engagement through key strategic partnerships with vendors and increased education of our team members and clients around sustainability issues. Additionally, we will strengthen our mandate around sustainability governance to help set our short-term and long-term objectives. I look forward to continued progress on our journey to achieve a net-positive impact on our environment. Our move to the GRI reporting framework will enable us to create a more rigorous reporting process through strengthened measurement and identification, education and training, and solution implementation. Through continuous improvement and increased benchmarking, we will be able to catalyze change and ensure our acquired knowledge is embedded into our practices and the programs we deliver to our clients. Finally, we will continue to work with our partners to educate the industry and build awareness of leading edge sustainable technologies and initiatives through our Inspired Future event series. Thank you for reading this report and doing your part to create a sustainable future. Sincerely,

Gord Hicks President, Brookfield Johnson Controls

head office _______________________ 6% Building Energy

90% Corporate Social Responsibility Rating
on the 2012 Aon Hewitt Best Employer Survey _______________________ 100% of employees received regular through myOptimizer tool _______________________ 200 Team Leaders

Over $300,000 in funds raised and donated for local charities and organizations
_______________________ 20% business growth in FY2012 _______________________ Over $30 million in

38% reduction in paper use at our corporate

Intensity Reduction


15% Water Intensity Reduction Inspired Future
Sustainability Event

performance reviews

_______________________ Hosted 1st Annual

_______________________ 69 Promotions from

participated in Leadership Development Courses within

taxes paid to federal, provincial, and municipal regulators

At Brookfield Johnson Controls, we strive to make decisions that have a minimal impact on the environment on behalf of our clients, suppliers, and team members. We understand that in order for Brookfield Johnson Controls to decrease its ecological footprint we have to dig deep and go beyond changing a few light bulbs. We shift our perception towards a sustainable business that is built for the future. In doing so, Brookfield Johnson Controls hopes to continue to invoke a leadership presence in the industry that can assist our clients and other organizations by demonstrating an excellence in environmental stewardship. Our goal is to provide real estate solutions for our clients’ portfolios that have zero impact on the environment and, ideally would be restorative.

Introduced  “Save  Every   Drop”  water  reduc5on   program  across  our  client   por;olios  reducing   millions  of  litres  of  water 100%  renewable  energy   for  our  corporate  facili5es   in  2012 100%  waste  diversion  rate   from  our  head  office 1st  annual  Inspired  Future   event  held  in  June  2012

Environmental Initiatives at a Glance
FY 2012 Metrics, Objectives, and Results
2012 Theme Environmental Policy and Regulatory Compliance 2012 Reporting Performance Indicator • To continue to ensure all staff are trained on all environmental policies and our environmental management system in order to be in compliance and/or above compliance with environmental regulations. • To implement enhanced quality assurance to validate current processes and audit compliance records. 2012 Results • All relevant team members have been trained on environmental policies and our environmental management system.

• Systems in place for compliance: • Compliance Work Order system for ozone depleting substances. • Standardized Incident Report (IR) system for spills. • Annual Building Inspection (ABI) process. • Internal Environmental Compliance Audits. • EMS training and awareness for all staff.

• To achieve zero legislative non-compliances • Brookfield Johnson Controls achieved zero legislative nonthroughout 2012. compliances throughout 2012. Carbon Footprint: GHG Emission Reductions • To reduce corporate office GHG emissions intensity by 3% from 2011. • To reduce GHG emissions intensity by 5% from 2011 at our client sites by continuing to introduce and implement energy conservation and efficiency initiatives. • Brookfield Johnson Controls increased its corporate office GHG emission intensity by 1% from 2011-2012. • In order to maintain transparency in our sustainability report, Brookfield Johnson Controls has moved towards the GRI reporting framework, and will no longer be reporting on client sites. While we continue to support our clients on their energy conservation and efficiency initiatives, it is beyond our reporting scope to disclose these statistics. • Brookfield Johnson Controls purchased 100% renewable energy for our corporate facilities for the 2012 year. • In 2012, we were able to train 2 of our team members on ISO 14064-1 GHG Inventories.  We will continue to train appropriate staff in 2013. • Brookfield Johnson Controls continues to train our key team members through third-party certification programs such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Our Director of Sustainability is also working on developing a specialized training program to help our Facility Managers integrate sustainability into their operations. • On June 26, 2012, Brookfield Johnson Controls held its first inaugural “An Inspired Future” event in Vancouver, BC. With industry leaders in attendance, the event provided an enlightened perspective on how customers value sustainability and the economic benefits that can be captured through the adoption of an enhanced sustainability program.

• To continue to commit to purchase 100% renewable energy for our corporate facilities. Demonstrating • To increase the overall number of ISO 14064-1 GHG Inventories trained staff in Industry 2012. Leadership • To continue the training of our key team members so they can support clients with their sustainability initiatives. This will help prepare them for GHG emission management activities in the future. • To conduct in May/June 2012 a Canadian wide "Inspired Future" sustainable conference engaging industry professionals around sustainability performance in real estate.


Brookfield Johnson Controls

• To continue our voluntary support to CaGBC • Brookfield Johnson Controls was the national platinum throughout 2012. sponsor of the CaGBC in 2012. In addition, we supported and sponsor various chapter events across the country. Gord Hicks, our president, had the honour of receiving the CaGBC Industry Leadership award for showing outstanding leadership and support for sustainable building practices.

Environmental Performance
At Brookfield Johnson Controls, we continue to lead by example. We strongly believe in demonstrating best environmental and restorative practices that we have implemented to reduce our environmental footprint. This year, Brookfield Johnson Controls implemented a lighting retrofit program at our corporate head office located in Markham, Ontario, where we replaced a number of lamps and/or lighting fixtures with LED technology. The expected annual electricity reduction is 42,000 kWh/year, or about 6 tCO2e of indirect GHG emissions. This lighting retrofit helped us achieve a 6% building energy intensity 30% reduction. We will continue 35% to look for similar opportunities like this across our corporate office portfolio 35% to achieve reductions in energy use and 2010 2011 2012 greenhouse gases.
Building energy intensity (MJ/m2) 2010 Corporate Office Portfolio 928.7 2011 913.9 2012 857.9

Total Total Reduction Reduction (2010-2012): (2010-2012): 8% 8% Report Year Reduction (2011-2012): 6% Building Water Intensity (m3/m2) 2010 7400 Birchmount Road 2.960 2011 2.953 2012 2.515

Total Reduction (2010-2012): 15% Report Year Reduction (2011-2012): 15% Total Direct and Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions (t CO2e) 2010 Direct Indirect* 2,609 121 2011 3,099 84 2012 3,069.0 97.6

‘Save Every Drop’ Program
Brookfield Johnson Controls focuses on water management solutions that have measurable impacts on operating costs and increased water efficiency/ reduced water use. In 2012, we began phasing in the ‘Save Every Drop’ program to help both our clients and ourselves decrease overall water consumption. The first phase of the program involved the installation of a new sink water faucet aerator product at our Markham corporate head office. Upon completion of the program roll out, we were able to achieve a 15% water intensity reduction. We have begun to roll out this initiative at client sites, upon their request. Looking to the future, we will be expanding our Save ‘Every Drop’ program to support water-efficient landscaping, providing solutions such as climate-controlled irrigation and Managed Allowed Depletion (MAD).

Total Direct Emissions Increase (2010-2012): 18% Report Year Direct Emissions Reduction (2011-2012): 1% Total Indirect Emissions Reduction (2010-2012): 20% Report Year Indirect Emissions Increase (2011-2012): 17% *Scope 2 Emissions from Electricity Other Relevant Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions (t CO2e) 2010 Indirect** 128 2011 249 2012 356.5

Total Indirect Emissions Increase (2010-2012): 80% Report Year Direct Emissions Increase (2011-2012): 43% **Scope 3 Emissions from Business Travel Greenhouse gas emissions intensity from buildings 2010 Corporate Office Portfolio 0.044 2011 0.036 2012 0.036

Business Travel
As we continue to assess our carbon footprint, Brookfield Johnson Controls recognizes the large impact of business travel on GHG emissions. We have been working diligently to refine our tracking and

Total Reduction (2010-2012): 18% Report Year Increase (2011-2012): 1%


booking processes to ensure that we create accurate and transparent reporting metrics. Since we began reporting, our emissions have increased a significant amount. As there have been no major changes in travel behaviour, the increase in emissions can be attributed to the enhanced accountability in our travel reporting procedures. We continue to work towards determining the full scope of our company air travel emissions by encouraging employees to book travel through our travel agency to increase accountability. Furthermore, we will continue to consider opportunities to reduce the need for business travel where possible through the use of conference calls and virtual meetings. Waste and Recycling Summary (Metric Tonnes)* Zero Waste Initiative Brookfield Johnson Controls diverted all head office waste from the landfill for the 2012 year. Through the successful implementation of the Zero Waste initiative, we prevented 48 tonnes of waste from entering landfills. In 2011, paper comprised 54% of our waste stream. Through our commitment to becoming more digital and less paper dependent, we were able to reduced the paper composition of our waste stream to 33%. In terms of weight, we achieved a 62% reduction from 42 tonnes in 2011 to just 16 tonnes in 2012! Over the past year, to help us reduce our paper dependency we rolled out the use of tablets and smartphones for our technician fleet. This has enabled us to digitize our work order process, removing a fair amount of paper requirements, while increasing efficiency, accuracy and accountability for our clients. In addition, the launch of Business Intelligence portal, RealConnect, has allowed us to create a dashboard for all client-facing reporting needs, eliminating the need to print and distribute lengthy reports to our clients. Clients now have an innovative one-stop shop for all their real-time data analytics and real estate portfolio needs. Paper Cardboard Waste-toEnergy Composting Wood Glass/ Beverages Disposal Method Landfill Recycling Total Diversion Rate 16.248 6.425 12.4 12.432 0 1.284 0 48.789 48.789 100%

Waste Type

*Results for 7400 Birchmount Road

3% 25% 33%



Paper Cardboard Waste-to-Energy Composting Wood Glass/Beverages

Emissions of Ozone-Depleting Substances (t CO2e)* Refrigerant R-134a Refrigerant R-22 1.001 1.14
*FY 2012

Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory compliance is a key aspect of our ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System. In FY 2012, Brookfield Johnson Controls did not receive any fines and/or penalties from legislative bodies which that would arise from environmental non-compliances. We continue to track all releases of ozone-depleting substances due to the maintaining and servicing of HVAC equipment in our line of business. We continue to ensure that all regulatory compliance is achieved through the use of our Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and look for opportunities to

Refrigerant R-134a

Refrigerant R-22

1.2 1.125 1.05 0.975 0.9


Brookfield Johnson Controls


replace underperforming equipment. Through a proactive, preventative maintenance standpoint, we will be able to reduce the amount of ozone-depleting substance leakages.

Looking Ahead
As we look to the future, climate change will continue to be at the forefront of concerns for Brookfield Johnson Controls. We will work to ensure we are considering all potential opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint. In the short-term, Brookfield Johnson Controls is committed to powering our corporate offices by 100% renewable energy through the purchasing of renewable energy credits. This will enable us to remain carbon-neutral while we endeavour to operate our premises more energy efficiently. Understanding the impacts of our employees, Brookfield Johnson Controls will continue to work with the Smart Commute program in our head office region to help reduce GHG emissions associated with our employee commutes. This includes supporting carpooling initiatives, promoting teleworking, and creating preferential parking for hybrid and electric vehicles. By 2020, we aim to reduce our GHG emissions per fleet vehicle by 50%. By leveraging new technologies and localizing our technician fleet, we will be able to divest from fossil fuel use and reduce our GHG intensity as our business continues to grow. With the strategic guidance of our Director of Sustainability, we will continue to refine and develop a more rigorous sustainability strategy that embodies and addresses full life cycle impacts of real estate management.

Vancouver Island Brookfield Johnson Controls Corporate Social Responsibility team joins Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
Brookfield Johnson Controls is proud to have employees that go above and beyond typical responsibilities. A passion about caring for the environment led Trisha Mason and Vessela Kostova of Brookfield Johnson Controls to coordinate the participation of the Vancouver Island Brookfield Johnson Controls-WSI team in the 2012 Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. The duo recruited 25 employees and family members for the rejuvenation of the nine kilometers of beach and parkland in the Craigflower-Kosapsom Park in Victoria, British Columbia. A weigh in of six full garbage bags at the conclusion of the cleanup totaled approximately 20 kilograms. Beyond cleaning up the shoreline, the team partnered with a team supporting the Brown Bag program in support of the Kids Klub Victoria. Collectively, the two teams raised 150 dollars and gathered 272 food items for the organization.



Join the Brookfield Johnson Controls Sustainability Committee
Striving for sustainability, Brookfield Johnson Controls introduced a corporate sustainability committee in 2012 as a subcommittee of the Corporate Social Responsibility committee. Michael Wymant, Director of Sustainability, hopes to bring together team members with an interest in sustainability to continually improve the company’s sustainability performance. Past sustainability efforts by Brookfield Johnson Controls, which have been pragmatic and measurable, have laid the foundation for further impact reductions. Our head office has introduced the Zero Waste initiative, the Green Wall, Earth Day and Earth Hour, and Alternative Transportation Day. We have banned pesticides and eliminated bottled water from our buildings. Moving forward, the corporate sustainability committee aims to continue sustainability efforts, and search for more innovative solutions for sustainable operations. Areas of consideration for future initiatives include energy reduction, water reduction, greenhouse gas reduction, and improved air quality. 9

Brookfield Johnson Controls


An Inspired Future celebrates and demonstrates sustainability
In 2012, Brookfield Johnson Controls showed its support and drive for working toward a more sustainable future through hosting its first “An Inspired Future” event in Vancouver. Presentations to over 150 attendees provided examples of positive results that can come from making sustainable changes within an organization. The event offered business professionals an opportunity to learn, network and engage with industry leaders and inspired attendees to be sustainable in their lives and at work. Building on the success of the Vancouver event, “An Inspired Future” will occur in Toronto for 2013 with keynote speakers Paul Hawken and Peter Busby.

Going Green for EverGreen Friday
Beginning in 2012, Brookfield Johnson Controls introduced a new way of showing the company’s commitment to the environment during the week of Earth Day – team members at the head office wore green for the company’s first EverGreen Friday. Along with wearing green, 15 teams carpooled or telecommuted for the week, reducing emissions and saving energy. Some staff also shared best practices for operating sustainably, engaged in challenges to be more environmentally friendly, and reviewed the top 10 activities that can significantly reduce one’s environmental impact.


At Brookfield Johnson Controls, we recognize that our team members are the life force of our organization and may come from varying backgrounds, different generations, and are dispersed across Canada. The entire team is dedicated to the Brookfield Johnson Controls values; Unwavering Integrity, Relentlessly Building Employee Engagement, Driving change in the pursuit of Customer Satisfaction, Passion for Innovation, and Living Sustainability. The hard work and dedication of team members at Brookfield Johnson Controls is supported through continuous career development opportunities such as continuous e-learning, tuition assistance and professional designation training. Our team members’ effectiveness does not stop at our walls; it flows into our communities. We continually support local charities, not-forprofits, and other philanthropic organizations, that help build healthy communities, promote team building and develop positive relationships in the communities in which we operate.

69  staff  promo5ons  in   2012  year 77%  of  Facility  Managers   have  achieved  IFMA/ BOMA  industry   cer5fica5on 5%  year-­‐over-­‐year   increase  in  employee   engagement  -­‐  Aon   HewiS  Survey

People Initiatives at a Glance
FY 2012 Metrics, Objectives, and Results
2012 Theme Employee Development 2012 Reporting Performance Indicator • To value our team members by continuing to invest in their career development and training. 2012 Results • At Brookfield Johnson Controls, our team members are ambassadors of our organization and comprise our greatest resource; therefore, we place a major emphasis on skills development and related training, which is captured in their individualized team member development plans. Brookfield Johnson Controls invests significant dollars for skills development, as well as health and safety and specific on-thejob training and development. We increased our team member development investment by almost 25% via our Tuition Assistance Program. • Continuous e-Learning: This provides all team members with 24/7 access to a large number of courses, including personal development, leadership development, application training, and project management. • Tuition Assistance Program for Team Members: A tuition reimbursement program in which team members can apply to receive funding for academic courses towards their career development goals. 285 team members used this program. • CFM, FMA, FMP and PMP: Facility Manager and Project Manager professional designation training and development. • Coordinated ICOR Training for 46 team members for Level I and 13 team members for Level II resulting in well over sixty team members now ICOR certified and thus placing Brookfield Johnson Controls at the forefront of our industry.

• To enhance the technical skill level of select team members with respect to Critical Facilities/Environments and provide more value added capabilities to our clients via ICOR Level I and Level II training, increased ICOR certified staff to 60. • To develop and facilitate two Leadership Development programs (i.e. Managing Performance, and Influence and Persuasion) to be delivered to our People Leaders throughout the organization by June 2012.

• Leveraged SkillSoft Learning Management System using a blended learning approach to successfully develop and deliver phase 3 of the Leadership Development program. • Facilitated Managing Performance, and Influence and Persuasion in-class courses across the country to almost 200 Team Leaders. This represented an increase of almost 100% over fiscal 2011 with excellent feedback. • Brookfield Johnson Controls’ philosophy of “promoting from within” resulted in 69 promotions during 2012. • Redesigned look and feel of Total Rewards Statement by adding supplemental page with additional data regarding Brookfield Johnson Controls and Brookfield Johnson Controls-WSI programs and benefits.

• To increase our promotions from within the company as an indicator of team member development. • To enhance and rollout our updated Total Rewards Statements program in February 2012.

• Successfully and regularly promoted industry leading CFM, • To have 75% of Facility Managers either certified or working towards completion of RPA, FMA, and FMP certification resulting in surpassing our either a CFM, RPA, FMA, or FMP designation target at 77%. by June 2012. Employee Engagement • To achieve a minimum of 88% participation rate for the 2012 Hewitt Best Employer Survey. • Achieved outstanding participation rate of 90% for the 2012 Aon Hewitt Best Employer Survey.


Employee Engagement • To launch an annual Career Fair within Brookfield Johnson Controls to support career advancement of team members.

• Inaugural Career Fair launched from May 15th through 17th in Montreal, Markham, and Coquitlam. Approximately 154 participants attended two dozen sessions facilitated by 26 Team Leaders from various workstreams including, but not limited to: Project Management, Facilities Management, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology and a host of other career paths at Brookfield Johnson Controls.The Human Resources team kicked it off with much fanfare and had very positive feedback from participants, which ties in with Brookfield Johnson Controls’ philosophy of helping our team members grow and develop with the organization. • Engaged in formal partnership with TELUS High Performance Workforce Solutions Group, developed, and successfully launched new, robust myOptimizer performance management tool in late fiscal 2012. • Brookfield Johnson Controls is a socially and environmentally responsible organization with Regional Ambassadors across the country who champion our team members’ involvement in various charitable and environmental organizations. We gauge our performance in this area as part of our participation in the Aon Hewitt 50 Best Employers in Canada survey. Last year, our engagement score increased to 90%, which is above the results reported for Best Employers in Canada. • Surpassed engagement score target with a 5% year-over-year increase resulting in being moved to the High Engagement Zone amongst Best Employers in Canada.

• To partner with a vendor to develop and deliver an online Optimizer Performance Management solution to be in place by September 2012. • To continue to measure Team Member opinion of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and engage more team members in this program.

• To increase our overall Hewitt Best Employer survey engagement score by 4% over the prior year.

• To review and redesign our team members’ • Developed and issued a RFP to several proponents resulting rewards and recognition program and in a decision to partner with Achievers to develop and launch continue to enhance the effectiveness of the a comprehensive rewards and recognition program. program.

Health and Safety

• To achieve a Total Recordable Injury Rate Goal of 0.75 (TRIR) the sum of Medical Aid Rate and Lost Time Rate. • To achieve a Lost Time Injury Rate Goal of 0.20 (LTIR).

• Although this aggressive target was missed by a narrow margin, we remain best-in-class relative to our performance and continue to ultimately strive towards ‘Goal Zero’. • Achieved – Implemented enhanced case management and Return To Work (RTW) strategies which proved very successful. • Our LTIR for 2012 exceeded our target at 0.18.

Health and Safety
Over the last few years we have been investing to improve our health and safety record and have made significant achievements. All Brookfield Johnson Controls staff complete annual WHMIS and required role-based safety training. All new and current team members are required to re-certify annually. For 2012, Brookfield Johnson Controls achieved a Medical Aid Rate of 0.80, a Lost Time Rate of 0.18 and a New Experimental Experience Rating of 0.00. There were no work-related fatalities in any region. Our three-year health and safety rate is as follows: Health and Safety Record:
Metric Medical Aid Rate Definition Any workplace injury beyond first aid treatment. Measurement # Medical Aid Cases X 200,000 / Total Hours Worked


Health and Safety Record:
Lost Time Rate NEER A medical aid injury where a worker has missed time away from work on his next scheduled shift the day immediately after the injury. # Lost Time Cases X 200,000 / Total Hours Worked

NEER stands for New Experimental Experience Rating and is used by the province of Ontario to benchmark a firm’s performance within a given rate group.

Rate Improvement (2010 - 2012)

Medical Aid Rate (2010) 0.56 (2011) 0.50 (2012) 0.80

Lost Time Rate (2010) 0.28 (2011) 0.65 (2012) 0.18

NEER (2010) 0.02 (2011) 0.00 (2012) 0.00

As we continue to strive towards ‘Goal Zero’, for 2013, Brookfield Johnson Controls will aim to lower our Medical Aid Rate to 0.75, decrease our Lost Time Rate to 0.15 and continue to maintain our New Experimental Experience Rating of 0.00. At Brookfield Johnson Controls, our team members are ambassadors of our organization and they are our greatest assets; therefore, we place a major emphasis on skills development and related training. Brookfield Johnson Controls invests significant dollars for skills development, as well as, health and safety, and specific on-the-job training and development. Through the use of Brookfield Johnson Controls’ robust performance management tool known as “myOptimizer”, we are able to ensure that 100% of our employees receive regular performance reviews and all of them have Development Plans in place. Our Performance Management System was successfully redesigned to incorporate the measurement of team members’ adoption of our values and corresponding behaviours. These values and behaviours are weighted equally with results related objectives for the purpose of determining merit increases. At the end of the day, we believe that upholding core values is equally important as achieving objectives.

Opportunity to create career roadmaps
Team members can be involved in creating their own career roadmaps by identifying growth and development opportunities through our internal career fair. Brookfield Johnson Controls believes in offering career opportunities, not jobs. In 2012, company offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal hosted the 2012 Internal Career Fair. During the fair, team members had an opportunity to engage in one-on-one discussions with fellow team members in positions of interest to them. Team members learned about required skills and qualifications, key responsibilities, and challenges of the position. The career fair exemplifies Brookfield Johnson Controls’ commitment to growth and development of its employees.


Raising awareness of healthy lifestyles and all Brookfield Johnson Controls has to offer
Brookfield Johnson Controls values our team members and places the utmost importance on employee health. To support healthy lifestyles, Brookfield Johnson Controls engaged employees in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Markham in the company’s Wellness Week for its second consecutive year. During the company’s Wellness Week, employees had an opportunity to participate in yoga and Pilates courses, view informational webinars raising awareness of health and wellness programs offered by Brookfield Johnson Controls, and had access to a blood pressure clinic at the company’s head office in Markham, Ontario. Throughout the year, Brookfield Johnson Controls offers employees access to assistance programs and webinars on healthy lifestyles, mental health and the power of optimism in the workplace. Employees also receive pharmacy discounts, capped dispensing fees, and corporate discounts on gym membership fees.


Team building and safety awareness in Nova Scotia
At Brookfield Johnson Controls, we recognize the importance of team building and safety awareness in success, which is why team members in the Nova Scotia region get together quarterly. During a week highlighting company-wide safety awareness in 2012, facilities manager, Mike McCormick, organized a presentation on safety attitudes versus behaviours, followed by a team-building exercise involving the brainpower of 13 team members. The exercise offered an opportunity for team members to interact face-toface, rather than the usual e-mails and phone calls.

LEED training on tour summer 2012
At Brookfield Johnson Controls, we value our team members and encourage them to pursue training for professional development. In 2012, Director of Sustainability, Michael Wymant, hosted LEED Green Associates and LEED Accredited Professionals information sessions in Markham, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa and Montreal. Information sessions were open to all staff and clients. Team members were encouraged to attend an information session and consider becoming a Green Associate.


Brookfield Johnson Controls has a commitment to our stakeholders to operate in an efficient and effective manner. By acting responsibly, investing in our team members, our communities and providing the right solutions for our clients, we believe that our company can successfully continue to grow. Our philosophy is to operate sustainably, and focus on long-term business relationships that benefit our organization, our team members and most importantly our clients.

More  than  $40,000  to   organiza5ons  suppor5ng   the  environment $10,000  raised  for   WaterCan Charity  Casino  raised   $63,000  for  cancer   research Over  $300,000  raised  -­‐ donated  to  support   chari5es  and  not  for   profit  organiza5ons  

Economic Initiatives at a Glance
FY 2012 Metrics, Objectives, and Results
2012 Theme Contributing to Communities 2012 Reporting Performance Indicator 2012 Results

• Brookfield Johnson Controls exceeded its goal of contributing 1% • To contribute 1% of Brookfield Johnson Controls earnings per year into our focus of earnings per year to various charities and foundations in the groups areas of children and families. communities in which we operate. This was a huge success made This will be in the form of direct in part by our Corporate Social Responsibility Committees and contributions, raising of funds through team member efforts. charity, and in-kind voluntary actions from Team Members. • To pay our taxes according to federal, provincial, and municipal regulations. • Brookfield Johnson Controls paid all taxes according to federal, provincial and municipal regulations

Sustainability Investments

• To contribute to and/or donate more than • Brookfield Johnson Controls achieved its goal of contributing/ $40,000 to support organizations that donating more than $40,000 to support organizations that have a are having a positive impact on the positive impact on the environment through our sponsorships with environment. the Canada Green Building Council, donations to the Climate Reality Project and WaterCan, as well as, our support for sustainability and restorative business practices made through our annual Inspired Future event. • To make investments towards reducing the impact of the space we manage at our client sites. • While Brookfield Johnson Controls continues to support its clients and their sustainability goals, we have determined it beyond the boundary of our report to disclose the investments made towards reductions at client sites. • Brookfield Johnson Controls achieved 20% growth in FY 2012.

Company Profitability

• To achieve double-digit business volume growth in FY 2012.

Brookfield Johnson Controls celebrates another successful year with 20% business growth. In fiscal year 2012, we managed in excess of $1.8 billion of spend, and were able to donate well over our goal of 1% earnings. Brookfield Johnson Controls is a private entity; therefore some financial information has been kept confidential. We will continue our goal of giving back to the communities through donating 1% of annual earnings in support of charities and organizations that serve to benefit families within the various communities in which we conduct business. It is our belief that we can directly impact the health of our communities through this support. Donations will take the form of direct contributions, fundraising for charities and in-kind voluntary actions of team members. FY 2012 (CAD in millions) Sales Principal Agency Total Agency Spend Taxes Paid Donations 1,324,345 30,508 303,523.44 538,996 1,324,345 1,863,341


Charity casino can’t lose
Brookfield Johnson Controls continues to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and has been a Leader for the Cure for three years. In 2012, Brookfield Johnson Controls and Govan Brown co-hosted the third annual charity casino in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Over 500 suppliers, clients and team members of Brookfield Johnson Controls attended with their friends and colleagues to enjoy live jazz, casino games and excellent food, while raising money for breast cancer research. The 2012 event raised $68,000, exceeding revenues from previous years. Susan Featherstone, who leads a team of volunteering employees working behind the scenes in preparation for the event, is thrilled with the continued growth of the fundraiser. Along with the charity casino, team members of Brookfield Johnson Controls support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation through participation in Casual for Cancer Fridays, Coins for Cancer and a kick-off day to October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. President Gord Hicks is committed to ensuring that the Leaders for the Cure program fulfills its commitment to raise $1 million for breast cancer research and awareness activities by 2014.


View of climate change up close – Director climbs Mount Kilimanjaro
In 2012, Brookfield Johnson Controls proudly sponsored a portion of Michael Wymant’s fundraising goals as he set out to climb the 19,000-foot summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Wymant, Director of Sustainability at Brookfield Johnson Controls, was not after the thrill of climbing a mountain, rather his focus was to raise funds and awareness to address the world’s water crisis. Wymant managed to raise a whopping $10,000 for the cause. The climb was hosted by WaterCan, an Ottawa-based non-profit organization, supporting clean water and sanitation projects in communities throughout eastern Africa. As part of the initiative, Wymant visited communities in Kenya and Tanzania to see first-hand the volunteer efforts and water projects in place. While training for the climb, Wymant carried his daughter on his back while hiking through parks of Toronto, Ontario. Wymant stated that “It’s a wakeup call to think that, when my daughter is 18, there won’t be any snow on the top of the mountain.”


Brookfield Johnson Controls Charity Golf Classic swings big on success
In 2012, Brookfield Johnson Controls hosted its 12th annual Charity Golf Classic in support of the SickKids Foundation and The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. The 2012 event raised a record $63,000, all of which was shared between the charities to fund life-saving cancer research. In the 12 years that the tournament has been running, with the help of our many suppliers and colleagues, Brookfield Johnson Controls has raised over $630,000 for cancer research at The Princess Margaret and The Hospital for Sick Children. Tickets for this year’s event sold out in a record breaking time of a day and a half. According to Sue Featherstone, the event organizer, the event is a popular one and participants return year after year. This year, the tournament was attended by 144 golfers, including suppliers, managers from Brookfield Johnson Controls, and a few clients. One particular sponsor flew in from Winnipeg to get in on the golfing.



2.1 2.2  

Organizational Profile
Name of the organization Primary brands, products, and/or services

Brookfield Johnson Controls

Brookfield Johnson Controls is the Canadian leader in real estate management services, delivering innovative solutions to more than 143 million square feet of space.  Our shareholders include Johnson Controls Ltd. and Brookfield Properties Ltd. which combined have over 40 years of experience. We lead our industry with a team of over 1,600 team members dedicated to working hand-in-hand with our clients to manage their buildings efficiently, optimize their space, lower their energy usage and reduce costs in their facilities, leases and construction. We continue to grow by helping our customers focus on their core business by developing long-term strategies to lower bottom line costs. Brookfield Johnson Controls services include facilities management, project management, strategic solutions, real estate services, and professional services. All service lines have sub-category products that aim to help clients achieve a cost-efficient, sustainable real estate portfolio. For a comprehensive description of our services and products, visit us online at www.brookfieldjohnsoncontrols.com


Operational structure

Brookfield Johnson Controls operates with over 1,600 employees across Canada with its head office located in the province of Ontario. Its shareholders include Johnson Controls Ltd. and Brookfield Properties Ltd.

2.4 2.5

Location of headquarters Countries of operation

Markham, Ontario Canada Brookfield Johnson Controls operates in Canada with some client portfolios extending globally under the management of our parent company Johnson Controls Global Workplace Solutions. We do not hold operational control over assets outside of Canada; therefore they will not be relevant to this sustainability report.


Nature of ownership and legal form

Brookfield Johnson Controls is a limited partnership between its parent companies Johnson Controls Ltd. and Brookfield Properties Ltd. Johnson Controls is a global diversified technology and industrial leader serving customers in over 150 countries with a commitment to sustainability that dates back to its roots in 1885, with the invention of the first electric room thermostat. Brookfield is one of the world’s largest public commercial real estate companies, firmly committed to the continuous improvement of energy performance and the sustainability profile of its 80 million square foot global office portfolio.


Markets served

Brookfield Johnson Controls provides services to over 143 million square feet of corporate and client real estate composed of: • Office 25% • Retail 14% • Other 61% (i.e. Industrial, Data Centres, etc.)


Scale of reporting organization, including number of employees, net sales/revenue, quantity of products/services provided

Brookfield Johnson Controls operates across Canada with over 1,600 employees, managing a volume of spend in excess of $1.8 billion from its facilities management, project management services, strategic solutions, real estate services, and professional services.


Awards received during reporting period

• 2012 Canada’s Green 30 from MacLean’s Magazine for the 3rd consecutive year for environmentally positive practices • 2012 Industry Leadership Award from the Canada Green Building Council • Philips Environmental Award in recognition of the positive impact of a lighting upgrade at our corporate head office 22


Reporting Parameters
Reporting Period

Information provided in this report is based on 2012 corporate financial, health and safety, environmental and labour data.

3.2 3.3 3.4

Date of previous report Reporting cycle Contact point for questions

The last Sustainability Report was issued in April 2012. The reporting cycle is annual. Michael Wymant Director of Sustainability Michael.Wymant@brookfieldjci.com


Process for defining report content.

Content for this report was defined by our sustainability goals set in our previous Sustainability Report in 2011. Through engaging our internal subject matter experts, we were able to set goals using economic, social and environmental performance indicators. Our goals are further enhanced using valuable input from our stakeholders. Customers, employees, suppliers, and the community are all important stakeholders for Brookfield Johnson Controls. Engagement methods such as the Aon Hewitt 50 Best Employers in Canada survey, customer and employee satisfaction surveys, and ComplyWorks enables us to incorporate the values of our stakeholders when setting our sustainability goals each year. It is with this well-developed engagement process that we aim to create a report that is representative of both our company and our stakeholders.

3.6 3.7

Boundary for report Limitations to report scope or boundary

This report addresses the activities of Brookfield Johnson Controls corporate operations. Brookfield Johnson Controls has limited its scope to only reporting on corporate operations since it does not have direct control of client operations. We recommend sustainability best practices to all clients; however, it is ultimately up to their governing bodies to implement.


Justification of reporting on joint ventures, subsidiaries, leased facilities, or other organizations that can significantly affect the comparability from period to period and/or between organizations. Explanation of the effect of any re-statements from previous reports Significant changes from previous reporting periods

There are no joint ventures, subsidiaries, leased facilities, or other organization reported on in this report.

3.10 3.11

There are no re-statements. This is the first sustainability report Brookfield Johnson Controls has submitted using the Global Reporting Initiative framework. Additionally, as of March 2013, Brookfield Johnson Controls renamed from its previous company name “Brookfield LePage Johnson Controls (BLJC).” The ownership structure was not altered during this time and our parent companies still remain as Brookfield Properties Ltd. and Johnson Controls Ltd.


GRI context table included

The GRI context table is included at the end of this report.



Governance, Commitments, & Engagement

Governance structure of the organization, including committees under the highest governance body responsible for specific tasks, such as setting strategy or organizational oversight.

Brookfield Johnson Controls Board of Directors consists of five members who oversee the activities of the company.  Our Board is comprised of representatives from our parent organizations Johnson Controls Ltd. and Brookfield Properties Ltd. The responsibilities focus around approval of annual budgets, compensation for our management team, performance review of our president, governance and financial resources. The Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis with our President and other officers of the company. Brookfield Johnson Controls is led by our Senior Management Team consisting of our President and ten Vice President positions that set the strategic direction of the company and provide organization oversight ensuring that operational decisions align with our strategic goals. Our President developed Brookfield Johnson Controls’ sustainability vision.  Under the Vice President of Strategic Solutions, our Director of Sustainability is responsible for sustainability performance with both corporate and client real estate assets. Under the guidance of the Director of Sustainability, Brookfield Johnson Controls is able to carry out its sustainability goals.


Indicate whether the Chair of the highest governance body is also an executive officer.

Brookfield Johnson Controls is led by our President, whom is also an Officer that reports to our Board of Directors consisting of members from our shareholder companies, Johnson Controls Ltd. and Brookfield Properties Ltd. Our Vice President of Business Development, Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Finance and CFO, are also Officers.


Number of members of the highest governance body that are independent and/or non-executive members. Mechanisms for shareholders and employees to provide recommendations or direction to the highest governance body.

There are ten Vice President members in our Senior Management team, seven of which are non-executive members.


Our shareholders are represented by our Board of Directors which meet on a quarterly basis with our Executive Officers and provide recommendations and direction to our President. Our Corporate Social Responsibility committee has representatives for each region across the country and provide feedback about regular committee meetings. The chair of each of the 11 committees provide feedback to the President with recommendations and direction on issues pertaining to corporate social responsibility in their respective regions.


List of stakeholder groups engaged by the organization.

Brookfield Johnson Controls is engaged within all the major communities we operate in across Canada. Through its engagement with customers, suppliers, employees, and various non-profit and advocacy organizations, Brookfield Johnson Controls aims to improve these communities through sustainable practices.


Basis for identification and selection of stakeholders with whom to engage.

Brookfield Johnson Controls’ regional CSR committees are established on a voluntary basis from team members located within the respective regions. The chair of the committee (Regional Ambassador) is selected by the President.


GRI Profile Disclosure
Strategy & Analysis 1.1 Statement from the most senior decision maker of the organization (e.g., CEO, chair, or equivalent senior position) about the relevance of sustainability to the organization and its strategy. 2-3 Full

Disclosure Number


GRI Reporting Level

Organizational Profile 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 Name of the organization Primary brands, products, and/or services Operational structure Location of headquarters Countries of operation Nature of ownership and legal form Markets served Scale of reporting organization, including number of employees, net sales/revenue, quantity of products/services provided Awards received during reporting period 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Full

2.10 Reporting Parameters 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.5 3.7 3.8



Reporting period Date of previous report Reporting cycle Contact point for questions Process for defining report content Boundary of report Limitations to report scope or boundary Justification of reporting on joint ventures, subsidiaries, leased facilities, or other organizations that can significantly affect the comparability from period to period and/or between organizations.

23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23

Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Full


GRI Profile Disclosure
3.10 3.11 3.12

Disclosure Number
Explanation of the effect of any re-statements from previous reports Significant changes from previous reporting periods GRI context table included

23 23 23

GRI Reporting Level
Full Full Full

Governance, Commitments, & Engagement 4.1 Governance structure of the organization, including committees under the highest governance body responsible for specific tasks, such as setting strategy or organizational oversight. Indicate whether the Chair of the highest governance body is also an executive officer Number of members of the highest governance body that are independent and/or non-executive members. Mechanisms for shareholders and employees to provide recommendations or direction to the highest governance body. List of stakeholder groups engaged by the organization. Basis for identification and selection of stakeholders with whom to engage. 24 Full

4.2 4.3

24 24

Full Full




4.14 4.15

24 24

Full Full

Economic Performance Indicators: For GRI Level C companies must report at least 1 economic indicator and 10 total performance indicators (from economic, environment, and social). EC1 Direct economic value generated and distributed, including revenues, operating costs, employee compensation, donations and other community investments, retained earnings, and payments to capital providers and governments. 18 Full

Environmental Performance Indicators: For GRI Level C companies must report at least 1 environmental indicator and 10 total performance indicators (from economic, environment, and social). CRE1 Building energy intensity. 6 Full


GRI Profile Disclosure
EN5 EN7 CRE2 EN16 EN17 CRE3 EN18 EN19 EN22

Disclosure Number
Energy saved due to conservation and efficiency improvements. Initiatives to reduce indirect energy consumption and reductions achieved. Building water intensity. Total direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by weight Other relevant indirect greenhouse gas emissions by weight. Greenhouse gas emissions intensity from buildings. Initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reductions achieved Emissions of ozone-depleting substances by weight Total weight of waste by type and disposal method

6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7

GRI Reporting Level
Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Full

Social Performance - Labour Indicators: For GRI Level C companies must report at least 1 social indicator from any of the follow categories, labour, human rights, society, product responsibility, and 10 total performance indicators (from economic, environment, and social). LA7 Rates of injury, occupational diseases, lost days, and absenteeism, and total number of work-related fatalities by region Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews 13-14 Full





Supporting Charities Across Canada

Brookfield Johnson Controls Charity Golf Classic supporting cancer research at The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and Sick Kids Foundation netted $63,000.

The York Region Women’s Centre (YRWC) expressed thanks to 13 Brookfield Johnson Controls teams for providing gifts and gift cards for the annual holiday hamper program.

2012 Charity Casino raised $68,000 for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Brookfield Johnson Controls team members joined representatives of suppliers and business partners in a philanthropic ski race at Mont-Tremblant, Quebec and raised $17,500 for children’s causes.

Senior project manager Daniel Cyr sports a moustache in support of the Movember campaign, which Brookfield Johnson Controls participants raised $3,784 for as well as awareness of men's health issues.

Led by technician Blair Sheppard, Brookfield Johnson Controls’ team marched together during the Annual CIBC Run for the Cure, raising $751 in the name of cancer research.

Marketing intern Michael Himel gained the support of Brookfield Johnson Controls’ Human Resources and Marketing departments during his three-day Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) fundraiser at the University of Western Ontario’s Community Centre leading up to World AIDS Day on Dec. 1.

In early October, project coordinator Jennifer Delesalle and property service coordinator Nicole Agnew on the TD account, put children and the needy top of mind when they volunteered to support the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society (GVFBS) and Compassion Into Action (CIA).

The International Facilities Managers Association (IFMA) Toronto chapter’s annual silent auction on Nov. 21 was sponsored by Brookfield Johnson Controls at the platinum level, in support of encouraging facility managers to pursue career development within the industry.

It takes a lot of pancake batter and syrup to raise $5,000, but the Brookfield Johnson Controls Nova Scotia Corporate Social Responsibility Team in Halifax was up to the challenge when they helped kickoff the week-long Canada Post United Way campaign on Sept. 27.

100 children will get to play sports thanks to WSI-Brookfield Johnson Controls’ Oct. 19 event, which raised about $23,000 for KidSport Greater Victoria, a nonprofit organization the helps children in financial need participate in sports.

Champions of Brookfield Johnson Controls' 2012 Coins for Cancer in the GTA rose to the challenge and raised $4,000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.


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