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"Your my mate." he whispers. I stare at him in shock. There's only one thing I can think of to say. "How long have you known!" I growl at him. "Six months." he answers. I stopped breathing. He's known for six fucking months and he didn't tell me! What's worse is he's still been screwing other girls. So that means......... Edited by: MsContretto


Alpha's Baby Watty Awards
CHAPTER 1 Oh god! I groan rolling over to my side. What did I do last night? Why am I so sore? Hmm let me think. I remember my 'friend' telling me that I needed to get out of the house. That I needed to party for just one night. So I let her talk me into coming to this party. The soon to be Alpha's party to be exact. Then I remember drinking a beer then another and another and so on. Then I remember not caring and drinking a couple of red cups. After that....crap I got nothing. I roll over to my other side and hit something hard. I open my eyes, look up and almost scream. I almost panicked but I was careful not to. I can panic later. Holy shit! This cannot be happening. I knew this bed was too comfortable to me mine. Laying next to me is the fucking future alpha NAKED. I lift up the sheets and I'm naked too. I groan. Not good, not good. NOT GOOD AT ALL! One I swore I'd never land up as one of his bed buddies. This is the fucking alpha. Man whore central here. Virgins come to him to lose it. Boys come to him to learn. I WAS A FREAKING VIRGIN! And I stupidly gave it away. Fan-fucking-tastic! I slither quickly and quietly to get out of bed and get dressed. Once I did I snuck out of his room. Quietly. Yeah right, like I'm gonna making any noise. I don't want to wake him up. Maybe I'll get lucky and he won't remember. I snuck downstairs quietly hoping no one will see me doing the walk of shame and out the door I go. I let out the breath that i didn't even realize I was holding when I shut the door behind me. I quickly take off walking. I can't believe I lost my virginity to the freaking alpha. I swore I'd save myself for my mate. He's going to hate me once I find him. He's never going to want me. He is going to reject me! Great now I'll be mate-less forever. And I lost it the worst way possible. Drunk. I wanted my first time special and with my mate. What the hell was I thinking last night? Just a drunk mistake that's all it was. And I really don't even want to know how it happened. I start crying, I was feeling horrible. I'm so stupid. I never wanted this to happen. Never. I'm a stupid whore and soon everyone is going to know. They are all going to

think like they never got screwed over by him before. Like they always do. Awe poor girl got screwed over by Chris or Chris gets another notch in his belt. I can't believe I did that. When I reach home I quietly open the door hoping no one is home. Luckily their not. I roll my eyes. Like that's anything new They probably didn't even realize that I left, much-less that I didn't come home. I run to my room and take a shower. Trying to wash away the filth. Or maybe I just feel that way. I feel dirty, cheap and used. After an hour long scolding hot shower of scrubbing my body, I check myself in the mirror and it's bad. I got hickeys all over my body. I go to room and change clothes, fall on the bed and let my tears fall. I'm such a whore. How could I have been so stupid? I can't believe I did that. I never meant for it to happen. I don't know how it happened. I've never done anything remotely like that. I feel like a broken record. Oh god I'm not on birth control. Oh shit! I cry harder not knowing what to do. No wait. He's the alpha. He can only get his mate pregnant I think. Oh god now I can't remember. I stayed in my room until my so called mother called me down for dinner. "Hi mother." I mutter. "Hi Sienna." she say. See we don't have a relationship. We don't anything. "Where is everybody?" I ask. It's odd. Usually they have a family dinner. I'm surprised I got invited to this one. "Your father is working. Your sister is at your aunts for the weekend and your brother is at Martin's." she says not even looking at me. I just nod. Yeah THEY are the perfect family. I'm the black sheep. I care more about my grades. Then I do beauty pageants or football. Luckily I'm the oldest and am out of here in the next year. I'm a junior in high school, seventeen, and have a few friends. Not many, only two. Wait, I'm not really sure if you can even call them my friends. There's Amber, she's a slut. The one that talked me into going to that party. I think that the only reason she wanted me to go and hang out, is because no one else will hang out with her. The guys only come around when they want a booty call. Girls just stay away from her. Period. But she's more of a friend then Callie is.

Callie, I know the only reason she hangs out with me is so that I can do her homework for her and her boy toys. Well as she says it, I just help her but really I land up doing it all for her. It's kind of obvious. I mean come on the only time she hangs out with me is after school when she has homework. Yeah I'm not stupid, but at the same time I am because I put up with it. Plus she's another whore. She's worse than Amber and that's saying something. After a silent dinner I go back up to my room and hear my phone ringing. I pick it up and it's an unknown number. Now I'm not that stupid I never answer those. I also ignore my text from Amber. A few seconds after the ringing stops a text pops up. 'Hey call me I need to talk to you' it says. Who the hell would want me to call them? Must be someone wanting me to do their homework for them. Hmm Callie probably promised someone she screwed I would do it for them. See what I mean by 'friend'. It's my own fault though. I let it happen. I spend the rest of the night in my room ignoring text and calls from Amber and the unknown person and I just listen to music. The next day I get up and take a shower, get dressed and go downstairs. To see my mom, dad, brother, and sister eating breakfast. "Morning." I mumble. "Morning." mom says. My dad and sister just ignore me and my loving brother grunts. I roll my eyes. If my mom didn't have to talk to me she wouldn't as far as dad is concerned he doesn't have too. So he doesn't. My brother and sister say the minimum. Only if it benefits them. So yeah. I can't wait till I get the hell out of here. I'd leave sooner but don't have enough cash saved up. Yes I steal the cash I save. They think it's my brother or sister so it's all good. Yeah they get away with that stuff. If it was me they would take what little I own from me. Yeah they don't know about the cell phone that they....hehe... pay for. Its pay as you go but it's still a phone. Does just fine for me. I also noticed that she didn't make me breakfast. "Thanks for breakfast." I sarcastically say. I hate my parents. We have a non-existing relationship. "I forgot." is all mom says. I snort at that. Forgot my ass. I just wasn't important enough for you to make me any. Bitch. How could you forget your own daughter when you're already making breakfast for the rest of your family? I make me a bowl of cereal and go back to my room. I check my phone again and I have more text from the unknown wanting me to call them and from Amber just saying hi. Who could that be? Nobody wanting me to

do their homework would call me this much? Whoever it is I'm still not answering. And Amber I know there's more to that then hi. I bet she wants to know who she screwed. And this time I can't answer that. I eat my cereal then do my homework. All of it. Even stuff that isn't due yet. Anything to keep my mind off the unthinkable. After my homework I do my laundry. Wash it, dry it, fold it, and start over. You know the routine. Then I clean my room. Everything. Closet, drawers, under the bed, under the dresser, anything and everything. The rest of the day I watch TV, listen to music and ignore my phone. I'm in no mood to talk to Amber. And this other person I thought about texting them back and cussing them out telling them I'm not going to do their homework and to leave me the hell alone but I decided against it. I finally got tired and crawl into bed dreading tomorrow. I hope no one knows about my screw up. I guess I should call Amber. She would know if something was up. Nah I'll just talk to her tomorrow. I couldn't sleep very well at all because every time I closed my eyes flashes of Christian's naked chest flashed in my head or when I did fall asleep I'd have these stupid erotic dreams about him. So I gave up and did math equations in my head hoping that would help in some way. And it did until the alarm went off. So I got up and and took a nice cold shower until I woke up then took a warm one. Then did my girly things. After my shower I dried off and got dressed. I put on some skinny jeans and an Attila t shirt. I leave my hair down trying to cover up those damn hickeys. It works for the most part but I also put on some cover up. Tons of it actually. Not really. I just use my sisters because she uses darker make up than I do.

Yeah she puts her make up on so thick she looks like she's plastic. She doesn't look good at all and I try to tell her that but mom over powers me and says she looks beautiful. Gag. Whatever! Walk around looking fake and plastic. It's her problem not mine. After I fix my neck, I go eat breakfast. Is some made for me? Nope. So I make myself some cereal, eat and leave for school. I get to walk, all the way to school, by myself. My parents won't buy me a car, obviously, but my sister got one for her sixteenth birthday. They show favorites way too much, like come on. I get to school and Amber is waiting on me. "Hey, I've tried calling you all weekend." she says. "I know I'm sorry. I was really busy." I lie.

"It's okay so did you have fun at the party?" she asks me. "Sure. I guess. You?" I ask. "Yeah ran into Vance." she tells me. I gulp when I hear that name. He just happens to Christian's best friend and beta. "Oh yeah, what happened?" I ask already knowing. "You know." she says giggling. All too well I think to myself but I keep my mouth shut and just nod. "Umm I gotta ask. Did I do anything stupid?" I ask curiously. "You don't remember?" she asks just as Christian gets to his locker, with Vance in tow. "No, not really." I answer. "Well, you didn't do anything while you were with me but I don't know after you went to the bathroom. You never came back so I thought you went home." she tells me. I just nod, not knowing what to say. "Good." is all that I could come up with. "You did go home right?" she asks me concerned. "Yep." I answer quickly. I look over and Christian looks pissed for some reason. He's leaning against his locker glaring at the ground. I know he can hear our conversation. Werewolf hearing and all and I can see him from where I'm standing. "Umm, let's get to class." I say as I start to speed walk away from my locker. His head snaps up at that but I ignored it. On my way to the library for lunch I run into him. Crap. I so did not need this. "Sorry." I mutter and quickly walk away before he can say anything. "No wait." he yells but I ignore him. "I'm not..." I hear him mutter something after that but I couldn't catch what he said. Man, I refuse to land up like one of his groupies. I've might have screwed up once but I won't again. I've learned my lesson.

No alcohol. I sit down getting comfortable with my book and my sandwich which mom bought. Hehe. "Hey." Callie says sitting beside me. In inwardly groan. "Hey." I answer back. "You got Friday's math homework?" and there it is. "Damn" I say, sounding like I just remembered something important. "No, I forgot to do it." I lie. "You forgot homework?" she asked shocked. I never forget homework. "Yeah I was busy yesterday and just forgot it." I lie. Of course I did it but I'm not going to let her know that. I'm tired of bailing her out. Can't she do her own work for once? Umm no that would require her keeping her legs closed and her to crack open a book. And apparently that isn't happening. "Can you do it for me real quick?" she doesn't really ask even though it came out as a question it was more of a demand. "No I have to get my history work done before next period." I sorta lie again. I'm really doing my history project. It's just not due until next month but I'm doing it anyway. Thank god she doesn't have AP classes like I do. "Oh? Well Christian is looking for you." I just nod. "Do you know why?" she ask but there's something in her tone. I'm not sure what it is but it's there. "Probably wanting me to do his homework." I answer. He has never talked to me much less asked me do his homework. In all honestly I don't know why he wants to talk to me. Unless he's looking for a good time. If that is the case, well then he's barking up the wrong tree. Once was enough. And I can't even remember that. "Oh well, I'll let him know you're in here." she says getting up. "No don't." I quickly say. Too quickly. "Why?" she ask with a cocked eyebrow. "I don't have time to do everybody else's homework." I snap.
- 10 -

"Oh okay bye." I just hum a goodbye. After lunch I head to history as I'm walking I get high jacked. I get pulled into an empty class. "What the hell?!" I yell as I turn around. Shit. Can my day get any worse? I ask myself. "We need to talk." he says. "No we don't." I snap. He sighs heavily rubbing his forehead. "Yes we do. You know what happened the other night." he says. "Actually I don't." I huff crossing my arms over my chest. "We slept together." he tells me. "No we didn't." I deny. "Yes we did." he argues. I groan. "Well I was drunk and stupid. I don't remember anything anyway." I say honestly. He scoffs at that. "Fan-fucking-tastic my own mate doesn't remember sleeping with me." he mutters running his hands over his face. I froze. "What did you say?" I ask slowly, I was pissed. He did not say what I think he said. There's no way. "Your my mate." he whispers. I stare at him in shock and now I'm angry. There's only one thing I can think of to say. "How long have you known?!" I growl. "Six months." he answers. I stop breathing. He's known for six fucking months and he didn't tell me. What's worse is he's still been screwing other girls. So that means.... "So your rejecting me?" I ask slowly.
- 11 -

"No." he says quickly. "I...I...I..." he stutters then stops himself sighing." That wasn't supposed to happen." I scoff at that. "Apparently." I scoff "No that's not what I mean. I just...." he starts. "Save it asshole and just reject me." I say cutting him off. "I'm not rejecting you." he huffs. I start laughing at that. I just didn't know how to feel. I mean I felt angry, hurt, betrayed, all different kinds of emotions were running through me. I just didn't know which one to go with. "You've known for six months. Didn't tell me. Been sleeping with every bimbo out there and you're not rejecting me?!" I angrily ask him. "No. I'm not." he says. "Why?" "Why what?" "Why aren't you rejecting me? I'm not doing your or your friends homework. I'm damn sure not going to be one of your toys. So why not reject me?" I almost yell at him. "Because your my mate." he says like it's obvious. "Why?" I can't really think of anything else to say. "Why what?" you know I just might punch him or knee him so hard he'll never use his friend again. "Why are you still screwing those other girls knowing I was your mate?" I ask. "I didn't know how to tell you." he says. "Oh I don't know how bout hey I'm your mate." I say sarcastically. "I was scared." he whispers. I didn't know what to do. So I did what I always do. "Bullshit Christian!" I say turning around walking out the door.
- 12 -

"Sienna!" he yells at me. "Stay the fuck away from me!" I yell back. I run to the bathroom and cried, missing fourth period. Who knew he knew my name? Hell I'm not even sure why I'm crying. I just am. I just sat in a stall and cried. I can't believe I'm the freaking alphas mate. No he has to be lying. Just has to be. Maybe it's a joke between his friends. You know, get the nerd to fall in love with the popular guy or just to show them he truly did get down my pants. A bet something besides me actually being his mate. Anything for fucksakes. Fuck that, I'm not saying a word about this to no one. It's got to be a lie. A big fat lie. Males find out who their mate is first at eighteen by the scent of the female, it's a unique smell to them in some way. Then the female will know for sure on her eighteenth birthday. That's when the sparks pop up. Suckish I know. Maybe he's lying to get in my pants again. No he wouldn't lie about something like that. Would he? Probably just to get his rocks off again. And that's not happening again. He did turn eighteen six months ago. So what I'm sticking to its a lie until I'm proven wrong. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edited By: MsContretto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment, Vote, Fan or anything else you'd like to do.

- 13 -

Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 One month later. I wake up with the feeling of wanting to puke again. I've been doing it for the past week now. Every damn morning. I think I'm getting sick or something. After I puke I jump in the shower, get out, brush my teeth. Or should I say scrub them. That's just so gross. I get dressed and decide I wanted to give my hair a few curls. I'm looking for my curling iron when I notice my new box of tampons not open yet. When is the last time I had my period? I think and think and think. Then I run to my calendar and start counting days. Oh no! I drop the box and cover my mouth. This can't be happening. But I'm not marked. Oh god he is the alpha! If I remember correctly they can get their mates pregnant without marking them. Oh dear god. I was seriously hoping he was lying about me being his mate. It has to be fluke. I'm just late that's all right? Just late. I've avoided him at school when I could but it's kind of hard when his locker isn't that far away from mine. And he always has some whore on his arm or sucking her face off. I try not to let it bother me but it always seems too. I won't let him know that it does though. I'll just walk by and smirk at him if I see him unattached to someone. I don't know, he gives me this look I just can't seem to read. Crap back to my problem. Instead of curling my hair and eating. I run downstairs and out the door. I run to the store around the corner by my house and buy five different tests. Going overboard? Probably. I get in line and wait and wait. Come on guy hurry up! Some people don't have all day! I wanted to yell at him but I kept my cool by bouncing from one foot to the other. When I finally make it up there he slowly rings them up giving me dirty looks. I glare back. I really don't care what he thinks about me at the moment in time. I got bigger problems to deal with besides his judgment of me. Once he's finally done I throw him the money and run out the door. Don't worry I threw plenty to pay for it all. I run back home and run to the bathroom. I took two first because that's all the pee I had and wait while I drank
- 14 -

glass after glass of water. Number one positive. Number two pregnant. Oh no! Come one those are mistakes they have to be. I took the other three. That I had enough for. No surprised after all the water I drank and waited. And waited. Number three positive Number four positive. Number five pregnant. Oh he'll no! I slide down the wall in tears. I cry and cry missing first, second and third period. I couldn't stay there and cry all day. No matter how much I wanted too. That's when I decided that I'm going to school. I have to suck it up and be a single mom at seventeen. I don't believe in abortions and I refuse to give up my baby. I know my parents will refuse to help and so will he. I get cleaned up and head out. I just need to think of what I'm going to do next. I get there just as the fourth periods bell rings. I rush in take my seat and get to work. I just work to keep my mind off of it for now. When lunch comes around I go to my usual spot the library. I do my history project that's almost done. Should be by the time lunch is over. I write sorta fast just to make sure I'm done so I can hand it in early. Extra credit helps a lot. When I get done I decide to leave. I gather my books and junk stuffed them in my backpack and leave. I'm surprised Callie didn't show up wanting me to do her homework but I've also noticed she's been running with Christian's bunch a lot these days. She's probably pleasing all them. If you know what I mean? On my way to history I see him shoving his tongue down some bitches throat and I see red and I don't know what came over me but I'm done putting up with it. I walk up to them. "Beat it." I growl making them break apart. "Excuse me?!" the bitch says.
- 15 -

"I said beat it!" I growl again. I don't care if she's human or wolf at this point. I'm just done. "Do you know who I am? You will not talk to me that way." she sneers. Oh I know who she is. She's the head cheerleader. Head bitch. "Does it look like I give a fuck who you are? Beat it now before I leave tread marks your plastic face!" I snarl menacingly. Her eyes go wide. "Go I'll see you later." he tells her. She nods glaring at me but walks away. I grab him by his shirt pulling him down to my level. What I'm short he's tall deal with it. "If you think for one second parading your whores in front of me is going to upset me or hurt my feelings in any way guess again.....Daddy." I whisper in his ear then shove him against the locker. Leaving him in shock. I go to history feeling kind of satisfied and turn in my project. I sit in class and just think. Shit. I told him. Well I was going to but not that way. He can have his whore and reject me but I'm not completely heartless I was going to tell him about his child but in a nice way. Now I'm pissed. I'm tired of being treated like shit by my family. I'm tired of my so called friends. I'm tired of my so called mate whoring around. I've just had enough of it all. Every fucking thing. I think it's time to graduate. Thank god I have enough credits. Doing summer school taking extra classes really helped out there. I could have nine weeks after school started but I wanted to graduate like normal kids so I stayed in school. But now I think it's time I did. I gather my books and get up walking right out of Mr. Pruitt's class without a word. I just didn't care anymore. "Sienna. Sit down." Mr. Pruitt says. "Screw you." I huff flipping him off walking out of class hearing gasp from the other students. I go straight to the office without stopping. "I want to graduate early." is the first thing I say to the receptionist. She just nods. They know I could have graduated early. They all have asked me why I didn't. I just told them the truth. I wanted to graduate with my class "Alright. You need to sign some papers and clean out your locker. What made you change your mind?" she asks curiously. I just sigh heavily. "I'm just tired." I tell her vaguely. She looks at me confused for a second but nods.
- 16 -

"Well go clean your locker while I get the papers together." I nod leaving. I go to my locker and clean it out. Stuff I don't want I throw it away the other stuff I stuff in my bag and carry all my books back to the office. Didn't take me to long considering I had everything organized. "All done?" "Yes ma'am." I chirp. She hands me some papers to sign. I sign them quickly. "Thanks." I say returning them to her. "You're welcome. Good luck." "Thanks, bye Miss. Simms." I say waving at her as I walk out the door. I walk out of that hell hole for the last time. I walk home in the best mood I've been in for years just happy to be out of that place. When I get home I'm surprised to see my dad is home. My mom and dad are not mates. Both of their mates died before they got together. Way before I was born. Or that's what I guess anyway. I don't know what happen they've never talked to me about it. I walk in the door and I get another surprise. I stand there shocked for a minute. My dad is on the couch screwing some other women. Take it in the bedroom at least. Sheesh! Then I laugh my ass off making them jump apart. "Oh this is good." I laugh as they struggle apart. "It's not what it looks like." dad quickly says. "Oh what are you doing giving her dick to cunt resuscitation." I say sarcastically. "Young la...." he starts. "Save it dad." I sneer cutting him off. "I don't give a damn. Okay? And I won't tell that bitch I call mother because like I said I don't give a damn." I say walking out but I notice his wallet on the ground and get an idea. So I scoot it across the floor with my foot. Once I'm out of sight I pick it up taking out his cash and a couple of credit cards. I throw it back down kicking it softly across the floor with my foot. I think it's time I left this fucked up town. I go straight to my room and start packing. I pack all my clothes I can stuff in one bag and grab my cash. I walk into my parent's room and grab all my important documents. I go back to my room grab my bags then sneak out my window. I walk straight to the store and hit the ATM. I pull out all the cash I can from each
- 17 -

ATM card. With my money that I have, yes I've been stealing over the years and his credit cards I have four thousand dollars. Haha. Oh this is so much fun. I buy me something to munch on and start walk to the bus station. I wait but not for long because I just got a ticket that's leavening soon. Which just so happens to be going far away. Yay! After days and days of being on the smelly and uncomfortable bus. I get off the bus and ask the clerk where a motel is. They are most likely to let me stay then a hotel would. Plus it's cheaper. I need to save my money so every corner cut helps. I get to the motel and I was right as long as I paid they left me alone. I paid for a week. That should give me enough time to find a job and a place to live. I hope anyway. I go to my room and take a long nice hot shower. After being on a bus for days I really needed one. I was all sweaty and smelly. After my shower I put on some pjs and crawled into bed and passed out. I sleep for about three days. Yes I was that tired. I really didn't mean to though. I just wanted some sleep. I didn't sleep on that bus. Cat naps sure but I didn't really sleep. I get up take a shower and get dressed for the day. I step outside take in a deep breath thinking it's nice to be free and take off walking. I walk down a couple of streets to find a place to eat. I'm starved and that can't be good for the baby. I finally come across a little diner. This town isn't that big. Good. Maybe I can stay hidden. I go in and get a booth. "What can I get you darlin?" the waitress asks handing me a menu. "Dr. Pepper please." I say as I look over the menu and find something just as she returns. "Thank you." I say as she sits it down. "What can I get you to eat?" I order a club sandwich and fries. Not very healthy if you ask me but right now I don't care I want something fast. She drops my order off and serves everyone else. When my food is done she brings it to me. "Can I get you anything else?" "As a matter of fact. Do you know any place around here hiring?" I ask her. "Well if you like the whole waitressing thing. Al is hiring for this joint." she tells me "Really?" I ask excitedly.
- 18 -

"Sure I'll get you an app and interview. Hey Al!" she yells. Well okay then. "What Mabel?" Mabel really? I snicker to myself. "I got your next employee!" "Coming." out walks a tubby old man. "Where?" he ask coming to stand beside her. She points at me. "Well you can't be any more than 16." he says looking at me like he's already made his decision and that decision being no. "17 actually almost 18 sir." I tell him. "Ever been a waitress?" he ask me. "No but I can do it." I tell him. "Hmmm. Why aren't you in school?" he ask cocking an eyebrow. "Graduated early." I say honestly. "Hmmm. You alone?" he ask me. "Yes." I answer. "Where's your parents?" he ask. "My parents weren't what you would call parents." I tell him honestly. He nods. I'm not going to lie. It's not like I'm actually hiding anything. "How often can you work?" he ask. "Whenever you want me too." I tell him. It's not like I have anything else going on in my life. "Can you stay on your feet for eight hours?" he ask. I sigh heavily. "For now I can." I tell him. "What do you mean?" he ask confused. "I'm pregnant sir." I tell him.
- 19 -

"Where's the father?" he ask. Nosy. Shouldn't he be asking me questions about the job or something. "Well that's kind of a long story." I landed up telling him. he nods again. "Well." he says rubbing his chin. "I suppose we could try ya out." "Really?" I ask excitedly. "Yeah I suppose so." he says. "Thank you thank you so much." I say jumping up and hugging him. "Yeah yeah. Don't screw up." he says patting my head. I nod. "No sir, you can count on me." I say. He nods walking off. "Oh be here 5 am tomrroa." he hollers back. I nod. Like he can see me. "I will thank you." I look at the lady. "Thank you so much." I tell her gratefully. "You're welcome sweetie." she says walking away. Well that was easy. He didn't even really ask me about anything pertaining to the job. I then dig into my food excited about my first new job. After I eat I pay my bill thanking them again. I leave walking around some more. I find a store so I can get my necessities. That motel shampoo and conditioner isn't going to cut it. While I'm there I starting thinking if I'm going to be on my feet for eight hours or longer I need better shoes. I look around and find a pair that I'm hoping will work. Once I pay for everything I decide to wear the shoes on the way home to break them in. Once I get back to the motel I lay around and watch TV. I drift off to dream filled night. Guess who I've dream about. Yep none other than Christian. I do dream about him. Not too much but still too much for my liking. And I don't know why. They just started one night. And they won't stop no matter what I do. I've tried everything. Counting sheep, doing math equations, think of anything but him. Stupid subconscious. The next morning I get up at four am take a quick shower. Then head to the diner. It didn't take me long to walk there now that I know where it is. When I got there Mabel and Al are already there. I go in and greet them. Then Mabel gives me an apron and shows me how to set up for the morning. Then I start walking around
- 20 -

behind her while she serves the customers showing me the ropes. I help out where I can. Which it goes by fairly quickly and easily By lunch time she finally decides to send me out on my own. She shows me how to set up for lunch and lets me loose. Mostly older people come in. I guess because the younger ones are at school or work. I stayed longer than eight hours but I was okay with it. I want to learn all I could. All I mostly did was serve coffee unless it was breakfast or lunch time. Maybe pie every so often. I can't say the job is easy because it is my first day. Just because I had one easy day doesn't mean the rest are going to be easy. I haven't ran into any werewolves yet and hoping I don't. I'm not joining any damn pack. My plans are to stay away from people. I don't need drama. I just need to take care of the little one and myself. Inviting people into my life means inviting drama. Something I don't need or want. I'm perfectly happy by myself. I can't say I miss home either. After work I go to the motel and collapse on the bed before I slowly get back up and take a long hot shower. I smell like food and it doesn't smell good at all. After my long hot shower I get dressed in shorts and tank top collapse on the bed watch some movies and thinking of my next step. Job: check. Next on my agenda is finding an apartment. I'll ask Mabel and Al tomorrow if they know of any apartments around town. I just hope they are willing to let a 17 year old rent one. I'm not going to be any trouble. I just want to work and raise my daughter in peace. Nothing more. Then I need to find a doctor. How I'm going to pay for that I have no clue yet. Maybe see if the state could help. With just the medical. My paycheck should over everything else. Or maybe I'll send the bills to Christian. No then he'll find me and I really don't want that. I know I'm being unreasonable but I really don't want him around if all he's going to do is mess around. The baby and I don't need to see that shit. It breaks my heart every time I see it and my child doesn't need to see women used as objects. And I know he'll never stop messing around. He knew for seven months and still messed around. I honestly don't see him stopping. He has been a man whore since I can remember. I just don't want my child growing up that way. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edited By: MsContretto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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- 22 -

Chapter 3
CHAPTER 3 It's been four months since I left. I got an apartment. Curtsy of Al. He owns the building the diner is in and just above it is a two bedroom apartment. Just enough space for me and the baby. And it was furnished. Yeah I coughed a lot getting rid of all the dust but I did it. Well as much as I could anyway. Al said it hadn't been used in years and I believed him. Luckily Mabel and a couple of her friends have helped me out. Al did when he could. That man lives at the dinner. I did have to buy the necessities. You know cup, plates, bowls, silverware, pots, pans, bedding. Yeah that stuff. I'm still stashing all my money except for what I need to spend. I got the baby's room all set up. Everything that he or she needs. We decorated unisex. Its real cute baby animals all over the walls you know the stick on kind. We painted it yellow. I'm surprised we got it done before my time was up at the motel. Between working and working on the apartment I was exhausted by the time we were done. Al was nice enough to let us off for the weekend. This was really nice of him considering we were both scheduled to work. But he called in his other help. I finally found a doctor. So far I do monthly checkups. The baby is healthy. So far so good. He seems tone, a pretty good doctor. He is the town doctor and everyone loves him. His son is taking over when he retires but for now he is just another doctor and gorgeous. Blonde hair, blue eyes, good build but married. Happily married. Too bad. Just kidding. I don't know what it is with this baby but at every one of my ultrasounds, I was not either not far enough along or he or she wasn't positioned right. Little snot is toying with me. It would always be facing the other direction. Doctor Michael's always tries to get it to move but just won't budge. Yes I want to know the sex so I could start buying clothes. Well I've been buying clothes mostly onesies but every now and then I'd find a cute unisex outfit. And I bought one girl dress and one boy outfit so I could bring them home from the hospital in, Everything has been going great around here. I work and come home in to my cozy little apartment and relax. I did run into a pack. Yep unfortunately I just had to walk in on pack territory and I be damned if the alpha didn't show up. AT MY JOB! I was not happy about that. After work that night I explained to him that I'm not here to cause trouble or joining their pack. I told him I just want to be left alone so I could raise my daughter in peace. He agreed and leaves me alone but does have someone come about once a week to check on me just to make sure I'm not causing
- 23 -

trouble and if I'm okay but other than that he leaves me alone. So does the pack members. Yeah they come in to the diner to eat and they will chat with me there but other than that they stay away. I do have this good looking guy come in and flirt with me all the time but all I do is look at him and glare. Can you say man whore? He is. He's stupid enough to flirt with me while he has a different girl hanging off his arm when he comes in. I have a mate as a man whore, apparently my father is one too. I really don't need to be dating or have a boyfriend for one. Not like I'd even think of dating or have a boyfriend. He doesn't know I'm pregnant yet no one does but Al, Mabel and the alpha. I wear clothes that hide my belly but it won't be much longer and I won't be able to hide it for long. I keep growing and growing. I'm just getting big. Big as a house. After work I close up and start walking to the apartment. I have to walk to the back. That's the only way to get to it. That's another reason I like it. It's kind of hidden. Anyway I feel arms going around my waist and I start to panic until I feel the sparks and I hear that voice. Since I turned eighteen a week ago. Yeah that was a lonely birthday but Mabel made me a cake. Which was really nice of her. I feel the stupid sparks. Yeah I was still hoping I wasn't his mate but guess what? I am. Ta da! "Did you honestly think you could run and hide?" Christian whispers in my ear as he rubs my belly. I kind of relax thanking god it's not a murderer. "I'm not hiding." I tell him. I was just hoping you wouldn't come looking for me. "Come home." he whispers. I shake my head no. "No I'm fine where I'm at." I tell him. "No you're not. Come home and let me take care of you and our baby." he says. "No." I answer immediately. "Please come home. So we can be together." he says. I scoff at that. "You didn't want me then so why the hell would you want me now." I huff. "That's a lie and you know it." he says. "I do? Really? You sleeping with all the girls at school is wanting me? You not telling me were mates is wanting me? Face it Christian you don't want me, you just
- 24 -

want to play around. You can do that with a mate can you, so why have a mate?" I tell him truthfully. "Not true." he says. "How many girls have you slept with since I've been gone Christian?" I ask. "None" he answers immediately. I'm still not buying that. "Bullshit you're too big of a man whore not to go without Christian." I huff. "I haven't I swear and I was scared Sin, please believe me, I'm not lying." he argues. "Of what? What does the big bad alpha have to be afraid of?" Silence. See he's not afraid. He just wanted to play around and he knows I'm right. He just wants me as another one of his toys. "You not wanting me." he finally answers. I laughed at that. "Your right I don't want you. Leave Christian." I suddenly feel him stop rubbing my belly and he lets go of me and when I turn around I see him walking backwards with unshed tears in his eyes. He nods turns around puts his hands in his pockets and walks to a Lamborghini. I know that's not his. Rental I'm guessing. I seriously wanted to call him back and say I lied but nothing came out. Truth is I do want him. I just don't want to be one of his toys. I've always wanted my mate. No matter whom it is. I was always told your mate changes their ways. But see he never did. He still had his toys even after he knew I was his mate. Doesn't that just scream I don't want a mate? I want to play around? I don't know about you but to me it does. And I'm not going to live that way. I watch him drive away with tears in my eyes then slowly I turn back around walk back to my apartment crying. I unlock the door, take a shower, get out dress in pjs, go cook me some dinner and plop on the couch. I watch several movies then go to bed. Crying the whole time. I lay there for hours thinking about him. I wonder if he changed his player way? Probably not I mean he didn't change them then and I doubt he's changed them now. I mean why would he settle for a no body like me when he could have any girl he wants. And gets. Why am I even laying here thinking about him?
- 25 -

Wait! How the hell did he even find me? I didn't tell the alpha where I'm from. I didn't tell him anything about me aside from being pregnant and I want to be left alone. I groan rolling over. So many damn questions running thru my head. I wish I can go for a run. I haven't been on one since I got pregnant. It's dangerous for us to shift when we are pregnant. It could kill the baby. And that's a chance I'm not willing to take. But I could still wish I was out on a run. The wind blowing thru my fur. The adrenaline rush I get from running. The colors of the woods. The feel of being free. I miss it all. As much as I love carrying this baby I can't wait till it's out. I just want to run. I know it's going to be harder now. I mean what do I do with the baby? I guess I still won't be doing much running. That's okay when she gets old enough I'll start running again and take her with me. Or maybe lie to Mabel and have watch her while I go for a run. Who knows? Over the next several months nothing really exciting happens. Mabel and her friends talk me into going to a bar with them. Don't worry only water for me maybe even a pop but nothing more. I've meet some of her guy friends. They are really nice. Just way older than I am. I'm the youngest out of the bunch. I'm not really sure why I go. Mabel says it's to get out and have fun before the baby is born because after it is. Goodbye fun. I don't mind that though. It's not like I went out all the time back home but I do have fun. I dance or waddle my way on the dance floor. Yeah I'm really showing now. I'm almost due and I look like a beached whale. So sad. Some guys hit on me but once I turn them down they are on to the next score. Kind of funny an entertaining to watch. I don't get harassed though. Mabel made it clear to every guy I was off limits which I thanked her for. But they still hit on me. Like I said it's entertaining to watch. I now go to the doctor once a week. It started out once a month, then once every three weeks, then once every two weeks, now once a week. The closer I am the more they want to see me. Still everything is fine. I still don't know what it is yet. Booger still won't let me know what it is yet. It will just wiggle around but won't face us. I guess it wants to make it a surprise for me. Stubborn little booger. That's okay I kind of like knowing it's going to be a surprise. I have an outfit for both and names picked anyway so I'm prepared. As I'm sitting in the booth with Lisa Mabel's friend the alpha's son shows up. Oh joy. Yeah he was the asshole that was hitting on my while he had a chick around his arm. He still hits on me and still has a different chick in his arms every time. The only thing that comes to my mind is man whore. I mean really are all mean like that? The ones I know are. Why can't I find a nice guy that will stick with one woman? Is that too much to ask. I wish Christian was like that. Blah! Stop thinking that way.
- 26 -

"Hey gorgeous." he purrs sitting down next to me. I roll my eyes. "Hi Erick." I say sighing heavily. He puts his arm around my shoulder leans into my ear. "Let's go have some fun." he whispers. I roll my eyes once again. Ah! He hasn't seen me since I grew to a beach whale. Time to play. "Oh Erick I'm looking for a mate Hun. Could you see yourself settling down with little ole me?" I ask innocently. "Uh well......yeah maybe." he says kind of confused. "Great!" I say excitedly standing up. "Oh baby you have a daddy now!" I coo to my belly. I have never seen someone run so fast before in my life. I busted up laughing. So did Lisa. We were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. Ever seen those cartoons where one of the characters leaves so fast the chair falls and a trail of smoke is following him. Yep that describes how fast Erick ran with his tail between his legs. We were still laughing so hard we didn't notice that Mabel and the rest showed up. "What's so funny?" Jenny asked. All I could was point to Erick. "Ugh! Him again?" she says rolling her eyes. "Oh but she got him this time." Lisa giggles. Then she goes to tell her what I did and how fast he left. They also laughed, hard. Oh I wasn't done yet. After I get my laughing under control I think it's time to go have some more fun. "I'll be back ladies." I giggle getting up. I wordless walk over to Erick and put my arm around his waist. I look the girl up and down with as much disgust as I can. Oh there's nothing wrong with her. She's beautiful. I messing with Erick right now. "Hey honey who's your friend?" I ask innocently. I don't give him time to answer. "Oh doesn't matter." I say waving my hand dismissively. "Baby me and the baby are ready to go home and go to bed. I need some play time with my hubby." I purr running my finger down his chest. He opens and closes his mouth several times trying to say something, nothing even comes out. She's looking at him disgusted. "You told me you were single!" she screeches. "Another threesome baby really? Aren't I enough for you anymore?" I start
- 27 -

sobbing. "You promised it would only happen twice. Now a third." I cry harder. "It's because I'm fat isn't it? ISN'T IT?!" I yell sobbing. "You don't love me any more because I'm fat!" I yell again sobbing. Next thing I know Erick is getting a drink thrown in his face as I'm crying. "You disgusting asshole. How could you cheat on your pregnant wife?!" she ask him harshly. I cry harder hearing that. "You cheated?!" I wail. You asshole!" she huffs and stomps away. I wait until she out the door. When she's gone I dry up my tears and smile brightly at him. So Erick?" I start putting my arm over his shoulder. "You done hitting on me?" I ask trying not to laugh. He slowly turns his head towards me. Glaring at me. "You're an evil women." he huffs. "I'll never hit on you again." he grunts. "Good boy." I say patting his head like a dog. He slaps my hand away glaring again. "Man she was a hot lay!" he whines. "Oh you'll live. Use your hand babe." I say then walk away. That's when I break down laughing. The girls were already rolling on the ground before I got back to the table. So were some of the people in the bar. They knew what I did. Some werewolf hearing and some mostly guessing since they know I don't have a man. I do get lonely as well but I never go home with anyone. I try my hardest not to think about what could been with Christian but sometimes I do let a little fantasy slip through but I know in reality it would never work. In my book once a cheat always a cheat. I don't want or need that shit in my life. "You know now you're going to have fix my problem." Erick says popping out of know where. "Erick do we really have to go through this again?" I ask cocking an eyebrow. "I can make it ten times worse next time." I tell him. "Man I feel sorry for your mate." he huffs. None of the girls are around at the moment do its okay if we talk that way. "Erick he's another man whore just like you. The only difference is he would still
- 28 -

have that chick in his bed two seconds after she walked out that door." I tell. "Rejected?" he ask. I shake my head no. "Not officially, whose kid do you think this is?" I ask him. "Ah mated to an alpha?" he says. "No a man whore." I correct. "That bad huh?" he asked. "Well known we were mates six months before we slept together told me two days later and is still messing around to this day." I tell him. "You men are all the same just different faces." I huff. He laughs at that. We stayed for a couple of hours as the girls got drunk and Erick and I chat. He actually isn't that bad when you really get to know him. They flirt as always they are not sluts but once in a while they will go home with someone. Not very often though. They just get lonely. Lisa is closer to my age twenty two, blonde hair, green eyes, steady boyfriend he lets her go out for a girls night while he does a boys night but they meet up at the end of the night where I drive them home in Mabel's car. Jenny is in her thirties real nice. Raven black hair, green eyes, typical joker. Just a big kid at heart. And then there's Anna she in her thirties, blonde hair, blue eyes, the shy type and of course Mabel she's got fiery red hair, hazel eyes and very loud outside of work. Big difference from work. I'm the designated driver as always since I don't drink. I usually take everyone home unless they leave with someone. I don't mind though. I'd rather drive everyone one home the one of them drive and get in an accident and someone die. Yeah that's something I don't want on my conscious. So I'll be more than happy to drive them home. After our nights out I pick Mabel up the next day for work. Yeah I'm sure she's not liking it much. Haha. Can you say hangover? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edited By: MsContretto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment, Vote, Fan or anything else you'd like to do.

- 29 -

Chapter 4
CHAPTER 4 God this hurts. God must be sadistic. To have women have babies this way. Couldn't a stork just deliver them. I mean come on. This is killing me here. Okay I'm being over dramatic here but it hurts like hell. I'm so killing Christian if I ever see him again. I scoff at that thought. It's been peaceful. I work and come home. Or woddle home. Sometimes go to the stupid bar with Mabel and her bunch. Whatever. I haven't heard or seen him since he showed up that one day. I kind of figured I'd at least get a phone calls asking how the baby is doing but nope. Nothing. I guess he doesn't want the baby either. Asshole. Why would he? I mean a baby would only tie him down. Something he is obvious afraid of. That would mean he would have to stay home and take care of his child and give up his toys. He was never afraid of me rejecting him or not wanting him. He was afraid of being tied down and losing his toys. That's it! Screw him! It will be okay with just me and the baby. "Push." the doctor says. "I'm pushing." I say thru gritted teeth. "Just a couple more." he coos. I glare at him wanting to rip his head off. I've been at this for hours. A couple more my ass! Yeah I'm not in the best of moods right now. "Come on you can do it." the nurse coos. I keep pushing counting to ten then collapse on the bed. He lets me rest for a few seconds. "Push." he orders. I grit my teeth together and start pushing again. I count to ten then collapse. I pant as the nurse wipes my forehead. "You're doing good Sienna." she coos. "Push." he orders again. "Can we stop. Please." I cry. "Come on almost there." he coos this time. I push again gritting my teeth and holding on to the rails of the bed. Count to ten then collapse.
- 30 -

"Push." he didn't even give me time to rest. "No I'm going to sleep." I cry. I hurt and I'm tired. Leave me alone. "Push Sienna." he demands. "No sleep." I'm so tired. I've been at this for god only knows how long. I want to sleep. "Push." He demands again. "Screw you." I say thru gritted teeth pushing. I count to ten and collapse. "I see the head." he announces. "Push." "I hate you." I groan as I push again, count and collapse again. "Push." I push again. "Keep going. Here it comes." I keep pushing and pushing. "Come on just a little more." I push harder. Then I hear crying. "It's a girl." he cheers. I cry as they take her away to wipe her down. While I rest for a few minutes then when they are done the nurse brings her to me lays her down in my arms. "She's beautiful." I whisper checking her out. Ten toes, ten fingers, two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth. She's got peach fuzz pitch black hair eyes shaped like Christian's. Oh god she looks just like him. She's beautiful. "She's perfect." I cry. "What's her name?" the nurse asks. "Kennedy Cheyenne." I tell her then look back at my beautiful baby. "Welcome to the world Kennedy." I coo. "We have to take her now." she tells me. "What for?" I panic. "Test, clean her up. You need some rest too. Don't worry she'll be back before you even wake up." she says. I just nod an okay yawning. "Alright. Bye Kennedy. Momma loves you." I whisper kissing her forehead. She takes her from me. "Get some rest." I nod again as she walks out the door. I fall back on the pillow
- 31 -

and I'm out. When I woke up I got a surprise of a life time. Christian is here holding Kennedy. Caressing her cheek with his thumb. "What are you doing here?" I ask him. He tears his eyes away from her and looks at me. Well glares. "Seeing my daughter." he huffs. What's her name?" "Like you care." I scoff. "If I didn't care. I wouldn't be here!" he growls at me. I push the button lifting the bed up to sit up and sigh. "Kennedy Cheyenne." I tell him. "Beautiful just like you." he coos to her. "Why are you here?" I ask again "To see my daughter." he tells me in a duh tone. "No I mean how did you find out?" I ask. "I have my ways." he smirks. Of course he does. Stupid rich alpha. "No one knew I was giving birth but my boss." I tell him. "Like I said I have my ways." he tell me again. "You didn't hurt him. Did you?" I ask worriedly. "No I didn't even have to ask him. I have other ways." he says getting up and walking to my bed pulling out some papers from his back pocket then hands them to me. "What's this?" I ask confused. "Read it." is all he says sitting back down. I read and panic and started crying. "You can't do this! You can't take my baby away!" I cry.
- 32 -

"You didn't have a problem taking her away from me!" he growls at me. "Don't do this Christian. That's my baby!" I plead. "Mine too. I have a right to see my baby." he argues. "Please Christian don't do this! You can't take her away from me!" I beg as he gets up putting her in her bed and comes to stand in front of me. "You had no problem taking her away from me! You took everything away from me! You took yourself away from me! You took me watching my baby grow! You took away the first kick! The first doctor's appointment! The first ultrasound! You took her birth away from me!" he snarls at me then closes his eyes as he tries to calm down. He and his wolf wanted to go wolf on my ass. When he opens them again he is finally calm. "But don't worry I'm not as heartless as you. You still have visitation rights. I'll fly up here every Friday drop her off then pick her up Sunday and take her home." he says calmly. I can't believe this. How could he do this to me? "How could you do this to me? Please Christian joint custody something?!" I cry. He shakes his head. "I gave you opportunity after opportunity to fight this. To come home to me. We sent paper work after paper work to work something out. I sent letter after letter but you never came to any of the court dates, attorney meeting, wrote back anything. You did this to yourself." he tells me. Huh? I never received anything. "I never got anything." I tell him honestly. "Not my problem." he says with a shrug. "You have three days with her. When she's released I'm taking her with me." he finishes. "I'm breastfeeding." I lie. "I'll fight you." I threaten. He just shrugs picking her back up when she whimpers. "It's okay baby girl." he coos patting her back. "No you're not Sienna. I've read your files." he tells me. Shit being rich can get you a lot of things. I know it's better for her but I don't know. I was at least going to try it for a while see if it worked out between working and stuff but I guess I won't be able to try now. I should have never said I was going to bottle feed. I collapsed on the bed and cried. I've never cried so hard in my life. I sobbed and had those liquidy boogers running out of my noses couldn't stop crying. And he just sat there. I can't believe this is happening. Why would he do this? Payback.
- 33 -

My last day with my beautiful baby. It's been three days. Christian has stayed here all three days. He leaves long enough to shower, change and eat. He has her while I sleep and when I wake up he gives her to me. Sits down and watches TV. He won't talk to me. I've tried. I've tried talking him out of this but he just ignores me. I've cried, I've argued but nothing. I just don't know what to do anymore. I can't afford an attorney. He comes back in the room carrying a diaper bag and car seat. He was up bright and early checking us out while I called Mable to come get me. She visited a few times but kept her distance from Christan. Can you say doesn't like him? Yeah she knows everything. And isn't too fond of him. "I have a diaper bag already for her." I tell him. "I don't need anything from you." he grunts as he starts pulling out blankets and a little pink dress. "Can I get her dressed at least." I ask as he starts to take her away from me. He just nods handing me the dress. "You're doing this to get back at me aren't you?" I ask him. "News flash Sienna not everything has to do with you. I want my daughter too." he grits thru his teeth. "Keep your damn toys away from my daughter." he nods. "Or I'll get you dick off." I threaten. "Okay." is all he says. I don't want my daughter growing up with a women coming and going. See he didn't change. "Hey Chris." some guy says coming thru the door. "Yeah." he answers. "We need to go soon man or we are going to miss are flight." Christian nods an okay. "Please Christian." I beg. "Just get her dressed please." he grunts. I just nod crying as I get her dressed. When I'm done I cry harder.
- 34 -

"Bye baby mommy loves you don't ever forget that. I'll see you soon." I cry kissing all over her face. I get up and put her in the car seat covering it up with the blanket. "Love you." I whisper kissing her forehead one last time before I completely cover her. Christian walk up taking the handle. He leans over kissing my temple. "Please Christan." I whisper begging one more time. "Come home." he whispers then walks out the door. I can't let this happen anymore. I miss my baby. It's been two weeks. Sure last week he was here to drop her off but I'm her mother. She should be with me all the time. It's not fair. It's not right. Today when he gets here yes I'm taking off. Fuck this. She's my baby. I see him walking in with her. Just act normal Sin. Just like any other day. I tell myself. I greet him at the door like I did last time. "Hey." I say leading him to a table. "Hey." he says sitting her down on the table. "How is she?" I ask moving the blanket away from her face. I just stare at her not wanting to pick her up because she's peacefully asleep. "Good. Still sleeping thru the night. Does nothing much else but sleep, eat and poop." he tells me. I giggle at that. "Anything else." I ask. He shakes his head no. "Do you need anything?" he asks me. "No." I say shaking my head. I then turn to Al. "Alright boss I'm heading home." I tell him. "Okay darlin be careful." Al says waving. "Bye." I say waving back. He tells me bye and I gather up Kennedy. "Here I'll take her." Christian says taking her before I could refuse. We leave going to my apartment. Once inside he sets her down in the couch taking her out of her car seat and gives her to me just as she opens her eyes.
- 35 -

"Thanks." I tell him. "Hi princess. How you been? Huh. You been good for daddy?" I coo bouncing her. "You're getting so big." "Well I got to go." Christian says. I nod. "Alright see you Sunday." I say playing it off. He nods kissing my forehead. "Come home." he whispers. I just shake my head. He sighs heavily and leaves. I sigh once he's out the door. Then I go to my room lay her down in the bed and begin to pack. I can't believe I'm reduced to running again. Once done I make sure I have everything. Money, her clothes, my clothes. Everything I can carry in two bags plus her diaper bag. No one knows what I'm doing. When I'm done we sleep because we need to go to bed early to wake up in the middle of the night to make a run for it. I wake up in the middle of the night as the alarm goes off, gather our things and take off to the bus station. I get us some tickets and get on. I grab the first tickets leaving the soonest. We stop several hours later and we get off. I walk around until I find a motel, get us a room then I take us in while she's still sleeping I jump in taking a long hot shower. When I'm done I get and put on some clothes. I feed her, give her a bath then put on her clothes and decide to go get me something to eat. We walk around town for a little bit until I find a fast food restaurant. I go in and get me some food eat then leave. I decide to go to a grocery store to get me some food instead of eating out all the time. Something that I can just put together without a fridge or stove. I take us back to the motel when I'm done. I walk in and plop us down onto the bed. "When did everything get so complicated." I ask her taking her out of her car seat. Just basically talking to myself. We watch TV for a little bit next things I know the door is busted down. "What the hell?!" I yell when two big guys walk in. Holy crap they are big. Then guess who walks in behind them. "Really? You thought you were going to kidnap my daughter?" he scoffs. "How?" is all I can say. "I told you before I have my ways." he says through gritted teeth.
- 36 -

"Christian please just let us go." I beg. "You're free to go whenever you like. Your just not taking Kennedy with you." he says walking over to us. He takes her from me making she's okay. Like I'd hurt my own daughter. Asshole. "Please don't do this. She's my baby." I argue. "SHE'S MINE TOO." he booms causing me to actually flinch and Kennedy to wake up and cry. "I can't believe you. Stop being such a selfish bitch. If you would just come home we could solve this problem." he growls as he bounces her getting to quiet down. "Come home to what Christian? You just want me back home so you can parade your whores in front of me." I tell him truthfully. He shakes his head no. "Whatever. You can stay here or I can give you a ride back. Your choice." he says walking out the door with her. I guess I really don't have a choice. "Hold on." I sigh. He nods to the two guys and they grab my stuff. I grudgingly trail behind Christian. I get into his rental as he puts Kennedy in. I buckle up and cross my arms over my chest. How did he find me so fast? Hell how did he even know I left. Stupid asshole. He gets in slamming his door shut. "Shhh you'll wake her up." "Don't tell me what to do?" he grunts. "I didn't tell you what to do. Just..." I sigh heavily. "Whatever. Use common sense asshole." "Yeah something you seem to be lacking in." he grunts starting the car. I flip him off and glare out the passenger window. He pulls out and drives away. You know I'm so freaking stupid I should have gotten a ticket some place farther away. Instead of one headed out next. I'm not a bright person at all. The car ride is silent. The only sounds are of Kennedy when she cries. The first time she did I just crawled in the back and stayed there with her. Hell it was easier. I didn't want to beat the crap out of him and push him out of the car then drive away from back here We just stopped once for gas. When we did I made a couple more bottles. I'm not sure how long we drove I just know it was shorter than the bus ride. Both times I've taken a bus the drive was long. When we finally get back to my place he tells me to
- 37 -

get out. "I have one more day with her." I remind him. "Yeah that was before you tried to kidnap her. You honestly think I'm going to let you fucking keep her again." he says. Oh god. He's never going to let me see her again. I started to panic. I never thought of that. "Please Christian I'm sorry. Please don't take her away from me. I'm so sorry please." I cry. "I'll never do it again. Please. I'm sorry. Please don't take her from me please, please. I panicked. I hate not seeing her every day. Please." I beg. "Please Christian." I keep begging. He sighs heavily shaking his head. "Please." I plead then I wait for him to say something anything. "I won't." he finally says. "Can I keep her tonight please?" I ask him "Only if I stay too." he bargains. "Okay." I answer immediately. He nods and gets out. I follow getting the bags out of the trunk while he gets Kennedy. We go to my apartment in silence. No one saying anything. He sets Kennedy down and takes her out of the car seat while I get him some extra pillows and blankets. You didn't think he was sleeping in bed with me did you? Ha! "Thank you." I whisper as he hands her to me. He just nods again. I was so stupid to think I could run again. I really hope he forgives me and lets me keep Kennedy on the weekends still. I couldn't live without her. He lays his bed out and we get comfortable. Far away from each other. In silence. I put in a movie then make us something to eat while he plays with Kennedy. I feed Kennedy while he eats then I burp her and put her to bed because she fell asleep while eating. Then I eat and then I just went ahead and went to bed too. It's easier than being in there with him. I stayed there staring at the ceiling wanting so bad to go in there to him but reframed from doing so. No matter how much I wanted too. I just couldn't bring myself to be one of his toys. I want him as a mate or nothing at all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edited By: MsContretto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment, Vote, Fan or anything else you'd like to do.
- 38 -

Chapter 5
CHAPTER 5 It's been four months since that day. He still brings her to see me every weekend. I really got lucky. He could have taken her away for good but he didn't. He is never late either. He flies down meets me at the diner at seven just before I get off work. I run to her scooping her up kissing her all over her face. He fills me in on her. What's she's doing, what she's not doing. Likes and dislikes. She has this little stuffed ladybug she likes to sleep next to. He tells me he still has to wake her up at night to feed her because if he doesn't she'd sleep through the night. I knew that but he tells me anyway. He then helps me take her stuff that he brings with him up to my apartment then kisses her forehead tells her he loves her then kisses mine tells me to come home then leaves. Sunday he comes and picked her up at seven. I fill him in on the same stuff. He then kisses my forehead tells me to come home then leaves again. I cry as soon as they walk out the door. He never says anything else to me just about her or come home. Every week it's the same. But today I have bad a feeling. I couldn't shake it. I don't know what it was but something was gnawing at me. Telling me to go to her. I didn't understand it. I damn sure didn't question it. So I ask Al if I could have a couple of days off. Of course he said yes. He's cool like that. I told him my situation and he agreed to switch my days off. I booked the next flight and left. When I got there a couple of hours later. I bought a baseball cap put my hair up leaving out some bangs to cover my face. I jumped in a cab and gave him the address. As soon as we were there I paid him and jumped out running to the door. I knock on the door as hard as I could. "Can I help you?" his younger brother asks. Seth. He's just like him. I shove him inside. "Hey!" he protests. I take off my cap. "Sorry I didn't want anyone to see me." I tell him. "Where's your brother and Kennedy?" I ask him immediately. "His room." he answers. I nod running up the stairs. Is it sad that I remember where his room is? Yeah thought so. I open the door and see red.
- 39 -

"You such a bitch!" I scream. When I opened the door I see a very disgusting sight in front of me. CALLIE HAS KENNEDY BREASTFEEDING HER! How is that even possible? That's just gross. And she's naked. Oh what a surprise? Not. Oh hell no? If she didn't have Kennedy in her arms I would have fucking killed her. "You got one second to put my daughter down before I cut you into little pieces!" I snarl. "What the hell is going on?" Christian ask confused just waking up. "What did I tell you about having your toys around my daughter!" I snarl at him. She puts her down on the bed. "I'll see you later baby." she purrs getting up running her hand down his chest. Not even covering herself. So gross. "Don't bother." I say walking over to pick up Kennedy. I took her and walk towards the door. "You stay here and get your disease on. Oh if I ever see you near my daughter again I'll rip your fucking head off" I say calmly leaving the room. "You better not even walk out of this house with her." Christian says threatening and it just pissed me off more. "You know Christian I asked you to keep your whores away from my daughter and now you got one breast feeding her and all you got to say is don't walkout that door! Oh what a great father you are! Wasn't planning on it you asshole!" I snarl. I closed my eyes because I noticed how bad I was shaking and wanting to go wolf on both their asses but I had Kennedy in my arms and couldn't. Once I calm down again I let loose again. "You're a shitty father Christian! Grow the fuck up Christian. Your child should come before your dick." I calmly say then slam the door shut. And I had no intentions of leaving with her. As I walk out the door and run into his mom. "Oh sorry." I tell her. "Sienna!" she says excitedly. "What are you doing here?" "Kind of hard to explain. You got an extra room I can take her in." I ask. "Yeah but come have some coffee with me? So we can talk." she says
- 40 -

"I really don't want to run into anyone. I don't want anyone to know I'm back." I tell her honestly. "We'll it's just me and Seth." she tells me. "Alright." I say giving in. I like Tammy. We might not have talked a lot before but every time we did she was really nice. She didn't treat me like I was nothing. We go down the stairs and into the kitchen where I sit down as she makes some coffee. "So what brings you back?" she ask. "If I told you you'd probably think I'm nuts." I tell her truthfully. Hell I don't even get it. "Try me." she says. "I just had a bad feeling something I wouldn't like was going to happen to Kennedy." I tell her. "Mothers intuition. You're not nuts Hun." she tells me. I laugh nodding. "Well did you find out what it was?" "I'm not completely sure yet but if walking in on Christian's latest toy breastfeeding her was it than yes." I tell her. "SHE WAS WHAT?" she booms. "Yeah the." I start just as Christian walks in. "Skanky bitch was breastfeeding my daughter. How is that even possible? How could you even let her?" I ask mostly to myself. I probably should be covering her ears while I'm cussing up a storm but she's asleep and shouldn't hear it right? "I didn't know she did it. I was asleep." he defends himself. . "You weren't supposed to have your whores around her in the first place Christian!" I argue. "Next time... No there better not even be a next time. That's gross not to mention unsanitary. What women in their right mind would do that to someone else's child? Now I need to take her to the doctor to get her tested for diseases that bitch might have passed on to her and see if it will hurt her in anyway." I was babbling, pissed the plum fuck off ignoring his comment. I take a deep breath closing my eyes. "Sorry." I apologize to Tammy. Then something dawns on me. "Wait a minute. How can she even breastfeed? Unless.." I say look at
- 41 -

Christian. "You marked her and got her pregnant?" I say in disbelief. "So what if I did?" he says with a shrug. I laughed shaking my head. His mom is watching in shock. "And all those times you asked me to come home. Come home to what Christian? Watch you parade whores around me. Have a fake mate and kid?" I laughed again. "Oh god." I say shaking my head. He doesn't have time to answer before his mom jumps in. "You did what?!" his mom snarls. "It's not like she wants me anyway." he says pointing at me defending himself. "And you wonder why?" I ask rhetorically. He doesn't get the chance to answer me. "I can't believe you. You do realize that your father is never going to give you alpha with the pack whore as alpha female." she tells him. "Relax mom. It's not even my mark or kid. She has a mate." he says. "She's cheating on her mate?" I ask. "I didn't even think that was possible after you'd been marked." I say confused. "It's not poor guy must be in a lot of pain." she says. I just shake my head. "So are you coming back?" she ask me changing the subject. "I was thinking about it but after what I witnessed today." I stop and take a deep breath. "Sorry. I wasn't going to fight this custody because with me going back to school. I thought it would be better for her if we just keep it this way so I can finish school and wouldn't have to put her in daycare with strangers. I thought she would be better off here with you, Paul and Christian but I guess I was wrong. No offence but I don't want my daughter growing up thinking women are toys." I tell her. "Why aren't you in school now?" she ask confused. "I graduated early." I tell her. "Smart are you?" she teases. I just shrug.
- 42 -

"I guess." I mutter. "Look Sienna. We love her very much. She's our first grand baby. I want her in my life. I usually have when he brings them home. Please don't take....." she starts. "I won't take her away from you." I say cutting her off. "Thank you. But can I make a suggestion?" I nod. "Move in here with us." "Not a good idea." I say shaking my head. "Sure it is. We could put you and her up on the second floor. You could still go to school. I can keep her during the day." they have three freaking floors. Single pack members live here. Alpha and alpha female have top floor the rest get wherever they want. Christian and Seth are on the first floor. Yeah my sister use to brag about being in Seth's room. I wonder why? "No if I do move back here. I'll get my own apartment and job." "Nonsense. You could just focus on school and Kennedy. We'll pay for everything both of you need." she tells me. "I couldn't have you guys do that." I say. "Sure you could. That's our grand baby. Your her mother. If it helps you take care of her. We'll do it as long as she of cared for." she tells me. "I'll think about." I say sighing. "Please. It would make us so happy. We'd have you both here all the time. Please." she begs. "I'll think about it." I tell her again. She nods sighing. "How on earth could you graduate so early. You were only a junior." she ask changing the subject again. "I had all my credits the first nine weeks after school started. I could have graduated then." I tell her truthfully. "Why didn't you?" she ask.
- 43 -

"I wanted to be a normal teen and graduate with my class." I tell her. "What made you change your mind." I stayed silent. Not sure how to answer that. I mean do I tell her about her members of her pack? "Umm well....I really don't know." I answer. I couldn't say it hurt watching Christian parade his toys in front of me either and I couldn't tell her about pack members. "Why did you leave?" she ask. I just shrug. "I guess I just had enough." I vaguely answer. "What do you mean?" she ask. I sigh deciding might as well tell her the truth. "Look my home life wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I wasn't planning on leaving though." I tell her truthfully. "Then why did you?" she ask. "The day I left. I just had enough. Everything just kind of hit me. I woke up that morning sick. I panicked when I noticed a full box of tampons. I ran out my door to the store bought some test went home took them. All positive. That's when I broke down but then decided there was nothing I could do about. I don't believe in abortions and I refuse to give it up. I knew I wasn't going to get any help from my parents and I knew I wasn't going to get any help from Christian. So I picked myself up off the floor and decided I'm going to take care of the baby on my own. I went to school and decided to graduate early and get a job. Well the last straw was when I got home and found my dad screwing some other women. I just had it. So I packed up and left. There was no way I was going to raise the baby in that household." I tell her honestly. "Your parents are mates how could he cheat?" she ask in disbelief. I give her a disbelieving look then look at Christian. Did we just not establish this? " Okay mated mates don't cheat." "They aren't mates anyway." I tell her. "I thought they were. She's marked." she says confused. I nod in agreement. "It's her true mates mark. I don't know what happen to them. They don't talk to me." I tell her.
- 44 -

"They must have died because you can't mark again unless the other mate is dead." I nod because I did not know that. "Or your mate rejected you. Unless your alpha." she finishes. I nod again. That I knew. Christian can mark anyone he wants but...I just thought of this. We've never actually said the words. Hmmm. "You and your parents don't get along. I thought you did. Every time I see them they brag about you." she tells me. I scoff at that. "Yeah because it makes them look good. I'm the black sheep of the family. I want collage and a good career. They want popularity and good looks. They wanted nothing to do with me because of that." I tell her. She nods in understanding. I think. "Any boyfriends?" she ask winking at me. "Heck no!" I scoff. "No way all men are lying, cheating, and bastards. No way am I bringing Kennedy into that kind of crap. Besides I work all the time. I work as much as I can to save money for her." I tell her honestly. "Not all men are like that." she tells me. I snort this. "I have a cheat for a mate, a cheat for a father. Every guy I have ever come across is a man whore. Hell even the ones that hit on me at work were hitting on me when they had there arm draped across some chicks shoulder. All men are the same just different faces. Thanks but no thanks." "Not all men are like that." she says again. "Yeah show me one." I retort. "My Paul." I stayed silent to that. "See." "Well you got freaking lucky." I finally say. "Come on Sienna." "No thanks. I have someone that keeps me happy." I say as Kennedy starts waking up. I look down at her caressing her cheek when she starts to cry. "Evening princess." I coo. Then look at Tammy. "Where do you keep her bottles and stuff?" I'd rather not talk about this mate or boyfriend nonsense. So I'm glad she woke up. I mean come on. Why would I want to date. I have a mate that would rather mess
- 45 -

around. I thought this mate stuff was a fairytale romance not a high school drama musical. I couldn't wait till I got my mate now I'm not so sure. I mean mates aren't supposed to cheat on each other but apparently they do. Mates business is a mess. I'm tied to Christian forever unless he mates someone else or fully rejects me and mean it. He could reject me now but if he doesn't mean it or it won't work. Or he breaks the bond and an alpha has to do that. Only an alpha. He says some words making the both mates forget their love for each other. Christian because he's an alpha can mate any one he wants right now and have a child with them. With me he didn't have to mate me in order to have a child. Since I'm his true mate. "This way." she says getting up. I follow her as she showed me where the bottles formula and bottles are and starts making me one. I sit down and feed Kennedy then Tammy takes me to her room and I change her get her ready for bed. This room is amazing. It's decorated in nothing but princesses. I rock her to sleep and put her to bed. I walk out of her room downstairs. Making sure I grab her monitor. "Well I better go." I say to hand the monitor to Tammy as I walk in on a heated conversation between Tammy and Christian. I didn't listen in. I'm not nosy. "Going back already?" she ask. "No. I have a few days off. I'm going to a hotel. I'll be back tomorrow I want to take Kennedy to the doctor. Then I'll go home." "Nonsense stay the night here." she says. "No I couldn't." I protest. "Yes you can. I'll take you two to the doctor. Stay here plus it will save you some money." I think about. She's right. If I stay here I'll save money plus she can take us to the doctor. I nod sighing giving in. "Alright." I say. "Great." she chirps. "I'll show you to the guest room." she says getting up I nod following her. She shows me a gorgeous guest room. Then it dawns on me that I didn't even bring clothes. Great thinking Sin. I take a shower anyway sleeping in my panties and bra. Gross but I have nothing else. So I'll deal. I get up early the next morning to Kennedy crying. I get dressed and go to her room. I take her downstairs as I do I pass Callie.
- 46 -

"Bitch." she sneers. "Whore." I sneer back passing her. I go to the kitchen make Kennedy a bottle and feed her. When I'm done I go back to her room give her a bath and get her dressed. I head back downstairs and see Christian and Callie on the couch making out. Isn't it too early for that crap? Or at least go into his room. "Oh Sienna you're done." Tammy calls as I'm about to walk past them. "Yeah." I answer back. I see them break apart and Callie smirks at me. "Good I made you breakfast." she chirps. God she's in a good mood. Is she always like this? "Great thanks." I say as I walk in the kitchen. We eat then I go to the living room where they are still making out. "Where's Kennedy's car seat." I ask Christian showing him that's it's not bugging me. Which it is but it will be a cold day in hell before I let it show. "In the closet." he answers breaking apart. "Thanks." I chirp walking off. I get it out and take it to the living room. I'm going to show him it has no effect on me. "Hey princess you wanna go bye bye." I coo putting her in. She gurgles and coos. I giggle watching her make some of the cutest faces. "Hey Christian have you got any recent pictures of her?" I ask not even facing him. "No." he answers. "Maybe I'll as grandma has time to take you to go have some made." I coo to her. "Time for what?" Tammy ask coming in the living room. "If you have time today to go take us to get her some pictures made? I ask. "Sure we can do it today. Have you thought about it?" she ask. "Honestly I haven't." I tell her. "I wish you would." she says sighing.
- 47 -

"I know and I will. I just kind of past out last night." I tell her honestly. "I bet. Ready?" she ask. "In a second. I need to go get a blanket." she nods again as I run up the stairs. I come back down with a thin receiving blankets to cover her. "Let's go see what nasty diseases you have." I coo. "If you do let's just say somebody is going to come up missing." I huff as we leave. After everything is done she takes me to the airport. After a tearful goodbye I leave. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edited By: MsContretto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment, Vote, Fan or anything else you'd like to do.

- 48 -

Chapter 6
CHAPTER 6 I decided to take Tammy and Paul up on their offer that day as soon as I got home I called Tammy. I hated being away from Kennedy. This way I don't have too. So I gave Al my two weeks' notice and started packing our stuff. That day we took Kennedy to the doctor. We told him what happen. He took blood and tells us how bad that is. Unless its been filtered or some crap like that. Apparently they have....I don't know why they call them but apparently mothers give their breast milk to them for other mothers who can't breastfeed because of some sort of problem and use it because it's more healthy for the baby. All this is tested and filtered. But Callie's wasn't and with the way she sleeps around she could pass Kennedy anything. I didn't even know you could do something like that. Or I would have. After his lectured us about how unsafe that was. Hell I wasn't even denying it. I didn't want it to happening in the first place. He tells us the results of the quick test and says he'll let us know on the other ones. He goes head and prescribes her some antibiotics and sends us on our way. We went by the pharmacist got the medicine. Then we go by and have Kennedy's pictures made. Once I was on that plane my mind was made. I just couldn't do it anymore. I needed to be with her every day. I started to miss her the second they drove off. I needed to be with her. A full time mom not a part time mom. Luckily shortly after I got here we got the complete test results. All negative. Oh I never thanked god so much for the good news. Tammy was nice enough to come as soon as she could to help once I called her and told I would do it. She was so excited that I said yes. She immediately put all of Kennedy's stuff in an empty room next to my new one and had it redecorated. Then jumped on a plane to come help me out. They had our stuff which wasn't much just Kennedy's stuff and my clothes shipped. The other stuff I left there for Al. I've been here for a several weeks now. It's been okay here. Not as bad as I thought. Christian is still doing any girl that he comes across. But he makes sure Kennedy isn't around when brings them around. He usually waits until it's her bedtime before he brings them around but there are times when he seems he can't wait. I'm nice to them and it pisses him off by making friends with them. No I'm really not going to be friends with them but it pisses him off when I do and act like what he does doesn't bother me. The only one I don't make 'friends' with is his bed buddy. Callie. We don't
- 49 -

get along at all. I want to rip her head off every time I see her. One thing has changed though and quite honestly I thought I'd never see the day. But here it is. Me and Amber are actually friends. She found her mate and settled down. The down side is that is he's Christian's best friend. Vance. Apparently he also known that they were mates but he actually admitted it to her he wasn't ready to settle down so he didn't tell her. That night at the party and they slept together he decided he was ready. So he told her the truth a few days later and they started sneaking around because they didn't want anyone to know. Him being an ex-man whore and her the school slut drama was sure to follow and I understood that. I knew there was something off about her before I left but I didn't think anything about it. She quit partying and sleeping around. Who knew? I like the new Amber. She's so much better than slutty Amber. She's happier. She was mad at me when she found out I was back. Demanded to know why I left in the first place but I told her my reasons and she understood and forgave me. She hangs out with me and Kennedy a lot when she's not with Vance. We usually do Kennedy things. Barbie's are her favorite. Or we just all hangout watching movies or something. Sadly almost everyone knows I'm Christian's mate. Kind of obvious I had his freaking kid and is now living with his family. Speaking of family. I haven't seen or heard from mine at all. I haven't seen them or talked to them. Nothing at all. Am I hurt? Nope not one freaking bit. "Come on Sin. It's just one night." Amber whines. She's been trying to talk me into going to the movies with them. "I have Kennedy. I can't just up and leave her." I grunt. "Tammy will watch her." Vance says. "No I'm good." I say. "Come on you need a night out. All you do is work and take care of Kennedy." Yes I did find a job. I was not going to have them support us. Maybe help out sure but not fully support us. "Yeah and?" I ask. "You need a break." she groans.
- 50 -

"I'm good." I say irritated. "She's right Sienna. You need a night out. Go. I got her. I don't mind watching her. Go have some fun." Tammy says coming into the living room. I sigh heavily. One night won't hurt. Right? "Alright fine." I huff. "Yay." Amber Squeals. "Shut up." I grunt. "Go get ready Miss. Grumpy pants." she giggles. I nod getting off the couch. I go upstairs and get ready. I just get dressed in skinny jeans and a low cut shirt that shows cleavage. Wink wink. Not. I just put it on. And I also put on a little bit of makeup. When I'm done I go back down and see Kennedy awake. I walk over to her getting down on the floor and kiss her forehead. Christian must of like what I was wearing because he kept gawking at me. I had one of those 'Can't touch this' moments. Haha. Lame I know. "Momma will be back in a little bit. You be good for grandma and if you need anything have grandma call me. Okay princess? Love you." I coo kissing her forehead again. "You talk to her like she can actually do it." Amber says giggling. Yeah she giggles a lot these days. Like I said she's happier. And I'm happy for her. "She can. All she has to do is cry. Thank you very much." I scoff. "Come on mamma bear." she says pulling me up. I sigh heavily walking away. "She'll be alright." Tammy says pushing me out the door. "I know I just hate leaving her." I tell her truthfully. "I know but this will be good for you." she tells me. I nod an okay then kiss her cheek as a goodbye. It's one thing to leave your baby to work it's another to leave her to go have fun. I shouldn't be having fun. I should be at home having fun with her. Right?
- 51 -

Christian and his tramp Callie come out a few seconds later. I groan getting into Vance's car with him and Amber. "She's such a bitch!" Amber growls. "Who?" I ask. "Callie." I nod laughing. "You have no clue. You wouldn't believe what I caught that bitch doing when I showed up one day?" "What?" Amber ask. "Breastfeeding my baby." I huff. "She was what?!" Vance growls. "Yep." I answer. "Does Chris know?" he ask. "Yep. He was in bed next her asleep but he knows." I tell him. "That's sick." Amber says. "I know." I huff. Still pissed off about it. "How can she do that?" she ask confused. "She's pregnant." I tell them. "She's what?" she ask surprised. "Yep pregnant. You guys didn't know that?" I ask them surprised. "Oh god it's not Chris's baby is it?" she ask. I just shrug. "I don't know. He says it's not and that it's her mates. Marked mate." I add. "Bitch." I just nod. "They deserve each other." she mutters. I just nod again. "Would you ever consider being with him?" she ask. I nod.
- 52 -

"Yeah if he would change but I don't see that happening. Do you?" I ask them. "Actually he did after you left. For about four months. Until he found you and left to go being you back but he came back by himself and started back up again." Vance tells me. That's when I told him I didn't want him. "Bullshit Van he just hit a dry spell." I scoff. "Doesn't matter." "Yes it does. At least you know he can give up his player ways." Amber says. "He'll never stop. Once a cheater always a cheater. A man whore will always be a man whore. Anyway." I say wanting to change the subject. "How are you two doing?" "Actually pretty damn good." Vance answers looking at her dreamingly. Awww cute. Good thing we are at a stop light. "Planning on moving in together as soon as we find a house." Amber says. I nod. "Why a house though? It's just you.." I stop myself. "Your pregnant!" I yell. She giggles shaking her head no. "No. We just want a house. Just incase." she says with a shrug. I nod again. "Congrats." I tell them smiling. I'm so happy for them. "Thanks Sin." Amber says. We continue to talk about the kind of house they want. At least a two story three bedroom. A family home. Cute I thought. We finally get to the movies me as the fifth wheel but I really don't mind. Christian leaves us to get our tickets so we stand there talking and joking around. "You need a man." Vance says out of the blue nudging me. I just shake my head no. "She couldn't get one." Callie scoffs. I nod in agreement. "Your right I couldn't because I refuse to be a revolving door." I tell her. "Your just jealous because I have your man." she scoffs. I laughed hard. "Bitch you have everybody's man. What do I got to be jealous over?" I ask
- 53 -

rhetorically. "I'm prettier than you, I got your man, I can get any man I want. I could even take Vance away from Amber if I wanted too." Vance starts laughing hard at this. I mean knee slapping, choking, tears in his eyes, falling down to the ground laughing. Me and Amber are looking at him like his nuts. "" he gasp out. "I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life...." he takes a deep breath letting it out. "Oh god. That was funny. Thanks Callie I really needed a good laugh. Ah to funny." he pauses wiping his face. Then he gets a real serious face. "Oh and for the record. I never or will I ever screw you. Even I have higher standards. The only reason Chris is with you is because all he has to do is say knees and you instantly drop. And you could never take me away from Amber. Amber is far better than you at least with her I'm able to enjoy myself without worrying I'll fall in. I wouldn't touch you with a twenty foot pole. Sorry I mean fifty foot pole but I'm still sure that would make me fall in." he says walking away. Me and Amber follow him laughing our asses off. But I stop. "Oh and Callie. If you think for one second I'm jealous of you think again. How could anyone be jealous of a whore. Seriously. You got a boyfriend, knocked up with his kid and screwing another guy. I don't know anybody who would be jealous of a disease infested skank like you. Yeah I'm real jealous there Callie." I say it loud enough for the whole theater to hear and walk away. Me, Amber and Vance get junk food for us except Callie. I'm guessing he doesn't like her either. I know he never talks to her unless he has too. Actually no one likes the girl. She turned into a major bitch since. The movie starts and I notice Amber and Vance snuggle up close to each other. Another awe moment. Them two are just too sweet together. At least Christian had the decency to move away from us. I couldn't help but feel jealous that Christian's arm was around Callie's shoulders and not mine. But I pushed it away. Trying not to let it bug me. But I just had to get out of there. So I go to stand up but Vance grabs my hand so I duck so I wouldn't be in people's way "Where you going?" he whispers. "Restroom." I tell him "Need company?" Amber ask concerned. "Nah." I say shaking my head no. Vance lets go of my hand so I take off. Half way down someone grabs my wrist and I know who it is. Damn sparks.
- 54 -

"Where you going?" he whispers. I just yank my hand out of his and keep going. I walk out the door to the ladies restroom. I go into a stall and lean back taking several deep breaths. I got to be stronger than this. I can't keep letting it bug me. I got to move on I think to myself. Since I'm there I go ahead and use the potty wash my hands and leave. As I walk out I spot a video game. Not really ready to go in yet I decide to play that for a little bit until I get my bravery back. So I pop in a few quarters and begin playing. My second death. Hey I never said I knew how to play the game. Anyway as I die a guy walks up and begins watching me. "A natural." he teases as I die again. I huff and begin my fourth round. My fourth death he laughs. "Let me show you how it's played." he chuckles. I move out of the way doing a hand gesture with my hands saying by all means. He is a good looking guy. Typical jock and you could tell. He starts playing the game kicking ass at it to might I add. "Oh bull." I protest. "Beginners luck." I tease. Then we start playing two players, teasing each other back and forth. Just having a good time when out of know where. "Having fun?" says a deep pissed off voice. I look over my shoulder to see him standing full height arms across his chest his god his muscles popping out and very pissed off. "As a matter of fact we were until some moron came and ruined it." I huff rolling my eyes. "Hey look I got to go here's my number." the guy says handing me a piece of paper. "Call me some time." he says backing away. Really Christian? Just had to scare away a cute guy. I start to walk away pissed off when grabs me and pulls me into a dark corner. Really? "What do you want?" I hiss at him. "Whoring around the first chance you get.!" he growls at me taking the paper out of my hand and ripping it up. I stand there in shock for a second or two until I come out of it pissed the plum the fuck off. So I stood on my tippy toes and slapped the shit out of him. I slapped him so hard I'm surprised he didn't get whiplash. "Where the fuck you get off calling me a whore! I'm the one staying faithful even though we are NOT together. I've had sex once and that was with YOU! Which turned out to be a one night stand with your own fucking mate! Who is the one
- 55 -

sleeping with anything with legs?! So I'm not the fucking whore. That's you Christian and if I want to date then by god I will. You have no say so. If I want to screw someone then I will. Once again you have no fucking say so!" I yell but not too loud and I was on a roll. "So why don't you go in there and take care of your whore and leave me the fuck alone. I'm no concern of yours Kennedy is!" I continue. "And don't ever call me a whore!" I go to slap him again but he catches my wrist and pulls me to him. "I'm sorry." he whispers but I just got jealous. I'm so sorry." he says. I didn't want to hear the bullshit so I took my hands and shoved him away from me catching him off guard. "Stay away from me!" I huff and stomp back inside the theater where we are at. I stomp up to our seats and huff sitting down crossing my arms over my chest still pissed off. I see Christian walking up and we stare at each other the whole time. Well I glare at him while he gives me a pained expression. He sits down and Callie tries to snuggle up to him but he pushes her away. "You okay?" Vance ask me. "Just fucking peachy!" I growl at him. I didn't mean to take it out on him so I sigh heavily. Sorry, I'm fine." I say calmly. We continue to watch the whole movie and when it's over I tell them I want to go for a run. Amber wants to go on one to so Vance drives us to the woods where we strip down and begin shift. I haven't done this in so long I'm surprised I remember how. But I feel the usual bones breaking the burning sensation and I'm there. Ahhhh! I think to myself. Vance gathers up our clothes putting them in the car. "Don't be too long girls. I'll meet you back at the house." he tells us. We both nod and take off. Oh I love it. The wind in my fur and face. The dirt in my paws, the passing colors. Oh how I've missed this so much. It's been such a long time. Even after I had Kennedy I still didn't go. I don't know why. I just didn't. But god it feels good. When we reach the house Kennedy is still awake and outside playing with a few other kids. I sneak up behind her and playfully growl in her ears. She's seen this so much she used to it. She doesn't speak well enough to say we're werewolves. Well talk about oh when she's old about to understand. She squeaks and turns around smiling. "Ma?" she ask. How she knew was beyond me. I nod my head and she gives me
- 56 -

hug and then lays down on the ground wanting me to lay down with her. I do just like I'm snuggling up to my little cub. Next thing I know she's out so Christian comes gets her takes her into bed while I follow shifting back and taking a hot shower getting ready for bed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edited By: MsContretto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment, Vote, Fan or anything else you'd like to do.

- 57 -

Chapter 7
I'm so tired of her it's not even funny. Seriously. Who the hell does she think she is? Messing with me is one thing but she's messing with Kennedy now. She keeps trying to play momma to my baby but only when people are around that is. Then treats her like trash when no one is around. Not fucking happening. I've had it. I gather my evidence. Yeah I'm stooping low. So low. Even I'm ashamed of myself, but I've had enough and I'm going to her mate. I just want him to dump her ass. I get my pictures printed off. I get my video copied and my recordings together. And leave. Yeah I kind of snuck around taking pictures and videos of her and Christian together. Well not really sneak around. All I really had to do is hide my phone and take pictures or video. I know it's wrong but she's messing with the wrong kid. My kid. Apparently he doesn't know she's cheating. Well he knows because he can feel the pain of her sleeping with someone else but he won't believe it unless he has actual proof and I'm fixing to deliver it. If this bitch thinks she can take away my daughter and turn around and treat her like trash. Guess again. I'm going to make sure that her mate dumps her. I know I'm being a bitch but I don't care anymore. I'm tired of her shit. She rubs Christian in my face. Almost every damn day. She puts me down constantly. All that I can live with. It irritates me to know end but I can live with it. But what I really do care about though is when she tries to be a mother to Kennedy in front of everyone being all nice but then behind everybody's back she treat her like shit. She has the nerve to put Kennedy down. She's just really mean to her. Calling her sorts of nasty names. I caught her grabbing her by the arm one day while I went to go get Kennedy some juice came back she had her arm and was fixing to start yelling at her but I caught it and threatened to rip her head off and tell Christian. It's not like he would have believed me anyway. He'll just think I'm jealous or something stupid like that She's all oh she's beautiful, she's a good baby. Tries to play momma. Blah blah blah when people are around but as soon as no one is around she's mean to her. She's a baby. Grow the fuck up and leave her alone. Come after me all you want but leave her the fuck alone. One more time and I'll make damn sure she never breaths again! I leave getting in Tammy's car and take off. Leaving Kennedy with Christian lying saying I have to go get formula. Okay not a total lie. She does need formula. Tammy and Paul have offered to buy me a car but I won't let them. That's just too much. So she lets me use her car. I usually walk everywhere unless its really far away then I'll drive her car. I drive to his house stopping at the mailbox sticking everything in it. I
- 58 -

quickly leave heading to the store getting a couple of cans of formula then head home. I know what I'm doing is bad but it will be a cold day in hell before I let her get away with treating my baby like that. I even thought that maybe she had something to do with me not getting all those court papers and letters but I was wrong. Not long after I moved back here I get a huge manila envelope from Al with all of it in there. I didn't know and never asked but I was checking the wrong mail. Al has a P.O box with the apartment and that's what I was checking. I never thought to check the regular mail, well I'm one dumb ass aren't I . So with me not fighting custody or paternity. Not doing anything. If I would have shown up I might have won but since I didn't. I could see where the judge thought I wasn't going to fight it and didn't care. So I can't really blame him for my fuck up. I read then all even the ones from Christian. Those had my tearing up. They were nothing but promises. Promises of never cheating. Promises to always take care of us. Promises of always loving me. Promises of always loving the baby. But in my book he broke most of those promises already. He cheats all the time. He never takes care of me. Kennedy yes but never me. He doesn't love me. If he does he has a fucked up way of showing it. Now Kennedy there's no denying he loves her. They were really heart felt letters and each one had me cry but in the end they meant nothing. After I read them and cried I went to look for him and found him in the game room playing video games with Vance. He looks up at me ask me what was wrong and I threw the letters in his lap and told him he broke everyone then walk out of the game room. He didn't come chasing after me that night either. Later that night as we are watching a movie in peace the door flies open and in he walks in, Callie's mate. Well more like storms in. She quickly jumps away from Christian. They were all lovey dovey. Oh so adorable. Gag! He had his arm around her shoulder while she snuggles into his side. Does he love her? She seems to be his main bed buddy? Oh right drama going on here. Anyway her mate steps in front of her throwing the pictures, the videos, everything into her lap not saying anything. She goes thru them one by one and looks at them in shocked. "You did this!" she screeches jerking her head towards me. I look over at her confused. "Did what?" I ask innocently. No one knew what I was up too. "This you bitch!" she yells waving it around.
- 59 -

"What the hell are you talking about nut job?" I ask confused once again. She throws the pictures at me. I look at them like I've never seen them before. Hehe! "Are you freaking kidding me?! Like I have time to follow your nasty ass around and take pictures of you!" I growl at her. "It doesn't matter who did it!" her mate yells at her. "You lying, cheating bitch. I tried to convince myself that the pain I felt every god damn night was just my imagination. That you wouldn't do this to me. That you-you loved me..." "I do love you!" she protests. "Oh yeah than what the fuck is he?!" he yells pointing at Christian. I'm sure glad Kennedy is upstarts asleep. She really doesn't need to be hearing this shit. "I hope you rot in hell disease infested bitch! Is that baby even mine?!" he yells. Wow he's a yeller. "Of course it's yours!" she yells. He scoffs shaking his head. He might not realize that only he can knock her up. "Right, I'll believe that when I get a DNA test done!" he snarls. "You know what?" he asks calmly and turns to Christian. "I hope you enjoy raising another man's kid. For your sake I hope and pray to god its yours." he says then turns to Vance. "Where's alpha Morgan?" "Why?" Vance asks. "I need to speak with him about breaking our bond." he tells Vance. "You can't do that!" Callie yells. "You're out of your fucking mind of you think I'm staying with your skanky ass!" he snarl looking at her in disgust. "He's in his office." Vance answers. "Good luck man." he tells him. Her mate nods walking off to go upstairs. We all sit in silence as he goes. "You bitch!" she snarls at me. I roll my eyes. "You know I wish I did do that, because the look on your face would..." I say taking out my phone out of my pocket. "...Would give anyone the satisfaction of watching you screw yourself." I laugh pushing the record button. "Ah. The person who did it
- 60 -

deserves to watch this. Too bad I didn't think of it sooner." I snicker. "Who knew you could be so evil." Amber snickers. "I didn't do anything. I just think whoever did is a fucking genius and deserves an Emmy." I snicker. "Why are you so mean to her?" Christian asks. I cock an eyebrow. "You're nice to everyone but her. Why?!" he snarls at me. Which pisses me off. "You want to know why?? Huh?! You want to know why I hate loath the love of your life! Listen you asshole!" I growl stopping the recording of her and go thru my other recording and push play. I might have given myself away but there's still no evidence. I was smart and deleted them once I was done. Off my phone and laptop. Plus I don't care anymore. I make him listen to all five recordings. No I didn't do all of our conversation. Just some. Just the ones when she started attacking Kennedy. Those were the ones important to me. As much as I would have liked to kill her instead of doing this I knew I couldn't. Kennedy needs her mother and not one sitting in jail. After they are done we all sit in silence. Until Callie starts gasping for air. I push record and just start laughing because I'm a bitch. I sit back and watch. I giggle when she falls to her knees screaming and trying to gasp for air at the same time. Seriously I'm not this mean. I just hate her that much. First she pretends to be my friend. She screws my mate knowing he's my mate, then she has the nerve to treat my daughter like trash. To me she deserves it all. We all know what's happening. Paul is breaking the bond. Only alphas can do it. Only alphas know how to do it. After it's done the mate breaking the bond forgets the words and they both feel nothing for each other. Everything they felt will be gone. They will know that they were mates but the love that they are supposed to feel will be wiped away. They will just feel like they are acquaintances. Nothing more. I really didn't expect him to break the bond I just thought he'd dump her but I don't feel sorry for her. She brought this upon herself. And if you think about it, it wasn't just Christian she was sleeping with because he said every night. She was not over here every night. Maybe every other night but not every night. No I feel sorry for him. He was the one that had to go through the pain every night. The only reason why I don't is because Christian and I are not fully mated. One good thing came out of it though. He won't have to feel that pain any more. He's not a bad looking guy
- 61 -

either. Hmmm. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. When it's over she sits back down on the couch crying looking at Christian. "Well now we can be together." she says to Christian. He laughs shaking his head. "I don't think so." he huffs. "WHAT?!" she booms. "But you said..." she starts but he shakes his head no cutting her off. "I never once said I wanted to be with you. You were nothing but a fuck. That's it and after what I just heard. I don't think you will even be that. No one treats my baby girl like that and gets away with it. You're damn lucky you're not in laying on my floor right now with your throat and heart ripped out. So be with you." he scoffs. "Not. I think you need to leave and never step foot back in my house again!" he growls. I'm glad he's taking up for his daughter. At least he does love her. I can't really say it that way. He had always taken care of Kennedy. And there's no doubt he loves that baby to death. After a few seconds of her staring at him stunned her ex mate comes down with Paul. "I'll be in touch with you in a few days so we can find out if that baby is mine or not. Come get your shit tonight or I'll throw it out of my house." is the first thing he says to her. "You can't do that. That's my house too." she protests. He scoffs at that. "I pay the bills while you laid on your back." he tells her. "Where will I go?" she cries. Oh now she turns on the water works "Not my problem. I'm sure your boyfriend here will take you in." he tells her. I'm thinking he better not! "Or not." Christian says turning his head back around to the TV. Thank god. I think I would have really killed him if he would have let her stay "Well I guess your ass out then unless you got more boyfriends on the side." he huffs still pissed off.
- 62 -

"She's got more." Vance says butting in. Smirking of course. I guess he likes watching her crumble too. "There ya go. Go sleep with one of them into taking you in." he says walking to the door. "Christian please don't do this." she begs crying. "Doors that way." he says pointing to the door. I know I shouldn't enjoy watching her crumble but I am. "Please, Christian you can't do this. You promised!" she sobs. "I never promised you anything." he tells her appalled. "You did. When you told me you loved me. You promised we'd be together forever! All those times we made love you promised!" she cries. My heart stopped at that. He what? Oh god! Please tell me he didn't? I closed my eyes holding back my anger and tears. "I never said such a thing to you! Never! We never made love. We fucked and that's it And if I did it certainly wasn't meant for you. It was meant for...." he stops himself. "Leave Callie and don't ever come to this house again!" he growls at her. She stands up glaring at me. "This is all your fucking fault you stupid ass whore!" she yells at me. I jump up getting in her face. I know its my fault that she got bond broken and dumped. But it's not my fault for her doing any of the stuff she was doing "No Callie it's yours. You're the one that had a mate and a boyfriend and was cheating on both of them. It's your fault you treated my daughter like shit. Listen to everything I'm saying Callie. Everything I've said has yours in it. This is your doing. So quit blaming me because you're a whore. Grow up and get the fuck out before I kick you out myself bitch!" I growl at her. She finally stomps out of the house slamming the door shut. I go back to watching the show ignoring everyone, while all I did was think. I wonder if he was in love with her and only denied it because I was sitting here? I keep glancing over to him just wondering. Is he in love with her? Is the only reason he dumped her was because of what she was doing to Kennedy? I mean she was the only one he kept around on a regular basis. If I hadn't of played those recording would he have kept on seeing her? Question after question kept running through my head and I have no answers for any of them. For some odd reasoning just glancing at him like I'm trying to figure something out.
- 63 -

I couldn't seem to focus on the movie my mind kept going to Christian and Callie. Did he promise her that they'd be together? That he loved her? Did he just deny it because I was sitting there? All the same questions kept going through my head. I had to stop thinking about this stuff or it was going to drive me nuts so I decided to go to my room. I excused myself and headed upstairs. I took a long hot shower trying to keep the questions out of my head. After my shower I blow dried my hair put lotion on. Then I put on my pjs climbed into bed and started reading. I read until Kennedy woke up. So I got up and went to take care of her. Changed her diaper feed her and took her to my room where I picked out one of her books got us comfy on my bed and started to read to her. She stayed up until I was done then finally fell asleep. Then I started reading mine again until I got tired. I put the book down and got comfy next to Kennedy pulling the covers over us then slowly falling to sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edited By: MsContretto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment, Vote, Fan or anything else you'd like to do.

- 64 -

Chapter 8
A couple of mornings later I wake up and go get Kennedy. She hasn't been sleeping thru the night like she used to. I don't know what happen. And I felt so exhausted all day today. Between working, going to school online and taking care of Kennedy, I'm beat. Yes I'm taking my college courses online. Working was just taking too much time away from Kennedy. If I went to school I would have no time at all. So I took online courses and I work from five in the morning at this diner I found until three in the afternoon, come home do my online classes while I take care of Kennedy. Sometimes Christian takes her so I can do my school work and so he can spend time with her too. After I got Kennedy to sleep, I sit in the rocking chair rocking myself to sleep when I'm half way asleep and half way awake in the rocking chair. I didn't have the energy to go to my room so I just plopped there. I'm almost out when I feel someone put a blanket on me then lean over and kiss my forehead "I'm so sorry. I love you." he whispers. I think my heart stopped and I quit breathing. I shake my head startling him. "Don't." I whisper. "Don't ever say those words to me again. Not when you're in love with your whore." I huff. Shit that wasn't meant to come out. "I thought you were asleep. What the hell are you talking about?" he asks me confused. "Almost was and don't play stupid with me." I huff standing up. I check on her then walk out the door heading to my room. He follows me of course. "We need we talk." he tells me following me across the hall. "No we don't." I tell him. "Please Sin." he begs. "No." I say irritated. He grabs my arm stopping me. "We need to talk." he says again. I sigh heavily rubbing my temples. "Why? Can we do this tomorrow?" I ask.
- 65 -

"We don't ever have time. And we need to talk about us." "There is no us. There never was an us. There never will be an us. I'm here so our daughter can be with both parents and grandparents." I tell him honestly. "I want there to be an us." he tells me. I scoff at that. "How can you say that to me and screw different girls day after day. You don't want there to be an us. You want another toy, another notch in your belt. That's it." I almost yell at him. I'm kind of glad he's skipping over him being in love with someone else. I don't think I could explain that. And you notice he didn't deny it. "Not true. I really do want there to be an us." he argues. "Yeah you show it every damn day." I scoff. He wraps his arms around my waist pulling me to him. "I know. I'm sorry. I'll change." he whispers. "No you won't. Once a man whore always a man whore." I scoff. Actually he hasn't been with many girls here lately. Yes he's still with them but not as much. Between school, work, Kennedy and alpha duties. He's pretty busy. "I will. I promise." he tells me. "Don't make promises you can't keep." I say to him "I will keep this one. Please Sin just give me a chance." he begs. I shake my head no. "No I can't, not when you're in love with her." I state. "Who?" he ask confused. "Callie." I say like it's obvious. He looks at me like I've lost my mind. "You think I'm in love with Callie?" he ask in disbelief. I just nod trying not to tear up. "You're fucking insane!" he almost yells. That pissed me off. "Yeah maybe but why is she your number one fuck? Why take her out on dates? Why sit on the couch and snuggle with her? Why do anything with that bitch?!" I growl lowly at him. He starts laughing at that.
- 66 -

"Wait a minute. What is that I heard are you jealous?" he teases. "Far from it dick head. I just don't want that bitch around my daughter again and for your sake you better hope she never is. Next time I'll kill her then you!" I growl at him. "Don't worry it's over between us it was the moment I heard the first recording!" he tells me. I just nod an okay. You notice he didn't deny being in love with her. "Sin I'm not in love with her. There's only one girl I love and she won't give me the time of day?" he tells me. "Oh yeah another bimbo?" I scoff. "No Sin, it's you." he answers immediately. I scoff shaking my head no. "I am Sin just give me a chance." he pleads. I sigh heavily making a very stupid decision. "Change first and I'll think about it." he pulls me closer to him to hug me. "Thank you." he leans down and whispers. I just nod laying my head on his shoulder and my hands on his upper arms. Mmmm his muscles feel good. Ummm anyway I just letting him hold me. I'm not hugging him back. He'll read too much into it. "I said I'll think about it." I remind him quietly. "I know." We stand there for a few minutes when I start dozing off. I shake my head pulling back. Before I could even fully pull back he crashes his lips to mine. He lick my lip asking for entrance. I immediately give it to him. Don't ask me why because I don't even know, I just did. My god it was an amazing kiss. We fight for dominance which he wins of course. Then he lifts my ass lifting me up causing me to wrap my legs around his waist. He pushes me up against the wall. All I could think about was....... Damn this kiss is...ummm. I don't know. Heaven? Cliché I know. But the sparks the...crap it's incredible. How could I forget something like this? I must have been totally and completely out of it. I wonder how it was when we had sex. No. Don't even think that Sin, you don't want to know I tell myself. I break the kiss needing air. He kisses me along my jaw down my neck and back up again. Shit it all felt so good. He kisses me passionately again when I feel his hands under my shirt. I come back to reality when he lifts up my shirt. I push him away. "Stop." I pant breaking the kiss.
- 67 -

"Why?" he ask stupidly. I scowl at him unwrapping my legs from his waist making him set me down. "See, you're never going to change. Not even five minutes and you're already trying to get down my pants." I say shaking my head backing away from him. He pulls me back to him hugging me again. "You're right, I'm sorry. I just miss you." he whispers in my ear. "Right." I scoff. I push him away from me. "You miss the game Christian. You miss the game." I say walking away. "This one you won't win again." I say through gritted teeth. "I don't want to win a god damn game, Sin! You're not a fucking game! I want you damn it!" he growls loudly. I'm surprised he didn't wake up the whole house. "Then prove it Christian. Change." I say closing my door. I lean back on the door trying to cool myself off. Sheesh it got hot! That didn't work so I take a quick cold shower which turned into a long nice hot shower and I was too damn tired to put pjs on so I crawl into bed with a towel wrapped around me. I'm just about to fall asleep when Kennedy wakes up crying. I groan and go get her. I remember the good ole days when she sleep through the night. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around. You know when they are first born they don't sleep through the night. The older they get they do. Well my little girl is ass backwards. she sleep through the night when she was younger now that she's older she wakes up all the time. It makes me wonder if it isn't the tension between Christian and me. I guess we need to find a way to settle it. I rock her to sleep again instead of putting her in her bed I take her to mine knowing she's going to wake up again. I put on some pjs and lay down next to her. I rub her back until she falls asleep and I'm not far behind her. Luckily she never woke up again. Maybe she just needs something to sleep with. She hasn't slept with her bug in a while maybe that's what she's missing. Hmmm I look for it tomorrow. I wake up again a couple of hours later to get ready for work. Yeah not much sleep at all I think I'm running on fumes. Tammy said she'd keep her while I do my classes and at night but she's my daughter. I'll take care of her. Thank you very much. Yes Christian helps but he's busy to. And face it. His crap is more important than mine. I'm not going to be running a company or become Alpha. So I'm not holding it against him or anything. He does spend time with her. Whenever he can. I know he has his bed buddies come by but that's before he goes to bed. Such an ass. I take Kennedy down for breakfast feed her then leave leaving her with Christian and
- 68 -

Tammy. I walk to work since it's not too far from home and begin my day. It was a slow morning. Just the older group came in for their morning coffee some even ordered breakfast. This diner is so much easier than the last one. Only older people come here and it's mostly for coffee. And the occasional breakfast. We barley have any families or teens come in. So it's so much easier. It's still a pain running back and forth refilling coffee cups. As I'm running back and forth serving coffee four gorgeous huge men walk in. Sheesh I has to use to the table to hold myself up. Holy shit they are gorgeous but not as gorgeous as Chris.....stop that! But they are gorgeous. "Blonde is mine." Sandy whispers to me. I laugh shaking my head. Unfortunately they sit at one of my booths. Awww man why not one of Sandy's? I sigh walking over there to them. "Hi I'm Sienna your waitress what can I get you this morning?" I ask politely. Without ripping one of their clothes off and having my dirty way with one of them. Focus Sin. "What do you recommend?" says a deep husky voice. Oh sheesh. I'm about to melt. I look up and see a dark hair blue eyed hunk of a man smiling at me. Damn that smile alone good have me begging. The only thing that popped into my head was Christian. Color hair eyes drop dead gorgeous smile. It all just screamed Christian. Oh focus. "The surprise special is always good." I tell them winking at him. Oh god am I flirting with him? Shame shame Sin. "Then well have four of them and four waters." he tells me. "Coming right up." I say giving my hips and extra small sway as I walk away. "Dennis four specials and a me on a silver platter." I tease. He looks over his shoulder as I'm making their water cocking an eyebrow. "Uh I don't think I have a platter big enough to put you on Hun." he tells me. "Awww shit well there went my fantasy." I say in fake disappointment. When I'm done of course Sandy has to help me carry the waters to them. Like I couldn't do it on my own.
- 69 -

"Here's your drinks by the way I'm Sandy." she chirps drooling over blonde. "Markus." he says giving her an award winning smile. Oh sheesh. "Aren't you two supposed to be working?" says a deep throaty voice. I know who exactly who that is. None other than Vance and Amber. "We are but you know ho....." I start as I turn around but stop when I see Christian with them. "Really guys?" I huff. Oh they just can't let me have any fun can they? "I got these boys." Sandy says. "No you take them." I huff throwing my thumb over my shoulder. "They are in your booth." she smirks. I groan walking over to them. "What do you want?" I grunt. "Nicer service." Vance teases. "Diner down the street has that." I tell him. "Always so difficult." he says shaking his head in mock disappointment. "Are you going to order or just annoy me?" I ask him as I see Amber snickering in the back ground. I turn to glare at her and she stops immediately but still trying not to laugh. "Ah! Three cheeseburgers with the works." he tells me. I groan. "You do know its breakfast time?" I ask him. "Yeah but we want cheeseburgers for breakfast. Oh and three Dr. Peppers." he snickers. "Fine but I'm spitting in your food." I threaten walking away. "I'm sure it will still taste good." he hollers back. I put in their order just as the others are done. So I pick them up and take them to them. "What's the surprise about this?" one ask me looking at the bacon eggs and toast.
- 70 -

"You didn't know what it was." I tell him winking at him. He smiles nodding. "Boyfriend?" ask the dark haired one as I set their plates down. "Who?" I ask him confused. "The guy you were just talking too." he answers. I scrunch up my face in disgust. "No way! That's my friend's boyfriend." I tell him. He nods an okay. I'm Dane by the way." he says with a wink. "Sienna or Sin." I tell him. "Why Sin?" he ask cocking an eyebrow. I shrug. "I don't know something Amber gave me and it just stuck." I tell him truthfully. "You got a boyfriend?" he ask me. Uh how do I answer that. I take an extra smell to see if they are human or wolves. I have to take an extra whiff because of all this food is throwing off my senses. When I do I realize they are all wolves. "What pack you from?" I ask him. "Ash wood." he answers. "What brings you down to these parts?" I ask. "Meeting with the alpha." he tells me. "Well there's the alphas son right there." I tell him pointing to Christian. He nods an okay. "Okay back to the boyfriend. You got one?" He ask again. I bite my lip thinking on how to answer that. "Um not really. I have a mate but there's nothing between us." is all I could come up with. "Go on a date with me." he blurts out. Huh? I bite my lip again thinking for a few minutes. What could it hurt really? It just one date right? "Yeah okay." I answer. I know Christian is hearing all this. It I don't care. He has
- 71 -

cheated over and over again. One date won't hurt anything. I write my number down on the back of the ticket and hand it to him leaving to get Van's and their food. I take it over to them nicely handing vans and Amber's but kind of slamming down Christians. Childish? Why yes it is. "He's trying Sin." Van says. Two weeks he's going on." he tells me. "Wow two weeks." I say walking off. "Well give me an hour and I'll have this whole place decorated in congratulations Christian you can keep it in your pants for two weeks. After how long? Shit Chris that must be a world record for you?" I huff rolling my eyes. "Enough of the sarcasm Sin." he grunts. "What do you want? A silver medal. Three weeks will get you a gold one." I keep going. "Okay I get it. Shit do you really have to keep rubbing in my face?" he ask me. I just glare at him. "And Vance how the hell do you know? He has a sound proof room and I even seen him sneaking a girl out in the morning. Do don't give me that bullshit he's trying." I huff. "That all happen before you said you'd give him a chance." Vance reminds me. "No I never said I'd give him a chance. I said he'd have to change first then I'd think about it." I tell him. "Same thing." he says waving his hand dismissively. "You're only on his side because he's your best friend and you use to be the same way." I huff. "How would you feel if Amb's didn't stop her player ways and kept bring home guy after guy?" I ask him. He growls loudly and possessively. "Point proven." I snicker. "Now if you'll excuse me. I have work to do?" I say going on about my business. Filling up coffee cups drinks cleaning tables filling up yet sugar salt pepper containers. Anything to keep. Myself busy. When I return to Dane as they finish. I pick up their plates. "So that's the mate?" he ask me. "No that's the man whore?" I tell him. "Yeah I got that little piece of info. So how about tomorrow?" he ask me.
- 72 -

"Tomorrow for what?" I ask confused "Our date." he tells me. "Sounds good to me." I answer. "Good I'll give you a call then." he says. I nod an okay as they get up and go Sandy to pay. I dump the dishes in the dirty bin and go clean up their table when I spot a fifty dollar tip. And I don't know how to take that. Should I be insulted or happy that they left me such a nice tip. "Hey Sin!" Amber hollers at me. I turn around and she waves me over. "Yeah." I say as I reach them. "When do you get off?" she ask me. Luckily it's an early day for me. "Here in about fifteen minutes." I answer her. "Good well give you a ride home." she tells me. "Okay let me finish up." I tell her and start cleaning there table and everything else I got to do. Then it's time to go home. When I get home I rush in and greet Kennedy giving her hugs and kisses all over her face. She goes up with me to help me pick out my clothes and waits for me to get out of the shower. Then we go play. I shift into my wolf and give her a ride. We played for hours until it was dinner time. Then I gave her a bath and put her to bed and went as well. I was tired. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edited By: MsContretto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment, Vote, Fan or anything else you'd like to do.

- 73 -

Chapter 9
I got up this morning and got Kennedy and ready for the day. While she got to spend the day with daddy and the grandparents, I got to go to the wonderful world of work. I get us dressed and down to breakfast grandma was already there waiting on Kennedy with breakfast in hand. I set her down and let grandma start feeding her as I finish getting ready for work. Once I'm done I leave walking to work. The work day goes by slowly. Too slowly for my liking. Pouring coffee after coffee. Everything seems to go in slow motion. Even my breaks. And we even had a steady day. Which usually goes by fast on days like this. I guess I was excited for my date tonight. I don't think I ever been on one. Ever. Finally the slow day ended. So I finished up and started walking home. As soon as I walk in the house I'm immediately pissed off. There's a bimbo hanging off Christian with Kennedy on his hip. I walk up and gently take Kennedy out of his arms. "What have I told you about keeping your bimbos away from Kennedy!" I hiss at him. "Are you ever going to freaking learn. She doesn't need to see that crap!" I whisper yell at him. "Uh I'm not one of his bimbos." the girl tells me. I tilt my head to the side to get a good look at her. She's beautiful. No caked on make-up dressed all primp and proper. Not his usual. "So who the heck are you?" I grunt. "My sister." someone whispers in my ear. I whip around and see Dane standing there with a goofy smile on his face. "Sorry for calling your sister a bimbo." I huff. I'm still in a bad mood so I start walking off. "Still on for the date tonight?" he ask me. While someone growls. Hehe. "No to tired." I grunt out walking up the stairs. Kennedy and I do our thing getting me out of my work clothes and in the shower while she sits on the bed and watches me playing with her toys. I jump in the shower real quick because I hate leaving her out there alone even with the door open. Once I'm done I jump out wrap a towel
- 74 -

around me walk out there and see her head on the bed butt up in there air and feet on the bed flapping her hands around. I crack up laughing making her fall over. "Is this what you do when no one is watching?" I tease her. I go over to the bed as she gurgles and claps. I lay her down and start doing raspberries on her belly. I have her laughing and squirming away. After our little play time I get dressed and ask her if she wants to outside to play. Of course she squirms off the bed waddling and clapping towards the door. So that's a yes. So take us outside where Seth is already in wolf form playing with the kids. The first thing Kennedy does is wobble over there to him and tries. Key word tries to jump on his back. So I sit back on the picnic table and watch as Seth slowly chases the kids around. He can't go fast because most of them are little ones. So he goes slow and gently takes them when he catches them. "So no date huh?" says a voice behind me. I turn around and Dane is standing there smiling. "No I'm too exhausted plus I have Kennedy." I tell him. Oops I never told him I had a kid. Oh well. He knows now. "She yours and Chris's?" he ask sitting beside me. "Yep." I answer. "Ummm how did that happen? If you don't mind me asking." he says. I give him a duh look. "Didn't your momma and daddy ever teach you about the birds and the bees?" I tease. He nods laughing. "You know what I mean." he says. I nod. "I went to a party one night next morning wake up in bed with him." I tell him truthfully. "Oh that kind of girl?" he states. "No that was my first and last party and my first and last time I had sex. Thank you very much." I huff. "My apologize. I didn't mean to offend you. Is that how you found out your were mates?" he ask me.
- 75 -

"None taken and no. He told me two days later after we slept together." I tell him. "And he's been whoring around since?" he ask. "Oh no it started before that. He told me we were mates six months after he found out." I tell him truthfully. Why lie about it? "And you're waiting for him to change right?" he ask. "I guess I am." I answer him. "And two weeks is as far as he made it?" he ask. I nod a yes. "You know people like him don't change." he tells me. "Sure they do. Look at Amber and Vance they were both players. Now they are happily in love. It's just that I don't think Christian has it in him." I say truthfully. "I've been waiting for my mate for seven years. She still hasn't stopped messing around. She only comes to see her kids once a week." he tells me. I shake my head in disappointment. "I couldn't do it. I tried for four months only seeing Kennedy once a week. I just couldn't. So I moved back. As for Christian if he doesn't stop then I'll eventually move on I suppose." I tell him. "Something that it sounds like you need to do. I refuse to wait for Christian for seven years." I say. He nods. "I'm trying but it's hard to find a girl that wants to raise two kids that's not their own or deal with a babies momma drama. She flips every time she a girlfriend with them. Then the next thing you know she's running out the door." he tells me. I nod in understanding. "I know I flip when I see a girl with Kennedy." I tell him truthfully. "Who has custody?" I ask. "Me." he answers. "Full, joint or visitation?" I ask. "I have full custody but I let her come visit anytime she wants to but it's only once a week." he tells me. "Then she has no say so what you do or have your child around." I huff.
- 76 -

"What about you and Chris?" he asks me. "Technically he has full custody but he gave me visitation but now I guess it doesn't matter." I tell him. "He took Kennedy away from you but you're a good mom." he says. I nod. "Three days after she was born but I really can't blame him. He wanted his child and not be a part time dad." I tell him with a shrug. "What do you say we get out of here and go have some dinner?" he asks me. "Nah I'm too tired plus I have Kennedy." I tell him. "Kennedy can even come." he bargains just as my stomach growls. "That settles it then." he laughs. "Come on." he says getting up pulling me along with him. I sigh giving in. "Come on Kenken!" I holler at her. She comes wobbling up to me giggling. "Hungry?" I ask picking her up. She nods clapping. "So we head inside and start out the front door towards his car when Christian comes out pissed off. "What the hell do you think you're doing!" he growls at me. "Going to dinner." I answer him putting Kennedy in a car seat. "Like hell you are!" he growls again as shut the door. "And who says I can't go to dinner with a friend?!" I growl back. He glares at me fuming mad. "You're not taking Kennedy on a date with your boy toy!" he growls. He lost that argument so now the dick is bringing Kennedy into it. Asshole. Of course that pisses me off. "Boy toy? He isn't a fucking boy toy. A boy toy is someone you sleep with. Which I'm not. What about you Christian? You always had your toys around Kennedy and it never bothered you. Besides it's not a date and if it was no I wouldn't take Kennedy and you'd now it was one. I'm not you. And besides why are you so worried about what I do? You have some blonde in there hanging off of you and I don't see you
- 77 -

pushing her away. By the time we get back you'll be fucking her. So back off Christian I'm going on this dinner and Kennedy is coming with me." I calmly say as I get into the car. We drive leaving a very pissed off Christian standing in the driveway. We drive in silence for a few minutes when Dane finally breaks it. "You alright?" he ask me. I nod sighing. "Yeah I'm fine." I tell him. "He was jealous." he informs me. I smirk at that. "I know." is all I say. He laughs driving us to McDonald's as we make small talk along the way. Once we get there I get Kennedy out. "McDonalds huh?" I tease as we walk in. "Hey every kid loves Micky D's" he says defending himself. "Is this for Kennedy or you?" I tease. "Okay maybe both." he says with a shrug. I just shake my head as we go up an order. We order our food me just a single cheese burger and a pop Kennedy a kids meal and him almost everything on the menu then we go outside to the play area. We ate first then let Kennedy down because she wanted on those big toys bad. Sure glad I'm small enough to follow her. While we played I also talked to Dane. Just about his kids since he knew mine. We stayed there until Kennedy got tired then headed home. I thank him for dinner and he leaves. When I reach the inside of the house Christian is still waiting on her looking furious but I ignore him taking Kennedy upstairs for a bath and bed. Once I'm done I put her in my bed hoping she'll sleep through the night. When I'm done tucking her in I go down for a drink of water and head back up. Hmmm where is everyone. It's still kind of early. Must have went out. When I head back up to my room Christian is leaning on the wall waiting for me. Huh I'm surprised he isn't screwing that chick. "How could you?" he ask me. "How could I what?" I ask confused.
- 78 -

"Go on a date with him and take Kennedy with you!" he growls at me. "It wasn't a date!" I say exasperated. "He just took us to McDonalds." she tells him. "Oh now he's trying to play daddy to my daughter!" he growls at me. "Come on Christian can we do his tomorrow?" I ask rubbing my forehead. "And he isn't trying to play daddy to Kennedy. He has two of his own." I tell him. "Are you okay?" he ask me concerned. "Yeah nothing sleep won't cure." I tell him. "We will talk about this tomorrow." he tells me. I have no doubt I think to myself. "Go to bed." he says kissing my forehead. I just nod turning around going inside my room. I snuggle up to Kennedy falling asleep but it didn't last long. She was up an hour later. So I took her changed her and took her downstairs made her a bottle and took her to the rocking chair in the living room. I rock back and forth hoping she'd go back to sleep but it didn't work. So I did my last option. I took her to Christian. I walked up the stairs to his room and lightly knocked hoping if he had a girl I wouldn't interrupt. No answer. So I turned the door knob and seen no one else in there but him. "Christian." I whispered. "Yeah." he whispers back. "Help." I whispered again. "Bring her here." he tells me. So I do and he lays her on his chest and coos to her. I decided to lay down and wait for her to go back to sleep when I fall asleep. The last thing I heard before I passed out was love you two so much. I woke up the next morning after a very peaceful sleep with part of my head on Christian's chest while Kennedy was still on his chest. How that happen I have no clue. How he even slept that way baffles me. But for once I didn't care. I just snuggled closer up to them. I feel back asleep. But woke not long later with them trying to sneak out of bed.
- 79 -

"No let's let momma sleep okay pumpkin. She really tired." he whispers. "I'm already awake. I didn't mean to fall asleep. I was just waiting for Kennedy to go back to sleep and next thing I know I'm out. It won't happen again." I babble but letting him know it won't happen again. He nods sighing. "You got a late shift tonight don't you?" he ask me. I nod yawning. "Well go back to bed I'll come wake you up when it's time." he tells me. I nod getting up. "No stay your fine where you're at." he tells me. I was in no mood to argue so I plopped back down covered my head and fell back to sleep. I woke up later to little miss Kennedy crawling on me saying uh. I think she's trying to say up. To cute. "I'm up I'm up." I tell her. Then I start tickling her. "That's what you get for crawling all over momma pip-squeak." I laugh as she giggles away. While Christian is leaning on the door frame getting a kick out of it. "Let's go get momma dressed." I sigh heavily. I still feel like crap and I'm not in any mood to go to work. But I have too. So Miss Kennedy and I go get me dressed. When I'm done I leave leaving her with Christian. When I get to work its freaking packed. Great just what I wanted. I got right to work not saying hi to anyone just going straight for my job. I serve clean up and do it all over again without any breaks. I just wanted my day to be over with. We didn't slow down for nothing. They came in as soon as we got one seated. It was horrible. I just wanted to scream and tell them to go home. This is why I hate working the dinner shift. It's like no one can cook at home. Finally mid night came along and we closed up. We had to kick a few customers out because all they did was chat. Eat or leave. You have a home you can chat at. One my way home I was being stalked. And it wasn't by a human either. So I kept walking playing it off , but not soon after he jumped me from behind. No I wasn't scared. I'm a werewolf with brains. Rouges they don't think very well. If he was smart he would have attacked me in wolf form. I shifted quickly making him lose his hold on me. I quickly turn around and start fighting him. He went straight for the kill. He lunged at my throat but I quickly dodge it. I swiped my paw across his muzzle, causing him to growl out in pain and back off. I took this chance to pounce on him. I growled right before I bit down on his exposed shoulder. He whined as tried to struggle free. I sunk my teeth in deeper, making his pathetic attempts stop. He sunk his teeth into my paw. As I howled out in pain, he flipped us over so we
- 80 -

started to roll down a small hill. When we landed, I ended up on him again. He flicked me off with such force that my head hit a nearby tree, breaking it in two. He ran over and grabbed me by the scruff, throwing me into the rock wall that extended up the small cliff that we had come down. I could feel my ribs burn badly as I inhaled a shaky breath. Breathlessly, I pounced on his back and turned him over so I was facing him again. We sat there, me standing over him while he laid flat on his back, though I didn't dare pull away. Next thing I knew, I was being pushed off by his hind legs and flipped on my back so we were now in each other's positions. I gave a wolfy grin as he lowered his head to bite my shoulder. Last minute, I dodged it and grabbed a hold of his throat with my teeth. I pulled back, successfully ripping out his throat. His body went limp and landed on top of me. I pushed the corpse off me, and shuddered in disgust. I looked over the torn up body, and smiled as I licked the blood off my muzzle. After I stumbled home taking longer than it should. Luckily Christian and Paul were still awake. "Sin what happen?!" Christian panics as he runs to me as I fall at their feet. I transformed back slowly as they checked my wounds. "Rouge." I gasped out. My ribs burned so bad. Some or all had to be broken. "Tammy!" Paul yelled. "Medical supplies now!" he ordered. "You stay with her I'll go kill the son of a bitch!" Paul said standing. "Dead." I gasped out again. "You killed it? He asked shocked. "I'" I gasped. "Shhh no talking." Christian tells me. They move me to the couch painfully I might add just as Tammy comes running down the stairs with her hands full of medical supplies. "Dear god what happen?!" she gasp. "She was attacked by a rouge." Paul tells her. She nods getting right to work on me. I landed up with three broken ribs a concussion and a few scrapes and bruised. The bruises will heal in no time. The scrapes just a few days. It's the broken ribs that will take longer.

- 81 -

Chapter 10
After the attack, Christian or someone else, comes to pick me up from work, day and night. There was no more walking for me, which really sucked because I enjoyed that quiet walk. I think they're going overboard but what do I know? I'm all healed up now, but I haven't been feeling too good lately. I don't know what it is, but I feel drained. I don't eat much like I should, but that's not why I feel drained is it? The only time I eat is when Christian brings me something, he's been really sweet lately. He hasn't been bringing girls home, or calling one of his booty calls for two weeks before I met Dane. He's been spending more time with Kennedy. It seems like everything is about us three lately. When he's done with everything at night, he'll come into my room and play with her while I do my homework. If he has to do alpha work, he'll take her with him and they'll work together. Well he works, she colors or plays with her toys he has for her. He's definitely better. It's only been several weeks since the Dane thing. I haven't seen him since, I was kind of disappointed. I would have liked to go on at least one date with him, just us two, you know. It was so I could experience something new. I've never even on a date before. I think that's what made Christian realize I can, and will move on. I'm still not getting my hopes up about us or anything just yet though. I've had to work a couple of extra hours the last couple of days because our in-between girl quit. So me and another girl have to split her shift until they find another girl to work it. It sucks. Almost double shifts everyday, it's killing me. Kennedy is easing up on her sleeping habits, but not by much. Now instead of getting up four or five times a night, she's getting up three or four times. I don't care though, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I wish she'd sleep more though. "Sienna, could you go up and ask Chris if he is going to eat dinner with us tonight?" Tammy asks me. "Sure." I answer, putting my book down. Then I head to his room. I usually don't eat with them because I usually feed Kennedy while they eat. I don't know why I do
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it, but I do. Tammy puts a plate aside for me, but I always seem to forget to eat it because I usually change Kennedy, then bath her, get her ready for bed, then take her to my room, start more homework, then put her to bed ,then come back, do some more work until I get sleepy, put my books up, then go to sleep until princess wakes up. Sometimes Christian does take her from me so I can get some sleep, but sometimes he doesn't. It depends on how much homework he has and if he can hear her. On my way up the stairs I start feeling dizzy, really dizzy. I stop steading myself, I close my eyes and shake my head,trying to get rid of the feeling. It's a dizzy light headedness feeling. It's horrible. Once I do get my barring back, I continue up the steps to his room. I open the door and stand frozen. Am I disappointed? No. I did want to cry though, but I held back my tears. I was not going to cry over him. He has some red head straddling him sucking off his face. I clear my throat, but I'm ignored. I fake a cough, but I'm ignored. "Excuse me!" I yell. That makes them break apart, I knew he wouldn't change. That's why I said I'd think about giving him a chance, but didn't think about it too much because I knew I wouldn't really have to think about it. I start feeling dizzy again, but ignore it. While Christian stares at me in shock. I cock my head to the side. "It's not what it looks like." He says, quickly coming out of his shock and pushes her away. "Save it." I say, holding my hand up. "I don't care. I-" I stop when the dizzy feeling starts getting worse. "Sin, you alright?" He asks, concerned and gets up. Right, like he's really concerned. "Umm yeah." I mumble. "You sure? You look kinda pale," he says. slowly walking over to me. I nod,
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rubbing my forehead when everything starts to look funny. "Ye-yeah your m-m-" I stutter. I gulp, swaying a bit. I shake my head. "Sin?" He says carefully. "Uh-mom." I say, I couldn't complete a sentence. "Sienna!" He yells. "Din-" I don't know what happened next because everything went black. I wake up to an annoying beeping sound. Beep after beep. Really? Ugh make it stop. I groan, opening my eyes, then quickly shut them because of the annoying bright light. I slowly open them again, adjusting to the light. I look around, confused. This isn't my room. Where the hell am I? I try to sit up just to collapse. I groan, shaking my head, but it hurt so bad. I try again, this time I make it up and get a good look around. Why the hell am I in a hospital? I'm a werewolf I don't need a doctor. Then I see Christian sitting in a chair with his head back, arms across his chest asleep. Looking very uncomfortable. What the hell happened? I remember doing homework, then Tammy asking me if I would go see if Christian was eating dinner. I remember going to his room then...That bastard. I knew he wouldn't change. Screw him! "Christian," I say, my voice just above a whisper. Nothing. My voice is so horse and my throat so freaking scratchy and dry. I clear my throat and try again. "Christian." I say louder. Nothing. "Christian." I try again. Nothing. I look around to find something to throw at him. I find that jug for water and I pick it up. Damn it's empty! Oh well it will still work. I throw it at him. Score! Nailed him right in the head! He jumps up while I stifle a laugh. "What the hell?" He mutters, then looks at me. "Sienna. You're awake. Are you
- 84 -

okay?" He rushes out. "What happened?" I ask, confused. "You passed out." He tells me. I just nod in reply. "Where's Kennedy?" I ask. "Mom is watching her." He tells me. "Can I leave?" I ask, trying to get up, but he pushes me back down. "No,!the doctor is still running some tests." He tells me. I sigh heavily and lay down. "How long have I been here?" I ask him. "Two days. I'll get the doctor." He tells me. I just nod. Two freaking days? What the hell! Great. He gets up walks over to going to kiss my forehead but I stop him. "Don't touch me!" I growl at him. "Sienna-" he starts, but I cut him off. "Christian, I don't care. Just go get the damn doctor so I can go home." I huff. He sighs but nods and leaves. I lay there, staring at the ceiling, just waiting. Finally, about ten minutes later, they decide to show up. Christian with a pop and the doctor with a clip board. "Ms. Ashby, glad to see you're awake. Now." He says, getting straight to the point. "When's the last time you ate?" He asks. I think about it. I don't remember. So I didn't answer. "When's the last time you drank anything?" ummm uh. I don't remember. I didn't answer again. He sighs writing in his clipboard. "That's what I thought. Well Ms. Ashby you're going to be fine. You're just dehydrated and you need food and less stress. Your blood sugar is low, but nothing a little food and sugar won't cure. You're way to stressed. Nothing but some cutting
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back won't cure and for god sakes drink plenty of water. Now I'm going to be keeping you one more night to get everything back up so rest." He says. "But I can't. I have a child to take care of!" I protest. "Yes. One that is being well cared for right now I do believe?" He asks. "Yes she is." Christian answers. "Good, I'll have someone bring you some food and liquids. Rest Ms. Ashby." He says, then walks out. I glare at his back the whole time. Stupid doctor. Who the hell does he think he is? Keeping me here. I groan, close my eyes and just lay there in silence. "Sin." Christian says, getting my attention by breaking the silence. "What?" I snap. "I'm sorry." He whispers. "For what?" I ask confused. He didn't put me in here. I did. "Everything. I should be helping take care of Kennedy more. I shouldn't let you be working so much. I should be making sure your eating right-" "Stop." I say, cutting him off. "You take care of Kennedy as much as you can. I work because I want to and me eating is my fault. I always forget to eat so." I say, with a shrug. He nods. "What you saw..." "I don't care." I say cutting him off, turning over on my side and attempt to go to sleep. "Sin,come on, you got to let me explain." He says. There's nothing to explain. "Christian, I get it okay? It's time I moved on." I tell him truthfully and I believe it is. "Sin please." He begs.
- 86 -

"I'm suppose to be sleeping Christian." I tell him. He sighs heavily, sitting down in a chair. I fall asleep almost instantly. The next morning, Christian drops a big bomb on me that pissed me off to no end. He had no right. "I reject you." I growl but it didn't have any meaning behind it. He clutches his chest, gasping for air. I'm not really sure what it did to him. I've only heard it excustiating pain if someone rejects you and actually means it. I didn't. I just blew up. I didn't even mean to say it. "No." He whispers, shaking his head. I just stared at him in shock. I can't believe I actually said the words. I really didn't mean to say them. I was just pissed. "I'll get you back." He says, standing beside me once he gets his breath back. "No you won't, I'm done. Go find another toy Christian." I tell him honestly. If anyone is going to reject anyone. It's going to be him rejecting me. "If you would let me explain." He says. "I don't care. You're free to mess around all you want. I'm fine. I'm happy for you." I tell him. He sighs, heavily shaking his head. "I'm going to explain anyway." I'm about to cut him off when I feel his hand on my mouth. "I know you don't care, but like I said I'm going to explain anyway. You have to know the truth. I came home from school, took a shower, crawled on my bed, started doing my homework and the next thing I know I was waking up to you yelling." I scoff at that, pulling his hand away. "Bullshit Christian." I huff. "It's the truth. I forgot she was even coming over." He tells me. "Real nice Christian. Forgetting about your own booty calls." I say, shaking my head in disappointment. "She's not a booty call, Sin. She's my partner on a project we have to do for one of my classes." He tells me. I scoff at that. "She was naked!" I yell. Almost naked.
- 87 -

"Don't ask me! I was freaking asleep." he says. I scoff again. "Whatever. I don't care." I tell him. Some emotion crosses his face but I wasn't fast enough to catch it when he covers it up with no emotion at all. "That's right you don't. You never fucking did. You know the night after the party I tried calling and texting you. You never returned them. I finally told you we were mates. What did you do? You walked out. You told me well hinted I was a daddy and what did you do? You left town without giving me a chance. You never gave me a chance. It's always about you isn't it?" He says harshly. "No it's not. I wonder why I never gave you a chance? Shit Christian you slept with all the girls in our school. You didn't stop when you realized I was your mate. You had sex with me when I was drunk. You were still sleeping around, knowing I was your mate. You were still sleeping around when I left. You were still sleeping around when I came back. You ask me to give you a chance, then five minutes later you're trying to get down my pants. All you had to do was quit being a fucking man-whore and I would have been more happy to give you a chance. But you couldn't do that. No, it's always about your dick Christian. My concern is my daughter. I don't want her growing up with a miserable mother because her daddy can't keep it in his god damn pant." I rant. He shakes his head, giving me a humorless laugh. "No you don't know shit. You just want to believe what you think you see. Yes I didn't tell you. Why would I tell you? I was scared of the thing you just did. You rejecting me. I didn't mess with anyone for two, three months because I was trying to find a way to tell you. I'm not stupid. I saw the way you looked at me. With such disgust with such hatred. I knew I didn't stand a chance. I needed someone to help me get over you. The night of the party was the best night of my life. We didn't just have sex Sin. Whether you remember it or not, I damn sure do and I'll never forget it. We made love all night long and it was amazing, intense and so freaking passionate. I got to make love to my beautiful mate and the sad part about it she doesn't remember. She doesn't remember the first time I told her I loved her. She doesn't remember the multiple orgasms. Oh no, we didn't just have one or two we had at least ten that's how intense and passionate it was. So no Sienna we didn't just have sex or fuck, we made love. I got to fall asleep with you head on my chest, your arms around my waist my arms around yours. Me saying I love you again. Then-then I get to wake up to you gone. Gone, no note, no goodbye, no kiss my ass, nothing. Just gone. "As soon as I got my phone back that night, I was calling and texting you. Nothing. Not a hi, who is this, or what do you want, nothing. I tried for two days. Then Monday came along. For the first time in my high school life, I couldn't wait to get to
- 88 -

school. I couldn't wait to see you. But what I got instead was you ignoring me. Then I went home. You said it with so much conviction I even almost believed you. I was pissed, no livid. You came to school acting like nothing happened. "When I pulled you onto class, hoping to get an explanation all I got was 'I don't remember.' I was so dumbfounded that I couldn't think straight. How could my mate forget something like that? Sienna, you didn't even seem drunk. At all. You acted like you are right now. Totally sober. Then you did the one thing I knew you would do. Walk away once you found out you were my mate. Told me to leave you alone. I won't lie. I was devastated, heartbroken. So yeah, I used girls to get over you while you just ignored me, acted like nothing happen. Then you tell me I'm going to be a father. I couldn't of been more happy. More excited. I was having a baby with my mate. This was my chance to finally be with her and the baby. But nope that bubble was busted again when I went to your house after school and found out that you packed your shit and left. I went straight home got on the phone, sent some of dad's men out. I had everyone searching for you. I stayed faithful. Never slept with a girl I didn't even talk to them. "When they finally found you, I was out the door with one thing on my mind. Bring Sienna and my baby home, but nope. I was told to leave and that you didn't want me. Fine. I was going to do just that but there was no way I was going to never see my baby. So I went through the courts and sent you letters. So here we are you doing the whole I reject you bullshit just as I expected. Well you win. I'll leave you alone, I won't even say a word to you. I'm done fighting a losing battle. Nothing I do seems to live up to your expectations anyway. I'm out of your life. Go find a guy that will deal with it's all about me syndrome, be happy. That's all I want for you but you will not and cannot take my daughter away from me." he says. Then turns and walks towards the door. "Wait." I call out, but he ignores me and keeps going. I sat there, stunned. I just didn't know what to do. I wasn't even sure how to feel about anything. I sat there, shocked until they came and got me. They wheeled me out to where Christian was waiting for me. I tried talking to him, but he just cranked up the radio. So I sat back and sighed, staring out the window until we got home where I was greeted by a very happy Kennedy. She wanted to play doctor, but I told her I just needed a cure of Kennedy. She then crawled on my lap and we both fell asleep.

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Chapter 11
Since that day he wouldn't talk to me or even look at me. If I walk into a room, he'll get up and walk out. He won't eat dinner with us because he knows I'm there now. When he wants Kennedy he'll have his mother or someone else come get her. All because he was looking after me and I flipped. I understand his reasoning, but he should have come talk to me first instead of calling my job and telling them I quit. That's why I flipped when he didn't want me working anymore. I was working too many hours, doing my homework, trying to take care of Kennedy, not eating, not sleeping, not taking care of myself. Period. He just wanted to ease the stress on me. I thought I could do it on my own. People do it all the time. Why couldn't I? Now that I think about it, I wasn't even mad at him. I was mad at myself. I couldn't work, go to school and take care of my own child. I'm a complete and utter failure. And he's right. It is always about me. I never gave him a chance to explain why he didn't tell me I was his mate. I never gave him a chance to be there for me. I never gave him a chance to be there for Kennedy. He's right I took so much away from him. "Hey princess." I say, picking up Kennedy. "Ma." That's right she finally said 'ma', but her first word was dada. Of course. "Dada." She claps. I sigh. "I don't know where daddy is." I tell her. "He wants me to come get her." Seth says, coming into my room. "He's taking her to the park." He tells me. I nod an okay. "Alright let me get her dressed." I tell him. "You want to go to the park with daddy?" I ask her. "Dada." She chirps, clapping her hands. I giggle at her. "Well let's get you dressed then!" I say, tickling her. "Can I?" Seth ask.
- 90 -

"Sure." I tell him, handing her to him. "Do you know what mom has planned for her birthday?" He asks me. "No, she won't tell me. Won't even give me a hint." I groan. "Won't even let me do anything!" I say, throwing my hands up in the air. He laughs at me. "Do you know how long he's going to be gone?" I ask him. "Couple of hours. Why?" He asks. "You want to go shopping with me?" I ask, batting my eyelashes at him. "Shopping?" he groans. "Why can't we go to the skate park?" He whines. I laugh at him. "I'll make you a deal. You go shopping with me. I'll take you to the skate park." I bargain. "Only if you let me teach you how to skateboard?" He bargains. "No way. I'll die!" I say, shaking my head no. He laughs at me, shaking his head. "I won't let you die." He chuckles. I bite my lip, thinking. "Fine." I sigh. "There, all pretty." He coos at Kennedy after getting her dressed. He's a natural. "Let's go princess." He chirps. "Meet me downstairs."He tells me, walking out the door. I put on my shoes, grab my wallet and head downstairs. I get there just as they're heading to the door. "Hey." I whisper to Christian. Of course he ignores me. "Hey." I say to Amber and Vance. "Hey shorty." Vance says to me. "What are you up to?" "Making a deal with the devil." I answer.
- 91 -

He cocks an eyebrow. "You what?" He asks, confused. "I made a deal with the devil." I repeat. "I'm not the devil." Seth says, coming into the hallway with his skateboard. "Says you. Who else would blackmail a klutz?" I huff. "I didn't blackmail you. I made a deal?" He grunts. "What deal?" Amber ask. "If I go shopping with her, she'll let me teach her how to skateboard." Seth answers her. Vance and Amber laugh. Hard. "Oh my god I have to see this!" Amber says. "Nuh uh. You're going to the park." I remind her. "Oh no I'm not, I'm tagging along with you." She giggles. "I want to watch too." Vance says excitedly. "Too bad, bye guys." I say, walking to the door and stop, kissing Kennedy on the forehead. "Bye baby, have fun with dada and the freaks." I tell her. "Dada." She says, clapping. "Yes dada." I laugh. "Have fun." I tell her. "Come on devil." I say to Seth. We head out with them three following. Me and Seth get into Tammy's car and they get into Christian's Lamborghini. We went shopping at the mall. I bought Kennedy more toys and clothes for her birthday.

I walk past a jewelry store and see a cute pair of couasal horse earrings. They are too cute. I'll have to ask Christian if I can get her ears pierced. We leave and go to the damn skate park, where Seth tries to explain to me what to do. Ha!
- 92 -

"Okay, put one foot there." Seth says pointing to the skateboard. "And one there." I do as he says, holding on to his shoulders. "If I fall. I'm killing you." I threaten. No sooner those words came out of my mouth. The board slips out from my feet. I land on my back with an oomph. I hear a roar of laughter in the background. "Uh you're supposed to stay on the board." He tells me. "No shit!" I grunt, sitting up. "I think you broke my butt." I whine. The laughing gets closer and louder. I turn around to see where it's coming from and low and behold walking up is Christian, Vance, Amber and some blonde. Nope can't get mad at him for being with her but I can get mad at him for bring her around Kennedy. I told him I didn't want any of his whores around her. "Sin!" Vance yells. "Huh?" "You okay? You look like you seen a ghost or broke a bone." He laughs. "I'm fine. Just thinking of ways to plot Seth's death." I say, turning to glare at him. "Ah Sin my friend. The whole point is to stay on the board." Seth says laughing. "I give that landing a ten, a ten, a definite ten." Vance yells, laughing and holding his hands up in the air. "Oh looky here, we have a couple of comedians." I say getting up. "The best babe." He snickers. I walk over to Christian and Kennedy rolling my eyes at Vance. "Nuuh you still have to learn." Seth says. "Hold on I want to say hi to my baby." I tell him. "This is your daughter? She's so beautiful and you're so...not." The blonde sneers. I just shrug, taking her from Christian. Where does he find these girls from? "What can I say, she takes after her father." I say not even letting her comment
- 93 -

bug me. "Let's go have uncle Seth teach us how to ride, skate whatever on that death trap." "You're going to put her on there?" Seth asks, shocked. "Unlike you I won't let go. Mutt." I snicker, standing her up on it. I put my arms around her waist. "Hey! I didn't let go. You just didn't hang on." He protests. I turn and glare at him and scoff. I start walking behind Kennedy as the board rolls. "Yay. You're skateboarding." I coo excitedly to her. And it rolls right out from under her feet. "See Seth. That what happens when you hold on to someone." I yell at him. "Oh so you want me to hold on to you by your waist from behind you?" "If it makes me not fall then yes." I put her back on and start all over again. We start weaving back and fourth. "Look uncle Seth she's better than you are." I giggle. "Oh yeah can she do this?" He asks, coming to over to us. "What walk?" Was my smartass comment. "Umm yeah." I answer my own question. "Just watch." He grunts, taking the board and he's off. I put her on my hip watching him. Doing all sorts of tricks. Some I wince at. This little punk is good. Never fell once. He comes back panting. "That?" he pants. I look at Kennedy. "Can you do that?" I ask her. "Tat." She says, clapping. I take the board from him and start making her do some of the tricks. I help her out of course. I take the board holding on to it and her the whole time. I take her up ramps. Taking the board in my hands, moving it where it needs to go. I cheer for her every time she lands a trick. We just do the easy ones. I'm just goofing around. She's really not doing them I am. She's too busy laughing. "See my daughter is just as bad as you are uncle Seth." I joke when we are done.
- 94 -

"You're a pro. We'll have you in the circuit in no time. Tony Hawke can kiss your butt." He jokes back, laughing. "Who's Tony Hawke?" I ask. He gives me a disbelieving look. "Oh my god. Come on Kennedy. Let's go practice before your momma makes herself look more stupid?" He says, taking her from me. "Hey I don't know who the dude is. So what?" I say with a shrug. "He's a famous pro skater." He informs me. "Ah see. I don't pay attention to that crap." I tell him honestly. "Get your nose out of those fashion magazines." He tells me. "My nose is too busy in real books. Thank you very much." I scoff. "Well get your nose out of those and come to the dark side. You need to brush up on pro skaters and tricks if your daughter is going to the next Tony Hawke." He says seriously. I laugh, shaking my head. "Come on Kenken. Let's go practice." He says to her, taking off. "Be careful!" I yell after him. He waves me off. I plop down on the concrete, laying down. "Crap that's tiring." "You need to take it easy." Vance reminds me. "Yeah yeah." I mutter. "Don't yeah yeah me. Did you eat today?" He asks, I think about. "Umm." I mumble. "Sienna!" He yells at me. "Shit." Christian mutters. I just shrug, sitting up. "Come on Vance." he says getting up. They both stomp away. "Oooh you're in trouble." Amber sings.
- 95 -

"Nah he doesn't care." I say watching Seth and Kennedy. He is being so careful with her. "That's what you like to believe." She tells me. I turn and look at her then nod to the blonde bimbo. "That well..." I just shrug. "What do you expect Sin? To be lonely all the time. Shit you won't give him a chance." "He's never going to change. He'll always fuck anything that will spread it's legs." "Excuse me." The bimbo butts in. I cock an eyebrow, looking at her. "You don't know me." I roll my eyes. "No one was talking to you and I don't have to know you. Your clothes or lack of clothes and the make up caked on your face says it all." I say, then turn back around. "Sin." Amber sighs. "No it's okay. As long as he's happy and apparently, he his. I'm happy. We just have one problem." I tell her. "What's that?" She asks. "I don't want his whores around Kennedy. She doesn't need to grow up thinking women are toys and women need to spread their legs twenty-four-seven."I say exasperated. "You bitch." The bimbo screeches. "Shut the fuck up. This has nothing to do with you!" I growl. "You do know that I'll be in that baby's life for now on. I'll be her step mother. I've been seeing Chris for two weeks now." She taunts. I laughed at that. Two weeks really? "No you haven't. You've been fucking him for two weeks. By tonight he'll have another fuck unless you're that good. And I seriously doubt that. And for your sake, you better hope that you don't ever become MY daughters step mother!" I growl, then turn back to Kennedy and Seth. "Come on guys time to go home." I yell at
- 96 -

them, getting up. How dare that skank say she's going to be her step mom. That pisses me off. "Aww already." He whines. "Yeah we'll come back later." I tell him as they come up to us. "You going to be alright here?" I ask Amber. "Yeah they are right there." she says pointing to the snack stand. I nod. "Alright later." I say and start walking off. "Bye." she yells back as we reach the parking lot. "Hey where you going we got you food!" Christian yells at me. "Shove it down your whores throat!" I yell back, getting in my car. "You alright?" Seth ask. I just nod. "He's an ass." I shrug. "I deserve it." Is all I say. "No you don't." He tells me. I just shrug again. "Let's go eat." I chirp. He nods, sighing. We drive out of town. "Where we going?" He ask. "There's this little diner that's got the best burgers and shakes in town." I tell him. He nods an okay. We drive and chat some more until we get there. We go inside and get a table. We order burgers, fries, drinks and shakes. We eat and joke around when we are eating our shakes, Kennedy sticks her hand in mine pulls it out of mine and flings it at Seth. I stare at him in shock, trying not to laugh. But I couldn't hold it in. I started laughing hard. While he stares at Kennedy in shock. "Oh you little.." He says coming out of his shock. He puts his fingers in his shake and throws it at her. Then he does it to me. "Now laugh brat." I stare at him in shock them throw some of mine at him.
- 97 -

That starts a food fight. What's left of our hamburgers, fries and shake are all over each other. We eventually get kicked out after we kinda wash ourselves and booth up. We leave looking a mess and laughing. When we get home, Tammy cocks an eyebrow staring at us, amused. "Did you eat?" "Yeah." We both choir. "Did any of it make it in your mouth?" We both shrug. She giggles, shaking her head. "Aren't you two old enough to know better than to start a food fight?" Yeah it's that obvious. "She started it." We both choir, pointing at Kennedy. "Yeah blame it on the baby. Go get cleaned up." She says, shaking her head. We nod, chuckling and go upstairs. On my way upstairs, we run into Christian and the bimbo coming out of his room. "What the hell is all over you?" He asks, but before we could answer the bimbo pipes up. "She lives here with you?" She asks, shocked. "No boyfriend of mine will be living with his ex-whore. I want her out!" She demands. I keep walking, ignoring her. Seth laughs stopping. Making me stop. "You think just because you don't want her here she's moving out? You have no say. You'll leave and never return here before she goes anywhere. You're nothing but a flavor of the week." He starts, but I cut him off. "Seth come on. Let's go get washed up and go find me and Kennedy an apartment." "Hell no! You are not moving out!" He roars at me. "Yeah I think it's time." I tell him honestly. "No you know mom and dad won't let you." He taunts. "I know but they're going to have too. I can't stay here anymore." I tell him.
- 98 -

"That's right bitch leave." She sneers. "Who's leaving?" Tammy asks, coming up the stairs. "Sienna and Kennedy." Seth answers. "Uh why?" She asks, confused. "This bitch doesn't want her here and now she thinks that she needs to move out." Seth says. Tammy look at the bimbo cocking an eyebrow. "Excuse me. This is my house..." she stars but is cut off "When I'm alpha female and married to Chris it will be mine." She says. Tammy laughs hard. She's only been seeing him for two weeks and she thinks she's going to marry Christian and become alpha female. I ask again. Where does he find these girls? "Oh honey." She says giggling. "You've got this all wrong. See let me tell you something. My husband. Your alpha. Will not give the alpha position to Chris with a whore like you as alpha female or wife. Never. He'll pass it down to Seth before he lets that happen. So this little fantasy of your's will never happen. So therefore you will never become alpha female and you won't ever become Chris' wife. Want to know why? I know my son better than anyone. I know he isn't stupid enough to marry his play toy of the week. So if anyone is leaving my house. Little girl it will be you." She says, pointing down the stairs. "Chris are you going to let her talk to me like that?" She screeches. He scoffs then takes Kennedy from me. "Let's go get you a bath." He says, walking up the stairs to our floor. "Chris!" She yells, but he ignores her. "Chris don't you dare walk away from me." He keeps going. "Chris if you don't stop. It's over." She threatens him. He stops and turns around. "It was over the second you assumed Sin was moving out because you wanted her to. In my brothers words you're nothing but a flavor of the week. Leave." He says and starts walking again.
- 99 -

"Toodles skank." Seth says, waving at her. "Bye." Tammy says. I just stand there as she stomps downstairs. "And you!" Tammy says, pointing to me. "Are not going anywhere. Do you understand me? No one has any say to whether you live here or not, but me and Paul. So don't you ever for a second think you're moving out because one of my sons girl's doesn't want you here. Understood? Good go get cleaned up." She scolds me. "Yes ma'am." Was my response. I just think it's time. I walk upstairs like a two year old in trouble, with Seth laughing at me. I turn around childishly, sticking my tongue out at him. "You too boy. Go get cleaned up." She scolds him. "Yes ma'am." He mutters, walking to his room. I snicker at him this time.

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- 100 -

Chapter 12
Christian's POV. This has to stop and I know it. But how do you fight for someone who clearly doesn't want you. She's made it perfectly clear she wants nothing to do with me. She has already rejected me but it had no meaning behind it. If it did I would have been in excruciating pain and our bond would be broken, but I just lost my breath and our bond is still there. I know I haven't helped any, but every time I see her look at me with a disgusted face, I knew right then she wouldn't want me. As soon as I turned eighteen just one look and I knew she was the one. Sin didn't feel it yet because she wasn't eighteen. But I did. I stopped messing with girls because as far as I was concerned I was a kept man. I never planned on rejecting her. I always thought she was beautiful. To everyone else she was just your average nerd girl but to me she was always beautiful. It really wasn't her looks that captured me. It was her brain. I see the way Callie took advantage of her getting her to do her homework and the way she got her to do her toys homework. We had words about it several times but of course what I said went in one ear and out the other. I just didn't think it was right. I wanted her but I always stayed away. Why would she want me? The school player. After I found out we were mates it kind of explained my fascination with her but the looks she gave me had me wanting to crawl in a hole and die. I tried for two months to come up with a way to tell her we were mates. I know I should have cornered her and said "Hey were mates!" but I admit I didn't have the balls. I was scared for so many reasons. I figured she'd laugh at me and tell me I was lying or beat the crap out of me for lying to her or worse. She'd flat out reject me. Plus the looks she always gave me didn't help. Hell I'm the biggest man whore there is but I quit for her until I realized I had no chance with her. So I went back to my old ways. Why not? She obviously didn't want me but I guess that was a bad idea. Then we had the most amazing night of my life, in my book anyway. I had a party and she showed up with Amber. Looking gorgeous as ever. I saw her throwing back drink after drink and it worried me. So I thought now would be a good time to talk to her. We talked about small things really. Small talk you know? She didn't even
- 101 -

seem drunk or buzzed at all. So then I decided to tell her we we're mates. So I took her up to my room for some quiet time. And the first thing she did was attack me. I didn't take her up there for that and pulled her away from me. "Wait! wait!" I said. "There's something I need to tell you first." she ignored me and attacked me again. "Stop Sienna!" I said pulling her away from me. Trust me, it was getting harder and harder to do that with my wolf screaming take her she's ours and her throwing herself at me. Yeah wasn't easy but I went on. "We are mates Sienna." I tell her carefully waiting for her reaction. She freezes for a second then looks up at me smiling. "Really?" she purrs unbuttoning my shirt. That's when I lost it. We didn't just fuck. We made love for hours and hours. Everything was slow and sensual. I told her I loved her more than once. Every kiss was a burn sensation but a good burn. Every touch felt like heaven. Every orgasm last twice as long as it should have. Hearing her moan my name was music to my ears. By the time the sun was coming up we just passed out. I made sure I pulled her closer to me. That was the first and last night I got to have her in my arms. When I woke up the next morning I thought it was the perfect dream but it wasn't a dream. She was gone but my bed, my room, my clothes reeked of her. I knew I had the best night of my life with my one and only. Something that I'm hoping to have for the rest of my life I tried for days to call and text her all went unanswered. Then I go to school actually wanting to go just to see and SHE doesn't remember. Bullshit! How could someone forget a night like that? I damn sure didn't and I was pretty much drunk. But I still remember her taste, her touch, her kisses, her moans, and her smell. The way her body moved. Every fucking thing. I was pissed when she said she went home. Bull! So I drag her into a room and it kind of slipped out we were mates. I wanted to tell her since she seemed to forget but not that way. And she did what I expected her to do. Walk out. So I went back to playing. Why not when she didn't want me? Then she dropped the bomb that I'm going to be a daddy. I thought hell I got her now. Now we can be a family like we should have been in the first place. I went to go chase after her but was caught by the damn principle and had to listen to an hour of his lecturing about ditching class. By the time I got out of there and to her house. Her dad was bitchin because she stole his credit cards and left. Then I went home and sent men out to look for her and they came up empty. So I
- 102 -

started calling other alphas to help me find her. I called everyone I knew. I stayed faithful to her for four months until I found her. Well I didn't an alpha I didn't even know called me asking why I wanted her found and I told him she took off telling me she was pregnant. He told me he knew where she was at. I jumped on a plane got a rental car got there as she was getting off work. I wrapped my arms around her bulging belly. God it felt so good to hold her and feel my baby. Then she told she didn't want me. That made me pull back and walk away. As soon as I pulled away I cried. I actually cried. Jumped back on a plane went home found one of my usual fuck buddies but that didn't even erase the pain. Nothing did. I know it was a dick move but I wanted to be in my baby's life and I knew Sin wasn't going to allow it. So I went through the courts. Hell it wasn't to get full custody. I just wanted visitation rights but since she never showed to any court dated or anything the judge awarded me full custody. I felt bad that it went down like that but I'm not going to apologize for it. Hell I had my daughter with me every day. I kind of hoped Sin would follow but no. Not until mom talked her into it. I know I still play around but why not? She doesn't want me. So I got to have someone fill the void. Although it never works. I need her. I want her. I know I'm an idiot I guess I'm hoping she'd put her foot down and say no more I love you idiot but she hasn't. She didn't even say it when we made love and I understood that. I had months where she had minutes. Yeah I need to stop with the girls. They seem to get crazier and crazier. Plus I need to do it for Sin and Kennedy. I need to show both of them I love them. Ken ken knows. I spend as much time with her as I can. Even if I'm doing my homework or alpha work. It's Sin I have to work on. That's going to be the hard part. I know how easily she can be taken away from me. Both of them. And I will not stand to have either of them in my life part time. They are mine and I'll make sure that both of them will be in my life permanently. I've worried about Seth's and Sin's relationship but I know nothing will come of it. He is fifteen and she's nineteen. Yeah not much going on there. But I am jealous of their relationship. They joke, go do things together, gossip. Basically they are best friends. Something I want with her. After I get done shopping for Kennedy's birthday I head home as soon. As I walk into the house I'm greeted by Kennedy tackling my legs. "Get me esents daddy?" she ask. She's getting good at talking for her age. I scoop her up.
- 103 -

"Wait until your birthday princess." I tell her. "Daddy!" she whines giving me her face no one can say no to. Ugh! It's not right. Yep I'm getting daddy now instead of dada. Sin keeps trying to get her to say momma but she hasn't yet. "Fine." I sigh. "But I get to pick it out." I huff. "Sucker." Sin snickers as I dig for the cheesiest gift I got her. "You're just as bad." I taunt. That shut her up. I pulled out the Barbie and she squealed like a pig jumping up and down. "Momma ook. I ot her!" she says excitedly shoving it in Sin's face. I cock an eyebrow confused. She didn't tell me she wanted that. Now she did tell me everything else I got her. I just picked that one out. Thinking she needed a lame present. "You sure did baby! Now what do you say to daddy?" Sin asks her. Kennedy comes wobbling over to me. "Tank you daddy tank you!" she says squeezing my legs. I pick her up hugging her tightly. I kiss her on the forehead. "Anything for you princess. I love you baby." I tell her. "I ove you daddy." she says squeezing my neck. "Now how about we pull her out of the box?" I ask. She nods excitedly. "Seth go put the rest of it in my closet up high so sneaky little girls can't get to it." I joke sitting down to open the death package. Why must they package things like this? Luckily I got smart and just cut everything. We had it open in no time. While we did that she went and got more barbies and started playing with them. Yeah she loves barbies. "Thanks." Sin says quietly. "For what?" I ask confused. "Getting her that Barbie. She's wanted it for months now but I just couldn't afford it." she says. I could see why that was a fifty dollar doll but I rolled my eyes.
- 104 -

"Sin if there's anything you or Kennedy want or need just tell me. You can have my card and go for as far as I'm concerned." I tell her honestly. "Won't one of your whores get upset you giving your baby's momma money to go blow?" she ask with a raised eyebrow. I close my eyes and sigh. Here we go again. "No more girls Sin, I promise." I tell her honestly. "Dry spell?" she asks. "No Sin. I could walk out right now a get laid." I tell her. Yep that did it "Well why don't you then!" she growls at me. "Because I don't want anyone but you!" I growl back at her. "Right." she scoffs. "You showed me just how much you wanted me over damn near two years you lying asshole!" she growls at me. "No fighting you two. Kennedy is in the room." Seth reminds us coming from upstairs before I could comment back. "I do." I huff getting up and going upstairs. I didn't want to argue with her about the same damn thing plus I needed to wrap Kennedy's gifts. So that's what I do I take my time wrapping her gifts. Which she hit the mother lode with. I hate to see what mom and dad got her. They spoil her more than Sin and I do and that's saying something. After I wrapped up her presents I go down for a bite to eat when I see Seth and Sin playing outside with her. I close my eyes taking a deep breath trying not to lose my cool. I know they are just friends but that should me out there. Not him. That's my family. God I need to do something. But what? She won't talk to me unless it's to argue about my toys. "It'll happen son just give it time and quit playing with those damn toys. She'll never come around then." dad says scarring the shit out of me. He and mom believe Sin and I will be together one day. They want it just as bad as I do. She makes a perfect mother and she'd make a perfect alpha female. "She won't even talk to me unless it's to argue." I groan.
- 105 -

"I know but give her time to trust you. No girls Chris. None at all." he says sternly.

"Plan on it dad." I say. He nods and walks out of the kitchen. I make a quick sandwich and go outside to eat just to watch them. "Daddy!" Kennedy squeals running to me. "Kennedy!" I fake squeal back sitting down on the porch swing. "My amich?" she asks. "No it's mine. Did you eat dinner?" I ask her. "Of course she did but we are talking about Kennedy. Little Miss. Piggy." Sin says coming over. "How bout we share pumpkin?" I ask her. She nods excitedly so I tear the sandwich in half and give her the biggest part. "Tanks daddy." she says munching away. "No problem baby." I tell her. After she ate her sandwich she went right back to playing. I joined in when she wanted someone to save her. Of course being her daddy it was my job to do so. So I shifted into my midnight black wolf and pretend to scare Sin and Seth away from her and had her get on my back and I whisked the princess to safety. Now all I have to do is get my queen back and in my arms where she belongs. We stayed outside playing for hours all three off us. Until Sin decided it was time for Kennedy's bath and bedtime. "Ma no bed." she whines. "Yes bed. It's already way past your bedtime." Sin tells her. "Daddy." she whines to me but gives me those puppy eyes. Sin cocks an eyebrow daring me to go against her. "Nope momma is right. Your all stinky and your already yawning bedtime
- 106 -

pumpkin." I tell her tapping her nose. She huffs crossing her arms over her chest mad. It's too cute though. I held back a laugh. Getting Sin is going to be the hard part. I know I can stay away from the girls. That's no problem. They were just what would you call it? Replacements for the real thing. If I had Sin I would never cheat on her or even look at another girl. She's all I need. Or want. I just got to get her and have my family together. I glad mom is making her stay but I think she's trying to sneak around us and I'm not letting her move out. She's not going anywhere. I know I've screwed up and went about things the wrong way but there's got to be something besides staying away from girls. Maybe I'll try and take her on a date and start there. Yeah just a simple date. When Sin puts Kennedy to bed she comes downstairs to watch a movie I suppose. She takes the remote from me. I said nothing. I didn't want this to start out as a fight before I even get to the real question. So I sit there watching her flip through channel after channel until she finally lands on a show I guess she wants to watch. I just sit there kind of afraid to say anything. I just know it's going to turn into an argument so why not get it out of the way. "So I was thinking." I start. "Wow!!! It must have taken hours to think that up." she says cutting me off. I roll my eyes. "Can we please cut the sarcasm?" I grunt. She sighs heavily. "Okay fine what were you thinking?" she asks me. I clear my throat. "Go on a date with me?" I blurt out. She starts laughing. "Yeah right." she scoffs. "I don't think so." she huffs. "Come on Sin just a date. Something simple. Dinner and a movie?" I bargined. "No." she bluntly says. "Why not?" I ask her. She sighs again. "Because it won't be just a dinner and a movie. It will be a dinner and a quickie. No thanks." she tells me.
- 107 -

"You're not a toy Sin." I huff. Fuck up number one. "That's what you do with your toys?!" she yells at me. I'm not going to start lying now. So I nod. "Your fucking unbelievable." she hisses at me. I nod again closing my eyes not disagreeing with her. How can she not see she's different from the other ones? "It's just a date Sin." I tell her. "No go find a fuck buddy?" she tells me turning back to her show. I sigh leaning my head back. "We can even take Kennedy with us." I bargain again. "No." she answers quickly. "I'm sure you have plenty of fuck buddies you can take on a date." She tells me. "I don't want them!" I say through gritted teeth. "Sure could have fooled me." she huffs. "Damn it Sin I want you!" I yell at her. "Fine I give." I say getting up from the couch and going to bed. I don't know why I blew up like that. I guess it's because she's always bringing them up. It gets down right annoying. "Yep going to go find ya a buddy for the night?" she says nastily as I walk up the stairs. "Yeah why don't you go get naked and meet me in my bed?" I sarcastically say making my way up. I know that pissed her off but I tuned her out and just go straight to my room and to bed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edited by: Rebel2k10~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

- 108 -

Chapter 13
"You really going to move out?" Christian ask coming into my room. It's been while since then the whole moving out and date thing. I still talk about it with Seth but he tries to talk me out of it. I haven't even been looking for a place either. I can't. No one leaves me alone long enough. I think they know what I'm going to do if I get time alone. "I need too." I tell him. "No you don't." He argues. "Yes I do." I argue back. "No you don't Sin. Why do you think you need to move out?!" He demands. "You want the truth?" I almost yell. "Yes." He says as I sit up leaning against my headboard. "Because I can't handle it anymore." I tell him as I scoot off the bed, stand up and start pacing. "Sure, I might have seemed like I'm okay with you parading your toys in front of me, but I'm not. It kills me every time I see you with one. Every time, Christian. I can't do it anymore. I just can't." I tell him honestly. "Then don't." He says. "I'm not. That's why I think it's better if I moved out." I tell him. "No, I mean be with me." He says. "I can't, I can't sit back everyday wondering who your screwing next." I tell him truthfully. "I won't, Sin. As long as I have you I'll never even look at another girl again." He says with honesty. "I don't know, Christian. All I ever wanted you to do was quit screwing around but you never could." I tell him.
- 109 -

"I can do it, Sin. The only reason I ever slept with those girls was to get over you. I wanted to be with you so bad but you didn't want me. You made that clear to me." He says as walks to me cupping my cheek making me look at him. "Marked or not, mated or not, Sienna I'm in love you." He says it with so much honesty it's hard not to believe it. My breathing stopped. I know he has said he loved me once before but never said he was in love with me. "Then prove it. Stop sleeping around." I tell him. That's all I've ever wanted him to change. I've never wanted him to change himself just his sleeping around. "I will." He whispers. "I'll do whatever you want." "That's all I want." I say. "I will." He says as he nods pressing his lips to mine. Not really a kiss just his lips lingering in mine. "Come on, let's get Kenken ready for her party." He says pulling back. I nod stepping back. We go to Kennedy's room where she's sleeping peacefully. We wake her up and I give her a bath and he gets her all dressed up in her birthday dress. More like gown. I couldn't believe Tammy when she bought it. But it sure is beautiful. It's kinda like a mini wedding gown with intricate designs. Come on, she's one having a birthday party, not getting married. We go downstairs to the backyard and see nothing but a sea of kids and adults. "The pack." He tells me after seeing my shocked face. "The whole pack?" I ask shocked. "The whole pack." He confirms. "Uh why?" I ask stupidly. "They want to see their future alpha turn one." He tells me. Holy crap I never thought of Kennedy becoming the future alpha. "Your freaking kidding me?!" I say amazed. I didn't know we had this many in the pack. "No." He chuckles. "There's the birthday girl!" Tammy yells coming to us.
- 110 -

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They all yell at the same time making me and Kennedy jump.

"Ma!" She screams scared. I laugh a little. "It's okay, baby. They are just telling you happy birthday." "Da ma." I love her talking it's so cute. It's suppose to be birthday. "Yes. It your birthday." I coo. Like she really cares. "You get cake, ice cream, candy, presents." I tell her. "Andy." She ask clapping making me giggle. That's all she wants is her Andy. "Yes candy." I tell her as I sit her down on her feet. She runs or woddles off to Tammy and she scoops her up. "Aww she's beautiful." mom coos walking up to Tammy. I froze. Tammy looks at me when my mom tries to take Kennedy away from her. I shake my head vigorously no. "You okay Sin?" Christian ask. "Get them away from her." I tell him coming out of my shock. He nods walking off. I just stood there shocked. I couldn't believe she had the balls to show up. Why is she here? Seriously I haven't seen her in over what damn near two years. What the hell man? She is not going to ruin this day. Not my daughters birthday. "WHAT!" Mom booms after Christian tells her something. Ah! Now she has the attention on her. "She's my grand daughter." She argues. I shake my head coming out of my shock walking towards them. "No she's not!" I growl stopping in front of them. "Excuse me." She says in disbelief. "She's not your grand daughter. Her grandparents are Tammy and Paul Morgan. You are nothing but a stranger to her." I tell her honestly. "How can you say that?" She asks in disbelief.
- 111 -

"How can you say you are?" I retort. "I'm your mother. I..." I laughed at that cutting her off. . "Oh now you want to claim me as your daughter? Oh, that's right. The pack is here. Now is the time for you to act like a proud parent and look good huh?" I scoff. "How can you say that to me. I've been nothing but a good mother to you." She argues. I scoff at that. "A mother to me, really? Hmmm. When I left, did you come find me? No. When I came back, did you come see me? No. When I needed lunch money did you give it to me? No. When I needed clothes, did you buy me any? No. When you made everybody else breakfast, lunch or dinner. Did you make me any? No. When I was sick, did you take care of me? No. Were you there for my daughters' birth? No. When I was pregnant by myself were you there? No. So you are not my mother." I almost yell. "Young lady you do not talk to your mother that way." Dad says coming up. Crap him too? "Oh and you, Dad." I sneer the word. I'm a roll. "You didn't even speak to me. Like at all. So you are not my father. Sperm donor, sure, but no father. Oh mother dear. You want to know what I caught dear old dad doing the day I left? So cliche moment here." I say rolling my eyes. "I came home early from school to find dad screwing some other women on the couch." I snicker. "So if you two would be so kind. Please leave my daughters party." I say pointing to the door. You notice my brother and sister are not here. Not surprised. It isn't about them so why come. "I've waited for a day like this." Dad chuckles with an evil glint in his eye. "Maybe not so many people but the day I got to tell you. I've always wanted to be the one to tell you." He says. "Don't Mark." Mom warns. "Tell me what?" I ask them. Dad chuckles again. "Your not my daughter." I froze again just staring at them. Then I laughed hard. "Oh thank god." I breath. Then I noticed his shocked, disappointed face. "What? You thought this news was going to break my heart. Send me of crying my little heart out? Oh no. This is the second best news of my life. The first is when I found out I was pregnant. Of course. It's not like you acted like my father, anyway. Man
- 112 -

now if by some twist of fate somebody told me I wasn't her daughter either than I'd be the happiest girl on the face of this earth." I chuckle. "Let me guess Colby and Angel are my half brother and sister well that explains why they treated me like crap all the time. Wow just wow." I say shaking my head. "After everything I've done for you and this is how you treat me?" Mom ask in disbelief. I scoff. "Name one thing. One thing besides giving birth to me that you've ever done for me." I say. Silence. "Collage tuition." She finally answers. I chuckled at that. "Ummm no. I got scholarships. Thank you very much. What my scholarship doesn't pay for. Tammy and Paul pay for. So try again." I taunt. Silence. "Now I'll ask you one more time leave or I'll find someone to drag you out." I threaten. "She won't have to look far." Paul says stepping up. "Yes, Alpha." They choir, bowing their heads. They leave or stomp away more like it. I wish he could just kick them out but unfortunately they haven't done anything to really warrant it. Neglecting your child isn't really a reason to get kicked out of the pack but hitting your child is. Maybe I should lie and say they hit me too. No, I won't stoop that low. Once was enough. "You okay?" Christian ask concerned bringing me out of my thoughts "Couldn't be better. Now let's party." I yell. And we do. Tammy got games, moonwalks, play sets, food, gift bags, pony rides. Damn near everything you could think of. Kennedy was hitting it all with Paul, Christian or Seth right behind her. I sat back watching her enjoy herself along with Tammy. She had them boys on their toes. Cameras were everywhere so people could take pictures of it all. I had mine out taking pictures of all three of them. "Tammy. I don't think she's going to remember this." I tell her giggling. She nods laughing. "I know but I just couldn't help myself." She tells me. I laugh shaking my head. "I'm proud of you." She tells me.
- 113 -

"Umm why?" I ask confused. "We've spent a lot of time talking. You told me everything that your family has done to you or hasn't should I say. You've taken care of Kennedy by yourself, you work yourself to the ground, your finishing school and you put up with Chris's bullshit. You just found out your father isn't your father and your still smiling." She tells me. I shake my head no. "No, I've had help. I just proved I couldn't do it on my own. It's nothing to be proud of." I tell her honestly. "Your wrong." She tells me walking away. I shake my head no watching her walk away. "So?" Christian says scarring the crap out of me. He was a little out of breath. Poor guy. I guess they switched because now its Tammy, Paul and Seth chasing after her. I'm still taking pictures. "Damn it! Don't do that again!" I scold him. "Your a wolf, Sin your suppose to be able to hear or smell me coming up." He taunts. I elbow him in the rib. "Owww." He fake whines rubbing his rib. I roll my eyes. "Your a wolf, Christian your suppose to see that coming." I mimic. Just as we are joking around someone else unexpectedly shows up. I look at Christian shaking my head. "Please Christian not today. Not on Kennedy's birthday." I tell him. "I'm not going to Sin. I'm telling you those days are over." He says just as Callie reaches us. "Leave!" are the first words out of his mouth. "Come on, Chris haven't you missed me? I've missed you, baby." She purrs, rubbing his arm. Okay she's big as a house and trying to get down a guys pants. Nasty bitch! He took her hand off of him. "Leave now, Callie or I'll literally have someone throw you out!" He growls at her. "Come on, Chris, baby it's not like your getting any from her." She sneers at me. "One more round baby?" She asks him. I guess he mind linked with someone because next thing I know two other big guys come out of nowhere and start dragging her off. Ummm wow. I look at Christian confused. Who were those guys? I
- 114 -

wondered to myself. "Those, Hun are our best fighters." He tells me. I guess seeing my confused face. I just nod. Yeah, if you hadn't noticed, I don't know much about the pack. I was never involved in all the meetings and whatever else they had going on. "You know your going to be Alpha female someday." He says. I scoff at that. "You better start getting involved with the pack." He tells me. "You sound so sure we are going to get back together, Christian. I really don't see it happening." I tell him honestly. He closes his eyes and sighs. "We are, I'm telling you Sin. No more girls unless it's you. I promise. Even if it takes years." He tells me. "It just might, Christian because I just don't see you ever being faithful." I say honestly. "Your never going to have faith in me are you?" He ask me. "No, Christian. Not until you prove me wrong." I say. "I will." He tells me then kisses my forehead. "Now enough of this. Where's the birthday girl? Gift time!" He chirps excitedly. I giggle a little. I think he is more excited about her opening her gifts then she is. So we go hunt her down and poor baby is being passed around from one person to the next getting pictures taken with everyone and her dress is still actually clean. 'Wow' is all I could think. "Presents!" Christian yells. Everyone but Kennedy cheers. She's looking at me with pleading eyes. I guess she's getting tired of being passed around. Poor baby. I walk over to whoever the guy is that's holding her, and held out my arms to take her. "Ma!" She yells excitedly as I take her away. "Come on, baby you ready to open your presents?" I ask her. "Esents!" She says excitedly clapping. We sit down at the present table where there are presents galore. I couldn't believe it. This was just all to much. While I helped her, Tammy took pictures, Christian helped her open them and Paul and Seth were putting them in boxes. I think we stayed there for a good two hours opening
- 115 -

gift after gift but Kennedy loved each one. She got everything; dolls, clothes, learning computers, barbies. Everything. Some things she got two of but was still happy with it. Someone even got her a real laptop. Whomever did that must not have kids of their own. But it also came with learning games and regular games for her age so no big deal, I suppose. She also got jewelry necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings. You name it. The kid isn't spoiled at all. Please note the sarcasm. Finally after the presents, we got to go to the cake. It was huge. I've never seen a cake so huge. It took four people to carry it. One on each corner. It was all decorated in Disney princess's. Every one of them. Each area had its own theme with a princess. It was actually pretty damn cool. It also had one big number one candle in the middle. She claps really excited about it. I've never seen her so excited about anything before. And its just a cake. Tammy took several pictures of it before lighting the candle. "Make a wish."I tell her before she blows it out. "Ats a ish." She asks me. "A wish is something you want more than anything." I tell her. "So close your eyes and wish for the thing you want most. Keep it to yourself or it won't come true." I tell her. She nods closing her eyes. She waits a minute then takes a deep breath and blows it out clapping as we all clap with her. I kiss her on the forehead tell her happy birthday. Then I stick a butter knife in her hand and help her cut the first piece of cake, which was her piece, then we put ice cream on it and go sit so she can shovel it in her mouth. Tammy and Christian start to make other peoples' plates while Paul and Seth pass them out. Everyone seemed to be having a blast. Cake and ice cream fights, playing on all the toys, pony rides, pictures with clowns, magic shows. It was pretty damn amazing but too much for a one year old but she enjoyed it too. So that's all that matters. As soon as she was done with her cake and ice cream she was off my lap at it again. Someone always right behind her. "Cake and ice cream?" Christian asked from behind me. I turn around and see him with two plates. "Sure." I say as he sets it down in front of me. I eat and watch as Tammy, Paul and Seth all take turns chasing after her. Oh she should sleep tonight. "You think she's having fun?" Christian ask me. I scoff.
- 116 -

"If she's not, she has a weird way of showing it." I say shaking my head. "You think she's going to remember it?" He asks me. I laughed at that. "No, she's too young and if she does I'll be surprised but she'll have plenty of pictures of it." I tell him. He nods in agreement. Holy shit! We aren't fighting. Actually, we haven't all day. Wow! I'm in shock here. I think it's a world record for us. It's actually kinda nice. I guess he thought it was nice too, because the next thing I know he's standing up and sitting back down with his legs on each side of me pulling me to him making me lay my head on his chest. "This is nice." He whispers rubbing my back. "Yeah it kinda is." I agree sighing. We just sit back and watch Kennedy play with everyone she can until I start noticing her slow down. I'm surprised she didn't go down hours ago. She finally is now. She slowly walks over to me with Seth holding her hand. "She wants momma." He says. "Eepy ma." She says, rubbing her tired eyes. I nod picking her up. As soon as I do she buries her face in my neck and she's out. "I'm taking her to bed." I tell Christian. "Alright, I'll let everyone know." He tells me. I nod getting up and walking inside the house. Instead of giving her a bath, I just let her sleep but take off her dress. I take a quick shower, get dressed and crawl in bed beside her going to bed myself ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edited by: Sage and Christine~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vote, Comment!!!!!

- 117 -

Chapter 14
"Your giving me a chance, right?" Christian asks sitting down at the kitchen table where I'm feeding Kennedy or she's feeding herself her afternoon snack. I look up at him. "Hey I've been doing good. No girls not even as partners not even looking at them unless I can't help it." I cock an eyebrow. "I haven't, trust me." I raise it higher as he groans. "Give me just a little bit of trust." He grunts. "So what you're telling me is, you're gay?" I joke looking serious. "Haha, unless there's something you need to tell me?" He says cocking an eyebrow. "Wouldn't you like to know?" I say sticking out my tongue. "I already know." He says winking at me. I roll my eyes. "How do you know I didn't get a sex change after I had her?" I ask keeping a straight face. "Well... Well we need to have a long conversation then." He says almost scared. "Are you going to turn gay now?" I ask teasingly. "I.I..I..." He stutters. "You're an idiot." I chuckled. "Haha. You surprise me everyday, so with you, there's no telling." I stick my tongue out at him again, causing him to roll his eyes. "Anyway, answer my question." He mouths. "What question was that?" I play dumb. "Are you giving me a chance, or not?" He asks again. "What are you really trying to ask me?" I ask as he sighs heavily. "Will you go on a date with me tonight?" He rushes out. I cock an eyebrow then look at Kennedy. "Don't worry mom will watch her." He tells me.
- 118 -

"I know, I just hate....I just feel like I'm taking advantage of her." He scoffs, rolling his eyes. "Sin. You would only let her watch her while you worked. Now that you're not working, mom hardly ever gets to watch her. If anything, mom is upset because your not asking her to watch her." He says. "Whose watching whom?" Tammy says, entering the kitchen. "You watch Kenken." He answers. "I'd love too. I hardly get to spend time with her anymore." She says not even being asked the question. "See?" He says. Should I go out on a date with him? That's the real question. Yes, he's been doing better. He's right; no girls have even been coming to the house. He's deleted their phone numbers. He even talked his professor into switching his partner to a guy. But at the same time he shouldn't have to ignore girls. I mean, I don't mind if he has them for friends. I just don't want him sleeping with them. And that's always going to be in the back of my mind. I know it will change once we mate because then I'll be able to feel it when he cheats. Ugh I don't know. One date couldn't hurt, could it? Plus we've been kinda getting along a lot better here lately. "Fine." I say sighing. "Good. Be ready at seven." I nod an okay. "What's going on?" Tammy ask. "I'm taking her in a date." He answers smiling brightly. "Thats wonderful." She chirps, smiling. Yeah, like she didn't want this to happen. She wants us together. So does his dad. They've both been on our butts but they know why I'm reluctant. But they don't know why Christian won't give up his player ways. They know what he does but he won't talk to them. He won't tell them he's in love with me and he's scared. Well that's what he says anyway. They know my point of view of what's going on and how I feel about it but not his. He just isn't the, 'let's talk about my feelings' type of guy. You know what I mean?
- 119 -

I take Kennedy up to change her clothes because more food got on her clothes then in her mouth. Once I get her cleaned up, I take her to the park. After a couple of hours at the park, we go home. We eat dinner together. All of us. Tammy, Paul, Seth, Christian, me, Kennedy, Vance, Amber, Vance's mom, dad, sister and brother. His parents come over for dinner once a week. This is the first time his sister and brother have come. "So, Chris up for some fun tonight?" Vance's sister purrs to Christian as we sit there and eat dinner. No one says anything. I look around the table waiting for someone to say something, but they just keep eating dinner. They act like its an everyday occurrence. She's freaking trying to screw him on the dinning room table for petesakes. "Really?" I blurt out. "What?" Tammy ask. "Is there something wrong with me?" I ask stupidly. "Umm no, why?" Paul asks confused. "Am I the only female wolf that knows how to keep her damn legs closed?" I ask. "Apparently not since you have a kid." The girl sneers. "That was the one and only time I had sex. Thank you very much. A mistake I'll never regret." I tell her. "Right your telling me you never slept with another guy?" She sneers at me. "That's right. Unlike you and all the other female wolves hell even the males too. I have more important things to do and think of besides sex. Geez, how did any of you guys graduate much less function in life? Seriously, there's more to life than sex or is it just me?" I babble. "To answer your question." Paul says butting in. "Not all wolves are like that. Most want to wait until they find their mate but you do have the occasional few that are walking hard ons." I just shake my head. Unbelievable. "So, Chris, what do you say?" She purrs. I laugh getting up picking Kennedy. "Have at it." I giggle.
- 120 -

"Where are you going?" Tammy ask. "To get Kennedy ready for bed." "Without finishing dinner?" I looked at our plates which were empty. "Oh. Dessert then?" "No, she's had enough candy today." She nods as I walk out. I give her a bath, put her pjs on, take her downstairs, sit her on the floor, and play with her. "Hey shorty." Vance chirps sitting beside us. "Hey." I chirp back. "What's up?" He asks me, grinning from ear to ear. "Nothing playing with Kennedy. You?" I ask confused. "Waiting for Amber to quit up-chucking." He says with a smile on his face. I look at him for a second. Why would sh...... "No way." I say shocked. "Yep two months." He chirps. "Congrats. Excited?" I ask excitedly. He nods vigorously. "Hell yeah." He says just as if he was not more excited. "Why aren't you in there taking care of her?" I ask him with a raised eyebrow. "She doesn't want me seeing her like that." He tells me frowning. I laughed shaking my head. "It's not a pretty sight." I tell him truthfully. "Hey we got a house to go see tomorrow you want to go with us?" He asked me. "Sure, I'd love too." I chirp. Amber comes out just then. "Congratulations Momma." I chirp. "Aww you told her." She whines. "I wanted to." She huffs.
- 121 -

"Sorry. I had to tell someone." He says. "No one knows?" I ask. "Nope. You're the first." Vance says. A little bit later while we are sitting there talking and playing with Kennedy, Christian and Vance's sister comes down. I stared in shock. I really didn't think he would. "Unbelievable." I mutter shaking my head. "Are you going to get ready?" He has the balls to ask. I laughed shaking my head. "You think I'm going on a date with you after you screw some other skank?" I laughed. "You told me to." He says with a shrug. I stand up, walk over to him and pull my arm back and nailed him right in the jaw. His head actually flew to the side so fast I'm sure he got whiplash. "I didn't give you permission to screw the bitch. I officially reject you." I growl. Nothing happen though. Why not? "We di..." That's as far as the bitch got before I slugged her. "You don't fucking talk you stupid whore." I growl. I walk over to Kennedy and pick her up. "I'm done. I'm gone. You keep doing what your're best at. I fucking hate you." I growl walking by him. "I DIDN'T SLEEP WITH HER. YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO TRUST ME! ARE YOU?!" He booms. I just keep walking, ignoring him. I walk straight up to Kennedy's room and start packing her bags. Then I go to my room packing my things when Amber and Vance come in. "What are you doing?" Amber ask slowly. "Leaving!" I snarl. "Why?" She asked, confused.
- 122 -

"I'm done. I'm tired of him screwing around. He's suppose to be my mate and all he does is fuck other girls. I'm done. I can't do it anymore." I start crying. I can't believe I'm crying. "I didn't sleep with her! Give me a little bit more credit than that! I'm trying to get you back but you just keep thinking the worst of me!" He yells from the door. Vance and Amber take Kennedy out of the room. I just keep packing, sniffling and ignoring him. "You are not fucking leaving. I'm not sleeping with anyone. I lied I got pissed off that you thought I did sleep with her. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have even said that. Believe me." He pleads. I stop crying because I'm not going to cry in front of him. "Why was she even in your fucking bedroom? Just stop lying. I'm done. I'm gone. I'm doing something I should have done a long time ago. You'll be rid of me and you can go back to your life playing around. Just stay the fuck away from me." I say calmly. He gives me a humorless laugh. "Go ahead and try. You think I can't track you down. You should already know you can't run. You also know that I can lock you up in this house. I can post guards everywhere." He snickers. "Stupid ass. I wasn't running. I was just going to a motel, find an apartment and get a job. I'm just leaving your sorry ass. I won't take Kennedy away from the only grandparents she knows. And your parents wouldn't allow you to lock me up." I say going back to packing. "Sienna." He sighs. "I didn't sleep with her! Please believe me. She was just in my room downloading songs from my computer. We always shared music. She downloads my new ones and I do the same. It took forever this time because my computer kept freezing up." He told me. "Right." I scoff. "Sin stop." He orders grabbing my hand. He turns me around to look at him. "I'm sorry. I was mad. You're always bringing up me and my player ways. I'm trying. No, I'm not even trying. I'm doing it. I don't want to be with anyone else. I love you." I just shake my head no. "Sin please. Don't leave. I'm doing everything you're asking me. All I'm asking you is to trust me." I scoff at that. "Fine." He sighs. "Just trust me a little and don't leave." He begs. I sigh heavily.
- 123 -

"I'll think about it. But Christian, one more fuck up, one more joke, one more pissed off moment where you tell me you've slept with someone else, and I'm gone and this time there won't be no talking me out of leaving." I threatened giving in. He nods and kisses my forehead. "Thank you." He says then leaves. I plop down on the bed and sigh. I'm so stupid. To believe or not to believe. I sit there for a few minutes thinking and then I start unpacking putting everything away. As I'm unpacking Amber and that girl come in. "What's up?" I ask Amber as I glared at the girl. "Someone came to apologize." Amber tells me. "I don't want an apology." I scoff putting my shirt down. I walk over to the girl. "What I want is for you and every other whore out there to stay the fuck away from Christian. He is off limits from this point on so keep your damn legs closed around him. Stay the fuck out of his room. You want to download music you do it downstairs." "Look." she cuts me off. "No, YOU look!" I growl. "I don't give a damn if you guys are friends or fuck buddies. Your fuck buddy days are over. Be friends all you want. But if you so much as try to get down his pants again you'll be worrying about make up a lot more because I'll leave claw marks all over your beautiful face. You understand?" I ask. She says nothing and just glares at me. "I said DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!" I growl at her. "I understand."She said nastily. "Shouldn't you be apologizing too?" She asks me. I cock an eyebrow. "Why should I apologize?" I ask her. "You punched me." She reminds me. I scoff. "You were in my mates bedroom trying to get down his pants." I remind her. "If you must know, he wouldn't let me. He kept telling me that he was in love with you." She sneers at me. "And for the life of me I don't know why. Your a bitch and nothing to look at. You're not even cute." She goes on. I just shrug.
- 124 -

"Well he must like something." I tell her. "So just stop throwing yourself at him and find your own mate." I tell her. "Now please leave." I say pointing towards the door. "You still owe me an apology." She huffs. "Well you're never going to get one. Leave." I tell her. She turns and stomps away calling me a bitch on her way out. I laugh and shrug. "Did you just hear yourself?" Amber ask me helping me unpack. "Not really. " I admit. "My mate." She reminds me. "Warming up to the idea?" She asked me. I sigh and shrug. "I don't know. I suppose I'm trying." I tell her honestly. She nods. "I mean, he is doing so much better." I say. "I know! When we go do something and a girl tries to hit on him, he tells them he's taken." She tells me. "Really?!" I asked, shocked. I didn't know that. She nods. After we are done unpacking Kennedy and I's stuff, we decided to take Kennedy to the park. When we were getting ready Christian, Vance and Seth decide to go too. So we had to wait for them to get ready. When they are done, we take Paul's SUV because so many people went. We got to the park and let Kennedy have at it with Seth right behind her. I never get the chance to play with her unless it's just me and her. That's okay, though. I'd rather watch her enjoy herself. As I'm sitting on the picnic table Christian comes and sits next to me taking my hand in his. I look at him cocking an eyebrow. "You won't let me take you on a date, and we have got to start somewhere." He tells me smiling. I nod giving in. Maybe a date wouldn't hurt. But I'm going to make him work for it. He needs to know I'm not going to be as easy as his whores. After she plays for a while, it's time to go home and get her ready for bed. So we left but we decided to stop at MacDonald's for ice cream. By the time we made it home, she was a mess. I made Christian carry her in. Hey, it was his idea to stop and get ice cream. So he can reap the rewards. Haha. After we get her inside, he decides he's going to give her a bath and get her ready for bed. When he was done, he came
- 125 -

down and told me she was out cold and sat next to me, and put his arm around my shoulders. I turn my head cocking an eyebrow at him. "Got to start somewhere." He tells me. I just shake my head and go back to my show. He groans once he notices what I'm watching. I'm watching The Big Bang Theory. Love that show. He does too, he just doesn't like admitting it.

Christians POV. As we sit here, watching dingy shows, (I like them too but don't tell her that) I decide to try again. It can't hurt. We are kinda getting closer and it's time we had one. Just us. "Hey." I say quietly. "Hey what?" She answers back. I'm going to do this right. "Sienna, will you do me the honor of going out on a date with me?" I ask seriously. She looks at me shocked for a minute. Probably thinking those words weren't in my vocabulary. "I don't know, Christian." She says. "It's just a date. I'll do something special besides a movie and dinner." I tell her. "You? Do something special?" She says like she can't believe I can come up with something special. "I can! The perfect date for just us two." I tell her. She hums thinking. "And what would it include, Christian?" She asks cocking an eyebrow. How did I know she'd go right to that. "No bedroom involved." I say rolling my eyes. Although it would be nice but no. I haven't had sex in........hell I can't remember how long. Cold showers are getting annoying. But I'll live. "I'm thinking of an all day date." I tell her. "Which would include?" She asks me. "Now if I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it?" I ask. She sighs
- 126 -

heavily and starts biting her lip thinking. I sit there and wait. And wait and keep waiting. Sheesh is it really that hard of a decision to make? "Alright fine." She finally says. "But if it goes anywhere near a bedroom, I'm cutting it off." She threatens. I cringe, but nod. "No bedroom will ever be involved." I tell her. "No fuck ups, Christian." She says sternly. I nod an okay. "Great! Now I got to start planning!" I chirp getting up. "That eager, are you?" She asks me. "Hell yeah! I finally got you to say yes to a date. Now I got to make the best date you ever had!" I tell her kissing on her forehead. "I've never been on a date." She tells me. I freeze. "Never?!" I ask shocked. She shakes her head no. "I find that hard to believe." I tell her. "It's true." She says. She's beautiful! How could she have never gone on a date? I have got to do some serious thinking now. I have to make this the most unforgettable date she's ever had! I kiss her one more time on the forehead telling her good night, not saying anything else. She tells me night and goes back to her TV show. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edited by: Sage and Christine~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vote, Comment!!!!!!

- 127 -

Chapter 15
Christian's POV I spent days planning this. I have never worked so hard at planning something in my life. If she doesn't enjoy today then I really do suck. So do Van and Amber since they helped with some of the planning. So if it goes bad, I get to beat them along with myself. I already warned her last night that she needed to get up early and she agreed. So when I went in to wake up her she was already awake just laying in bed trying to wake up. I kissed her on the forehead and told her to get up and get dressed in something comfortable and left. I went to go shower and got dressed in some khaki shorts and a polo shirt. Yeah, a little preppy for me, but I thought I'd dress up little. When I met Sin on her floor, I think I died. She looked so beautiful and she was only dressed in some shorts a t shirt and her hair in pig tails with very little make up but to me she looked like a goddess. "Well don't you look beautiful." I complimented. She rolls her eyes. "No sucking up, Christian." She says. "I'm not! I'm just stating a fact." I tell her. She just nods. "Thanks. You don't look too bad yourself." She tells me. "Thanks." I say as we head downstairs. "Ready?" I ask her. She nods. "Yeah. Just got to give mom the monitor." She tells me. Yeah somewhere along the way she started calling my mom and dad, 'mom' and 'dad'. It doesn't bother me, it just surprised me. Them, on the other hand, couldn't be more excited and that's every time she says it. I nod making sure I have all the tickets, keys, cash, credit cards, and anything else we might need today while she's giving the monitor to my parents. I didn't want her to see it all. It's supposed to be a surprise. "Ready!" She yells behind, me scaring the shit out of me. "Shit, Sin." I breath turning around. She laughs hard in front of me. "Haha I got you." She giggles. "But Christian, you're a werewolf, you should have
- 128 -

expected me." She teases me shaking her head. "Well, I was thinking." I tell her. "Quit doing that." She scolds me with a hint of a smile. "We don't want you to lose what few brain cells you got left." She says sticking out her tongue. "Haha." I huff, pushing her towards the door. "Let's get going." I tell her as I open the door for her. She cocks an eyebrow but walks through and says nothing. I close the door behind me and kinda jog to open up the passenger side door for her. "What, I don't get to drive?" She asks seriously. "Haha but no." I tell her bluntly shaking my head. "Men and their cars." She mumbles getting in. I nod in agreement even though she can't see me. I jog around to my side and get in. I back up pulling out of the driveway. I drive a ways away before she breaks the silence "So where are we going?" She asks me. "Breakfast." I answer. "Really? Couldn't we have eaten at home?" She asks. "We could have, but remember, this is an all day date." I remind her. "Then where to after this?" She asks, cocking an eyebrow. "That's a surprise." I tell her. She sighs sitting back and turning up the radio. I smirk watching her huff in annoyance. I keep driving glancing over at her every now and then just to see her glaring out the window. When we reach the restaurant I get out without a word and go to her door to help her out. She gets out glaring at me. "Come on, Sienna, it's suppose to be a fun day. Please." I pretty much beg. "Then tell me." She huffs. "No, this is your first, our first and I'm going to make it memorable. So be patient and enjoy yourself." I tell her. She sighs heavily.
- 129 -

"Fine." She says stopping her glare. Thank you." I say then kissing her forehead. I take her hand pulling her into the restaurant. The hostess takes us to a table and takes our drink order. I see the hostess googling me but I ignore her. I don't want her, I want Sin. "So what are you getting?" I ask just to start some kind of conversation. "Hmmm I'm thinking bacon and eggs." She tells me. "You?" She asks. "I'm thinking ham, eggs and pancakes." I tell her. She hums nodding her head. The new waitress comes and gives us our drinks then takes our order. We talk and joke around just having a good time. I think I am anyway. When the waitress comes back with our food we continue to talk about everything. Kennedy, alpha business, mom, dad, Vance, Amber and the baby, school. Both of ours. After we finished eating I pay then we head to the car me opening the door for her. "You going to be doing that all day?" She asks me. "Sure am ma'am." I tease. "Such a gentleman." She says rolling her eyes. I shake my head closing the door then running to my side. I take off and just as she opens her mouth to ask the question, I cut in. "You'll find out." I say. She sighs nodding. I drive not too far away because my next stop is pretty much around the corner. She looks at it then me looking confused as I pull up. "What are we going at an animal shelter for?" She asks just as confused. "Come on and I'll show you." I tell her getting out. She beats me opening her door this time sticking her tongue out at me. I shake my head amused. She just can't let me have one day to baby her can she? I grab her hand and walk inside to be greeted by a fairly older lady. "Hi how may I help you?" she ask. "Yeah I called yesterday about walking your dogs." I tell her. "Oh yes." She says excitedly."This way." She says leading us to the back where the kennels are. Dogs don't have a problem with us because we are pretty much the same species as them. It's the cats that throw a fit hissing and crap.
- 130 -

She starts with two dogs each and leads us out to the dog walking area. We start walking them around letting them do their business and then they start playing with each other. "This is certainly unusual." Sin comments. I nod in agreement. "I plan to make today memorable for you so there's more." I tell her. "What can be better than walking cute little dogs around?" She asks me. I shrug. "You'll just have to find out." I snicker. We walk more dogs around and on the last run she finds the the most cutest dog we've ever seen and it supposably stays small. Something perfect for Kennedy. She'd love this little thing. I'm not even sure what it is. "Can we please!" Sin ask doing a puppy face. Ah! Now I know where Kennedy gets it from. Of course I couldn't say no to that face and it is for Kennedy. And we all I know I can't say no to her. So I nod and watch Sin jump up and down for joy. "But we have a problem." I start then turn to the lady. "We have other things to do today and it will take all day. Is there anyway we can pick her up tomorrow?" I ask. "Sure Hun besides we need to make sure she has everything she'll need. Shots and stuff so this will give us time to make sure without being rushed." She tells me. "Great we will be here in the morning to get her." I tell her. "Let's get these papers taken care of first." She says. I nod an okay and she hands me several papers. Wow who knew adopting a dog to this much work. I just hand them to Sin and she starts filling them out as I wait. I noticed she put on all the papers Christian Serenity Kennedy Morgan. Mine and Kennedy's I understand but why hers? Not that I'm complaining about it though. It sounds pretty perfect to me. Once she's done she hands them back and we leave with a promise of being back in the morning. We made sure it was neutered and chipped and at all the good stuff. We get back in the car with both of us smiling like loons. Mine because she used my last name as hers and hers because we got Kennedy a new puppy. I start driving away to our next destination. We talk about the dog deciding that after we pick him up in the morning well stop at the pet store to pick up the things we need. We continue to talk as we reach the music festival. She looks at me surprised, "I didn't even realize there was one going on!" She says surprised.
- 131 -

"Well your going to love it more once you find out all the bands playing." I tell her. She jumps out of the car excited and runs to my side jumping up and down. "Please tell me!" she begs. "Nope you'll find out soon Ms. Impatient." I say. She sighs looping her arm with mine. First time but I'm damn sure not complaining. We walk in giving them our tickets and search. Yes I got all the times when her bands come on so I could have this timed out. We went in got some drinks and looked around at her favorite bands merch booths and bought her some stuff and if they were out we got them to sign things and pictures with them. Then when a band came on we got as close as we could to them so she could take pictures of them. Yes I snuck in a small camera and a few SD cards. Because I knew she was going to be clicking away. And she did. But she never let go of my hand shirt or arm the whole time. Some times when some tall asshole would get in her way I'd lift her up so she could see. One one band stopped we'd go walk around till the next band played. She was having fun getting new clothes for her and Kennedy pictures, CDs, posters, autographs. Everything you could possibly think of. When her all time favorite band Of Mice & Men started she grabbed my shirt and took of swerving around people just to get to them. I laughed shaking my head the whole way. This is the last band. We listened as she took pictures of all of the other bands. "Oh man." She whines disappointed. "What?" I ask cocking an eyebrow. "No more SD cards." She says frowning. I got in my pocket pulled out the SD card I saved for this moment and handed it to her. "Oh god I love you!" She says excitedly putting it in. I don't think she realized what she said but I sure did. I just wish she meant it. She jammed, took pictures, sung along with them. She was just having a good time. When it was over she went to the side to see if she could sneak up and get some pictures with them and I be damned if she didn't. They were nice enough to take individual pictures with her and a couple of group pictures. Most bands wouldn't do that. After she was done she thanked them all giving them hugs and said goodbye. "Anything else you want to get before we go?" I ask her. "Oh we are leaving?" She asked disappointed. 'Yes we have somewhere else to be." I tell her. She nods looking around.
- 132 -

"No I think I got everything I wanted." She tells me. I nod grabbing her hand. "Did you have fun?" I ask her. She nods excitedly. "Hell yeah I did but I'm tired." She hints. I laugh bending my legs so she can get on my back. She climbs on thanks me and kisses my temple. I carry her to the car opening the door and setting her down. She takes the keys from my hand instantly turning on the car for the ac. It was kinda of a hot day and with all that walking we did and are about to do. Yeah we needed something to cool us off. So I ran into the store where I was parked at and bought a couple bottles of water's. I get back in and handed her one. "You okay?" I ask her. She nods taking a drink. "Yeah just hot." She tells me. I nod taking off again. "Memorable yet?" I ask her. "Hell yeah it is. I don't think I'll ever forget our first date." She tells me smiling. "Good." I say leaning over kissing her cheek while we are at a red light. "But it isn't over yet." I tell her. "There's more?" She ask surprised. I nod a yes. "Yep we'll be there in a few." I tell her as I start driving again. This is a little bit of a drive so it gives her time to rest up and relax and she does. She takes off her shoes putting her feet on my dash board. Which made me panic but I didn't say anything. Then she laid the seat back. We talked about everything under the sun, we listened to the radio while she sung along. Listening to her sing seemed to make the drive shorter. When we got there I told her and she got her self fixed back up while I search for a parking spot. When I found one she was already bouncing in her seat raring to go once she saw where we were at. Once I parked she was out of the car. Geez it's only an art show but she loves art. I had to jog up to her because she was doing some major power walking. I caught up to her and grabbed her hand. "Slow down speedy." I tease. Do you know who's suppose to be here?" She asked me excitedly. I nod knowing but not really knowing. Alex something. He's her favorite artist. He does some of the
- 133 -

most wicked art I've ever seen but it so cool. Once I got her to slow down we went from booth to booth buying all different kinds of art. For her and Kennedy. Mostly Disney princesses for Kennedy. Then we hit this Alex guys booth and she went nuts. I swear she picked out at least one copy of his paintings. I had to make four trips out to the car because it all became to much to carry and she was still buying. She bought mom and Amber a few things. My poor credit card was gasping for air. When she was done she ask if I was ready to go. I told her no that there was one more thing. She rolled her eyes as I lead her to the area. When we got there she actually squealed and started running to pick a balloon out. When she picked it out we climbed in and waited for everyone else to get moving along. She walks up to putting her arms around my waist hugging me. I put mine around her shoulders hugging her back. "Thank you." She mumbles into my chest. "I take it you liked it?" I asked her. She shakes her head no. And I felt disappointed. I figured she'd love all this stuff. "I loved it Christian best date I've ever been on." She tells me. I let out a breath of relief as she said that. "Good because there's just one more thing after this." I tell her. "Christian don't you think this was enough?" She ask me. "No besides you deserve so much more. Plus you've got to eat" I remind her. "I did." She protest. I scoff at that. "Nacho and pretzels don't count as food Hun." I tell her. Then we hear them bearing up to go. She quickly turns around in my arms as I put my arms around her waist bring her hand to mine lacing our fingers together. We watch as we get higher and higher in the air just floating away. It was beautiful watching it all. It's my first time as well as hers doing something like this. It's amazing. I just wanted to stay like this forever just holding her and watching the beautiful scenery go by. She was enjoying it herself because every time she saw something beautiful she'd say 'oh wow Christian look' and point to it I basically did the same to her. We stayed up there until the sun started to set then they returned us back to our area. How they did that was beyond me. Once we landed I helped Sin out, she gave me a kissing the cheek and thanking me again. I told her not to thank me that I'd should be the one thanking her for letting me take her out. She just shrugged and grabbed my hand
- 134 -

walking us back to the car. 'I'm tired." She hinted again. 'Your not tired you just want a piggy back ride." I tease. She just shrugs. 'Come on." I say smiling bending down so she can get on. I take us to the car opening the door and setting her down then I close the door and run to my side getting in. 'Where do you want to go?" I ask her. 'Don't you have it planned?" She ask me. I do but I didn't know if you'd still want to go or just go get get something fast and get home." I tell her. She nods. 'Might as well finish it out. On with your plan." She tells me. I nod an okay and take off. We reach this little Italian restaurant and of course Italian is her favorite food. See I know a lot about her even if she doesn't think so. We walk in and I tell the hostess my name and she takes us to the table I asked for. I wanted one away from everyone dark, quiet and romantic. And that's what I got. It was in the back off to itself with little lighting. She takes are drink orders but I ordered us a bottle of wine and our dinner knowing what she likes. "Trying to get me drunk so you can have your way with me?" she ask cocking an eyebrow. "No if you want something else that's fine. I just thought wine would fit the occasion." I tell her honestly. "And what occasion would that be?" She ask me. "You giving me a chance and for going on this date with me." I tell her. "Well you certainly know how to woo a girl. How many of your girls have you done this for?" She ask me. I sigh can't we go one night without her bringing up my past? "None." I answer. "None at all?" She asked surprised. "None at all Sin. I promise. Movie and a cheap dinner is all I would do with them."
- 135 -

I tell her truthfully. She nods an okay. "Well they were cheap and easy." She comments. I couldn't say anything but snort out a laugh. "Just don't think you could ever get away with doing something like that to me." She tells me. I shake my head no. "No you deserve so much more for putting up with my shit. I'm really sorry Sin." I tell her just as our dinner arrives. We start eating and talking about all kinds of things. We of course talked about the concert today. Her reminiscing about Of Mice& Men her favorite band as if I didn't know. After dinner she was a little tipsy so I had to help her to the car laughing at her. I drove home with her trying to go to sleep. I finally let her and just drove listening to the radio. When we finally made it home I woke her up and helped her inside the house. I walked her upstairs to her door. "Thanks for going out on the date with me." I mumble against her forehead. "Thanks for taking me. I actually had fun." She says sleepily. "Good night Sin I love you." I whisper before kissing her forehead. "Night Christian." She says turning around going to her room. I make sure she gets in without falling then I go to my room get undressed and slowly fall asleep hoping I made some progress.

- 136 -

Chapter 16
I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. Stupid I know. I'm trying. Really I am. After our first amazing date. Yes I'll admit it was amazing. Best date I could of imagined. I know I've never been on a date before but I couldn't even imagine going on a better date than that. The music festival with my favorite bands and the arts festival with some of my favorite artist, a hot air balloon, a nice romantic dinner and a sweet kiss on the forehead. And not once did he try to get down my pants. Since than I've let him take me out on a couple of cliche dates. Dinner and a movie but most of the time it's a real expensive restaurant he takes me too. We've even went out on a couple of family outings. Just me, him and Kennedy. Parks, zoo stuff like that. He's been really amazing. Like the mate I've always wanted him to be. And I seriously hope he stays that way. But I just don't want to get my hopes up you know? I know he's changing and all. I don't know I guess I need to just let it go. Move on from the past. Several girls have come up to him and asked if he was in need of a good time. If you know what I mean. He would squirmed and say no. He'll introduce me to female wolves as his mate, human girls as his girlfriend some his fiancé. Yeah when he said fiancé I choked. We've gotten along pretty well really well actually but I didn't think we were getting along that well. I didn't correct him though. I admit I kinda liked the idea of being his fiancé or wife but I won't tell him that. We don't bring up his rolls in the hay. He was right. I always did bring them up. Honestly they shouldn't even bother me. We weren't together right? So I should never have brought them up. I guess my problem was is he knew we were mates and he still messed around. And he kept doing it. I guess he had his reasoning. To me stupid but his reasoning nonetheless. We've been spending the day together just lounging around playing video games and now watching TV. He suddenly stands up giving me an evil smile. What's he up too? "Come on." he says putting his hand out for me to take. "Where we going?" I ask confused. "Bedroom." he answers. I cock an eyebrow. Is he nuts? Like I'm dumb enough to
- 137 -

go in a bedroom with a walking hard on. I don't think we are ready for that. Well...maybe. I don't know. I haven't decide yet. "Not for that." He says rolling his eyes. "For what then?" I ask crossing my arms over my chest. "Movie." He says in a duh tone. "Can't we just watch a movie down here?" I ask lamely. Yeah I kinda scared to go to his room alone with him. "We could but I want to lay down." He whines. I shake my head no. "Come on please. We have no Kennedy. No parents." He reminds me. His parents took Kennedy out of town for the weekend. Grandparents weekend or some crap like that. They wanted to spend the weekend with her since she's been spending so much time with us here lately. "Your point?" I ask. "Can't we just kick back and relax?" He whines. "Christian." I say sighing. "Sin get your ass upstairs. Get your Pj's on. Meet me in my room and shut up." He orders but smiling. So I know he's not serious. "Am I going to have to wear a chastity belt?" I joke but serious. "If it makes you feel better just get your ass upstairs." He says pointing to the stairs. "Alright but I'm putting it on." I snicker getting off the couch. I go to my room and put on my pj's. I usually sleep in shorts and tank top but I think I'll put some pj pants, t shirt and sweatshirt. Hehe. I go to his room and he's already got the movie in and in bed. In nothing but basketball shorts no shirt. Nice. Okay that's an understatement. I could have died right there a happy women. He looks sexy as hell. He is built almost like a body builder just not as big to were it's gross looking, an eight pack you just want to lick. Yeah he looks damn good but I won't tell him that either. "Come on." he lifting up the blankets. I walk over and crawl in.
- 138 -

"What movie are we watching?" I ask him "Look." He answers. I look up and see A Walk To Remember starting. One of my favorite movies. "This is where it disappeared to." I snicker facing him. "Yeah yeah." He says rolling his eyes. "I wanted to see why you love it so much. So I watched it and forgot to take it back down." He tells me. "Mmhmm. Sure I'll believe that." I chuckle. "Did you figure out why I love it so much?" I ask. "No it's to sappy." He huffs. "Whatever. You like it." I tease. "I never said I didn't. I said it was to sappy." He tells me. I snicker lay back against the headboard to get comfy but he has other plans. "No come here." He says putting his arm around my shoulder pulling me to his chest. I sigh letting him. Got to start somewhere right? That's what I keep reminding myself. I lay with my head on his bare chest as he wraps his arm around my waist lacing our fingers together with the other hand. We lay there and watch the movie and at the end I'm in tears crying on his bare chest. "Geez Sin it's just a movie." He teases. "How can you not cry? She dies. She isn't suppose to die. She's suppose to live and they are suppose to have their happily ever after. You insensitive jerk." I cry hitting him in the stomach. "Your right your right. I'm sorry." He says sighing. "Can we watch an action now?" He ask with pleading eyes. "Yes." I sniff. He gets up changing movies and throws me a box of tissue. As I wipe my face he puts in another one of my favorites. Transformers. "What do you have all my favorite movies stashed up here?" I ask shocked. "Maybe." He says with a shrug getting back in bed. "Right." I grunt as he pulls me back to him and gets comfy. "Is it any good?" He ask. "Yeah." I say shrugging. "I like it. It's got Megan Fox in it." I tell him.
- 139 -

"So?" He says. "Please." I scoff. "Like you wouldn't do her." I say rolling my eyes. . "Nah. She's not as pretty as everybody makes her out to be." He tells me. I laughed at that. "She's hot." I really don't think so. To me she's not as hot as everybody says she is either. "No she's not. I'm not saying she's ugly because she's not. She's pretty just not that pretty. Besides I've got someone way hotter than her. Someone beautiful." he says. I sigh dreamingly. "Kennedy is pretty damn beautiful huh?" I ask. "Yes she is but I was talking about you." He says kissing the top of my head. "Quit sucking up." I tease. "I'm not. It's the truth." He huffs. "Mmhmm." I mumble as we continue to watch the movie. While we are watching the movie I'm running my finger up and down his stomach. Not really noticing what I'm doing. And then I start thinking. I wonder if he would let me kiss him again? He hasn't even tried. Sure he kisses my forehead, the top of my head or my temple but that's it. Nothing more and I'd kinda like to again. I remember our second time. First not so much. Should I? I mean he is my mate it's not like it's some stranger. There's nothing wrong with kissing my mate. Right? No I don't think so. We've been getting along, no other girls we've. even kinda dating now for a while. Ugh maybe I shouldn't. What if he doesn't want me to? He tells me he loves me all the time. No I should. Why the hell not he's my freaking mate. We've had sex once already. I am I'm going for it. It's just a kiss. Right? So I position myself covering his body. He looks at me confused. "What are you doing?" He ask confused. "This." I whisper pressing my lips to his. He pulls me back before I can really kiss him. "Not that I don't like the concept but why?" He ask cocking an eyebrow.
- 140 -

"Because I want to." I say pressing my lips to his again. But low and behold he pulls me back again. "I didn't bring you up here for that. You don't have too." He tells me. "I know you didn't but I want to." I say removing his hands from my arms putting them above his head straddling his waist and pressing my lips to his. He groans as I lick his lip ask for entrance. Let's just say it didn't stop there. I know it was just meant to be a kiss but it got really hot and I got really turned on and I just didn't want to stop. He collapses on top of me. Holy shit. That was mind blowing intense I'd say almost deadly. My whole body is like jello. My brain is all fuzzy. We lay there what feels like forever trying to catch our breaths. I do mean trying. We can't seem to catch it. Haha. "I think I know why I don't remember our first time." I tell him out of the blue once we gets the air back in our lungs. He lifts his head up giving me a confused look cocking an eyebrow. "Why?" He ask. "You think you gave me a freak aneurysm." I tell him. He laughs nodding. "I told you it was intense." He says. "That was not intense. That was way beyond intense. I think I had a stroke." I joke. He laughs. He slowly pulls out with a groan and lays on his side next to me pulling me closer to him. I lay me head on his chest as he running his fingers up and down my naked body. "Wanna go again?" He ask. "Are you kidding me?!" I ask shocked. I look at the clock. "I don't think I'll ever be able to move again. And you want to go again? Not to mention we've been at this since around 10 and it's now 3 am. I don't know about you but I'm tired." I tell him yawning. "I'm beat." He says kissing my head. I scoot over more so my head is under his chin my face buried in his chest and my arm around his waist and leg over his.. "Sleep." I mutter in his chest. He hums running his hand down my back. We just
- 141 -

lay there in silence. "Now?" He says. I lift my head pulling back a little. "I'm kidding. I'm kidding." He laughs. "Yeah nice save man whore." I say as he leans down to kiss me. "Your man whore." He says kissing me again. My smile drops. "What's wrong?" He ask me as I sit up facing him. "Why haven't you marked me. I'm mean you say you want to be with me and love me but both times you haven't marked me." I say. He nods in agreement. "Well the first time I didn't think you'd want to wake up suddenly marked. This time I didn't because I don't know if your ready or would want me too." He tells me. I nod in understanding. "I'm not going to mark you until you tell me I can." he finishes. "Smart man." I tell him. "But you better make it soon. It's getting harder and harder to control my wolf around you and what we just did." He stops pulls me back on top of him and kisses me passionately. "Didn't help." He finishes breaking the kiss. "Just a little bit longer?" I ask pleading. I just need more time that's all. "I'll wait until you tell me. But it is getting harder. Love you." He says kissing me again. "Love you too." I say when we pull apart. I drift off to sleep still on top of him with his hand running down my back. I woke up the next morning still on to of Christian with him kissing my neck and shoulder. I hummed letting him know I'm awake. "Morning beautiful, what do you want to do today?" He ask me. Mmmm stay in bed and relax?" I tell him. He hums nibbling my shoulder. "That's all you want to do is relax?" He says with a hint of naughtiness. But before I could answer the door bust open.
- 142 -

"What the hell is going on here?!" some girl screeches. I turn my head and see a girl dressed up in some sexy lingerie. Hell even I'll admit it's sexy I'd like to have it. Oh right matters at hand here. I stay where I'm at. I'm not jumping to conclusions but I do look up at Christian and glare. He bring his hands to my waist quickly keeping me from moving. He doesn't even look at her. "She's an old bed buddy but I haven't been with her in months. I'm sorry." He says. Then he looks at her. "You need to leave Marsha. It's over." He tells her. "What the hell Chris?! Your dumping me for this tramp?!" She ask in disbelief flinging her hand around. I turn my head to look at her again trying to get up but Christian has a death grip on me now. Where the fuck does she get off calling me a tramp? "You call me a tramp!" I growl. "When your the one walking into a mans room dressed like a cheap whore!" I continue to growl trying to free myself. Shit he's strong. "Leave Marsha and watch what you say about your future Luna!" He growls. "Oh please next week they'll be another one. Chris you can't stay with one women longer than two weeks." She huffs. "She's my mate!" he growls. 'Oh the bitch that left you? The reason you came to me? The reason I'm here today. It won't last long remember who called who here." She snickers. I look back at Christian not knowing what to think. Did he really call her because he wasn't getting any from me? Did he just use me? He must of seen the look on my face because he went straightforward explaining "No, no I did not call her here I haven't spoken to her since just before Amber announced she's pregnant. I didn't use you baby I swear. I haven't messed with anyone in months Sin please believe me. I love you I'm not cheating I swear." He rushes out with pleading eyes. Right and I'm....." She started. "Leave Marsha and don't fucking come back again!" He snarls pissed off.
- 143 -

"You'll be calling again once that bitch leaves you again." She snickers. He lets me go growling trying to get up but I hold him down. "No Christian." I whisper trying to hold him down. "Leave and say another fucking word about your future Luna and rip your fucking head off!" He snarls. She stomps out of the room as I lay my forehead to his chest. 'I'm sorry." He whispers. "Sin I promise I didn't call her here. I haven't spoken or seen her in months. She's been away I guess that's why she came like she did. She didn't know we are together. I'm not messing around either. I'm with you and Kennedy most of the time anymore and I didn't use you. Remember you started it Sin. We could have waited until you trusted me more. I'm sorry.." He babble. I lift up my head. "Will you shut up!" I interrupt. He does and stares at me confused. "Your not mad." He says confused. I sigh heavily nodding. "I'm trying to let it go okay? I know all that's in your past now right?" I ask. He quickly nods. "Okay I'm going to let it all go but if you ever cheat or if your using me I swear to god I will skin you alive and take away your favorite toy." I threaten. He nods smiling. "You won't ever have to worry about that Sin. I love and no one else. There's no one else I want more than I want you. Your it for me baby." He tells me. "Good now where were we?" I ask biting his neck. He rolls us over so I'm on bottom and starts nibbling my neck. "I believe something about staying in bed and relaxing." He says in between nibbles. "Mmmm sounds good to me." I say as I run my fingers down his back. That's all we do is lay there While he nibbles and kisses my neck and me every now and then while I lightly run my fingers down his back or in his hair. We make out for a while then next thing I know we are making love again but I definitely was not complaining. Finally he rolls off of me groaning and smiling like a loon and pulling me closer to him. I just snuggle up to him about to fall asleep.
- 144 -

"I could get use to this." He says running his hand up my back. "Use to what?" I ask. I already knew because I felt the same way. "Going to sleep with you in my arms, waking up with you in my arms, making love in the morning or whenever we want. You snuggling up next to me. Everything." He tells me. "Ah your just in it for the sex." I tease. "Hell yeah! Did you know having sex with you is unexplainable." He teases back. Well I'm glad you like me for what's between my legs." I huff turning away from him jokingly. He pulls me back to him and kisses my neck. "Baby I love it all. I just love you period." He whispers in my ear. I turn back around putting my arm around his neck. "I love you too." I whisper against his lips then kiss him passionately. We laid in bed for a while longer than decided to get up takes shower and eat because both of our stomachs were growling loudly. So after our uh very long shower and getting dressed we both decided we were to lazy to cook anything so he ordered us some pizza. Which was fine with me. When the pizza arrived we grabbed some drinks and stuff we would need went back upstairs ate and watch movies, joked around, talked, made love some more. It was getting late and I was tired as hell. So we changed the bed clothes and changed into our pjs and snuggled up to each other. Me laying half way on him with my face buried in his neck and both of his arms wrapped around my waist. "Mmmm now this is nice. I love you night Sin." He whispers. "Night I love you too." I whispered back before sleep took over.

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- 145 -

"I'm serious. I don't want a big wedding. Actually I don't want a wedding at all. Can't we just go to Vegas and hit one of them 24 hour chapels?" I plead. They all look at me like I'm nuts. Yeah we're getting married. Since that night over a year ago we've been together. Two months later I let him marked me. Finally making me his. Him mine. Two weeks later he proposed. I said yes of course. We don't talk about the past unless it is about us. Him messing around, me running off does not exist to us. It's better that way. It's all in the past now. I'm not worried about him messing around on me anymore. I don't know why but I don't. I don't know if it's because he marked me or because he has really proved himself or because he's pretty much up my ass all the time. I swear we have to be close to each other all the time. Girl as friend or not no girl is allowed up the stairs of the house. He refuses to be left alone with a girl. Not even a friend. Not even Amber. It's not that he doesn't trust himself. He doesn't trust them attacking him like a couple of girls have done. Yes before he made his rule he had three girls attack him. Plus the girl that attacked him while he was sleeping that day. Yes I found out that was true. Me and Kennedy went to pick him up for lunch on day while he was at school and I ran into her. She wasn't happy because one she assumed he was single and made an ass out of herself then she failed her project because he talked to the professor and had him change partners and she got in her own words got a stupid jock that wouldn't do the project so they both failed it. I kind of felt bad for her but I also wanted to slap her because she assumes Christian was single and went after him. The other three girls I believe because one I saw with my own two eyes. He keep telling her no. He's got a girlfriend but she wouldn't take no for an answer and kissed him anyway. I nicely came in and popped her in the nose. The other two he told me before I found out and Vance was with him. Told me the same story So yeah. I don't blame him I suppose. It sucks having a sexy ass mate. Sure I wouldn't admit that before but I don't have a problem with it now. He's gorgeous. Oh as for Callie well her high life she planned on living isn't so high. She's living in a one bedroom apartment alone. Her mate did a DNA test and took her to court. She was there to fight it but she had no case. No job, bouncing around from boyfriend to boyfriend for a place to live. Having them take care of her while she did nothing, she had nothing to offer the baby. As her mate did. He owned his own home, he has his own room for him, he has a full time job. But Callie does get to see
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him a lot. She's the baby sitter while he works. Of course there are stipulation. Mainly one. No men around him. So here we are. All of us. Me, Christian, Tammy, Paul, Vance, Amber, Seth, Kennedy and little Lyric arguing over a wedding. Yes Amber and Vance had a little girl and named her Lyric Sienna. Yep named her after me because I'm the god mother and Christian is the god father. She's a cute chubby little girl. Kennedy loves her to death. They play together constantly. It's so adorable watching them. They also found them a four bedroom house because they are wanting more children. Anyway Tammy and Paul want a big one wedding. I don't want one. Christian wants a small one. Seth doesn't care either way as long as he's best man. Vance disagrees. So there's going to be an argument. Both of them want to be best man. Good luck Christian. Hehe. I'm out of that argument. "You'd be willing to go to Vegas to get married?" Christian ask in disbelief. "Yeah. Why not? The only people I want there is in this room right now." I say with a shrug. I've heard from my mother once since Kennedy's birthday. She came over wanting money. She didn't even glance at Kennedy. She just walked in ask Christian and I for several hundred thousands of dollars because their company went bankrupt and they wanted to save it. I didn't get a hi, a I love you, I miss, you nothing just straight to the point. Money. She didn't look, say or do anything to Kennedy. Even Kennedy looked at her like she was nuts. She treats us like garbage and the only time she comes to see us is when she wants something. Well Christian flat out told her no. He saved me from feeling guilty. Which I probably would have if I had said it. I haven't seen her since. I haven't seen my half brother or sister either. Anyway back to the wedding again. "Not much money, close family, we won't have to go far for a honeymoon. What more could you ask for?" I try to reason. It's true. Just, flights, hotel, chapel, food, sight seeing, family. Boom we have a wedding. They look at each other. I assume thinking about it. "Oh and no chance of something going wrong." I add. They continue to stare at each other. "And just think we could spend a week or two just us. Gambling, shows. Ooh you know what we could check out Criss Angel." I say dreamingly. "Who is he?" Christian ask cocking an eyebrow. "One sexy ass magician." I answer. Here it comes. Wait a minute. Give it a second.

"You will not be seeing him!" He snarls. And there it is. I chuckle. Oh he has become very possessive since we've fully mated. It's comical at times other times it's
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annoying as hell. "Not as sexy as you babe." I say patting his head condescendingly. He glares at me as I snicker. "But he is one fine young man." Tammy agrees. "H.O.T." Amber spells out fanning herself. "Cum worthy." I say. All three of the guys growl loudly as we busted up laughing. "Oh how it's so easy to get you guys riled up." Seth says laughing shaking his head. He finds it very comical when them three start going cave man in us. "To easy." I snicker. "But so much fun." Amber says. "Don't worry boys we aren't going anywhere." Tammy says. "Speak for yourself. If I had the chance. Bye bye Christian hello Criss." I joke. He suddenly pins me to the couch putting my hands above my head and straddling me. Damn he's fast. "You sure about that?" He ask cocking an eyebrow. I just nod yes smiling. "Really sure?" I nod again when he starts tickling me. "Are you sure?" I nod again laughing hard. "Okay big ass. No huge. No humongous wedding." He threatens. "No no no you win." I gasp out. "You win. You win. I'll never ever leave you." I gasp trying to wiggle away from him. "Say it." He says still tickling me. "Say what?" I gasp laughing. I keep struggling but his big ass won't budge. "You love me. You will never leave me and you can't live without me." He says, so I said it all in between laughs and gasp. He finally stops with a victorious look on his face. I'm to busy trying to catch my breath once I do I sit up punching him in the gut. He puts his arm around my shoulders smiling.
- 148 -

"Blackmail." I tisk shaking my head. I lift up the side of my shirt and see my ribs are beet red. "Look what you did. Moron." I huff. He bring his lips to my ear. "I'll kiss em better later." He whispers. I elbow him in the stomach. Yes even his sex drive went up since we got mated. Okay not only his mine did too. I swear we go at it like rabbits. It's horrible but oh so good. That's all I'm saying. "Perv." I huff. "Okay okay back to the wedding." Paul says laughing at us. "Right Vegas here we come." I cheer hopeful. "Really?" Christian sighs. I nod smiling him. "You really want to go to Vegas?" He ask again. "Sure why not?" I answer. "I say we do it." Vance says. "Me too." Amber says. "Me three." Seth says. "Me four." I pipe in. I pick up Kennedy putting her in my lap and whisper in her ear. "Me five." She repeats what I whispered. "That's not fair Sienna. Using your own daughter against us." Tammy says shaking her head smiling. I just give her a bright smile. I whisper in Kennedy's ear again. "Please nana." She says using her puppy dog face. It gets them every time. She's that good at two years old. She always has been. "Fine Vegas it is." Paul says. "Yay." I cheer clapping Kennedy's hands together making her laugh. "That was so wrong." Christian whispers in my ear. "Don't I get a say in this?" He ask his parents. They point at Kennedy making him look at her. I whisper in her ear telling her to look at her daddy using the puppy face. She does and he loses. My
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daughter is a genius. "Fine." He sighs. I laugh hugging her from behind. "I love you." I tell her. "Love you mommy." She tells me. "Go pack." Paul says. I look up at him shocked. "So soon?" I ask in disbelief. It's not like I don't want to get married. I just expected us to plan things you know? "Yep. If you want a Vegas wedding. We get a sooner wedding." Tammy says. "Fine with me." Christian says kissing my temple. . "Alright." I chirp getting up with Kennedy. "Vegas baby." I yell putting her above my head. We pack for two weeks because Paul decided two weeks should be long enough for a honeymoon and family vacation. After we get packed up we all go to bed early because Paul got us early flights. I mean bright and early. But did Christian and I go to bed early. No we just had to have special time first and it always takes a couple of hours. Yeah our sex life quickies do not exist. I'm surprised I hadn't landed up pregnant before now. Shhhhh. I haven't told him yet. I want to surprise him and telling him on the day we get married is perfect I think. Once we woke up we took off and several hours later we are in Vegas. Once off the plane we got a rental car well SUV because there was so many of us. Then we went and got our hotel rooms. Paul got Christian and I the honeymoon suite which was gorgeous. Then us girls went straight to a little dress shop we found and luckily found me a beautiful wedding dressed and Amber and Kennedy some beautiful bridesmaid dresses and Tammy found her a beautiful mothers dress. The boys went tux shopping. I'm sure they will get something simple. Then we all went back to the hotel got all dressed up then met the boys at the chapel Tammy picked out. She didn't want a small tacky one which I agreed with. Amber was my brides maid and Vance was the best man. Kennedy our flower girl and Seth our ring barer. Yeah he wasn't to thrilled about that. It started and Kennedy went first excited to throw the flowers on the ground. Then Amber went as she walked down Vance just had to make a wolf whistle. Then it was my turn. I lied when I said they would get simple tuxes. All I could say was damn Christian looked damn good In a tux. I couldn't wait to get him back to the room. I guess he was
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thinking the same thing because he was licking his lips biting them and closing his eyes to try and calm himself down. When I made it up there he instantly grabbed me and kissed me passionately. "I missed you." He whispered against my lips after breaking the kiss. "I missed you too." I whispered back. Then someone just had to cleared their throat so we turned our attention to the whatever you want to call him. I'm not sure what he was. I guess a justice of the peace. I don't know. He start with the usual then had Christian and I say our owns which we just repeated after him. Then we exchanged rings which he bought a couple of months ago. They are beautiful. To me anyway. Mine is just a thin band with a small diamond in the middle and his is a gold plain band. We are just simple people. After we exchanged rings he said you may and that's as far as he got before Christian grabbed me and kissed me passionately. Like his life depended on it. I kissed back just the same until someone ruined our moment again. All in all it was a beautiful wedding. Just like I wanted it small. We got pictures and a CD of it. Then we left to go to dinner to celebrate still dressed up. Once we finished our meal we all headed back to the hotel to our rooms. Kennedy was with Tammy and Paul so we could start our honeymoon. Once in the room I start stripping finally getting out of the dress. As I do Christian walks up behind wrapping his arms around my waist and kisses my neck. "So how does it feel to be Mrs. Morgan?" He ask nuzzling his nose in my neck. I turn around wrapping my arms around his neck. "I don't know. How does it feel being a daddy?" I ask waiting for his response. "It's great. What does that have to do with you being Mrs. Morgan?" He ask confused. I smile not saying anything. I just wait until he finally catches on. He stares at me in shock opening and closes his mouth like a fish out of water. "Your..your.." He stutters. I just nod smiling. "I'm going to be a daddy again?!" He ask excited. "Yes. Your going to be a daddy again." I confirm. He wraps his arms around my waist lifting me up turning in circles. "I love you so much." He almost shouts. "I love you too." I giggle as he takes me to bed. 9 months later...
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The room is filled with the sound of a crying baby that was just born into this world. Jonas Christian Morgan a son and one day alpha to this pack. Christian brings me his son after they clean him up and check him over. He hands him to me sitting on the bed next to me and wraps his arm around my shoulder and my poor beautiful little Jonas has tears in his eyes. I wipe the away with my thumb. "It's okay momma's got you know." I coo to him as Christian leans into to kiss on my forehand. He was there for everything this time. He never missed an appointment. Held my hair while I pukes. Put up with my mood swings and my wired food craving and if we didn't have it he ran out and got it. He was always there when he kicked. I'm telling you Christian was there for everything. "Thank you for giving me another chance to prove my love to you and for giving me the most amazing gift a daughter and son.... You are the most amazing woman, mother and wife and I plan in showing just how amazing you are for the rest of our lives." He says with sincerity. With that I pull Christian down to my lips just before we kiss. "You better or I just might have to trade you in for Criss Angel." I tease. The room filled with a growl before Christian crashed his lips to mine. "MINE!" he growled against my lips. I giggles as I kiss him. "Always yours." I whisper against his lips breaking the kiss. He smiles at that and looks down at Jonas. "Man I made one good looking boy didn't I?" he ask cockily. "You made. Boy I didn't see you carrying him for nine months then going through the pain of pushing him out." I tell him. "Mmmm your so right we both made a good looking boy but it was my little men that made it way in." He says cockily. I roll my eyes deciding to let it go. "And daughter." I remind him. "Nah she's not good looking. She's beautiful babe." He tells me. I nod in agreement then look down at Jonas. "Man that's not fair." I whine. "What's that?" He ask me.
- 152 -

"They both look like you." I huff. "I planted those seeds deep." He says cockily. I roll my eyes again. "Anymore?" He ask me. "Do you want any more?" I ask him. He nods. "Yeah at least one more." He says with pleading eyes. "I think I can give you that." I tell him. Christian growls loudly grabs my neck bringing his lips to mind. "I love you so fucking much woman, thank you for making the luckiest man alive!" He growls and kisses me passionately. "Just as Christians breaks the kiss Christian and I hear sucking noise and we look down at Jonas rooting on my breast to nurse. I smiled brightly. I didn't get to do this with Kennedy but I'm damn sure going to try with Jonas. "Well looks like someone is hungry." I chirp. Just then Christian smiles brightly. "Father like son." He brags as I raises my brow "Explain Christian" I grunt. Christian just chuckles. "It's a breast thing. Daddy likes mommy's breast too." He says wiggling his eyebrows. 'Hurry up buddy dad wants a turn." He chuckles. I elbow him in the ribs. 'None of this is for you dill hole." I huff as I position Jonas. I watch Jonas as he eats thinking. Maybe this mate thing is really a fairytale. I look over at Christian as he watches Jonas with a smile on his face. Yeah I suppose it is. I finally got the loving mate I always wanted. Two beautiful kids and a family I never had before. I couldn't ask for a better family, mate, friends and of course my kids.

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