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Fly Fishing the Lifetime Sport(BBS)

Fly Fishing the Lifetime Sport(BBS)

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Published by Niko Diamesis
Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing

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Published by: Niko Diamesis on Apr 22, 2013
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Family: Ephemerelidae
Genus: Drunella
Life Cycle: incomplete
Three Life Stages: egg, nymph, adult
cycle which includes 2 phases: dun
and spinner
Emergence: June-July

Crawler Mayflies Group

Fly Fishing: The Lifetime Sport 57


Body Description

Antennae: 2 short
Head: head is wider than the abdomen
Eyes: large
Gills: large and overlapping under the
abdomen forming a suction cup to
help cling and move about the rocks
in the fast currents

Tails: 3
Legs: 6
Body Color: olive-brown to brown
Mobility: slow swimming and floating;
they drift long distances before they go
to the surface
Size: 8-12mm
Hook Size: 10-14

Live in the faster current of riffles and
runs in the rocks.


Body Description

Antennae: 2 short
Head: flat
Eyes: large

Wings: 2 sets, grayish and highly marked
with dark brown mottling; distinguish
from callibaetis because March Browns
have prominent 2nd

wing while

callibaetis do not

Tails: 2
Legs: 6
Body Color: top is shades of brown;
bottom is shades of tan
Size: 8-12mm
Hook Size: 10-14


Body Description

Wings: clear and heavily
Body Color: light to medium brown

After emerging into spinners they mate
and return to the water to lay their
eggs but don’t normally provide a
fishable spinner fall.

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