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Advocating for Change 2013 What is happening in your English Class?

AFC Purpose:
Your Advocating for Change Unit (AFC) is a cross curricular unit at the end of your grade 8 year that embraces the concept of interconnectedness. You are inquiring into one important world issue, researching this issue and its background through your own questioning, synthesizing a solution to the problem, formulating your connection to and understanding of the issue and sharing your passion for change at an MUN style conference at the end of the quarter. For you to work through this heady and complex process, you will need to complete certain assignments in English class.

Requirements and Due Dates for English: Requirements

Section 1: Research Findings 1. Introduction Due on Monday, April 15 by 9pm

Due Dates

2. Global Overview 3. Home Country Outlook

Research due for Subsections 2 and 3 in NoodleTools on Monday, April 22 by 9:00 pm Choiceboard work due in English class Monday/Tuesday, April 29/30 end of class

4. Global Causes 5. Tried Solutions 6. Personal Solution

Research due for Subsections 4, 5 and 6 due in NoodleTools on Monday, April 29 by 9:00 pm Choiceboard work due in English class Monday/Tuesday, May 6/7 end of class

Final Choice board Product: all sections combined See assignment sheet for all details Section 2: Persuasive Analysis of Findings 5 paragraph persuasive essay of your solution to your issue Maximum length 2 pages, 1.5 spacing PLUS 1 page for citations See assignment sheet for all details Section 3: This I Believe Speech 2 minute, 300 word Belief Speech that expresses your understanding of and connection to your issue

Due in Thursday, May 9 by 3 pm

Drafting of Persuasive Analysis Paper (PAP) in English and SS classes during week of May 13-17 Final draft PAP due Monday/Tuesday, May 20/21 at beginning of class

Introduction May 20/21 Written due in English class on Thursday/Friday, May 23/24

See assignment sheet for all details

Speech practice May 27/28 Speech done in class May 28/29

Section 4: AFC Conference Full day conference, MUN style, where you will work in a committee to draft proposals to make our world a better place because of your involvement with your issue Full Day Thursday, May 30