Offering in temple and establishing in 2nd house

The first thing to remember is that offering a karak vastu at a temple does not mean establishing the planet in the 2nd house. By merely offering some thing to a deity does not get the planet established in the 2nd house.

The purpose of offering a karak object of a planet at any temple is to change or modify its nature or taseer.

For example the Saturn in the 5th house is considered as a serpent eating infants [ bachche khane wala sanp], in this case the Lal Kitab advises to offer almonds [ karak vastu of Saturn ] at a temple and bring back home half of them and keep safely. It is assumed that the Saturn has been made to change its nature [ taseer ] and will not harm the children any more. Or in other words Saturn is made to take an oath in front of a deity that it will not harm any more.

Therefore by offering the karak vastu in a temple only the nature gets changed, the planet does not start giving the effects of that house.

Now if the Saturn were to be established in the 2nd house, subject to other planetary placements in the Kundali, then the Kark vastu can be kept in the North West corner of the house. Yes it can also be established within the temple compound such that it stays there undisturbed for at least a year.

On the contrary a planet is estabilshed in a house to make it give the effects of that house for that year.

If a planet is established in the 2nd house then it will start giving the effects of that house. Like in the case of the Saturn, if it were to be established in the 2nd then it will, subject to other planetary placements, result in :The jatak will get disenchanted with life and might start thinking of renouncing; he will lose interest in every day matters of the life. If

Therefore by establishing a planet in a house we expect the results of the planet in that house to be felt and experienced None of these things will happen if the karak vastu is offered at the temple.malefic. if the Mars is badly placed then he might get illness if he is in the years between 28 to 39 and so on. . because offering the karak vastu at the temple does not mean establishing the planet in the 2nd house. then it will harm the sasural if the karak objects of Saturn are bought. it might adversely effect the financial position of saural.

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