in the UK

Engineering in the energy sector

Opportunities, skills and trends

Gloomy Headlines on Graduate Employment


Engineering still experiences a steady growth rate

UK Government environmental initiatives drive ongoing work on renewable energy projects

In a Study says Around 60% senior engineers in the UK believe
Renewable energy will be the main growth area for engineering in the coming years

Demand for sector specialist engineers is increasing

Does demand match the supply?

There is a dearth of good candidates with sector-specific skills
Innovativeness in hiring and better training programmes are required for new recruitments

Engineers from other sectors and with cross-functional skills can find a suitable place now

Flexibility, willingness to learn, handson experience and softer skills are must

Opportunities lie there…
Exciting opportunities in the UK, and almost anywhere in the world
Vast ongoing construction and infrastructure projects in the Middle East and Asia Huge mining projects in Western Australia - Tempting higher salaries for engineers abroad

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