ENLISH TASK Conversation in Masjid of Campus Akhbar Rudi zuliardi :s071160960 :s071160984

In the morning at the masjid of campus. A R A R A R : : : : : : Assalamualaikum,good morning Rud Wa’alaikumsalam akbar. How are you today Rudi? Now, I am feeling not good. What is your problem? Last night, I watched Food ball I am sleepiness……. A R A R A R A R A R : : : : : : : : : : What team did played football last night? There are Spain and the Netherland. Who is winner? The Winner is the Netherland. Which do you like, Spain or the Netherland? I like Spain very much. What time did you sleep last night? I sleep at 24.00 p.m. Have you breakfasted? Yes, I have breakfasted.

A R A R : : : : Where did you breakfast this morning? I breakfast at the canteen Mr. Can I look your dictionary? Of course. What did you eat this morning? I ate a cup of chicken porridge and I drank two glass of milk. . We will late. Subur.30 A..m. You eat as little as my young brother. let‘s go to class……. What time is it now? Oh my Good. This time is 10. What will we study this day? A : We will study English. What did you eat this morning? A R : : I ate half cup of noodle and I drank one glass of white water. Do you bring dictionary? R A R A R A : : : : : : Yes. Your dictionary is the same as me. I do.

I am fines. But. Good. have you done English task? Yes. of course. Oh my good. What do you do last night? I study the history of England. I sleep at midnight.30 p. What time did you sleep last night? I slept about 23. What you doing? I am replying my friend massage.m.Nurdin Ramanza Nurdin Ramanza Nurdin Ramanza Nurdin Ramanza Nurdin Ramanza Nurdin Ramanza Nurdin : : : : : : : : : : : : : Hello. . Why did you come late this day? because. I am like too. Do you like the history of Indonesian? Yes.

What time does English study begin? At 9. Nurdin : The man with a laptop is English teacher. Mr. ha.Ramanza Nurdin Ramanza Nurdin Ramanza : : : : : Good.Ridho has not been in the class. You eat little like a bird. Ridho’s home is the same far as Mr. . Mr. some bread and two bottle of milk.. Ridho see? Mr.30 a. Haryanto.m. I am always breakfast every morning. Ramanza Nurdin Ramanza Nurdin : : : : Has Mr. some bread. ha.m. Who does Mr. Ridho? Ramanza Nurdin Ramanza Nurdin : : : : Yes. of course.00 a. What breakfast did you eat this morning? I eat two pack of fried rice. Do you know Mr. Ridho.. Did you breakfast this morning? Yes. and one bottle of milk.30 o’clock. At 08. and you eat a lot like a elephant. He is Mr.. Ha. What about you? Nurdin Ramanza Nurdin : : : I eat one pack of rice. Haryanto’s home.Ridho been in the class? No. At 09.

.Ramanza Nurdin Ramanza Nurdin Ramanza Nurdin : : : : : : What do we study this day? We are study article of English.