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Gen Info Drill Final

Gen Info Drill Final

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Published by: Honey Lim on Apr 23, 2013
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Name: Date: “What animal is it that in the morning goes on four feet, at noon on two, and in the evening

on three?” was a riddle told by this creature before devouring anyone who failed to solve the riddle. What/who was this Greek Mythology creature?_____________________. What is the answer to the riddle, “What animal is it that in the morning goes on four feet, at noon on two, and in the evening on three?” ___________________. The Earth-mother who gave birth to many monsters and other terrifying creatures. Her offspring included Typhon, who battled against Zeus, Python, an enormous serpent and The Cyclopes, who were giants with only one eye. _____________________. Achilles, the son of Thetis and mortal Peleus, was dipped by her mother in the waters of the underworld to avert his fate of being killed in battles. What was the name of the River?_____________________. He was the son of the god of heaven, Uranus and the earth goddess, Gaia. He was a Titan who devoured his children right after birth in fear of the prediction that one of his sons would dethrone him. He was the eventually dethrone by his youngest son, Zeus, who escaped his fate of being devoured by his father after birth.__________________________. He was called the “Father of Philippine Botany” in 1935. He was the first Filipino to become a licensed pharmacist and delivered a paper “Las plantas medicinales utilizadas por los Filipinos.” (The Uses of Medicinal Plants for the Philippines.)___________________________. The American astronomer who made important discoveries about the universe and whose name was named after an orbiting space telescope launched in 1990.______________________. Blaise Pascal invented a mechanical adding calculator. Charles Babbage prepared designs for steam-powered machine that could store a program on punched cards. Who developed the first computer language to “understand” Engilsh?_______________________. The Father of the Internet, who wrote the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) that allowed systems to connect and become a true Internet.____________________. He was the British physicist who discovered the neutrally charged particle in the nucleus in an atom. _____________________. The youngest person to be elected as president in the U.S.______________. What East African country was a powerful Christian empire more than 1,600 years ago?______________. The Byzantine Empire started out as the eastern part of the______________________. The Black Death, which killed one-quarter of Europe’s population in the 14th century, was a huge outbreak of what disease?___________________.

Which silent movie actor is considered as the first truly international film star and was best known for playing the “little tramp”. Brass wind instrument with a cup-shaped mouthpiece and a slide mechanism. Birthstone for April. A song praising a deity or expressing thoughts of religious meditation or worship. male singing voice_________________. considered by most military historians the turning point in the American Civil War.________________. 1863. while driving it from a seat of a vehicle. Art of maintaining precise control over a horse while riding it (sometimes referred to as the equitation). What was it?__________________.______________.seater plane that crashed last Saturday where one of the passengers was DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo. lowest. a Native American culture of the southwestern United States.____________. When Christopher Columbus returned from America. What is the meaning of DILG? ___________________. Post-1945 struggle between the United States and its allies and the group of nations led by the Soviet Union._______________________._____________________._______________________. he brought with him something that quickly became popular in Europe. .____________________. Deepest.The Pueblo people.___________________. were named for their what?________________________. What is the birthstone for October?_____________________. The name of the six. The battle fought July 1 through July 3.

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