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1 BPR Basics

1 BPR Basics

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Published by: Yeshwanth Thotamsetty on Apr 23, 2013
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Rethinking to bring about Radical changes in all the key process of the business so as to achieve a step change and quantum improvement in performance and competitiveness

What is Reengineering ? Organising work in the best possible way to achieve the goal. . OBJECTIVE To make a quantum improvement in performance through a step change in the operations.

What is Reengineering ?  APPROACH Manufacturing System Design Strategic Sourcing Inventory Sales Cycles Working Capital Cycles Productivity Quality Planning Systems Maintenance & Repairs Costing .

APPROACH – define & prioritise macro-level functions Manufacturing System Design Set up a Manufacturing System that is most efficient & productive. Emphasis should be laid on:        Layout of Factory Networked Systems & Procedures Well-designed Ergonomically structured Workplaces Working Environment Material Handling Automation Availability of Tools & Accessories .

Emphasis should be laid on:       Scientific Make or buy System Networked Systems & Procedures Robust Data Management Better Supplier Relationships Fewer but multiple Sources Supplier Inventory .APPROACH – define & prioritise macro-level functions Strategic Sourcing Believe that cheapest is not always the best option – look at total economics where you spend more to gain more.

APPROACH – define & prioritise macro-level functions Inventory Aim at JIT but do not over-emphasise to an extent that you are loaded with frequent shortages. Emphasis should be laid on:        Stores Layout Material Handling Networked Systems & Procedures Robust Data Management Supplier Inventory Combination of FIFO & FEFO Minimising Wastages .

APPROACH – define & prioritise macro-level functions Sales Cycles Understand that Marketing is not all about Selling but 90% involves CRM & Intra-enterprise Relationships Emphasis should be laid on:        Fewer Customers – Repeat Customers New Customers with improved Returns Scientific & friendly Recovery Systems Recovery Targets Networked Systems & Procedures Robust Data Management Field Inventory .

Emphasis should be laid on: Scientific Make-or-buy Decisions  Field Inventory  Balance between Borrowings & Internal Accruals  Minimising time between Order & Recovery  Control of the Market rather than Control by  Lead of Value generated over cost incurred the Market  .APPROACH – define & prioritise macro-level functions Working Capital Cycles Firmly believe that Value of Money & Value for Money are both inter-dependent but need to be maximized as a continuous process.

all the time.a few others Productivity Do it Right anytime.ERP Maintenance & Repairs Costing . everywhere. anywhere.APPROACH – define & prioritise macro-level functions . all the way Quality Set up Quality Systems towards Target Zero Defect – beware that ISO 9000 does not ensure Quality of Products Planning Systems . every time.

.  DELIVERABLES Through put time.What is Reengineering ?  STRUCTURE Steering Committee. Working Capital. Change Manager. Task force teams on full time basis.

Owners Individuals Sub-approaches Tasks Targets. Owners .POLICY DEPLOYMENT    Top Management Goals Approaches Targets Owners Middle Management Approaches Sub-approaches Targets.

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