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Metronome Plus is an easy to use and a powerful , precise and programable metronome and comes with following features : - Variable Tempo between 10 and 300 beats per minute - 15 configurable sounds - Program editor for variable tempo and repeats , beats and tempo-increment and / or decrement. - Tempo and beat visualization - Fullscreenmode

enter the sounds you want use : Sound 1 : Masterbeat Sound 2 : Always the first beat Sound 3 : Sounds on 6/8 9/8 and 12/8 Click on the start button to activate the Metronome. After this .. Activate the programmode using the Prog-Button and define a program afterwards : First choose the tempo for each single program step. Click on the start button to activate the Metronome. you can define an increment or decrement value for tempo-changing ( optional ) in the same program step. Now define the number of repeats and the beat. . Programmode : The basic settings are the same as in easy mode. After this .Introducing in Metronom Plus The Mainwindow The easy mode : Configure the tempo and beat using the fastbuttons or the plus / minus button on the left side.

Delay : A defineable delaytime in seconds. Reset : Reset the program editor.Fullscreenmode Options: Go : Activate or stop the metronome Program : Program-Mode On or Off Fullscreen : The metronome switches the screen to fullscreen for visualization. Load : Load a program from a file. Info : Versioninformation Help : Opens the helpfile . Loop : The program will played endless. Save : Save the program to a file.

Setup the loudness You can open the mixer settings also from metronomes hyperlink. For a wave out test you can use the function : 'Test Waveout' in the contextmenu ( use the right mousebutton ).Activate Wave output . Important ! Please ensure that the mixer settings are rightly : . .Configure Metronom Plus Define In the configure window the delay value ( in seconds ) and the transparency value for the fullcreenmode in percent.

Thus. M & M . it is not allowed to distribute a CD. or want to suggest some features for future program releases. or quality of the requested translations. provided that no fee is charged for such use. expressed or implied. DVD. copy. incidental. The person using the software bears all risk as to the quality and performance of the software. and distribute this software. unmodified state.mm-systeme. and it is distributed only in whole in its original. fail to find some expressions. All rights reserved. or similar damages due to use of the software. Disclaimer Metronome Plus is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Please note that I cannot guarantee in any way the correctness. Copyright (C) 2007 .de . above all. etc. I would appreciate being notified. If you notice mistakes.de E-Mail : info@mm-systeme. You may freely use. consequential. etc. including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. DVD.Systems .License agreement Using and distributing Metronome Plus Metronome Plus is a non-commercial product. indirect. with Metronome Plus as addition (Third Party Product) if a fee is charged for the purchase of the CD. usability. Contact : Internet : http://www. copying or distribution. The author will not be liable for any special. without a written agreement from the author.

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