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Jake McEvoy American Studies Blue Class

November 8, 2012 A3 Unit 3

Assignment 3 Prcis You are the President II Indian Policy 1832 Thesis: As president, I would negotiate with Georgia and the Cherokees to create a more peaceful atmosphere between the two bodies of people. Argument #1: Firstly, negotiating is the least potentially violent decision. Evidence #1 According to historian Nathan Aesang The federal government could end the dispute between Georgia and the Cherokees by purchasing Georgias land claims to Indian Territory1 Explanation: If this takes place, the whole dilemma will be over, since both sides are happy. Evidence 2: According to Aesang, Having the federal government take over the dealings with the Indians would give you the opportunity to work out solutions to Indian problems in an atmosphere free of bitterness.2 Explanation: By having the government working out the tension between the Georgians and the Indians, it will give you good time to work out even better solutions to Georgian and Indian problems. Evidence 3: According to Aesang, You could set up programs to help Indian and white communities understand each other better. This type of program has shown particularly effective with the Indians, who have shown and exceptional ability to adapt to white society3 Explanation: This evidence shows that by picking this option, you could go above and beyond what the problem is, and get the Cherokees and the Georgians to actually like each other Argument #2: Secondly, Georgians are treating Indians badly, and they too have rights. Evidence #1: According to Declaration of Independence, all men are created equal4 Explanation: What the Georgians are doing to the Indians is a clear violation of the evidence stated above. Indians are men, and all men are created equal. Evidence 2: According to sixth amendment of the Bill of Rights all men have the right to a speedy trial, a trial by jury, and the accused has all the rights as any other accused.5 Explanation: The Georgians has been breaking the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution to torture the Indians, Nathan Aaseng, You are the President II, (The Olive Press: Minneapolis, 1994), 55. Ibid., 55. 3 Ibid., 54. 4 Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence 5 James Madison, The Constitution
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and if we negotiate and have each side befriend the other, there will be no more hate, and no flint to spark a Civil War. Counterclaim Argument: Others might argue that putting pressure on the Cherokees to sell their land would be the best option. Counterclaim Evidence: According to Aaseng, the Georgians will cheat, rob, abuse, and assault the Cherokees until they are goaded into violence.6 Counterclaim Explanation: If the government cant get the Indians away from the Georgians, then there will be violence, and it could possibly spark a civil war. Refutation Argument and Evidence: However, according to Aesang, by instead of running away from the problem, we should face it head on and get the Georgians and the Cherokees to befriend each other. Refutation Explanation: By getting Georgia and the Cherokees allied with each other, they could work together to be more productive, which is a far better answer to a problem than running away from it.7 Conclusion: Negotiating with the Georgians and the Cherokees would be the least violent option, also, the most diplomatic and constitutional. That is why I as president would choose this option. This assignment has been completed in accordance with the NAHC. X_______________________________________

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Nathan Aaseng, You are the President II, (The Olive Press: Minneapolis, 1994), 51 Ibid., 54