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I Agree With Gandhi in Saying That Love is a Law

I Agree With Gandhi in Saying That Love is a Law

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Published by John Turner

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Published by: John Turner on Apr 23, 2013
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I agree with Gandhi in saying that love is a law.

Every action that one takes in his life is based off of the love that one receives or the lack of it. Every being in existence thrives on love and seeks it out with vigorous determination. Love I feel does indeed lead to non-violence but it does not necessarily mean being passive either. Gandhi was a great example of this fact. It takes a great will and strength to be nonviolent when others around you are ready to attack and not just ready but attacking as well. What one does to another he only does to his own self. Violence is perpetrated through fear and not out of love. If you could see how you and another are truly connected you would have no desire to harm him in any way. Violence is the tool of the scared and weak and it is used to foster the same attitudes amongst the victims of the violence. Many do believe that violence is our greatest force, but in reality it our greatest weakness. The cycle of violence perpetuates fear and anarchy in a world where love is needed. Peace can be attained but not through war. Truth and full disclosure go hand in hand with peace and we seek truth as passionately as we seek love. Truth for everyone is not the same but that does not make anyone else’s truth any less valid. To love unconditionally means to love with no strings attached. We have so many unfounded judgments that we place on each other and we are at war with everything. We as American citizens have a war on drugs and terrorism, but the most insidious war of them all is the economic war that wages on against not just Americans but the entire global community. This war rages on due to the Federal Reserve Bank and the IMF syndicate. We face the biggest con imaginable on a daily basis and many don’t even know that they are prisoners of economic war. I agree with Gandhi that an economic war is like a surgical operation and a prolonged type of torture. In the capitalistic society that we live in I ask the question where is the love, Where is the truth? An economic war has just as much causality as an armed conflict yet its effect and carnage are more far reaching in my opinion. Families are torn apart, homes lost, and so many other effects that would be too great to list in just this paper. To end these unnecessary wars takes Love, Truth, and a non-violent approach towards all living beings. Peace is within our grasp and only takes a change of perception and action.

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