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Donation Letter - Final.2 (1)

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Published by Julie Huber Frank

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Published by: Julie Huber Frank on Apr 23, 2013
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April 14, 2013 Dear Business Owner/Manager,

The Utah Doula Association is an organization of doulas, who support birthing women and their families--both in the prenatal and in the postpartum periods of the birth experience. Our organization was founded by a small group of women more than 18 years ago, and has since grown to an organization of more than 80 members. The Utah Doula Association is pleased to be part of history as we seek to support the very first mother to birth quintuplets in Utah. We invite you to join us in this endeavor. The story of this family: The mother was told all of her life that she would not be able to have children. Before she married her husband she told him of her challenges. He promised her he would do everything he could to support her in having children. Under direction of a specialist they started with hormone therapy. She soon became pregnant with their daughter. A year later they started the same treatment previously used to conceive their daughter. She soon became pregnant again. At her first appointment with the doctor two heartbeats were heard. A few days later, an ultrasound confirmed there were six heartbeats. Amazement was the reaction of everyone involved. The doctor gave this couple a choice. He told them they could abort some of the embryos or keep all of them. The couple spent the next two weeks deciding what to do. It was a very difficult decision. The birth mother said that both of them felt very strongly they should do everything they can to support the life of their little ones. Shortly after, one of the six fetus’s heart stopped beating. The mother is currently on bed rest in a hospital in Utah doing everything she can to provide a healthy start for her five remaining babies. She told us that she trusts in God and all things are in his hands. Out of respect for this mother, and at her request, the media have not been notified by the hospital nor by us. The mother does not want any added pressure before these babies are born, sometime within the next five weeks. She says, “After I know all of these babies are here and well, then I will tell my story to whomever wants to know. Please just let my babies be well.” It has come to our attention that this humble family is in need of support from the community around them. They are hardworking and provide for the essentials for their 18-month-old daughter; however adding five more children, all at once is daunting. With this family’s permission, we are proud to be working as an association to bring support to them. Please join with us in supporting this family now and far into their future. This family is in need of clothes, diapers, groceries, furniture, other merchandise, and money donations. All monetary donations can be made through a PayPal account starting April 25, 2013 at http://utahdoulas.org or the Utah Doula Association Facebook Page which can be found online at: https://www.facebook.com/#!/UtahDoulaAssociation?fref=ts. For all other donations please call or email Julie Frank or Kaycee Payne whose information is listed below.

Sincerely yours, Aunika S. Kidd CD (DONA) Volunteer Chair of the UDA Board

Julie Frank (Donation Coordinator) 801-824-9779 or quintmomdonations@gmail.com Kaycee Payne (Donation Coordinator) 801-719-8726 or quintmomdonations@gmail.com
973 2nd Avenue Salt Lake City, UT 84103 T 801-560-7364 W http://utahdoulas.org/

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