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Ofertas de trabajo como Antropóloga

Ofertas de trabajo como Antropóloga

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Published by: Emily Duran Frontera on Apr 23, 2013
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Ofertas de trabajo como Antropóloga  Antropóloga Independiente/Investigadora


En la antropología hay varias opciones de trabajo entre las mismas está el trabajo independiente, lo que significa que podría vivir en Puerto Rico y hacer investigaciones y escritos (entiéndase artículos y ensayos) acerca de la sociedad en la cual estoy viviendo y los indios tainos. Estas investigaciones luego son llevadas a revistas o programas de televisión para que sean publicadas.  Profesora:

Trabajar como profesora en el Departamento de Ciencias Sociales en la Universidad de Puerto Rico.  Para una corporación:

Diversas corporaciones contratan antropólogos para que hagan investigaciones y trabajen con ello un ejemplo es Peace Corps. Trabajar con la American Anthropology Asociaton: Tiene oficinas en toda América latina.  Antropóloga en Museo:

Podría trabajar como antropóloga social certificada en el Museo de Antropología de Puerto Rico. Esta es una buena opción ya que hay pocos antropólogos en Puerto Rico y los mismos son muy solicitados para estos puestos. Proof:
Museo de Antropología, Historia y Arte, Pueblo Universidad de Puerto Rico, Pueblo, PR 00925 AVERAGE USER RATING Contact: +1 787 764 0000 x2452 Open Hours: Call for times This small museum houses the pre-Colombian artifacts collection belonging to the Universidad de Puerto Rico (University of ... More Museo de Antropología, Historia y Arte Description This small museum houses the pre-Colombian artifacts collection belonging to the Universidad de Puerto Rico (University of Puerto Rico, or UPR). In addition to the artifacts, you'll find historic documents and art. The space serves as an exposition hall for contemporary art from local artists as well. The museum, while minuscule, is well maintained and is constantly visited by students and faculty. The admission is free of charge. The museum stands just in front of the University's main library. No Photos Available Add Your Own Photos Image Search » See all San Juan Things To Do »

. Historia y Arte: 3 AVERAGE OVERALL RATING ATMOSPHERE (5) VALUE (5) Sort By: USER RATING great By A Yahoo! Contributor. Was this review helpful? (Yes — No) Report a problem ATMOSPHERE (5) VALUE (5) USER RATING Needed a good cleaning By Wolf Sister. you will see new search results as you move the map.. Yes. it is beautiful place to go.Add to Trip Loading. Puerto Rico Expand Full ListShow Fewer Results Refresh Map Items Reset Map Map Refresh On? By keeping map refresh on.. Please address the entries labeled in red below.. 3/6/07 Even though this government institution is underfunded. informative and cozy. turn it off Updating Map Further action is needed. it is interesting. You would learn here about things you would not find any other place. Was this review helpful? (Yes — No) Report a problem 0 of 2 Yahoo! Users found this review helpful ATMOSPHERE (1) Most Recent . Please try again later. you would love it. 4/21/08 it's a great place. Interactive Map of Pueblo. WRITE A REVIEW Yahoo! User Reviews Reviews for Museo de Antropología.There was a problem with the system. keep onNo. dirty and very little information about what we were seeing. 10/14/05 The displays were very interesting if someone had taken the time to clean. if you could just walk around the museum alone it would be better but it's excellent anyway. it is nice. It was dingy. Was this review helpful? (Yes — No) Report a problem ATMOSPHERE (5) VALUE (5) USER RATING Nice and Cozy By Dennis R.. Hi.

If you're looking to get rich and famous it probably is a bad move but historically. the kind of anthropological jobs shown there are few and far between. There are also applied anthropology jobs. people who choose to pursue careers in anthropology itself don't do so because their goal is wealth. and think tanks.There are also Cultural Resource Management companies (like if some company's building a new office building and they find it was some historical site a CRM company might be hired to excavate before construction can continue) but I don't think it's easy to find openings. But this doesn't mean that for people who want jobs in anthropology. a lot of big businesses place a great deal of value on the knowledge of cultural anthropologists. Right now one of the most popularized jobs (in popular culture like the TV show Bones) is in forensic anthropology. People with graduate degrees in anthropology (and most major U. they usually have to love anthropology very much and be very passionate about answering anthropological questions to stick with it . studying anthropology is a bad move. graduate programs are PhD programs) tend to look for academic jobs at universities or colleges though they can also work for museums. those jobs actually pay very well though there is disagreement among anthropologists about how ethical some of those jobs are. non-profit or non-governmental organizations.S.

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