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Reading Comprehension Sheet #4: Earth

Directions: Use the Information in the Reading Sheet to answer the questions below:

1. Circle the two sentences that are TRUE about the Earth.
A. Earth is the closest planet to the sun. B. Earth is one of four inner planets. C. Earth is made of rocks.

2. Earth is called the Water Planet,

A. because animals need water. B. the water makes it look blue from space. C. it has liquid water on its surface.

3. Which are examples of landforms?

A. water and planets B. water and animals C. mountains and plains

4. It takes Earth _____________ to orbit the sun in one year.

A. 24 hours B. 24 days C. 365 days

5. Humans, plants, and other animals

A. can live on the four inner planets B. can live only on Earth C. can live on Earth and Mars

6. Life exists on Earth,

A. because the water, air, and temperature are just right B. there is water vapor in clouds C. Earth is the planet closest to the sun