Customer Feedback – LEPL CENTRO MALL STORE

Name: Mobile No. Date:

1. How did you hear about reliance digital LEPL CENTRO MALL Store?

a. I saw your ad in newspaper b. I received a leaflet of Reliance digital Lepl centro mall store c. I saw your hoarding and banners around town d. I received an email or SMS from your store e. I heard from my friends/relatives f. I was passing by/was walking through the mall and decided to walk in

2. Roughly how far is your home from store a. Less than 2 kms b. 2-5 kms c. 5-7 kms d. 7-10 kms e. 10+ kms

3. Have you visited our store before? a. Yes b. No

4. Would you recommend to your friends/relatives? a. Definitely Yes b. Yes, may be c. Not likely

5. Type of customer: a. Window shopper b. Buyer c. Came to buy but didn’t buy

E world c. Other local store specify 7. Any suggestions/ complaints . Panavision b. Reasons for not buying/buying in our store. L d. Where do you usually shop? a. 9. Please rate Parameter Not as good as my usual store Comparable to my usual store Better than my usual store Ambience Variety Quality Price Display Customer service 8.6.

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