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TBB Fact Sheet

TBB Fact Sheet

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Published by John Gerzema

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Published by: John Gerzema on Mar 30, 2009
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The Brand Bubble Understanding, Protecting and Creating Shareholder Value Through Your Brand Presenter Biography: John

Gerzema: Chief Insights Officer, Young & Rubicam Group Best-selling author and pioneer of account planning in American advertising agencies, John has designed brand strategies for clients for almost twenty-five years, guiding campaigns to international strategic and creative acclaim. His new book, The Brand Bubble: The Looming Crisis in Brand Value and How To Avoid it is currently on Business Week’s Best Seller List and was voted #3 Best Business Book for 2008 from Amazon’s editors and ‘Best Advertising and Marketing Book for 2008’ from CEO Read. A sought after presenter around the world, leading blogger and frequent commentator and writer on Fox Business, Bloomberg, Advertising Age and others, Gerzema previously oversaw the international network for Fallon and founded offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo. He holds a master’s degree in integrated marketing from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and a B.S. in marketing from The Ohio State University. See John’s blog thebrandbubble.com/blog, the brand bubble on Facebook and on Twitter @johngerzema. Description: There’s a new bubble looming in the economy that’s twice the size of the subprime mortgage market: the brand bubble. Based on a decade’s worth of brand and financial data from the world’s largest brand study, BrandAsset® Valuator, a new book (The Brand Bubble: The looming crisis in brand value and how to avoid it) presents credible evidence that businesses think brands are worth more than consumers. Praise For The Brand Bubble #12 on Business Week’s Best Seller List http://images.businessweek.com/ss/09/01/0108_bestsellers/13.htm #1 on CEO Read’s Monthly Top 25 Best Selling Business Books http://800ceoread.com/monthly/?226500

# 3 Best Business Book for 2008 By Amazon’s editors http://bit.ly/aSZQ Best book of 2008 in the marketing /advertising category, CEO Read http://800ceoread.com/bookawards/ Advertising Age List Of Tens: Books You Should Have Read: http://adage.com/article?article_id=133222 “A wake-up call for marketers.” - Harvard Business Review “A huge reassessment of brand-owning companies may still lie ahead.” - Financial Times “Could a collapse in brand valuations be the next bursting of a financial bubble?” - Los Angeles Times “Fasten your seatbelts for when the bubble bursts.” - Toronto Globe & Mail “What Corporate America is Reading” - Sacramento Bee Key Take-Away: 1. New learning from Y&R's proprietary BrandAsset® Valuator (BAV) suggest an alarming trend: brands are increasing losing ground with consumers despite the investment behind them and the continued growth in their value as calculated by marketers, corporations and investors. This is the “brand bubble” marketers must address to ensure long-term success of their brands and companies. 2. Research also uncovered that a smaller proportion of brands are actually creating disproportionate business value. What’s their secret? Companies can restore brand value with the one factor today’s consumer responds to: “energized differentiation”—a measure of a brand's motion, innovation and continuous evolution. John explains how CEOs, CMOs and managers can develop this quality in any brand to improve its financial performance. 3. John then suggests a new model to align the organization to be consumer-centric and embrace the brand as an organizing principle in the company. Marketing, in this framework is not a department, but a way of thinking across the company and key to ensuring sustainable, profitable performance.

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