Over 100 Reasons for your Pre-Paid Legal Plan

There are an enormous number of reasons to have a Pre-Paid Legal Plan For the low cost of $ 26.95 per month you can have access to an attorney from A major Law Firm for almost any legal issue that you may face in your day to day events. A Pre-Paid Legal membership is like having a Large Law firm on retainer for almost any legal issue that may come up. From Questions concerning a Foreclosure Notice to Questions concerning your Neighbors non-stop noisy partying.

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You get a foreclosure Notice from your Bank You get a notice of a substitution of Trustee on your mortgage Your Lenders says they will change your locks if you do not send a payment You have questions concerning a Notice of Default on Your Mortgage You get a notice stating your home will be sold at a trustee sale You are subpoenaed into court concerning your mortgage You need an attorney's advice on any matter You are denied credit for no apparent reason A creditor threatens to put you in jail for owing money Your bank sends a foreclosure notice after one house payment is late A bank turns you into a credit bureau unjustly Your car insurance is canceled when your teenage child is involved in an accident A neighbor's child is injured playing in your yard Your dog bites an elderly passerby The auto repair shop threatens small claims court for money you don't owe The IRS selects you for an audit A tenant falls down stairs and sues you for negligence Your child throws a baseball through a neighbor's car window A merchant refuses to honor a guarantee You have an accident driving your friend's boat Your deceased spouse didn't have an up-to-date Will A minor is caught breaking into your home Your drivers license is suspended Your landlord raises rent in violation of your verbal agreement Your teenager is accused of shoplifting You decide to change your name

66. 34. 55. 51. 56. 41. 32. 39. 33. 44. 49. 28. 50. 53. 43. 54. 42. 37. You are cited with DWI/DUI charges while taking medication Creditors threaten to take action against you for your ex-spouse's debts A neighbor reports you for child abuse You decide to adopt A friend owes you money and files bankruptcy Family members challenge your parent's Will A friend is injured on your property and sues you A stranger calls and tries to extort money from you Your car is damaged by a hit-and-run driver You accidentally back over a neighbor's garbage can that was not in a proper place A hairdresser damages your hair with harsh chemicals Your child wrecks the car and a friend is injured Your are called to jury duty Your long drive off the tee injures another player You need a lease agreement reviewed Your son is injured in a football game A neighbor trips over a rake in your yard and breaks a leg A jeweler sells you faulty merchandise A car dealership gains illegal access to your credit history You are hit by a bottle at a baseball game Your parents die and leave you executer of their estate Your dog or cat is poisoned You are injured when you slip on a wet floor in a public building $1000 found-can it be kept? Your neighbor's dog barks for hours every night and won't do anything about it Your teenager gets a speeding ticket Your landlord refuses to refund your cleaning deposit A neighbor's dog attacks and kills your pet Your landlord enters your apartment without your permission You lose an expensive watch in a hotel and the manager claims no liability Your boat is damaged while in storage A speeding car nicks your car bumper because you had parked on the street Your neighbor injures themselves on your property Wedding date set and you change your mind Your ex-spouse claims a right to your earnings A cd club sends merchandise after you canceled your membership You are refused service at a restaurant A property manager refuses to rent to you You are fired without just cause Your property value is reassessed You don't have a Will You don't understand the difference between a Will and a Trust . 29. 36. 38. 46. 58. 45. 62. 31. 40. 30. 48. 47. 67. 65. 61. 59. 64.27. 60. 68. 35. 63. 52. 57.

A retail store won't accept the return of defective merchandise 99. You are stopped for speeding and a friend is in possession of marijuana 79. A repairman charges more than a given estimate 83. You have liability questions in launching a new business 92. Angry words result in a slander suit 71. You are scheduled to appear in small claims court 86. etc 78. Your auto mechanic will not honor a warranty 89. A home repairman won't stand behind his work 100. A postal carrier slips on your walk and breaks his or her leg 77. Your cat scratches a neighbor's child 98. You have a minor fender bender while driving a friend's car 91. A trespasser is caught on your property 101. Your husband or wife uses force against you . Your right to privacy has been invaded 75. You need a patent for an invention 72. You made a sizable gift to charity 70. Your neighbor's dog bites your child 93. You need advice concerning a divorce 104. You need to copyright your manuscript 73.69. Your teenager runs over a friend's foot in the high school parking lot 88. You are buying or selling a home 90. You need advice concerning grounds for adultery 105. You are asked to be an eye witness to a crime 95. You are wrongly accused of committing a crime 74. Your teenager backs over a friend's mailbox 80. You have a property line dispute over a newly installed fence 94. A store will not sell you an article because it has the wrong price tag attached 81. Your neighbor's tree limbs are in your yard 106. A year-old accident results in a personal injury 84. Your new house has bad plumbing and a leaky roof 87. You are buying or selling a car 97. You are cheated by a door-to-door salesman 82. Your spouse dies and left no Will 103. Your HMO rejects a request for a specialized treatment . Your car is unjustly repossessed 85. You are leasing acreage 102. You need a premarital agreement 96. Your car is vandalized in a parking lot 76.