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MOTIVATION LETTER My first motivation join to AIESEC is to participate in that organization to introduce my beloved country, Indonesia to many people in other country. | want all people know about Indonesia, because i think Indonesia is a beautiful and wonderfull country which have many culture. I know and ever study some Indonesia culture, for example ican play some Java Traditional Instrument like “Saron Barung", “Saron Penerus” and “Kenong & Kethuk". | am so study about Java traditional music like Gambuh", “Prau Layar", etc and alphabet Java language. Beside that, i can dance some Aceh traditional dance like “"likok Pulo" and “Ratou Doeh” or usually people said “ Saman traditional dance”. I hope with introduce Indonesia culture ,people will know this culture fs mine, Because many Indonesian culture unknown in outseas. So, we'll not find miss ownership again with other countries about our culture. Let's introduce our culture! ‘The secound motivation is i want get a experience go to outseas with this program. | want get experience “about different culture, language, and tradition in a other country. | can study manymore about life in there. | hope this program can help me to increase my mine about ferent life and survive in the future. Bonding. 30 Paeeh 2009 Bika Sanoswate