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Oracle Applications Manager - Version: 12.0 to 12.0.6 - Release: 12 to 12 Oracle Applications Manager - Version: 12.0 to 12.0.6 [Release: to 12] Information in this document applies to any platform. ***Checked for relevance on 12-May-2011***

How to find location of Install, Autoconfig, Patching , Clone and other logs in R12?

Log files are useful in troubleshooting issues in Oracle Applications.

Here is the list of Log file location in Oracle Applications for Startup/Shutdown, Cloning, Patching, DB & Apps Listener and various components in Apps R12/12i:

Note:Instance top ($INST_TOP) is new directory added in R12 to keep the log files ,Startup/stop scripts for the application tier

A. Startup/Shutdown Log files for Application Tier in R12 ========================================================= i) Startup/Shutdown error message text files like adapcctl.txt, adcmctl.txt… : $INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/logs/appl/admin/log ii) Startup/Shutdown error message related to tech stack (10.1.2, 10.1.3 forms/reports/web) : $INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/logs/ora/ (10.1.2 & 10.1.3) $INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/logs/ora/10.1.3/Apache/error_log[timestamp] $INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/logs/ora/10.1.3/opmn/ (OC4J~…, oa*, opmn.log) $INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/logs/ora/10.1.2/network/ (listener log) $INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/logs/appl/conc/log (CM log files) B. Log files related to cloning in R12

log If your clone on DB Tier fails while running txkConfigDBOcm..patch_storage iv) Database Tier opatch log .log ii) Application Tier Autoconfig log $INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/admin/log/<MMDDHHMM>/adconfig.2) Patch .$APPL_TOP/admin/<SID>/log/ ii) Developer (Developer/Forms & Reports log files in source instance i) Database Tier-$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/(StageDBTier_<time>.log) ii) Apps Tier .log E.======================================= Preclone (adpreclone.log $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/<MMDDHHMM>/NetServiceHandler.$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/ApplyDBTier_<time>.patch_storage iii) Web Server (Apache) patch .$INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/admin/log/ (StageAppsTier_<time>..log) Post-Clone (Adcfgclone./..log $RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/ApplyDBTechStack_<MMDDHHMM>.0 C.1./.$IAS_ORACLE_HOME/. Autoconfig related log files in R12 ======================================== i) Database Tier Autoconfig log : $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/<MMDDHHMM>/adconfig.log .log ii) Apps Tier ./r12/db/tech_st_10..adpatch log . Patching related log files in R12 ====================================== i) Application Tier-.patch_storage D./r12 and not oracle home like . R12 Installation Logs ========================== Database Tier Installation logs: $RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/<MMDDHHMM>.$RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/.pl) log files in target instance i) Database ( Check metalink note 415020.$INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/admin/log/ApplyAppsTier_<time>.1) During clone step on DB Tier it prompts for “Target System base directory for source homes” and during this you have to give like /base_install_dir like .$ORACLE_HOME/.

4) OUI Inventory Logs : $ORACLE_HOME/admin/oui/$CONTEXT_NAME/oraInventory/logs Related Products • Oracle E-Business Suite > Applications Technology > Lifecycle Management > Oracle Applications Manager • Oracle E-Business Suite > Applications Technology > Lifecycle Management > Oracle .log 1.log 1.log 1.log $RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/<MMDDHHMM>/adconfig.2) Alert Log Files : $ORACLE_HOME/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME/bdump/alert_$SID.log $INST_TOP/logs/ora/10.1.log F.1) Relink Log files : $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME /<MMDDHHMM>/ make.2/install/make_<MMDDHHMM>.log $APPL_TOP/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME/log/ApplyAppltop_<MMDDHHMM>.log $RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/ApplyDatabase_<MMDDHHMM>.log $RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/adcrdb_<SID>.log $APPL_TOP/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME/log/ApplyAppsTechStack.log Application Tier Installation logs : $INST_TOP/logs/<MMDDHHMM>.log $INST_TOP/admin/log/ApplyAppsTechStack.log <Global Inventory_location>/logs/oraInstall<timestamp>. Other log files in R12 ========================= 1) Database Tier 1.log $APPL_TOP/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME/log/<MMDDHHMM>/NetServiceHandler.log $RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/<MMDDHHMM>/NetServiceHandler.1.3/install/make_<MMDDHHMM>.log Inventory Registration logs : <Global Inventory_location>/logs/cloneActions<timestamp>.log $RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/installdbf.$RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/ohclone.log $APPL_TOP/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME/log/installAppl.log <Global Inventory_location>/logs/silentInstall<timestamp>.log $APPL_TOP/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME/log/<MMDDHHMM>/adconfig.log $INST_TOP/admin/log/ohclone.log $RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/make_<MMDDHHMM>.log $INST_TOP/logs/ora/10.3) Network Logs : $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/$SID.

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